Wyoming State: Population, Rankings, and Facts

#15 in Overall Ranking out of 50 in 2021

Wyoming, a place with a beautiful history, is located in the western part of the country. It is an area that enjoys tourists’ visitation from parts of the world due to Wyoming state parks, such as the Yellowstone National Park, Teton Range, and Yellowstone Lake. Many find the annual state fair exciting, and it is 376 miles from South Dakota and 560 miles from Idaho.

Updated: April 20, 2021
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    97,914 SQ. MI.
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The state of Wyoming was founded on 10th July 1890. On the page of a map, it shares a border with Montana to the north and northwest. South Dakota and Nebraska also border it to the east; Colorado in the South; Idaho in the west; and Utah in the Southwest. Its nicknames include Cowboy State, Big Wyoming, and Equality State (official).

As for the geography, its eastern half “pages” are covered by high-elevation prairie, while the western half is mostly covered by Rocky Mountains’ range and rangelands, which dictates its weather. The metrics above show some intriguing facts about it. For example, its 10.7% poverty rate among its population shows that the standard of living in WY is high.

This statistic should be of interest to those aiming to travel from other countries for commercial purposes. Such people can be sure that they will have enough customers who can afford to buy their products. Traders selling luxury goods should also see its market as an opportunity to earn profits.

Besides, the general security situation should be attractive to those aiming to go there for residential and commercial purposes. The rate is favorable in comparison to some other places in the country. So, it is relatively safe for those in need of new pages in their lives’ journey. Those in need of a driver’s license can obtain it in the Department of Transportation.

How We Figured Out Which Were the Best States to Live In

The best way to reach a conclusion on the best states to live in the country is through the compilation of data and demographics from the pages of reputable sources. Either the U.S. Census Bureau or the state census is useful in this regard.

Data from organizations like the United Health Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Department of Labor were collated and analyzed to arrive at logical and reasonable conclusions. Other pages of population census-based sources and agencies that depend on the recent census were also utilized.

Wyoming Rankings

  • Population
    Data: 578,759

    Wyoming’s population density is the least in the United States of America. The landscape and its history is the main reason for it. It is full of high-rugged terrains, plains, valleys, and large, flat, treeless basins.

  • Median Income
    Income in $
    Data: $60,434

    It has the 19th highest median per capita income, which is a relatively good rating. Maryland, with an income of $80,776, is the highest in this regard. Low taxes make this place the best in the U.S. in terms of earnings. Close to 15,000 households in the place are millionaires as of 2021.

  • Home Value
    Home Value
    Data: $262,517

    This is neither one of the highest nor the worst states in the U.S. It is better than Nebraska ($192,584). Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 3.6% increase in price. The median rent per month is $983, and one of the most popular types of houses there is Ranch architecture.

  • Unemployment Rate
    Data: 5.2%

    Wyoming’s unemployment rate is the 20th lowest in the U.S. The difference between states is significant because the worst, which is Alaska, has a 10.3% unemployment rate among its population. Generally, the low entry rates into unemployment from employment are responsible for this.

  • Poverty
    Data: 10.7%

    The Cowboy State has one of the lowest poverty rates in the U.S. Based on race, the native is the highest with 23.83%. Meanwhile, Islanders, rather than whites, are the lowest, with 8.58% below the poverty level. More females are below the poverty level than their male counterparts, just like in most parts of the world.

  • Education
    Data: 26.7%

    It does not have as many people with Bachelor’s degrees from universities or higher as Massachusetts and Colorado, which have 42.1% and 39.4%. The multifaceted nature of its economy might be responsible for the seemingly low level of ambition.

  • Medicine
    Health Outcomes: 25

    The region has one of the highest numbers of medically uninsured people in the United States of America. The residents are confident of staying healthy. WY has one of the lowest clinical care scores, along with social and economic factors, while the physical environment is one of the best in the country.

  • Crime Rate
    Violent Crime: 1,258

    This is one of the states with the least crime rate in the U.S. Its 1,258 violent crimes are far from states like California and Texas that have 174,331 and 121,474 occurrences, respectively. Generally, this area is safe. Nonetheless, residents can be licensed to carry guns according to the state legislature.

  • Natural Environment
    Air: 7

    In comparison to other states in the US, its natural environment is one of the safest. In terms of air incidents, the region has the 8th best in the US due to its seven occurrences. So, it’s a place with a relatively excellent life expectancy. There are also various fishing licenses to ensure restrictive exploitation.

  • Infrastructure
    Poor Roads: 1.9%

    Around 1.9% of the roads are in poor condition, which is a huge positive compared to states such as Wisconsin and New York that have 11.1% and 13.4%, respectively. In this category, the state is one of the best in the U.S. Its road conditions are one of the best in the nation and comfortably ranks 19th in this category.

Wyoming Facts

  • The state abbreviation is WY.
  • The state motto is “Equal Rights.”
  • The first official National Park is Yellowstone in the year 1872
  • Washakie, Teton, Niobrara, Sublette, and Platte are some of the most popular among the 23 WY counties.
  • Its statehood began in the year 1890 when congress declared it the 44th state after the Louisiana Purchase.
  • The Equality State,” its nickname, was derived from the state’s early commitment to advancing the rights of women and blacks.
  • The flag features a red border, representing the blood shed by early pioneers and the original Native American population living there. 
  • The sales tax as of the year 2021 is 4% and is one of the lowest in the US.
  • Its property tax is 0.55% for individuals.
  • The name of the state has an Indian origin from the word “mecheweamiing,” which means “at the big plains.”
  • It has two federally recognized Indian tribes.
  • The state flower is the Indian paintbrush (Castilleja linariifolia).
  • The Wind River Indian Reservation is the only established Indian reservation in the region. 
  • The zip codes of the area range from 82007 to 83414.
  • Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming, is the largest city in the state.

Pictures of Wyoming

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Wyoming Сapitol Building
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FAQ Section

  • Pictures of Wyoming

    It is trapezoid-shaped landlocked located in the Mountain Division of the United States of America. Specifically, it is found in the western US mainland. Colorado and Utah border it in the south. In the west, it is bordered by Idaho and Montana to the north.

  • What Is the State Bird of Wyoming?

    Most old and new sources list the Western Meadowlark as the official state bird. This bird helps to control dangerous insects and also has a beautiful song. It inhabits grasslands and open fields.

  • What Time Zone Is WY?

    Officially, it is in the Mountain Time Zone. The abbreviation for Mountain Standard Time and the Mountain Daylight Time is MST and MDT, respectively. Wyoming is GMT/UTC, which is 7hoursbehind Greenwich Mean Time.

  • What to Do in Wyoming?

    Its landscape makes it perfect for activities such as hiking and horseback riding. After all, there is a reason the state is called “the Cowboy State.” It has fantastic locations where people can enjoy nature and wildlife. Also, this is a place to be during the winter season for winter sports.

    Safaris, Eco tours, and other water sports are fun-filled activities people look forward to participating in when they visit the state. Tubing and Stand Up Paddleboarding are also common in the region.

  • What Is the Cowboy State Known for?

    Millions of tourists travel here every year to have a good time in the state’s seven national parks. In particular, the Yellowstone features the largest hot spring in the country and the iconic Old Faithful geyser.

    A rock formation called “Devils Tower,” which is sacred to the Plains Tribes, is also a tourist attraction source. It was declared the first national monument in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt. Dinosaur bones are plentiful here.