Louisiana State: Population, Rankings, and Facts

#50 in Overall Ranking out of 50 in 2021

People looking for a new way of living within the USA should consider all their options. For example, the state of Louisiana is a nice way to change one’s lifestyle and become closer to nature to the east of the United States. Although LA is at the bottom of the list, this doesn’t mean that this American region doesn’t have anything good to offer. On the contrary, the climate is excellent, and so is the quality of the air. Explore all the indicators below!

Updated: April 26, 2021
  • Area
    52,378 sq mi
  • Capital
    Baton Rouge
  • Population
  • Income
  • Home Value
  • Crime
  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Poverty
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure

The name “Louisiana” was given by the first French explorer that set foot on this part of the map. It was named after Louis XIV, the King of France. Then, it became a Spanish territory before passing through to the hands of the American people. The influence of the French language is evident everywhere, especially in names of cities like the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge

Regarding geography, LA has prairies and fertile land suitable for plantations due to the heat, but it also has some mountains. For example, the highest point in the province is called the Driskill Mountain and has 535 feet

This state is in what is called the Deep South. The climate is humid and hot almost all year long. Plus, it’s next to other provinces like Arkansas and right on the border with Mexico, next to Texas. Curiously, this is the only place in the United States of America that calls the counties parishes

It doesn’t have a lot of big cities. The places with the most Louisiana population are New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Also, the main industries where people work, in addition to agriculture, are oil, natural gas, commercial fishing, and chemistry. 

The Louisiana abbreviation is LA and became a part of the United States of America in April 1812

How we Figured out Which Were the Best States to Live in

To discover the best states to live in in the USA, we had to consider many important aspects. These include education (school and university), crime, health, income, and within them, several metrics. For example, the median income ranking does not depend only on people’s wages but also on taxes. To develop these indicators, we resorted to official documents by the government, the FBI, the Health Department, the census, and more.

Louisiana Rankings

  • Population
    Data: 4,648,794

    Louisiana state is a bit smaller than its neighbors like Texas but with a decent population. Most of them live in rural areas, which comprise almost 70% of the province. The most populated urban regions are New Orleans and the capital city, Baton Rouge.

  • Median Income
    Income in $
    Data: $49,973

    The median income per home is not great (almost half of the salary people get in richer places like California or New York). Yet, some taxes are suitable for individuals and companies. For example, the sales tax amounts to 4.45%, while the property tax is 0.51%.

  • Home Value
    Home Value
    Data: $178,987

    When it comes to property prices, LA is in the top 15 of the cheapest. This is in line with the average wage here, so people would have to save for years to buy a home unless they ask for a bank loan. Some of the most expensive places to acquire a house include Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Covington.

  • Unemployment Rate
    Data: 7.9%

    The unemployment rate is high, and this is a trend in the south. This happens because of a variety of reasons. The first one is the lack of professional opportunities even for those who went to school as most of the area depends on agriculture. The other one is that few people are educated, so they cannot access better jobs.

  • Poverty
    Data: 18.8%

    The poverty rate is among the highest in the country. Almost 20% of the population here cannot make ends meet. This situation is also the result of the history of the area. After the Civil War, it never truly recovered from poverty and de-financing. Regarding race, the percentage of the poor white population is the lowest at 12.25%, while that of black – 31.38%.

  • Education
    Data: 23.4%

    The education ranking is not one of the best indicators on the map. Only 23.4% of the inhabitants have at least a BA, and the rate is even lower for people with a Master’s or a Doctorate. Such a thing is very low when compared to top-performing states like Massachusetts or Colorado, with thousands of graduates from different university schools.

  • Medicine
    Health Outcomes: 50

    The medicine rate can be much better. Almost 20% of people here have no health insurance, according to the latest census report in 2019. This is a disadvantage for both the population and the government. First, because individuals cannot access good treatment if it’s expensive. Second, the Health department has to put a lot of money on the table.

  • Crime Rate
    Violent Crime: 25,537

    The situation regarding crime is quite serious, too. There are many violent crimes taking place daily, while the rate of murder every 100,000 inhabitants is also high in each parish, with 11,7 cases in 2019. Rape (2,273) and robbery (4,025) also have numbers to watch out for. The most dangerous cities include Opelousas and the parish of Alexandria.

  • Natural Environment
    Air: 5

    The purity of air is among the best things that the state has. There are only five violations, which means that the quality is good to breathe. The drinking water is not so good, so many cities have to resort to bottled water instead. Some of these places include St. Louis, the biggest city in the area.

  • Infrastructure
    Poor Roads: 9.10%

    This indicator can also improve with some investment. The main roads and highways are not in such a good state. Plus, the deficient bridges are a lot, especially compared to other states like New York or California. Here, the population rate is low, so this happens due to a lack of investment.

Louisiana Facts

  • Many cultures converge in this state, such as the French, the African, and the Modern American one. 
  • The state flag has a blue color with a pelican right in the middle. 
  • A lot of people here speak a unique Creole and Cajun in addition to English. 
  • The most famous festival is the annual Mardi Gras.
  • It is called the Creole State or the Pelican one (since hundreds of these birds live here).
  • In addition to the capital, the biggest cities here are New Orleans, Lafayette, Metairie, and Shreveport.
  • There are 64 counties, also called parishes
  • Some famous people born here include Reese Witherspoon, Tim McGraw (the singer), and Terry Bradshaw (a sportsman).
  • The state flower is the beautiful Magnolia, which grows almost anywhere, while the state bird is the pelican
  • The city of New Orleans is one of the oldest in the country and was founded in 1718
  • In 1861, LA left the American Union and became one of the first provinces to secede.
  • One of the most beautiful places in the region is called Cameron Parish.

Louisiana in Photos

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FAQ Section

  • When Was the Louisiana Purchase?

    The Louisiana Purchase took place in 1803. At the time, the region was in the hands of the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte. As he needed money to finance his European wars, he decided to sell this overseas territory. They had promised to give it to Spain, but the USA offered a better price, so they ended up obtaining what is known today as LA.

  • Where Is Louisiana?

    This region is named the Deep South because of its location. It has borders with Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi. The area also has many beaches, and it’s next to the sea.

  • What Time Zone Is Louisiana in?

    LA is in GMT-5. This is determined according to the place within the country where the province is located. All of the south, like Mississippi and every LA parish, is in this time zone during the summer, while New York is in GMT-4.

  • What Day of the Week Does LA Unemployment Pay?

    The unemployment benefit is useful for families who have lost their jobs. During the covid-19 pandemic, this has been even more necessary. The benefit is paid from Sunday to Saturday on a rolling basis. People may have to wait only 24 hours or up to 6 days to claim their payment.

  • What Is the Creole State Known for?

    Some very famous places around the state include:

    • The French Quarter, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the region.
    • The Atchafalaya Swamp is right in the center of the province and is the biggest one in the whole country.
    • The Gardens and Zoo, together with the Louisiana state parks for people who enjoy nature.
    • The National WW2 museum for history lovers.
    • The Melrose plantations, also for those who like history and would like to know more about the past of the state.

  • What Is the Minimum Wage in LA?

    The United States has a policy of minimum wages. This amount of money is not the same for the whole country, because some places are far cheaper than others. In the case of LA, the minimum wage amount is 7.5$ per hour.