Oklahoma State: Population, Rankings, and Facts

#46 in Overall Ranking out of 50 in 2021

People looking for a natural place to move in will find a great new home in Oklahoma(for future reference, the state abbreviation is OK). But how to know if the place is a good fit or not? In addition to learning things like the zip codes, there are other aspects that matter. These include education, security, population, income, and more! All these characteristics are present in the rankings below.

Updated: April 26, 2021
  • Area
    68,679 sq mi
  • Capital
    Oklahoma City
  • Population
  • Income
  • Home Value
  • Crime
  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Poverty
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure

Oklahoma State is located right at the heart of the United States of America, in the Southern region. It is the 20th biggest state as regards area and territory. The locals are known informally as Okies, and most of them live in a city with the same province name. This name derives from the Native American term “okla humma,” which means “honored people.” It became a part of the American country in 1907 as the 46th state, one of the last.

Regarding geography, this area has a great variety to visit and enjoy, such as the many state parks. From prairies to mountains and forests, there is something for everyone. This is also the reason why the timber industry is so thriving: because the resource is abundant. While the Oklahoma weather is nice, in summer, it can get very humid with unbearable heat. It has been a historically rich region in terms of cattle such as cows and sheep.

The capital of the state is Oklahoma City (OKC), and together with Tulsa, they are the main economic anchors of the whole region. Almost two-thirds of the entire population lives in that area. 

How We Figured Out Which Were the Best States to Live In

For this guide to be helpful, we needed to understand which are the best states to live in and why. The USA is a rich country but not all the places are the same. For instance, families may be interested in knowing the education indicators while others might be more worried about the quality of the air or the water. 
To gauge these rankings, we gathered a great amount of information about the key metrics to know. We only got data from official and reliable sources such as the FBI report or the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure the guide is reliable and useful. 

Oklahoma Rankings

  • Population
    Data: 3,956,971

    The state does not have a great population, though it’s not so scarce as the one of Alaska, for example. This happens because there are big rural areas with not so many people living there. Plus, the median income per home is relatively low in comparison to richer states nearby.

  • Median Income
    Income in $
    Data: $50,051

    The metric is decent, especially considering there are not so many professional opportunities in the land. The Oklahoma tax commission is quite favorable for individuals and companies. For instance, the state sales tax is only 4.50%, while the property tax amounts to 0.87%, which are some of the average rates in the country.

  • Home Value
    Home Value
    Data: $141,933

    The homes here are among the cheapest in the United States, only above Mississippi and West Virginia. This is in line, of course, with the average wage inhabitants receive. The most affordable cities to buy a house or apartment are Blackwell and Perry, while the most expensive include Edmond and Jenks.

  • Unemployment Rate
    Data: 4.5%

    Surprisingly, unemployment rates are among the lowest in the whole country. This was not the case a few years ago, but the coronavirus pandemic changed the situation. Such a thing happens because the crisis did not severely hit the countryside, and over one million persons live in the largest rural areas like Blackwell.

  • Poverty
    Data: 15.0%

    Unfortunately, OK is one of the poorest provinces in the country, even though most people are employed. The main reason for this is low wages, which do not allow the population to cover all their needs and maintain a family. Those at risk of falling below the poverty line include people with disabilities and those with Indian or black races.

  • Education
    Data: 24.8%

    Less than 25% of the population has been to university. The rest only hold a school degree. The reasons for this are multiple, the most relevant of them being the lack of reputable institutions. The only ones which are well-known with a history are the University of OK and the Christian University.

  • Medicine
    Health Outcomes: 43

    The number of uninsured people is quite high. 14% of the population living in the area don’t have any private insurance to cover their medical treatment. This has two consequences. First, people have to spend a lot of money on their own to pay for hospital bills. Second, the government has to invest a lot, too, in public hospitals.

  • Crime Rate
    Violent Crime: 17,086

    The crime rate is one of the worst in the country and similar to the one of Arizona and Tennessee. There are more than 17,000 violent crime cases in total and over 431 per 100,000 inhabitants. The murder rate is also high, with 6 per 100,000 people. The most dangerous cities in the area include Shawnee, Tulsa, and Del City.

  • Natural Environment
    Air: 81

    The air in the province is quite good. The number of violations is not so high because of the many open spaces and rural areas. But the same does not happen with drinking water. Instead, the number of violations is high, and the largest cities cannot drink directly from the tap. Luckily, the capital city is an exception, and water is safe to drink.

  • Infrastructure
    Poor Roads: 5.30%

    The state of roads and highways in this county is decent. Only 5% of them are not in good condition, and this happens because people use them daily to go from Tulsa to OKC and vice versa. Instead, the history of deficient bridges is high, with 11% of them being broken or worn out.

Oklahoma Facts

  • The nickname of the province is “The Sooner State.”
  • The scissor-tailed flycatcher is the state bird, while the state flower is Oklahoma rose. 
  • Native Americans and Indian tribes have inhabited the county for more than 30,000 years, so it has a long history. 
  • Some of the native Indian tribes that lived here included the Apache, Wichita, Kiowa, and Osage.
  • The area was first controlled by the French and then by the Spanish before being given to the USA. 
  • The name is a combination of two words in the Choctaw language
  • The flag is of blue color with icons such as a sword right in the middle.
  • The most important industries for people working here include transportation, business services, energy, and aviation.
  • It has been part of the United States for 120 years with a history of a big black population.
  • Some famous personalities were born Blake Griffin (a sportsman), Brad Pitt, or Dr. Phil.
  • There are exactly 77 OK counties.

Oklahoma in Photos

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FAQ Section

  • Where Is Oklahoma?

    On the American map, this province shares borders with many other states, such as Colorado, Kansas on the North, Arkansas, Missouri on the east, Texas on the south and west, and New Mexico on the west. It’s in the middle part of the Southern region of the United States. In terms of area, it’s the 20th largest province in the country.

  • What Time Zone Is Oklahoma in?

    OK is in the time zone GMT-5. With the American country being so big, all the regions have different hours, and, at times, the breach is wide between them. For example, this area has a one-hour difference with New York and 2 hours with San Francisco.

  • What to Do in OK?

    There are many things tourists and other people can do around OK, such as:

    • The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, which remembers the tragic bombing of the city 50 years ago.
    • Another great museum to visit includes the one about Cowboy and Western Heritage.
    • Those who love animals and nature can have a nice day visiting the botanical garden and zoo
    • Stroll down Bricktown, an old warehouse county that has been completely redone and is beautiful to see.

  • What Is the Minimum Wage in OK?

    For the last decades, the United States of America has had a minimum wage policy throughout the territory. This amount ensures that people can make a living out of the money they earn. In OK, the minimum wage is 7.25 dollars per hour, before tax.

  • How to File for Unemployment in Oklahoma?

    With the coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and find themselves in precarious situations. In those cases, these persons can file for Oklahoma unemployment and ask for government financial help.

    To do this, there are two options:

    1. Enter the page Unemployment state OK and follow the steps to ask for the benefit.
    2. Call the number 1-800-555-1554 and speak to a helpful agent. They will guide the person through all the necessary steps.

  • What Is the Sooner State Known for?

    It is known for its warm climate and beautiful geography, but these are not the only important landmarks.

    • It was part of the Louisiana Purchase, an important event in American history.
    • The province is rich in oil, with the capital, OKC, being above a reservoir.
    • There are many tornadoes a year, which made the area known as the tornado alley.
    • Almost 70% of the whole territory is rural.
    • The most famous state meal is barbecue pork and chicken fried steak.