Change Alexa Name Guide: How to Activate a New Wake Word

What is Amazon Echo's (default) Wake Word?

What is Amazon Echo's

All gadgets come with pre-programmed smart software. It functions like a code which the machine recognizes and instantly begins to listen and act on the command or request spoken. This feature is necessary to prevent it from listening to every sound in this reach.
By default, it is the Echo’s sound. It is the trigger that causes it to listen and respond to speech. Many people assume that it only recognizes the default, which is wrong. It is possible to change Alexa name to something else that is easier to remember and pronounce.

How to Change Alexa Wake Word on Mobile

Change Alexa Wake Word on Mobile

It is easy to change the Alexa wake word on the smartphone. There are only four picks that it can respond to: ‘Alexa,’ ‘Echo,’ ‘Amazon,’ and ‘Computer.’

Here is how to change Alexa name on smartphones.

  1. Open the App on Mobile. Click on the software’s white and light blue icon on any smartphone. Wait for it to open. If it is not present on programs, download it from the mobile store.
  2. Tap on Menu.It is the three horizontal lines located at the top left side of the mobile screen. Click on it, and a dropdown list of choices will appear.
  3. Click on Settings.It is the last option on the dropdown menu. A new list will appear.
  4. Click on Gadget Settings. Select one to replace the trigger name.
  5. Tap on Wake Term.It will show four picks. Select any of the other three.

How to Change Alexa's Name Verbally from Your Speaker

Change Alexa's Name Verbally

Changing the default smart name by speech is effortless. Someone may bear the default name in the home or office, and calling it will cause a sort of mini-confession.

Here is how to change Alexa’s name with speech.

  1. Switch it on.
  2. Say, “Alexa, can you change your name?”
  3. In response, it will indicate a willingness to alter it and ask for confirmation to do it now.
  4. Reply ‘Yes.”
  5. In response, it will ask for a new choice from either Amazon, Computer, and Echo.
  6. Respond with a choice.
  7. It will confirm the choice saying, “Okay, you can call me [this] in a few seconds.”

In a few seconds, it will alter the default digital assistant trigger to the new choice. Repeat the same procedure, only substituting it for the new label to replace it verbally from the speaker.

How to Alter Alexa's Name on the Amazon Echo

Alter Alexa's Name on the Amazon Echo

Another option is to do it from the tool. However, note that this third alternative is only possible if it has a display screen.

Here is how to achieve it.

  1. Click on ‘Settings.’ It is usually the ‘gear’ icon on the screen.
  2. Select ‘Device Options.’ It will bring out several selections.
  3. Select
  4. Wake Term from the menu. Choose any of the other three.
  5. Wait for a few minutes for the system to reconfigure.

How to Change Alexa's Wake Word With a Fire Tablet

Change Alexa's Wake Word With a Fire Tablet

Can you change Alexa’s name on a fire tablet? Absolutely. It is simple and easy to do. It takes less than three minutes to complete the modification.

Here is how to do it.

  1. Enable Hand-free. Without it enabled, the other steps will not work.
  2. Swipe in a downward motion from the top of the screen. It will bring out multiple options.
  3. Navigate to Settings. It is the icon with the gear picture; click on it.
  4. Click on the assistant and select ‘Wake Word.’ This action will produce other alternatives.
  5. Select one of the alternative names for Alexa. Amazon, Echo, and Computer are the only three choices available.

Note that without an active internet connection, the replacements will not take effect. Before kick-starting the process, ensure the internet connection is functional to avoid disappointment.

Can I Have Separate Wake Words for Different Amazon Devices?

Different Amazon Devices

Yes, it is possible to use other options. Using the same speech-automation expression for multiple machines can cause confession in the home or in different environments. If the tools are near and share the same call term, calling out the name will only result in only the nearest machine answering the command or request. Technically, people want to avoid this chaotic event.

Assigning a separate name to each machine is the best way to resolve the issue.

Here is how to set distinct choices for different devices.

  1. Open the Application.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings.’
  3. Pick the device for the ‘wake word’ revision.
  4. Click on ‘Device Settings.’
  5. Click on Wake Word. Choose one of the available three options.
  6. Repeat this process for the other gadgets.

How to Change the Device Name

With so many devices using it, there is a need to rename Alexa. The number of devices on an individual’s voice assistant software will likely grow to a point where it becomes difficult to differentiate one from the other. Renaming is the best solution to make troubleshooting devices in the event of problems easy. It will also make it easier to locate specific devices for settings revision.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Visit on the web, or navigate to the voice program on mobile. Both options work smoothly.
  2. On the mobile app, click on the hamburger-like button. It is at the top left corner of the screen. A simple tap on it will bring out a menu.
  3. Navigate to ‘Settings.’
  4. Under the assistant devices, click on any to open the ‘Device Settings’ for that particular gadget.
  5. Select the ‘Edit’ button close to the ‘Device Name.’
  6. Enter the new title.
  7. Clive ‘Save’ to finish the process.

Can Alexa Call Me a Different Name?

Alexa Call Me a Different Name

Apart from learning how to change Alexa’s name, it is possible to replace the name it recognizes as the owner’s identity. If the owner wants to modify the name the device acknowledges, it is simple to achieve.
Perhaps, people know the owner as Bob instead of Bobby or the nickname Marley. Changing the recognized owner’s label from its default to one more comfortable is possible.

Here are the steps to get the digital voice assistant to assign a different name to its owner.

  1. Open the voice application.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Communicate’ tab. It is the second icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the stick man icon at the top right corner of the screen to navigate to profile.
  4. On the profile page, click on the Communication Setting that appears under the owner’s name.
  5. Click on the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen.
  6. Put in a replacement.
  7. Click on the Save buttons at the upper right corner to implement the edit.
  8. Test the new pick with a command to the voice assistant, “Alexa, what’s my name?”
  9. It is a successful operation if the new edit is what it mentions as a reply.

Note that the altered title is the owner’s identity each time it sends a message to another device. Avoid using uncomfortable terms to avoid frustration or embarrassment.

A Hack that Changes the Amazon Echo's Wake Word

Hack that Changes the Amazon Echo's

Users of the digital voice assistant want more options than the four limits: Alexa, Amazon, Computer, and Echo. Despite the clamor for more options, there is no hope or indication that there is a naming reform on its way, even in 2021.

There are unofficial ways developed by brilliant tech minds to overcome this obstacle. One of such hacks called Project Alias is from Bjorn Karmann. It is a lengthy but effective procedure, one of the best hacks making the news.

  1. Put a Raspberry Pi tinfoil cap on the device. The Project Alias acts as a teachable parasite that forces it to respond to other options outside its pre-programmed options. Place on it, it renders the gadget static and inaudible.
  2. Set up the preferred choice. It will act on it to recognize the new trigger voice. It does not report the device; instead, Alias responds to the new trigger name and makes it audible. It triggers it to respond to requests and commands without hearing its pre-programmed triggers.
  3. After communication is over, Alias returns it to a static and inaudible state till the owner’s next visit.

The project is far from perfect. However, it raises hope that innovations are possible in the future. Hopefully, the news of the hack will stir responses from the formal channels.

FAQ Section

  • Why Replace Alexa's Wake Term?

    There are several reasons why people want to replace their default smart word. One of these reasons is an individual bearing the same name in the home or office. It causes confessions and is incredibly uncomfortable for the individual. The second reason is the need for a fresh alternative.

  • Can You Rename Alexa Wake Term?

    Yes, it is possible to revise the default choice for a home device. There are three platforms to do this: voice, app, or directly on the device with a display.

  • What are the 4 Options for Alexa?

    The digital assistant has four trigger names: Alexa, Amazon, Computer, and Echo. Only these four names are acceptable for the gadget. By default, Alexa is the name that comes with the device. There is no news that it will become more customizable for customers in the nearest future.

  • Can I Revise Alexa to Jarvis?

    No, it is not possible to use Jarvis. The device is only programmed to accept four options, outside of which it will not respond. There are hacks like Project Alias that act as a corrective parasite to make this temporary possible, but it is not always the most effective method.

  • How Do You Get Alexa to Say Your Name?

    By default, it allows for customization of what it calls its owners. Through the software, owners can revise the name it recognizes as their identities. The steps are simple to implement.

  • Can Anyone Replace My Wake Term or Just Me?

    As it stands, anybody can replace them if they follow the standard steps for changing it. There is no advanced setting that limits others from accessing the gadget. Parents can, however, take advantage of the Parental Control function to disable certain features for kids at home.

Maximizing Alexa in 2021

It is fun and thrilling to call the device and give many commands or requests such as “What is the time?” “What is today’s weather report?” “Play me music.” It is best for use at the home, office, and other locations.
Maximizing the digital assistant in 2021 will get the best experience out of the eco-friendly tool. Two ways to achieve that is by renaming it to either Amazon, Echo, or Computer, and renaming the device on the mobile app.