Apartment Security: Vital Security Tips for Apartment Renters

The Most Vulnerable Period for a Property

The Most Vulnerable Period

A quick check of burglary and safety statistics helps to see the way these “services” are decreasing. Nonetheless, many apartment renters where people are living are still not free from this intrusion. Moreover, some of these crimes are committed during day time. According to experts, approximately 325,000 homes are invaded by burglars every year, including in 2020. 

Most of these safety compromising situations occur between noon, and 4 p.m. Burglars have a policy that sees this period as the perfect opportunity for monitoring and stealing the properties they want. They know that no one will want to suspect a stranger walking close to the doors around their homes during day time. Besides, these people have more summer months operations. 

6 Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Home

Before Moving Into a New Home

To avoid becoming victims of the “free services” and monitoring of wanted men, new renters need a policy of checking and leveraging wireless sensors, chain locks, and cameras. The following apartment security tips will help in ensuring that one’s privacy is intact:

#1. Research Neighboring Cities and Towns

If the neighboring towns are not safe, apartment safety is questionable. Therefore, it is essential to check out crime activities at closeby places before signing the agreement. This way of checking apartments is free but helpful. Wanting to reverse the decision after signing the dotted line will become challenging.  

#2. Find Out About Local Crime

Note that the location of a new home can be helpful when it comes to monitoring burglars’ activities. Therefore, it is crucial to be conversant with the local crime before wanting to move to a new place. 

One of the best ways to get help and enjoy this free service is by speaking to residents of the place. Moreover, there are sites that can help with this free safety and monitoring service. 

#3. Observe the General Upkeep

It is easy to fix after knowing and checking issues such as peeling paint and leaky faucets. Nevertheless, they are signs of a careless landlord who might not want to commit to quick actions. No one wants to wait for weeks to find help for broken locks, doors, windows, cameras, or wireless sensors. 

Note signs of failure to install necessary devices and poor maintenance, such as:

  • Broken fences
  • Peeling paint
  • Broken doors 
  • Worn carpeting
  • Ruined wireless devices

Know if the landlord has a policy of maintenance service after checking, which fixes these problems, including cameras, chain locks and wireless sensors.

#4. Notice the Entrances

Checking and monitoring the doors is free but helpful in terms of having a protected home as wanted. The doors are the first lines of defense and safety of a renter’s security. They lead to the apartments. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that they are safe and free of danger. 

A routine check for apartment safety includes the following:

  • Cameras
  • Peephole
  • Key codes
  • Chain locks
  • Remote unlocking
  • Wireless sensors

It is helpful that the management has a policy of changing the keys and key codes for monitoring the building. Everything should be done to ensure that a previous tenant does not know or have unauthorized access to the apartment doors. This policy is one of the safe and freeways of ensuring apartments’ monitoring as wanted. 

#5. Inspect the Windows

The windows are the second line of defense and safety of a building. So, it is vital to have a policy of checking them for easy-to-use, sturdy locks, especially for those on the ground floor. Ensure that they are danger-free from the outside as wanted. 

Think like burglars and consider the freedom of monitoring and getting into the apartment through it. Besides, the monitoring of the windows with closeby doors where the renters are living is vital. Intruders can smash them and open locks for access into a place. 

#6. Check the Emergency Exits

An excellent apartment security system with wireless sensors, chain locks, and cameras is a sure policy that ensures it is challenging for burglars to get in. It is also a safe and helpful way for occupants to get out. It is essential to know one can get out easily in case of an emergency. Therefore, ask for fire escape plans before living there. 

The windows should be easy to open for safety. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke sensors are also vital. 


#7. Test the Lighting

The dark nooks and crannies of some complexes allow them to be susceptible to people monitoring and sneaking around. 

Therefore, check and know about lighting in areas such as:

  • Parking areas
  • Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Storage rooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Waste management areas

Security cams and wireless devices will also be helpful in ensuring that the activities of people with bad intents can be discovered. Asking a friend to check out the lighting systems of the apartment is also a great policy that is often free of bias and helpful. 

10 Security Tips After Moving Into a New Place

After Moving Into a New Place

The checking after moving in regarding safety is as needful as what is done before packing to a new home in 2020. There are some crucial tips to know that ensure security for apartments. Here are some of them: 

#1. Leverage Renter’s Insurance

One cannot be too safe when living in a place. No matter the way a person is security conscious, unfortunate situations can still occur. Therefore, it is not good enough to be living in an apartment under monitoring with wireless sensors and cameras. It is also vital to have insurance to be sure in case of a bridge of privacy, which is an unwanted situation.

Take advantage of the renter’s insurance. It is good to know that it covers personal properties, such as possessions and clothing. It also makes those living in a place free in case of a disaster or burglary. Besides, liabilities and medical costs in case of injuries in your house are also included.

#2. Be Familiar with the Neighbors

A policy of meeting the neighbors offers many free perks, including safety. It is a sure way of helping new people in a place to have people checking his or her doors. Neighbors are the several intelligent security cameras and wireless sensors, helping to check the safety of the place the individual is living. 

Strike up healthy and free conversations with people in the neighborhood whenever there is an opportunity to know them. When those around see an individual as a friendly person, they will be more protective of the person’s properties. These people will want to help during the time they are needed to secure the place the renters are living. 

#3. Upgrade or Install Additional Door Locks

Get a deadbolt if the apartment doors do not have one for safety purposes. Of course, it is smart that it is done with the monitoring and knowledge of the renters’ landlord. Also, check for the changing of regular locks on the door of the place the occupant is living. This approach is timely and helpful because it ensures only renters have access to the home. 

This policy ensures that apartments’ doors are safe during the stay of the people living in a place. Once the door locks are compromised, the place is no longer free or safe, which is a worrisome knowledge. 

#4. Take Advantage of Blinds and Curtains

Burglars often go around checking for their next target by using “wireless sensors.” They check what people have in their apartments through the windows and doors. It is not a pleasant image, but it is reality. The windows are the easiest ways for such people to see the properties in a home.


Renters cannot always close the windows because of ventilation. Nonetheless, one can restrict spying eyes by covering them. 

#5. Leverage Alarm Systems 

Security systems and monitoring are not restricted to using wireless sensors and a camera in apartments or using chain locks for the doors. So, it is helpful to know how to protect one’s apartment in creative ways. There are smarter and easier ways to protect the building as wanted. One of them is by leveraging wireless alarm systems. 

These systems leverage adhesives to put doors sensors in place. They can be monitored by using smartphones. Moreover, they often come with keypads and sirens mounted on the wall for alert in case of trespassing. 

#6. Buy a Sturdy a Safe

Investing in a solid safe is a sure policy with many free dividends, including safety. Regardless of the way an individual is careful, burglars might still break into the building. However, they can be kept in check when there is a storage place. 

#7. Invest In Cameras

Contrary to popular knowledge, just like wireless sensors, a security camera and related services are not expensive. Indeed, they are of different grades. However, one can always find low-cost ones that can do an excellent job. Many standalone cameras are helpful for monitoring privacy with a smartphone by leveraging wireless sensors. 

#8. Get a Door Jammer

A door security bar is a smart monitoring asset for renters who want safe apartments. 

So, choosing to buy them is a sure policy to protect apartments’ doors as wanted. 

#9. Avoid Sharing Trips on Social Media 

Social media is meant to be a blessing. However, many people have compromised their security and privacy because of these platforms. Many individuals are fond of telling people about and check their trips. This is one of the easiest ways to help the free monitoring of wanted men.  

#10. Get a Dog

Apart from apartment security devices, getting a dog is a smart safety choice. A dog can offer companionship. Nonetheless, it can do more than that. It can serve as an additional way of making homes protected as wanted, beside chain locks, and wireless sensors. Moreover, burglars often avoid homes where there are dogs because they will raise alarms. 

Types of Apartment Security Systems  

Types of Apartment Security Systems

There are different forms of apartment security systems in places people are living in 2020. They do not all need to be chain locks and wireless sensors. Each one has its pros and cons. To be able to pick the best safety policy when buying one, the information below will be helpful:

Security Cameras

A security camera and related services are needed for the monitoring and security systems. These apartment security devices, just like wireless sensors, help homeowners have to protect their privacy. Nonetheless, they do not check the activities of wanted men by default. These services depend on effective utilization.

The pros and cons of using this secured technology include:


  • They make homes unwanted to burglars
  • Secure building parameters
  • Helps to capture video evidence in case of investigations


  • Cannot replace monitoring security systems
  • Can inconvenient guests


Using alarm systems is a sure policy to secure where people are living. Burglars are smart enough to stay away from apartments’ doors with wireless sensors and chain locks.  Nonetheless, this system is not without its flaws. 

Its strengths and deficiencies include:


  • Serves as strong deterrents to wanted men like cams
  • Uninterrupted functionality
  • Offers safety and defensive premises


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not smart enough to discriminate between burglars and guests
  • Can be stolen

Motion Detector

Motion sensors or detectors and related services detect and check movements and send signals to the control hub. The signals trigger the alert to notify occupants about suspicious movements. 

These services are not free and have merits and demerits, such as:


  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Independent of the power grid of the house
  • Can be mounted on any flat surface
  • Difficult for burglars to sabotage them


  • The batteries have to be replaced regularly
  • Depends on wireless radio waves

Motion Detector Light

Motion sensors lights provide both safety and renters apartment security. This technology ensures that there will not be a need to fear for safety where people are living in the night. 

Indeed, this policy has many benefits. 


  • Suitable for the use of all people
  • Helpful for navigation to doors
  • Affordable cost
  • Can be used to secure and illuminate garages and dark halls


  • Leads to a reduced control
  • Can be intrusive and disruptive

Window Sensor

This technology and similar services check and detect when the windows are broken or opened. They often incorporate contact and glass break sensors, which guarantees safety. These low-cost wireless sensors detect openings and when the glass is broken, respectively. 

The merits and demerits of this system include:


  • High accuracy in the detection of entrance into windows
  • Offers secured parameter
  • Keeps thief away


  • Useless when the burglars are not opening the windows
  • Triggers when there is a loud noise

How to Protect your Apartment Under $30

How to Protect your Apartment

It is not ideal not to know how to protect your apartment and have monitoring and restraints for burglars from getting into doors. The good news is that securing a building can sure be at a low cost by leveraging the following tips:

Window Locks: Best for Ground Floors

Windows are often the most vulnerable entry points for burglars in apartment security. Besides, access into apartments’ doors where people are living through the windows is easy, especially when the place is on the ground floor. Therefore, investing in low-cost window locks can make a whole lot of difference. 

  • Price: Less than $10
  • Installation Time: Within 15 minutes

Window Alarms: Best Alternatives to Window Locks

This device and related services are the best bet in case window locks are not applicable or protected enough. They function like conventional doors and windows alarms. Nonetheless, there is no need to incur cost monitoring costs, unlike traditional ones. 

  • Price: Around $20 for four packs
  • Installation Time: Less than five minutes

Glass Break Alarms: Fantastic Deterrent for Desperate Burglars 

Low-cost window locks cannot stop burglars from breaking the glass of apartments people are living. So, there is a necessity for a policy to deter such attempts to intrude into a home with technology. 


  • Price: $12 or less
  • Installation Time: Within two minutes

Door Stop Alarm: Great Alternatives to Door Barricades

This technology and related services ensure that the house is secured, especially during the period, there is no need for barricade cost. It will set off a loud sound when someone gets through the door to the bridge apartments’ privacy. Their price makes them almost free. 

  • Price: Around $7
  • Installation Time: Less than 15 minutes

Door Barricade: Solid Additional Security

Burglars can come into the renters’ apartments’ doors where people are living through the door when they don’t have access through the windows. The fact that the doors have locks does not make them secure. Locking doors does not mean burglars cannot break through them. Therefore, it is necessary to get a low-cost barricade.

  • Price: Close to $30
  • Installation Time: About a minute

Dummy Security Camera: Affordable Deterrent  

Wanted men are familiar with renters apartment security and related service in apartments where people are living. When they think some apartments’ doors are high-risk for them, they will not be free around them. 

  • Price: Less than $8
  • Installation Time: Less than 25 minutes

Home Security Stickers: Fantastic Complements to Dummy Security Cameras

This approach has the same impact as dummy cameras. They convince burglars that they are breaking into a high-risk house. 

  • Price: $8 for the complete pack
  • Installation Time: Approximately one minute

FAQ Section

  • Are Apartments Safer Than Living In Houses?

    Living in renters apartments may be costlier but is sure safer than living in a house because of the facilities and service. Unlike most houses, renters apartment security requirements have to be met before a non-resident can get in.

  • Can I Put a Camera Outside My Apartment?

    Placing cameras outside a dwelling place is a sure way of protecting the home from burglars without breaking any law. This approach ensures that outdoor areas like the front and back door, garage, and backyard are under surveillance for safety. Nonetheless, it should not be against renters’ apartments’ policy in the place.

  • Are Professionally Installed Security Systems Better Than DIY Versions?

    It all depends on what services people want. If a person prioritizes cost, then DIY systems, including cams, are the best option. However, if an easy-to-use system, and almost free service matters, then professional ones are the best.

  • Is There a Need to Obtain An Alarm Permit Before Installation?

    Just like cameras, it is legal to have an alarm system and related services against burglars in renters apartments where people are living. Nonetheless, operating it can involve some complications. So, due to the local government policy, a permit at a low cost before using this technology might be required.

  • Is it Better to Live Upstairs Or Downstairs In an Apartment?

    It all depends on the service and apartment safety needs of the people living in a place. For a start, upstairs are often costlier and never have free services. Therefore, if checking pricing is a priority, then downstairs are the best. However, the people living upstairs enjoy perks that downstairs do not have.

    So, if an individual prioritizes renters’ apartment security, then upstairs are the better choices.

  • How much is the Security System for an Apartment?

    It all depends on the quality and complexity of technology and service. Technologies that are not free but desire professional services and monitoring for safety often cost up to $230.
    However, for those who choose to use different components, such as glass break sensors, they will pay less. They can have a secured home without incurring costs as much as $200.

Secure Your Home Now and Have Peace of Mind

One of the best ways to reduce burglars’ activities is by having a policy of avoiding the ground floor where the occupant is living. However, choosing higher floors does not guarantee the safety of possessions and privacy. Therefore, be conscious by getting free services or making investments.
Many vital tips that do not cost much that can help ward off burglars have been highlighted. Endeavor to leverage this knowledge to be sure of safety, regardless of the time. Some of the devices are wireless, while some are not wireless. Nonetheless, they all ensure that renters’ apartments’ doors are as secure as wanted.