Best Cabinet Locks Guide & Reviews of 2021

Those who have toddlers at home understand the joy they bring. But they also know how dangerous it might be when they are moving around and touching items. In particular, parents who have a curious baby who loves adventures.

If that’s the case of the reader, they can check out the best cabinet locks of 2021 available on Amazon and have some peace of mind at all times.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

What We Did to Find the Best

Finding the best devices to review was not an easy task. For this, we had to look for the best-rated alternatives, then review each one of them, and try the products to see how they performed. To come up with this list, we used a 50 balls system with a maximum of 10 scores for each of the points. People can see them below:

  • Features


    monitoring period, 24/7 alerts, disaster protection etc.

  • Support


    telephone, email, chat, and other channels

  • Price


    monthly fee, money-back, trial period

  • Ease of Use


    installation, maintenance, service support

  • Trust Score

    0-10 and Trustpilot (positive, negative reviews)

In addition to using the models by ourselves, we also took into consideration other opinions, such as experts and previous clients. For this, we only considered real reviews on Amazon and other sites, not paid ones. After considering each of the metrics above, we ranked each lock and ordered them from 1 to 8.

1. Munchkin XtraGuard Dual Locking Multi-Use Latch: Handy & Easy to Use

Total Score 9.5/10

Munchkin Main
Munchkin XtraGuard Product1
Munchkin XtraGuard Product 2
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment9.5/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10

Starting Price


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BBB Rating A+
Best for Double Security

DIY instal


Trial Period

Munchkin is one of the best baby proof cabinets out there in 2021. The pack includes 2 latches with dual buttons to make it hard for toddlers to open them. Yet, it can be difficult for adults, too, to manipulate them.

It’s difficult to tamper with, so children won’t be able to manipulate the system and be in danger. The system also includes an adhesive system for extra safety and protection.


  • Secure cabinets, drawers, and toilet seats
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t damage furniture
  • Double layer of safety


  • Needs dual action to work
  • Difficult to find on Amazon

2. Jambini Magnetic Cabinets: Microscopic Protection

Total Score 9.2/10

Jambini Main
Jambini Magnetic Cabinets Product 1
Jambini Magnetic Cabinets Product 2
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment9.5/10
  • Price9.5/10
  • Ease Of Use10/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10

Starting Price


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BBB Rating B+
Best for Mischievous Children

DIY instal


Trial Period

Jambini is one of the top cabinet locks to give families peace of mind for parents and pet owners. The lock has an intuitive design with a magnet to make sure the doors will not open no matter what happens.

The system for cabinets is very strong with microscopic suction holes, so a baby cannot pull them. They are concealed by the furniture, too, so nobody will know they are there unless the baby tries very hard to find them.


  • Tamperproof for smart children
  • Works on any drawbacks
  • Completely invisible
  • Placed inside the furniture
  • Simple installation


  • They are hard to align
  • The pad needs to be resistant

3. Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock System: Explore With Security

Total Score 8.8/10

Safety 1st Main
Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Product 1
Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Product 2
  • Features8.0/10
  • Equipment9.0/10
  • Price8.0/10
  • Ease Of Use9.5/10
  • Trust Score9.5/10

Starting Price


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BBB Rating A-
Best for Little Explorers

DIY instal


Trial Period

Parents with adventurous children will be happy to know they can easily protect them using magnetic cabinet locks. The babies won’t be able to explore and get hurt with glass, shampoo, or other substances that can harm them. These latches can be applied to drawers, doors, or anywhere they see fit.

Also, the child safety locks are installed inside the door so a baby cannot tamper with the safety systems on a drawer or furniture.


  • Includes 2 keys for cabinets
  • Toddler-tested
  • Secure-locking indicator
  • Peel & stick easy system, no tools
  • Installed inside the cabinet


  • Some surfaces require screws
  • Doesn’t work on any device

4. Safety 1st OutSmart Cabinet Slide Lock: Safe Curiosity

Total Score 8.8/10

Safety 1st Main
Safety 1st OutSmart Cabinet Product 1
Safety 1st OutSmart Cabinet Product 2
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment10/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use8.0/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10

Starting Price


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BBB Rating B-
Best for Easy Access

DIY instal


Trial Period

Locks from famous brands like Safety 1st are great alternatives for busy parents with curious kids. Using these locks, it’s easy to keep them away from harm in the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, or any other room in the house.

The device has a double-action button, as the best magnetic cabinet locks, so children cannot open them easily when playing around. The package contains 4 products for a very affordable price.


  • Can be applied to any surface
  • One-hand, easy operation
  • No hardware or tools
  • Handle pulls are also available
  • Very light-weight


  • More expensive than competitors
  • A bit fragile

5. Adoric Sliding Locks (4-pack, white): Protected Rooms

Total Score 8.8/10

Adoric Main
Adoric Sliding Locks Product 2
Adoric Sliding Locks Product 1
  • Features8.5/10
  • Equipment8.0/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use9.5/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10

Starting Price


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BBB Rating B
Best for Busy Parents

DIY instal


Trial Period

This 4-pack cabinet lock can be used in many doors inside the home. The best part is that they include no adhesives, so people can easily reuse them as long as they want.
Keep curious babies and active pets away from doors and drawers that could hurt them.

The Adoric Sliding lock has a D-shape, so it can adapt to almost any knob design there is.


  • It leaves no marks on the furniture
  • U-shaped latch for more flexibility
  • It adapts to different knobs and handles
  • Service after the sale
  • Great customer service


  • Only limited warranty
  • Cheaply made

6. Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks: Baby-Proof Home

Total Score 8.6/10

Eco-Baby Child Safety Product 1
Eco-Baby Child Safety Product 2
  • Features8.0/10
  • Equipment8.5/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use8.5/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10

Starting Price


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Best for Strong Furniture

DIY instal


Trial Period

Child Proof door locks are important to keep children safe. Luckily, the market has nice options like Eco-Baby that will keep the drawers and cabinets shut and hidden.

As they are not easily seen, the level of security is even higher. This device contains a strong 3M tape that resists pulling and tagging.


  • Strong, safe, and durable
  • No tools or hardware
  • Guides included
  • Additional tape for more security
  • 100% concealed


  • The quality can improve
  • Can arrive broken

7. BabyKeeps Child Safety Locks: Peace of Mind for Parents

Total Score 8.6/10

BabyKeeps Main
BabyKeeps Child Safety Locks Product 2
BabyKeeps Child Safety Locks Product 1
  • Features7.0/10
  • Equipment8.0/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use10/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10

Starting Price


Best for Active Kids

DIY instal


Trial Period

Those looking for child safety locks should take BabyKeeps into consideration. These straps are stylish and have a slim design, so they combine with the general decoration of the house.

Plus, older kids won’t be able to notice these devices are there, and they won’t try to tamper with them. To install the lock, it can be placed with just one hand and take only 5 minutes.

Owners looking to keep their pets away from the drawers will find these locks useful, too.


  • Adjustable length
  • No drilling to install
  • Adhesive included for drawers
  • Works on almost all surfaces
  • Stylish, slim design


  • The re-usage can fail
  • A bit expensive

8. Kiscords Baby Locks: No Tools Needed

Total Score 8.4/10

Kiscords Main
Kiscords Baby Locks Product 2
Kiscords Baby Locks Product 1
  • Features8.0/10
  • Equipment7.5/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use7.5/10
  • Trust Score9.0/10

Starting Price


BBB Rating A
Best for Easy Installation

DIY instal


Trial Period

The Kiscords cabinet lock is an amazing choice for those with babies in the house. In case buyers have any doubts, they can find detailed video guides on YouTube and learn how to make the most out of their new products.

Plus, the cabinet latch will protect babies while ensuring they won’t ruin expensive furniture ever. The owner will not have to use drills, magnets, or tools of any kind.
Just adjust the latches on the knobs and forget about danger.


  • No drills needed to install the safety lock
  • 5-pack for an affordable price
  • Instructional videos available
  • Simple to remove with just one hand
  • Flexible zip-straps


  • It doesn’t work on a handless drawer
  • They need 6 inches of separation

Best Cabinet Locks of 2021 (Pricing & Features)

Still wondering why cabinet locks are great options for homes with toddlers? Here buyers can find a comparison of all the mentioned products so they can make a smart decision swiftly and smartly, even if they are buying on Amazon.

Provider Price Double Action Adhesive Removes Flexible Straps Works with Toilet Seats Reusable Indoor Use Works Around Corners U-Shaped Best For
1. Munchkin XtraGuard Dual $9 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Double Security
2. Jambini Magnetic $15 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Mischievous Children
3. Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic $45.99 No No Yes No No Yes No No Little Explorers
4. Safety 1st OutSmart $25.00 No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Easy Access
5. Adoric Sliding $9 No No Yes No No Yes No Yes Busy Parents
6. Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic $16 No Yes No No No Yes No No Strong Furniture
7. BabyKeeps Child $18 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Active Kids
8. Kiscords Baby Locks $13 No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Easy Installation

Type of Latches for Baby Proofing

As seen above, there are different types of products. These aspects decide on the price, the usage, and the surface where they will work. Below is comprehensive information about each model with its limitations and good points.

Magnetic Devices

As their name shows, these magnetic cabinet locks use a magnet and a metallic part that joins it. Then, one of the sections is placed inside the door and the other one outside for more protection and safety.

Adhesive Straps

Some other options include 3M adhesives, which are very strong. On the negative side, they are not reusable and can be damaged easily, so they are not very reliable unless they have some other mechanism, too.


This type of latch is more traditional and cheaper than other systems. The adult has to keep the door ajar and then press down the device to make it work.

Slide Locks

The slide locks are the most limited products. They only work with double-door furniture with adjacent knobs. The lock ties them together even if the drawer is handless.

Why Is it a Good Idea to Have Child Proof Cabinet Locks?

In case adults doubt if they truly need baby proofing cabinets, here are some compelling reasons why they will protect their loved ones at home while spending little money.

Keep Children Away From Dangerous Substances

Cleaning products, such as leach, can be very dangerous for children. If they mistake it for water and drink it, they may even die. This is when cabinet locks come to help, keeping kids away from these products.

Shampoo and Similar Items

Cosmetics also contain dangerous components. Nail polisher, for example, will not only harm babies but also furniture and other items, so it’s best to use a cabinet lock.

Sharp Things

Knives, scissors, and razor blades should always be kept behind cabinet locks to prevent accidents. Ceramics and other objects made of glass can also pose a danger for kids.

Cables and Wires

Charging one’s computer and cellphone is a daily activity, and everybody knows what happens when they break. This is when baby-proofing cabinets come to the rescue.

Pills and Other Medicines

Pills that may be innocent to adults can seriously damage or even kill an infant. In case the family is taking any kind of medicine, make sure they are inside cabinet locks.

Things for Automobiles

While this may seem like a longshot, sometimes adults keep some supplies at home to keep a car running. This includes gasoline or engine oil. Those who don’t want these things to fall into their children’s hands should use cabinet locks.

Products for Gardening

Insecticides and fertilizers are also hazards for every human being if not used correctly. Keep them always under control and prevent accidents using the devices on the list.

Things for Cooking

Small children can swallow tiny parts used for cooking, such as molds or baking supplies. In turn, they can also break glass bottles and hurt themselves with fragile materials.

Small Things

Prevent kids from choking if they swallow small toys, buttons, or jewelry. Other things that can contaminate them include money and coins.

Important Possessions

Every person has things they are attached to, important items they don’t want to lose. Some other options include personal documents, passports, and gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Best Cabinet Locks?

    The best child proof cabinet locks are made of a combination of factors. The price is crucial, of course, but also other benefits. For example, it’s important to know if they work on different types of surfaces or if they adapt to corners or not.

  • How Do You Baby-Proof Cabinets Without a Knob?

    Some security devices come with adhesive 3M tape for this type of furniture. The owner only has to grab the tape, cross it over the 2 (or more doors), and make sure it sticks.

    Then, no child will be able to open it. Of course, this has some disadvantages, like people actually seeing the tape and trying to remove it by hand.

  • How Do You Remove Child-Proof Cabinet Locks?

    It all depends on the type of device the person is using.

    In the case of magnetic cabinet locks, for example, the adult has to:

    1. Open the furniture’s door.
    2. Grab the magnet with two fingers.
    3. Remove it from the surface.

    And that’s it; the door will go back to normal. If the adult has bought adhesive devices, instead, they just need to pull really hard or use water to do away with them.

  • I Lost My Magnetic Key. What Do I Do?

    Luckily, this is not a tragedy. The owner can just buy some generic replacements for those keys and recover their cabinets without issue. If not, they would have to break down the whole system using a hammer or a similar tool.

  • Should I Have a Professional Install My Baby Proofing?

    No, this is not necessary. Almost all these options are designed for people to install them by themselves. For example, none of them requires tools or advanced equipment. In most cases, they just have to open the latch and close it over the knob.

Protect Your Toddler From Risks at Home

All in all, having locks is one of the smartest ideas parents can have. Many seemingly innocent items can hurt babies without families noticing. Luckily, they can prevent this from happening by using the top cabinet locks in the market, such as the ones mentioned above.

Plus, they won’t have to spend a fortune or use complicated tools to achieve this! Do you have babies at home? What devices do you use to protect them?

Editorial Staff

Brad has worked as a sales manager in the security sector for 10 years. He is curious, attentive to details, and hard-working. He has dedicated several years to helping customers with their safety and protection. His background has helped Brad to write comprehensive security and life safety materials, which he has been writing for about 4 years. Brad has contributed work to The Washington Post, DailyJournal, Los Angeles Times, and many others.