Connecticut State: Population, Rankings, and Facts

#12 in Overall Ranking out of 50 in 2021

The Connecticut population is growing every day, which shows how successful the state is. This means that new families and individuals alike can have a great quality of life if they decide to move to this United States area. But what other things are there to consider? How about education, health, nature? Let’s explore these crucial indicators below.

Updated: April 15, 2021
  • Area
    5,544 sq miles
  • Capital
  • Population
  • Income
  • Home Value
  • Crime
  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Poverty
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure

Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the United States but one of the richest. Plus, the density of the population is very high. This shows that people decide to live here because of the opportunities they can find in the territory. For example, according to the new census information, it has one of the highest income-per-capita in the United States of America. This state is next to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Long Island in terms of borders.

The capital of Connecticut is Hartford, although it’s not the most populous city. Instead, Bridgeport is the place with the largest population. In terms of the name of the province, it comes from a Native American word that means “long river.” It was first settled by people coming from what today is the Netherlands. They started a small town in Hartford, which developed to become the capital. It became a state of the new Union as part of the 13 colonies back in the 18th century. 

As regards territory, it is one of the smallest areas in the country but with a high population. Geographically speaking, it has many rivers such as the Thames and other ports that connect them with Long Island. Most people here work in the fields of fishing and other maritime activities but also in financial services like insurance companies.

How We Figured Out Which Were the Best States to Live In 

To determine the best state to live in in the USA, we took into account several indicators. Some of these include education, health, places to visit, population density, history, taxes, and more. Those interested in knowing more about this province can find all the info below. This was taken from the census, FBI reports, documents by the Health Department, and more official data given by the government.

Connecticut Rankings

  • Population
    Data: 3,565,287

    According to the 2010 census, there are 738 persons per square mile living in this province. Yet, it is estimated that the number dropped since then. So, by now, there are probably even fewer people. This happens because many inhabitants live in rural areas rather than in cities with more people.

  • Median Income
    Income in $
    Data: $74,168

    The median income per home is among the best in the United States of America and the world. However, it doesn’t rank that high because of the high taxes people and companies have to pay. For instance, the income tax is around 6.99%, the property tax is 1.70%, while the sales tax is 6.35%

  • Home Value
    Home Value
    Data: $288,822

    The median home value is affordable for the ones who live and work in Connecticut state. In terms of the most popular types of houses bought, inhabitants here prefer to buy colonial homes, ranch-style buildings, bungalows, and, of course, traditional apartments, too.

  • Unemployment Rate
    Data: 8.2%

    The Connecticut unemployment rate is a bit high. Although there are a lot of professional opportunities here, the coronavirus crisis struck the country as a whole, producing many job losses. Single mothers are more likely to be unemployed than white men.

  • Poverty
    Data: 9.7%

    This province is among the ones with the lowest rate of poor people. On the one hand, this is due to the high number of educated persons and the number of available jobs. Although the rate rose due to the pandemic, the government has made an effort to help those in need with subsidies.

  • Education
    Data: 38.4%

    This is one of the most educated places in the country. It is only after Massachusetts, Colorado, and Maryland. The quality of universities is great, with top-notch institutions such as Yale, Connecticut College, or the Capital Community College. This results in better job opportunities and wages as a whole.

  • Medicine
    Health Outcomes: 3

    In terms of health insurance, most people here have it. Then, they can access better and longer-term treatments. Only 5% of people are not covered by the private system and need help from the government to access decent healthcare.

  • Crime Rate
    Violent Crime: 6,546

    In terms of crime rate, the results are mixed. While some acts are quite low (such as murder, which is five times lower than in Louisiana), others are high. Property crime and arson are examples of these felonies. In terms of the most dangerous areas in the state, these include Hartford and New Haven.

  • Natural Environment
    Air: 22

    The outdoor air quality can improve. For example, Hartford has quite a high rate of ozone pollution, which has been worsening for the past decade. This indicator is not the same in the rural areas, however. The tap is safe in terms of drinking water, as it has been through many regulations before reaching the population.

  • Infrastructure
    Poor Roads: 6.20%

    Although the government invests in keeping them right, almost 6.50% of the roads on the map are worn out. In terms of bridges, heavy traffic wears them down, but most are in good shape. The most used structures include the Bulkeley and the largest Bulls Covered bridges.

Connecticut Facts

  • The state motto is “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,” which comes from the Bible and means “He who transplanted (us) sustains (us).”
  • The state bird is the Turdus Migratorius, while the flower is Kalmia Latifolia.
  • It was one of the original 13th colonies in history and took part in the American War of Revolution.
  • Its nickname is the Constitution State due to its past and history. 
  • Some of the largest cities on the map include Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, and Waterbury.
  • The Connecticut abbreviation is CT for postal services. 
  • Some of the major areas where people work include finance, insurance, real estate, and engineering. 
  • There are 169 towns, 9 boroughs, and 21 cities
  • This is the home of Samuel Colt, the famous inventor of the revolver. Today, the province is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to guns and self-defense devices. 
  • During the 19th century, this was known as the Arsenal of the Nation. CT, then, played a crucial role in the American War of Independence.
  • Plus, this territory was home to the first nuclear missile in the world. This was the USS Nautilus.

Connecticut in Photos

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FAQ Section

  • Where Is Connecticut?

    It was one of the first colonies in the USA. It is located in the Northern part of the territory. Other states surround it on the map, namely Rhode Island to the East, Long Island, NY, and Massachusetts to the North.

  • What Time Zone Is CT in?

    Being on the West Coast, this state is in the time zone GMT-5. As such, it doesn’t have any difference with nearby places like NYC. But with San Francisco, for example, there’s a 3-hour difference.

  • What Is Connecticut Known for?

    Being one of the first 13 colonies, the region is known for being the Constitution state because it was the place where it was signed.

    But other aspects also make this province famous:

    • Connecticut zip codes start at 060 with Avon.
    • It has a song called Yankee Doodle that is about the French and Indian War times in 1755. This was when the flag was created, too.
    • New Haven was the place where the first telephone book was produced.

  • What to Do in Connecticut?

    There are many things to do in this area, such as:

    • Visit the many state parks, such as the Rocky Neck.
    • Take a look at Mark Twain’s House, one of the most famous US writers in history.
    • Go to Yale University and admire its fantastic architecture.
    • Enter the Mystic Seaport and discover amazing ships while watching the water.
    • Go to the Scoville Memorial Library, the oldest one founded by the state in the United States of America. It was established in 1771
    • Get to know more about the flag with a logo, formed by a blue background plus a white coat of arms with the state motto. It was approved back in 1897.
    • Visit the capital city Hartford, known for having the most insurance companies in the whole region.