Best Business Security Systems Guide & Reviews of 2021

Modern businesses face lots of issues. While some are inherent to the profession, some others can be avoided. Such is the case of constant robberies, which depending on the neighborhood, sometimes can get pretty violent. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid these unfortunate incidents. The most recommended form of fighting crime is by getting help from a professional service. To know which are the best business security systems in 2021, keep reading.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 2, 2021

What We Did to Find the Best

To find out which were the top systems available in 2021, we read extensively what previous users had to say about them. Then, we tried them out and analyzed them using 5 metrics. Each of them was given a score between 0 and 10. Once we knew what mark each of them would get, we averaged them. In this way, each brand got a final score from how they performed in each aspect.

  • Features


    monitoring period, 24/7 alerts, disaster protection etc.

  • Support


    telephone, email, chat, and other channels

  • Price


    monthly fee, money-back, trial period

  • Ease of Use


    installation, maintenance, service support

  • Trust Score

    0-10 and Trustpilot (positive, negative reviews)

To make sure that all the info in this text was accurate, we read what previous users had to say about these business security systems. Of course, we ignored paid reviews and focused only on what honest users had to say. After picking the best brands for a business’ needs, we checked how they worked and gave them a score for each metric. Finally, we averaged them.

1. Vivint: Top-Notch Equipment at a Cost

Total Score 9.3/10

Vivint Main
24-7 Professional Monitoring Vivint
Smart Home App Vivint
  • Features10/10
  • Equipment9.5/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use10/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10
Best for Avid Users

DIY instal


Trial Period


Vivint offers high-quality equipment for all types of businesses. In this way, they can protect their clients and their stock at all times of day, even when they are closed. This company was founded in 1999, and since, then it has grown incredibly. Its devices are solid and reliable. Though this comes at a price. This business security system is rather expensive.

Its plans are quite costly, and the equipment is even more so. Yet, all the tools can be paid upfront. This will mean having to disburse a lot of money at once. But then, one will not be tied by any contract of any type. Those who need some help can get financing to get this business security system; on the other hand, may prefer to get a contract. This is to say that everything can be paid in installments. But bear in mind that this will mean tying oneself to Vivint for a few years. On top of this, the installation process must be carried out by a pro, as there is no DIY option. And this will cost $99 just from the get-go.


  • Financing options available
  • Financing options available Super high-quality equipment
  • Completely wireless
  • Professional technicians
  • Well-designed app
  • Cellular connection available
  • Varied devices


  • Costly professional setup
  • No DIY option available
  • Expensive equipment

This business security system is wireless. This means that there will be no need to drill the house and that the setup will not take long. Also, its catalog is very well packed. It includes all types of sensors, like motion and environmental detectors. Although this system’s pricing suggests that it was designed with large businesses in mind, most features can benefit all of them.

One example of this is its smart home features. Owners can schedule lights to turn on when a customer enters a specific area. Or set which areas have valuables. In this way, if someone goes there, the surveillance camera will start recording, or the alarms will go off. It is also possible to live stream what goes on in the shop through one’s phone. This means that the user can go home for a while and still control that employees do their work. Vivint offers great equipment for those businesses who like things that just work. Only be careful with their customer care. Some users have reported that they are not very helpful.

2. ADT: The Market’s Giant

Total Score 9.2/10

ADT Main
ADT Package
ADT Pulse System
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment9.0/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10
Best for Reputation

DIY instal


Trial Period


ADT is one of the oldest surveillance services in the world. They are very popular in the US and throughout the globe thanks to their efficiency. Many companies choose them for their safety needs because they offer a free assessment of risks. With this info, then they offer the package that adapts best to one’s situation. If, after some time, one decides that this is not enough, it is possible to get add-ons, like video verification.

ADT has lots of gadgets in its catalog, including environmental sensors. And the best is that this type of detector is included in every package. They are particularly useful because they can warn business owners of fires and floods. In this way, maintaining one’s store safe is much easier. They also have indoor cameras and a team that is alert 24/7. This means that one can go home and rest, knowing that the place will be well taken care of. And the overall monthly fee is quite low too.


  • Unbeatable reputation
  • Free assessment
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Environmental sensors
  • Good plans
  • Add-ons available
  • Nice app


  • No DIY setup
  • Contracts
  • No app for basic plans

As ADT is a quite traditional security system, they require all their clients to sign a contract for 36 months. In case one wants to get out of the contract earlier, he will have to pay an early cancellation fee. On a similar note, they only offer installation by a technician. This means that if someone wants to do the setup themselves and then monitor their property, this is not possible with ADT. In these cases, it may be better to look elsewhere.

On a positive note, ADT’s app is solid and includes many functions, including live streaming of what the cameras see. It is also possible to control the system remotely. Yet, the application is only available in the most expensive plans. Clients who have the basic ones will have to settle for no app and rely only on the company’s monitoring. In spite of this, this provider is a great option for all the businesses that want experts taking of their safety system with good equipment and quite low monthly fees.

3. Frontpoint: Super Customer Experience

Total Score 9.2/10

FrontPoint Main
FrontPoint Cameras
Frontpoint Monitoring Plan
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment8.0/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use10/10
  • Trust Score10/10
Best for Customer Care

DIY instal


Trial Period


Frontpoint aims at providing safety solutions for all types of businesses. This is why they do not have pre-set plans. Instead, they allow their users to decide what they want and customize the package they want to suit their needs. Of course, the bigger the store is, the pricier the plan will be. Their cameras, for example, are quite costly in contrast with the market’s standards, though they are also among the best ones. This means that the more area one has to cover with these devices, the more budget one will need.

This provider knows that the best way to keep businesses happy is by offering them top-notch, personalized protection. And this is why they make an extra effort in this area, and it shows. Most previous clients recognize it as one of the vendors with the best customer service in the country. They also offer pro monitoring 24/7, which helps one relax and leave everything in expert hands.


  • Plan customization
  • Excellent support
  • Very good equipment
  • No contracts
  • DIY setup
  • Affordable overall
  • Easy installation


  • Customer care works limited hours
  • Customized plans can be pricey
  • Some of the equipment is expensive

The service they offer is quite affordable too. There are no installation fees, as one can set up everything by oneself. And the equipment is on the cheaper side of the spectrum when taking into account what most other vendors charge. Also, there are no contracts. In this way, one can quit using the system whenever he pleases without having to worry about fearsome cancellation fees.

On the negative side, the support team is not available 24/7. They only work regular business hours. But they have an emergency line that works all day. But for everyday questions or queries, one will have to wait until they start answering calls. In spite of this, the team is super-efficient. And this is one of the reasons why they have been marked with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

All in all, Frontpoint is one of the top business security systems for clients who know what they want and like things their way.

4. SimpliSafe: Customizable and Affordable

Total Score 9.0/10

SimpliSafe Main
Self Monitored SimpliSafe Detection
SimpliSafe Build My System
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment9.0/10
  • Price8.0/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10
Best for Cheap Plans

DIY instal


Trial Period


Simplisafe is the ideal business security system for those who want an affordable, easy solution for their safety issues. It is quite flexible, as it allows users to choose everything, including their preferred type of monitoring and installation. They can be carried out by professionals, but it is also possible to it oneself. And one of the aspects that make it stand out is that there are no contracts. This means that one can stop using the service at any moment without having to worry about paying extra fees.

Also, pro monitoring plans are quite cheap. SimpliSafe’s most advanced plan is cheaper than other competitor’s basic option. Its alarm safety service costs a mere $14.99 per month. This is twice or three times cheaper than what many other competitors offer. Plus, the client can choose between having a landline connection or a cellular one. The latter option is usually preferred by those who live in areas with a strong signal and do not have the other type of phone.


  • Wireless
  • Easy installation
  • No contract
  • Landline and cellular
  • Affordable
  • Varied plans
  • Wide catalog


  • Not the best equipment
  • Poor integration with third parties
  • No mobile access for the basic plan

This service is wireless, which means that it is super easy to install. And this is without having to drill the walls or tear them apart. The company claims that this can be done in under an hour and that for most people, it takes only 15 minutes. Also, the fact that there are no contracts means that one can choose at what moments to activate the monitoring. For example, when one goes on holiday, he can leave the safety of the business in the hands of professionals so that one can relax.

SimpliSafe offers great options for small business security systems that can adapt to different types of needs. Some of the tools they have in their catalog include environmental sensors, cameras, motion detectors, sirens, and more. Yet, many previous users report that the quality is not top-notch. This means that, while they work and fulfill their function, these devices are outshone by the competition. Still, those who are looking for a cheap safety solution for their small business should probably look no further.

5. Abode: Affordable Option for All Businesses

Total Score 8.8/10

Abode Home Security
Self Monitored Abode Security Device
Self Monitored Abode Cameras
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment8.0/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score9.0/10
Best for Low Prices

DIY instal


Trial Period

30 days

This is the top choice for those who would like to self-monitor their business. With Abode, this is completely free, and everything is prepared for the user to go this way. Still, if one is not entirely comfortable without the help of professionals, it is possible to hire pro monitoring. And one can do this at any time and without signing any type of contract. This company’s home business security system is quite cheap but effective.

It is also very flexible. Not only is it possible to choose the type of monitoring, but also the type of setup. The installation process can be carried out either by a technician or by the user himself. The devices that are included in their plans work well, though it is clear that the company has cut down some costs in this aspect. It does not have the latest tech, but it does its job. And those who like to set things and forget about them will be happy to know that Abode has some very good smart home integration features that can help businesses.


  • Easy to install
  • No contracts
  • Environmental sensors
  • 30-day guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • Affordable prices
  • Self and pro monitoring


  • No top-notch tech
  • No landline option
  • Some costs

Abode comes with a one year warranty in case anything does not work as expected in the long term. And those who want to try the system to see how it works can do so for 30 days. If they are not happy with it for any reason, the users will be protected by the company’s 30-day guarantee.

Some of the features that this company boasts about include smoke detectors and environmental sensors for CO, fire, and floods. They are also compatible with a cellular connection. This type of tech is harder to hack than traditional landlines because there are no wires to cut. Unfortunately, those who have the older type of phone will have to adapt to this if they want to go with Abode, as it is not possible to choose between them.

6. Nest: Integrate the Business with Top Cameras

Total Score 8.6/10

Nest Main
Self Monitored Nest Detection
No Contract Nest Secure
  • Features8.0/10
  • Equipment8.0/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score9.0/10
Best for Image Quality

DIY instal


Trial Period

30 days

This company owned by Google has been active since 2010. Though it is known for its top-notch smart home devices, like thermostats, Nest is also a great business alarm systems provider. This vendor’s philosophy is to simplify their user’s life. This is why the installation process has been made so easy that anyone can do it without the help of an expert. This way of seeing things is also reflected in the app that comes with the system. It has been updated to make managing one’s business security system simple.

Monitoring is quite flexible with this provider. The user can choose to do it himself if he wants. But he can also outsource this task to the team of pros that Nest offers. This can be a great way to either cut down costs or to forget about this and relax while someone else does all the hard work. In spite of this, the equipment is rather pricey. Though this shows in the quality of the devices, it may be a reason to deter those who are on a budget.


  • Smart home features
  • High-quality cams
  • Contract is optional
  • Low-light recording
  • DIY setup
  • Flexible monitoring
  • Well-designed app


  • Devices are pricey
  • Cancellation fee is too high
  • Standard tools

Nest is a great option for businesses for which image clarity is of utmost importance. This provider offers some of the clearest 1080p video cameras in the market. In contrast to what most other brands offer, these are great even for low-light settings or for recording at night without everything getting blurry.

Business owners can decide whether they want to sign a contract or not. Doing so is great for those who do not have the money upfront and could use some financing. But beware. Once signed, it is not possible to cancel it. Otherwise, the person will have to pay every remaining cent to the company. No matter when it is canceled.

Best Business Security Systems of 2021 (Pricing & Features)

With the market so full of options and info, most people will just find it hard to pick one of the business alarm systems over the other. To help with this, we have picked the most important categories and broken them down to make it easier to understand all the information.

Provider Total Score Price DIY instal Trial Period Warranty 24/7 support Chat support Self-monitoring App Smart lock Doorbell camera Live streaming Contract
Vivint 9.3 $29.99 No 3 days 120 days Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
ADT 9.2 $48.99 No 6 months 90 days Yes Yes No Only for premium plans Yes Yes Only for premium plans Yes
Frontpoint 9.2 $44.99 Yes 30 days 3 years No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
SimpliSafe 9.0 $14.99 No 60 days 3 years No No Yes Yes Third-party Yes Yes No
Abode 8.8 $17 Yes 30 days 1 year No No Yes Yes Yes Third-party Yes No
Nest 8.6 $19 Yes 30 days 2 years No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional

Business Security 101

Clients need to know the basics before choosing a good security system for their business. There are not many alarm systems aimed at business. In general, companies offer home security equipment. When clients have a good system at home, the next step is simple. They can get a similar one for their business. It has to meet all their commercial needs.

Having an alarm system makes a big change. Half of the thieves do not commit a crime with a security system. Clients have to think of the basics when getting a system. Doors and windows need strong locks. And good lighting for the cameras to record clear images is important.

Main areas, like the counter and the entrance, have to be well-lit.

Another important thing is the relation cost – loss. The cost of business security systems does not have to surpass the loss in a robbery. Feeling safe is priceless. But clients need to think through this issue.

Business Security Equipment

There are many things that a basic business security system needs to have.

  • A good business system has video cameras and motion detection.
  • The control panel is important. It needs to be as complete as possible. It has to include clear instructions and easy access.
  • Glass break devices are a good extra tool to take into account.
  • There are some areas in the company that needs motion sensors. Some of them are at the front door and the counter.
  • Video cameras are a popular option these days. Company owners can check their businesses with their cell phones and laptops. This gives them extra security on their cash register and goods.
  • Eco-friendly sensors are new. They help to detect carbon monoxide, fire, and smoke. They can detect floods and freeze.

Companies can choose one of these options or all of them. It depends on the price they can afford. There are different options for every company. Some of them are cheaper than others. The support team can give clients all the necessary information. It can tell them what option is more convenient for the business.

Features of Business Security Systems

Business owners need a good security system for their companies. It helps them to stop different crimes. Business systems can change their cost according to the installation. Clients can do it on their own. They can hire an expert too. Another important thing to take into account is their tools.

Specialized Alert Zones

This is a good tool that comes with the best security systems. These zones look after small areas and special rooms. If something happens in these places, the system will inform the owner. Cameras can record the crime. This is useful for companies that work with an expensive inventory.

Door Locks

This tool helps upgrade the door locks. Employees do not have the keys to the company. They get a code that opens and locks the doors. This helps the owners to create and delete the code when necessary. Some systems include a keypad that is easy to use. This tool is simple and useful.

Security Cameras

The cameras are a good option for a business. They can protect companies from faraway areas. Owners can check the movements from their cell phones and laptops. If they see something wrong, they can call the police. Cameras can be inside and outside a place.

Mobile Alerts

Business owners need this app on their cell phones. Most security systems have this tool. When a crime occurs, the system sends an alert to the cellphone. Clients can adapt the alerts to their needs. The system sends them a notice when employees arrive and leave the company. They can add video and movement sensors.

Remote Access

The security systems include a faraway access app. Business owners have complete control of the system in their hands. If they are far or close to their company, they can watch it. When they enter the app, they monitor the alarm system and the cameras. It is useful for traveling purposes.

Entryway Sensors

These sensors are the most important tool in a security system. They are magnetic devices that stick on the doors and the windows. When the sensors separate, the alarm sounds, and it sends an alert. The system can alert the watching center too. This tool stops crimes and loss of goods.

Motion Detectors

These movement sensors are a good tool for any company. There are areas where magnetic devices are not enough. In these places, the motion detectors are the solution. When they perceive a moment, they activate the alarm and send an alert. Some detectors have face recognition. They are useful to stop thieves.

Security Lights

Every business needs these security lights to stop a burglar. There are many options to choose from. Some of them turn on and off with natural light. Others activate with movement. These lights can be inside and outside of your business. They are perfect for stopping thieves who hide in dark areas.


Business owners can count on this good option. Security systems are tax-deductible. It means more money for the company. Small businesses can reduce the cost of the system. They can do this in a commercial building. It means a 25% or 30% discount when getting a system.

How to Choose the Right Business Security System

Coronavirus Safety

There are certain things that any owner looking through the business security systems available in the market should consider before making a final decision. Read on to know what to look for!

1. Pricing and Budgets

Each business has a different budget based on what it earns and on how much one is willing to invest in security. Fortunately, there are options for all types of businesses.

2. Types of Plans and Functions

Each plan and package was designed for different purposes. One has to think about what he intends to do with the equipment to see which one is better. While most stores will probably need a camera, some may not. And so, they could go with a cheaper plan.

3. Brand Reputation

Most brands already have a history, and it usually shows how good the company is. ADT has been in the market for more than a century, for example. But other vendors with shorter histories may have also built a reputation that shows the quality of their services.

4. Self-Monitoring or Professional Monitoring

Now, most companies are giving their clients the option to choose which of the two they prefer. It is best to choose one of the business security systems that have both options. In this way, one can change as he pleases. But if the client is sure that he is always going to use one of the two, he should make sure that he is choosing the best in this category.

5. Reviews

Most people are not afraid of letting the world know what their experience with one of the business security systems was. Take advantage of this and do some research in online communities and forums. Or even reviews in stores. As most people only say something when they have a complaint, there tend to be more negative reviews than a good one. Just try to get unbiased comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Best Business Security System?

    There are many business security systems. Some good options are Vivint, ADT, Frontpoint, Adobe, and Nest. They offer constant live streaming and police contact. These systems have sensors that can turn on the alarms. Clients can look at the cameras with a cell phone app and call the police. Business security systems differ in their fees and contracts.

    They include keypads and panic buttons too. They can have smoke and water sensors. Clients tend to install most of these systems on their own. These are some of the best solutions for insecurity.

  • How Much Does a Business Alarm System Cost?

    The general cost of a business alarm system can change. It depends on different factors and skills. The hardware can cost about $1,000 and $2,500. This includes cameras and CCTV systems. Many have access cards and facial id tools. The setting up and activation can vary from $300 to $500.

    The alarm monitoring is around $40 and $120. Clients should keep in mind that these are general figures. For more information, they have to contact an agent.

  • Should I Use DIY Monitoring or Professional Monitoring?

    DIY monitoring is more popular these days. Self-watching is accessible. Clients get a message when an alarm activates. Then, they can contact the police. They can look at the cameras in the app and see what is going on in the place. A qualified monitoring system is simple too. An agent is in charge of the monitoring and course of action.

  • Is a Security System Important for Your Business?

    A good home business security system is useful for companies. A business is the product of hard work and investment. So, it needs to be safe from thieves and threats. Crimes can be bad for the owners, employees, and clients. An organized system with good cameras is one of the best solutions for this. It is useful and necessary.

Tone Down the Danger in Your Business

Nowadays, pretty much any business, whether it is a large store or a small shop, needs some sort of surveillance. And some of the best solutions include installing a good service from a reputed brand. Though they all differ in their equipment, features, and prices, there will probably be a good solution for every user.

Editorial Staff

Brad has worked as a sales manager in the security sector for 10 years. He is curious, attentive to details, and hard-working. He has dedicated several years to helping customers with their safety and protection. His background has helped Brad to write comprehensive security and life safety materials, which he has been writing for about 4 years. Brad has contributed work to The Washington Post, DailyJournal, Los Angeles Times, and many others.


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