Georgia State: Population, Rankings, and Facts

#30 in Overall Ranking out of 50 in 2021

One of the original 13 Colonies, the state of Georgia is a Deep South state with a rich history. It’s one of the most populous states in the country. It has borders with five other states, along with a stretch of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1733 and named in honor of King George II of Great Britain.

Updated: April 1, 2021
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    59,425 SQ. MI.
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Ranking among the top 10 most populous states of America, Georgia is well-known for its diverse population, exciting history, and vibrant culture. The official abbreviation is GA, and its nickname is the Peach State.

Of all Thirteen Colonies, it was the final one to be established, back in 1733. Georgia seceded from the Union in 1861, leading up to the Civil War. After the war, it was the final state to be restored to the Union.
In 20th century history, the state played a vital role in the civil rights movement, being the birthplace of such figures as Martin Luther King Jr.

GA has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing American states with a rapidly expanding economy in more recent history. The headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies, such as UPS, Coca-Cola, and Delta Air Lines, are situated here. It also has Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport globally.

The capital of Georgia, Atlanta, is the most significant city in this part of the U.S. It plays a key role in the economy, a hub of new finance and technology, transportation, tourism, and more. There are many new startups here, and Atlanta is the 37th most populous city in the U.S., according to the recent census.

The surrounding Atlanta metro area is in the top ten most populous in the country. The census shows that it accounts for more than half of GA’s entire population, with over six million people. Other major cities include Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Athens.

There are slightly below-average levels of median household income here, along with a high poverty rate. However, house prices in GA are relatively affordable, and the infrastructure is robust.

In terms of culture, nature, geography, and entertainment, GA offers a range of landscapes for visitors. Popular places to visit include Georgia state parks like Providence Canyon. Museums and historic buildings in cities like Savannah are also famous. There are many family attractions along the coast. Georgia weather conditions typically include mild winters and hot summers.

The flag features three horizontal stripes in red and white and the top left corner’s coat of arms.

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Georgia Rankings

  • Population
    Data: 10,617,423

    In terms of population, the census page shows this as the eighth-most populous of the American states. The population exceeds that of neighboring states. This gives GA one of the biggest population counts of the entire Deep South region, which is a good indicator for future success as more people mean more business.

  • Median Income
    Income in $
    Data: $56,183

    The median income is not exceptionally high when viewed concerning the entire United States. However, when compared to surrounding Deep South locations, GA ranks highly. There are six brackets of income tax here. Major industries include agriculture, mining, logistics, and textiles.

  • Home Value
    Home Value
    Data: $223,945

    The average home value is high compared to other Southern locations, like Alabama and South Carolina. House prices are on the rise in GA each year, showing how this place is becoming more popular and attractive. Rental rates are also increasing, especially in significant city locations like Atlanta.

  • Unemployment Rate
    Data: 5.3%

    Census data shows the Georgia unemployment rate is close to the average for the rest of the U.S. However, job opportunities are on the rise here. This is because of the large number of new startups being founded here. Therefore, getting a job can be relatively easy, depending on the county.

  • Poverty
    Data: 14.1%

    The poverty rate is one of the highest in the U.S. This puts the region in the ten poorest American states. However, poverty levels have shown signs of decreasing in recent years and is expected to continue that trend from 2021 onwards. This is because the economy is one of the fastest-growing.

  • Education
    Data: 29.9%

    More than 1 in 4 people in GA have obtained a Bachelor's degree or higher qualification level. The education level is increasing as business opportunities arise. Leading universities in this part of the United States include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and Emory University.

  • Medicine
    Health Outcomes: 37

    A large amount of the Georgia population doesn't have health insurance. The obesity rate is close to the national average, and health care quality is deemed to be relatively poor compared to richer locations. The problem may be caused by GA's high air pollution level and low levels of income among the population.

  • Crime Rate
    Violent Crime: 36,170

    The crime rate is relatively high compared to many other locations. This is especially true for cases of robbery and violent crimes. Property crime and larceny-theft rates are also high. A lot of the crime occurs in and around Atlanta. The numbers of crimes are similar to surrounding states like Alabama and South Carolina.

  • Natural Environment
    Air: 93

    There is a low rate of environmental health and safety, but this can vary from county to county. Those living in Atlanta and other big cities can be at risk of air pollution and low-quality drinking water. Residents in rural county locations enjoy healthier surrounding geography. There are relatively low amounts of pesticides and waste.

  • Infrastructure
    Poor Roads: 2.8%

    The infrastructure is one of the most substantial aspects of this area. Typically, roads are in good condition, with high-quality bridges too. Government spending on infrastructure has increased accordingly. There's still a lot of traffic in Atlanta, but getting around is mostly easy and convenient. The average travel time to work is 28.8 minutes, higher than the national average.

Georgia Facts

  • The state motto is “Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation.”
  • The state bird is the Brown Thrasher.
  • Zip codes always begin with the number 3, ranging from 30002 to 39900.
  • The nickname is ‘Empire State of the South.’
  • The state flower is the Cherokee Rose.
  • It’s the third-biggest producer of peaches in the United States.
  • It’s the biggest peanut producer in the history of the United States.
  • It’s the most significant state to the east of the Mississippi.
  • It has more counties than any other state east of the Mississippi, with 159 in total.
  • The oldest state park in the United States exists here.
  • Sales tax is at 4%, and the property tax is at 0.92%.
  • It’s the biggest producer of kaolin clay, according to the encyclopedia. This is used in the cosmetic industry.
  • The gun laws are similar to the other Southern States, with legal open carry licenses and permits available to residents.
  • The world’s most giant sculpture can be found here at Stone Mountain, showing Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee.
  • The driver’s license is decorated with a peach.
  • There is more commercial forest here than anywhere else across America.
  • Popular things to do include hunting, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and visiting historic locations.
  • Residents aged 16-64 must have a fishing license to fish here.

Georgia in Photos

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FAQ Section

  • Where Is Georgia?

    It can be found in the southeast part of the United States of America, in the Deep South region. It’s situated along the East Coast, with a section of coastline overlooking the Atlantic. It has borders with five other states: Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee.

  • What Time Is GA In?

    The time zone here is the Eastern Time Zone. This is calculated as UTC -05:00. In the summer, because of daylight savings, GA’s time is UTC -04:00. The Eastern Time Zone applies in parts of all of 23 American states.

  • How Many Counties Are In the Peach State?

    There are a total of 159 counties. This gives it a more incredible county tally than anywhere else, except Texas. The government grants each county its home rule, allowing it to handle local problems alone.

  • What Is Minimum Wage In Georgia?

    The minimum wage in 2021 is $7.25. This is the federal minimum wage, which applies in Georgia and several other American states. Some of the other Deep South states adhere to no minimum wage laws, but GA follows the government’s federal legislature.

  • What Is GA Known For?

    GA is known for many things. It has many connections with history, as one of the original colonies. It played a vital role in the Civil War. It’s also associated with the civil rights movements and equality. GA also has a diverse population, with a high percentage of African Americans. The state is also known for its agriculture, producing large amounts of peaches, peanuts, onions, and pecans. Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta.