Best Family Identity Theft Protection Services of 2021

Some individuals work for years to be able to start families and find their happily ever after. All of that yearning and striving makes them feel proud of their accomplishments. However, all of that security can come crumbling down with one simple transaction from a stranger. ID fraud is real but can be combated with the best family identity theft protection services. ID theft protection keeps personal information safe and provides added peace of mind.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

What We Did to Find the Best

To narrow down the list of the best ID protective services for families, we spent hours compiling information. First, we determined the most important aspects that customers need from identity theft protection. This included adequate features for instant alerts and mobile access. Support and security were non-negotiables, and the pricing had to be affordable to people of different backgrounds. We also looked at client feedback and expert reviews.

  • Features


    monitoring period, 24/7 alerts, disaster protection etc.

  • Support


    telephone, email, chat, and other channels

  • Price


    monthly fee, money-back, trial period

  • Ease of Use


    installation, maintenance, service support

  • Trust Score

    0-10 and Trustpilot (positive, negative reviews)

Each metric received a score between zero and 10. Then, we could see the average marks and compile the findings into this list. We took the time to sift through all of the information, so one doesn’t have to.

1. Identity Guard: Protecting Digital & Financial Assets

Total Score 9.6/10

Identity Guard Review
Identity Guard Plans Family
Identity Guard Plans
  • Features10/10
  • Equipment9.0/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10

Starting Price


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Best For Young Families

DIY instal


Trial Period

30 days

This identity theft protection brand is another safe solution when it comes to protecting family identities. However, because the packages only cover kids who live at home, this company is better for young families. The online and mobile dashboards are user-friendly and make it easy for clients to see visual representations of their perceived risks to scams and hackers. This way, they can take care of things no matter where they are.

Speaking of which, this company offers U.S.-based case managers to help with ID restoration and stolen funds reimbursement up to $1 million. Customers can also see their risk management scores so they can nip threats in the bud before they become a huge problem.


  • Computer security
  • Covers unlimited children (in the household)
  • Cyber-bullying threat alerts
  • IBM Watson artificial intelligence
  • Monitors high-risk transactions/credit cards
  • Restoration case managers
  • Safe browsing extension


  • Clients report issues with the refund policy
  • Only protects kids who live at home
  • Three-bureau monitoring depends on the plan

This company is a subsidiary of Intersections, Inc. and has regularly made it onto the Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll, as recognized by the Online Trust Alliance. In 2015, it was named number one in its industry by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Before signing on to this theft protection provider, keep in mind that not all of the features are available on the lower packages. For instance, triple-bureau scores and reports are only part of the Premier plan (the most expensive one). That said, there is a 30-day trial period that consumers can take advantage of.

Other reasons to explore this option include the safe computer and browsing tools, social insight reports, and total surveillance of kids’ information on the Dark Web. At the higher bundles, customers can get bank card takeovers and notifications requests when opening a checking or savings account.

2. ReliaShield: The Price is Right

Total Score 9.5/10

ReliaShield Main
ReliaShield How it Works
  • Features10/10
  • Equipment10/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use8.5/10
  • Trust Score10/10

Starting Price


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Best For Recovery Support

DIY instal


Trial Period

30 days

ReliaShield has one of the top options for frazzled families. Along with its already low start-up fees, there are discounts for children. Those who purchase the two-adult package can add their kids for free.

Add to that the great customer support, and this is one of the most convenient solutions out there. The company has a 100% success rate for stolen identification recovery and is trusted by over a million clients. It protects all forms of ID (financial, medical, tax, etc.) and gives the person updates on data breaches and new applications in one’s name. It also protects cards, court records, payday loans, online platforms, and bank account takeovers.?


  • 100% success rate for stolen identification recovery
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Affordability
  • Credit report reminders
  • Discounts for children
  • Protects all forms of ID
  • Social media tracking


  • Can get pricey at higher levels
  • Lacks safe computer/browsing tools
  • Refund policy

ReliaShield has been one of the best protection services for families since its founding in 1999. Since then, its agents have helped over one million customers. The brand’s dedication and success have been noticed by major news outlets, too. The company was featured in publications such as Forbes, Smart Money, and MSNBC. It’s most well-known for protecting kids under age 18 for free.

While ReliaShield’s pricing is on point, things can get expensive at higher levels. To be fair, these bundles include all of the monitored features, as well as regular credit checks and updated scores. So, it can be well worth the added expense. Plus, the brand does a great job of making coverage accessible to families of all sizes and income levels.

Customer support is available anytime, any day, and the website has a complete blog filled with educational resources and advice. All that said, ReliaShield lacks safe computer and browsing tools, which would be especially handy for households that have kids.

3. Zander Insurance: 100% Recovery Assistance Rate

Total Score 9.4/10

Zander Main
Zander Features
Zander Plans
  • Features9.0/10
  • Equipment10/10
  • Price10/10
  • Ease Of Use8.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10

Starting Price


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Best For Customer Support

DIY instal


Trial Period


As the name suggests, Zander Insurance offers all kinds of insurance (life, health, home, etc.). Also, it covers all types of ID (medical, homeowner, SSN, children, online, bank activity, etc.). What makes it an impressive family identity theft protection service is its 100% recovery assistance rate. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

No matter when clients suffer a cyber-attack or ID crime, someone is there to help. Also, agents follow-up with clients for three years after an incident occurs. Zander is backed by financial guru Dave Ramsey and has child-specific bundles and features, including the Child Information Scan.


  • 100% recovery assistance rate
  • Child-specific bundles
  • Covers all types of personal ID
  • Customer support
  • Highly affordable
  • SSN tracing
  • Unlimited dependents coverage


  • Email alerts only
  • No credit monitoring
  • Poor website design

Zander Insurance is an independent agency and one of the largest. Its clientele arrives looking for disability coverage, home and auto protection, long-term care, group benefits, and more. Also, the company is family-owned through four generations, which adds to its appeal as a trustworthy brand. It was founded 95 years ago and still has the backing of finance experts with huge followings.

The Child Information Scan looks at dependents’ IDs and personal details that may be floating around on the Internet. The service’s threat detection is tailor-made for minors, making this a great choice for new parents or those who want to ensure coverage for their entire household.

Other features include lost wallet assistance and reimbursement, Dark Web surveillance, monitored court records, and bank details, and SSN tracing. On the downside, Zander does not monitor credit reports or scores, so clients would have to do that themselves or find a company that will regularly track that.

4. ID Watchdog: Affordability & Accessibility For All

Total Score 9.3/10

ID Watchdog Main
ID Watchdog Price
ID Watchdog About Us
  • Features9.5/10
  • Equipment9.5/10
  • Price8.5/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10

Starting Price


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Best for Budgets

DIY instal


Trial Period


ID Watchdog is one of the best identity theft protection services for families because it provides ample credit plans for families without lowering the quality of low-income clients. Moreover, the company extends its assistance to non-customers as well. Some of its most appealing capabilities include 24/7 monitors, data breach alerts, custom notifications, and a payday loan tracker.

The brand also has Certified Risk Management Specialists who watch for high-risk transactions and track criminal records and national provider IDs. Customers with a higher bundle can check in with all three major bureaus for regular scores and reports.

ID Watchdog has its protected and secured mobile app for safer online browsing and management. The app features clear visuals and real-time updates to keep users informed and aware of any changes or trends. Likewise, the ID Watchdog website is full of additional info, as well as tips and advice. Examples include how to set a safer password, preparing teens for financial success, protecting kids against scammers, and how to stop IRS phishing and hackers.


  • 24/7 monitors
  • Affordability
  • Certified Risk Management Specialists
  • Data breach alerts
  • Non-customer support
  • Secure mobile app
  • Two-factor authentication


  • Coverage is limited to four kids
  • Doesn't provide scores/reports on lower packages
  • Unclear pricing on the website

One caveat to this service is that coverage is limited to four kids, so it might not be one of the best identity theft protection services for families. That said, the functionalities are well worth the price tag. This includes perks like tracking SSNs and other personal details, looking through public records and documents to track customers’ risks of fraud, and gleaning insights from online networks, the Sex Offender Registry, and sources of national provider IDs.

As of 2021, the brand’s money-back policy is prorated, but clients aren’t entitled to partial month refunds. Also, it doesn’t look like there is a free trial available.

5. Experian: Educating & Protecting Clients

Total Score 9.2/10

Experian Main
Experian Fingertips
Experian Month Plan
  • Features10/10
  • Equipment9.5/10
  • Price9.5/10
  • Ease Of Use8.0/10
  • Trust Score9.0/10

Starting Price


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Best For Parents

DIY instal


Trial Period

30 days

Given that Experian is one of the top major credit bureaus, it makes sense that it’s on the list of the best services for families. Not only does its ID theft protection keep clients protected, but it provides them with tips and resources for how to stay safe online and offline.

Those who are just getting started with building a family or financial stability could use all the help they can get. Experian makes it easy to sign up and reap the benefits. This includes things like detection alerts, SSN tracing, and refreshed FICO scores daily.

Today, Experian protection works in 37 countries around the globe and generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. It is partnered with various national organizations, including the USPS Address Validation and the United Kingdom’s Verify ID system.


  • Education resources
  • Lock/unlock credit files
  • Online help center
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Single parent package
  • U.S.-based resolution support


  • Can get a bit pricey
  • Confusing pricing
  • Lower bundles only track one bureau

It can be a bit tricky trying to figure out the pricing schemes, but once they do, clients can find a suitable match. There are theft protection bundles for single-parent households as well as optional child add-ons. All of the ID restoration support comes from agents within the United States, and the online help center is full of resources, support channels, and helpful advice.

Individuals should keep in mind that the lower theft protection packages will only cover reports and scores from Experian. So, if they want triple-bureau coverage, they need the higher-tiered plan. Most people know Experian as one of the three major credit bureaus, but its assistance goes beyond that. It also fights against identification fraud and provides fingerprinting and targeting services for businesses. The company abides by the regulations set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

6. IdentityForce: Covers Online & Offline Activities

Total Score 9.2/10

IdentityForce Main
IdentityForce Products Price v2
IdentityForce Products Price
  • Features10/10
  • Equipment9.0/10
  • Price9.0/10
  • Ease Of Use8.0/10
  • Trust Score10/10

Starting Price


BBB Rating A+
Best For Online Security

DIY instal


Trial Period

14 days

This identity theft protection provider has special packages available for families, and its efforts have even earned it nationwide recognition. The service casts a wide net to cover any transaction, card, or account that may be at risk of fraud. This includes social security numbers, online shopping details, and media platform monitoring.

It has two distinct packages: UltraSecure and UltraSecure + Credit. The former covers all fraud tracking efforts while the latter adds credit reports and scores. The ChildWatch feature ensures that kids’ information is tracked and watched just as closely. It’s unclear if there is a limit on the number of children. That said, this business is one of the most popular protection services for families.


  • ChildWatch
  • Credit monitoring add-on
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Restoration help
  • Threat alerts
  • Toll-free customer support
  • Two-factor authentication


  • Credit checks cost extra
  • No spousal packages
  • Unclear limits on ChildWatch

This company is starting to market itself as Sontiq, a combination of EZShield and IdentityForce. Together, these brands offer more digital safety tools and mobile cybersecurity while upholding its history for excellent customer support. Since uniting both names and offerings, consumers can expect more from their plans.

While this brand offers the ChildWatch feature, there aren’t any spousal packages. This means that it’s a great choice for those who have kids at home, but a childless couple may not be sold on this company. Even so, there are plenty of other ways that it makes up for this. A few examples include in-depth monitors and toll-free customer support. Clients will receive alerts as soon as the service detects a threat or potential scam attempt. This business is also a solid solution thanks to its detection efforts both on the Internet and through paper mail.

7. LifeLock: Low-Cost "Junior" Packages

Total Score 9.0/10

Lifelock Reviews
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
LifeLock Identity Theft
  • Features9.5/10
  • Equipment9.0/10
  • Price9.5/10
  • Ease Of Use9.0/10
  • Trust Score8.0/10

Starting Price


BBB Rating F
Best For Children

DIY instal


Trial Period

60 days

LifeLock has had some of the most widespread advertising efforts in years past, and in 2021, it’s still a strong contender for family identity theft protection. It is one of the few protection businesses out there that offer distinct child packages. These low-cost “Junior” bundles start at just $5.99 and can fit into any existing plan.

Add to that the fact that first-time customers can get 25% off, and this is one of the most economical solutions available. Among the brand’s offerings are wide-range Internet security, file-sharing network monitoring, and the Privacy Monitor. This is a provider-exclusive feature that keeps clients safe while browsing the Web or making online payments.

LifeLock is one of the most well-known brands in this industry. It has had its fair share of moments in the spotlight. One example was when CEO Todd Davis publicly posted his Social Security number to prove how reliable the brand and its products were.


  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Discount deals
  • Investment activity alerts
  • "Junior" packages
  • LifeLock Privacy Monitor
  • Loans & savings application alerts
  • U.S.-based restoration specialists


  • Lacks social media tracking
  • Poor rating with the BBB
  • Stolen funds reimbursement varies

As with other theft protection providers, LifeLock offers the most coverage on its highest package. Also, the stolen funds’ reimbursement ranges from $25,000 to $1 million. The company’s F rating with the BBB is mostly because it’s not fully accredited. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a trustworthy provider. It is dedicated to providing the utmost safety and assurance to customers of all ages.

Its commitment to consumers is what makes it one of the greatest identity theft protection services for families. Its monitoring and credit offerings appeal to those with investments, home titles, bank cards, savings, and any online presence. That said, the service lacks social media tracking, so consumers should be aware of that.

Best Family Identity Theft Protection Services of 2021 (Pricing & Features)

To get a better feel for what these services for families have in common, check out this table. It will also point out where these brands differ and how one of them might stand out according to someone’s personal needs.

Credit Monitoring Dark Web Surveillance Family Plan Free Trial Insurance Coverage Money-Back Guarantee Monthly Price Restoration Assistance Triple-Bureau Checks Social Media Tracking Best For
Experian Yes Yes Yes Yes $500,000+ Yes $9.99 – $29.99 Yes Yes Yes Parents
IdentityForce Yes Yes Yes Yes $1 million Yes $14.99 – $19.99 Yes Yes Yes Online security
Identity Guard Yes Yes Yes Yes $1 million Yes $7.50 – $29.17 Yes Yes Yes Young families
LifeLock Yes Yes Yes Yes $25,000+ Yes $8.99 – $26.99 Yes Yes No Children
Zander Insurance No Yes Yes No $1 million Prorated $6.75 – $12.90 Yes No Yes Customer support
ID Watchdog Yes Yes Yes No $1 million Prorated $14.95 – $34.95 Yes Yes Yes Budgets
Relia Shield Yes Yes Yes Yes $1 million Prorated $7.99 – $47.99 Yes Yes Yes Recovery support

Required Features of ID Protection Plans for Families

When shopping around for identity theft protection services for families, there are lots of options. So, it helps to learn which capabilities are most popular and make the biggest difference between average service and stellar support.

Black Market Surveillance

Some people might not be aware that there is a “Dark Web” out there. Think of it as an online black market where scammers can sell personal details and info. Whenever someone falls victim to identity theft, there is a very real chance that their info is getting leaked to this side of the Internet.

Insurance Reimbursement

Not only does identity theft deplete one’s savings and hard-earned money, but it can cost even more to repair the damage. That’s why so many people turn to a service provider that can take care of ID restoration and cover many of the funds associated with the loss.

Social Network Tracking

In 2021, just about everything is online or on a platform like Facebook or Instagram. That makes this feature even more important, even if the person practices safe browsing and common sense online.

ID Resolution

Becoming an identity theft victim is a dark, lonely road, one that the person shouldn’t have to walk alone. That’s why anyone wants a brand that offers certified case managers who can support clients through the ID restoration process. Not only does this ensure private security as persons recover, but it can often personal reimburse for some lost funds.

SSN Tracing

This number is unique to each individual and allows them to access certain records that others can’t touch. When it slips away or gets stolen, it paves the way for all kinds of financial damage. Seek identity theft protection services for families that have SSN tracing, or better yet, risk management alerts so one can avoid this issue in the first place.

Cyber-Attack Notifications

We’re living in a world where online bullies and scammers are running rampant. They know just who to prey on, too – kids. Parents can rest assured by signing up with an identity theft company that provides this kind of monitored service, helping to keep children from sharing crucial information online.

USPS Address Change Authentication

It is all too easy for scammers to submit an address change request so that a victim’s mail goes straight to their mailbox.

File-Sharing Monitors

Again, with the onslaught of online features and platforms, it’s very easy to mistakenly share important details with strangers. Putting this identity theft function in place helps to safeguard against revealing critical data or documents with scammers. The tool monitors most of the popular file-sharing platforms to prevent disastrous results.

Loan Application Tracking

One of the worst things to experience is a hacker using one’s financial details to take out a lofty loan in one’s name. Fortunately, many identity theft providers safeguard against this by putting in place monitors and authorization requests. That way, any application goes through the service before being approved.

Top Identity Theft Monitoring Features for Families

When it’s time to shop for protective services for families, here are the top factors to consider. Keep an eye out for these special features to ensure that individuals and their loved ones are adequately covered on all fronts.

Family Bundles

It goes without saying, but kids are most susceptible to having their ID and important data stolen. An identity theft package that focuses on families will guarantee ample coverage for the adults in the household, as well as the dependents.

Policy Reimbursements

Be sure to check the identity theft insurance coverage of each provider. This will tell what kind of compensation one can expect if the person does fall victim to an ID crime. Keep in mind that policy terms depend on the particular type and brand of family identity theft protection.

Restoration Specialists

Another thing to look for is recovery assistance for dealing with identity theft. Some brands have certified resolution support agents, while others provide case managers to help people along their journey back to financial wellbeing.

Triple-Bureau Credit Checks

While lots of companies offer one-bureau checks on their lowest packages, it is ideal for checking in with all three major bureaus.

Black Market Surveillance

The Dark Web is all too real and can demolish anyone’s hard work and savings. Consumers need a provider who will protect their identity and monitor this seedy side of the Internet for the illegal sale of names or IDs and other crimes.

Mobile Accessibility

Being able to track reports, scores, and alerts via the smartphone means that the person can have more control over own finances and different forms of identification. Some brands have very visual mobile apps that make it easy to see risks and progress.

Education, Advice, & Resources

It’s a good idea to go to each brand’s website and check out their online help center or blog. Ideally, they will offer guidance and article resources for consumers, whether they want to save for a home, track their FICO scores each month, or protect their identity better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do I Need Identity Theft Protection For My Family?

    Many people would consider it non-negotiable. This is because there are more scammers out there than ever before, just waiting to get their hands on valuable info or bank details. Families work hard to build their savings and dream home. The last thing they need is for someone to steal their identification and use it to damage their financial standing for years or decades to come.

  • What is the Difference Between a Common ID Theft Protection Service and One For Families?

    Most businesses offer individual packages as well as those that are specially designed to protect families. This is extremely useful because it helps larger households save money while still getting the coverage they want and need. The price difference could even be as little as $10 per month.

    The main distinctions between the two bundles are:

    • Household plans cover dependent
    • Discounts might be available for larger families
    • Children and/or spouses can join the plan

  • What Does ID Insurance For Families Cover?

    It usually depends on the particular company. That said, most family ID theft protection coverage reimburses victims for the monetary losses they take while trying to repair their finances. This could include things like transportation and childcare costs, lawyer and attorney fees, and any additional payments they need to make while consulting the restoration team. Sometimes, they can get reimbursed for stolen funds or a portion of the amount that was taken from their 401(k) or other investments.

  • How Can I Find Out If Someone is Using My Identity?

    Given that millions of people suffer from this crime every year, everyone must know how to spot it before it dismantles one’s financial wellbeing.

    • To start, keep an eye on own bank statements and other financial documents.
    • If the person spots unusual or foreign transactions, it’s a tell-tale sign that something is amiss.
    • Another thing to watch for is discontinued mail, which may be going to a scammer after an unauthorized address change.
    • One can also check his credit report for any changes.

Take Action Now to Avoid Financial Ruin Later

Dealing with a stolen ID or expensive transactions that aren’t yours can be overwhelming. Plus, if the person has children, one naturally worries about what they’re doing – and sharing – online. A bit of an investment each month can drastically reduce the chances of becoming a victim and falling into a downward spiral of lost funds and shattered finances.

Start by checking out these seven ID theft protection services for families or speak to a professional who can steer personality and his loved ones in the right direction.

Editorial Staff

Kyle Nelson has a degree in journalism and came to Securing Home with more than a decade of experience writing for several technology magazines. He is optimistic and charismatic. We appreciate having him on our team not only for his excellent articles but also for his sense of humor and ability to tell stories.