Crime Rate By State: Is it Dangerous to Live in the U.S.?

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 4, 2021

crime rate by state infographic

America is one of the best places to live in. Or at least this is what pop culture reported. What others don’t say is that their crime rates are high. The good thing is that these numbers have been decreasing in the last few decades. But not so much to not see felonies are still happening.

Each state within the country has its situation. From the very peaceful Maine to problematic Washington, the United States has it all. Of course, these rates are not the only thing that counts. It’s crucial to consider also the laws and the reasons for them to happen. Plus, the degree of each crime when compared to others in a similar situation. Let’s take a look at the crime rate by state in detail.

Comparison of Key Metrics Among Top 50 States

As shown above, numbers are stats that are crucial to understanding the situation. The table below will show all the data anyone needs to make a decision. Safety is important when one chooses the place to live. So, let’s take a look at all the metrics for each state in the USA.

Violent Crime Murder Rape Robbery Aggravated Assault Property Crime Burglary Larceny Theft Vehicle Theft Arson
WashingtonWashington 5,146 32 591 1,457 3,066 45,055 7,669 31,521 5,865 165
AlaskaAlaska 3,804 36 474 1,042 2,252 21,58 2,791 15,791 2,998 115
MarylandMaryland 5,146 135 188 2,318 2,505 12,339 2,828 7,492 2,019 98
ArizonaArizona 2,906 34 505 638 1,729 23,513 3,314 18,41 1,789 71
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania 3,572 76 281 1,281 1,934 12,254 1,62 9,245 1,39 108
New YorkNew York 4,219 32 280 1,186 2,72 11,855 1,201 10,074 580 21
HawaiiHawaii 1,2 8 164 413 615 14,397 1,654 10,435 2,308 146
NevadaNevada 1,826 22 241 451 1,113 8,131 1,968 4,78 1,384 18
IllinoisIllinois 1,937 36 129 637 1,136 6,35 948 4,712 690 36
TennesseeTennessee 2,028 26 113 464 1,425 7,759 1,286 5,603 869 31
IndianaIndiana 1,675 27 122 451 1,076 6,282 1,2 4,304 779 37
OhioOhio 1,4 29 172 459 741 6,749 1,556 4,317 877 21
MissouriMissouri 1,591 32 115 327 1,117 5,769 930 3,883 956 49
OklahomaOklahoma 1,23 15 130 222 864 6,481 1,455 4,148 879 33
TexasTexas 1,162 13 123 326 699 6,114 1,036 4,392 686 25
ArkansasArkansas 1,326 20 120 149 1,037 6,145 1,06 4,576 509 24
LouisianaLouisiana 903 31 113 276 482 5,403 886 3,924 593 37
MinnesotaMinnesota 920 7 137 284 492 4,472 755 2,93 786 31
AlabamaAlabama 903 19 50 202 632 4,624 949 3,164 511 50
NebraskaNebraska 884 8 179 127 571 5,598 707 4,122 770 19
MichiganMichigan 1,165 19 104 200 842 2,864 643 1,675 546 62
GeorgiaGeorgia 754 17 63 211 463 4,73 709 3,436 586 14
OregonOregon 553 2 80 160 311 5,475 662 3,822 990 37
KentuckyKentucky 491 17 107 228 139 5,148 743 3,888 517 23
ColoradoColorado 713 8 113 148 445 4,08 608 2,768 705 27
North CarolinaNorth Carolina 0 14 0 291 642 5,578 1,082 4,056 440 31
CaliforniaCalifornia 696 7 62 244 383 3,55 575 2,352 624 33
KansasKansas 734 9 80 97 549 3,829 554 2,798 477 22
WisconsinWisconsin 759 4 95 118 542 3,723 518 2,917 288 8
FloridaFlorida 534 9 50 137 339 3,295 448 2,545 303 8
MassachusettsMassachusetts 756 8 47 215 487 2,392 422 1,77 201 8
Rhode IslandRhode Island 425 5 57 119 244 2,807 391 2,096 320 8
VirginiaVirginia 376 10 37 96 233 2,788 305 2,224 259 12
UtahUtah 357 3 67 79 208 3,285 463 1,992 344 6
ConnecticutConnecticut 368 5 23 108 233 1,706 240 1,162 304 14
MontanaMontana 269 1 29 53 186 2,671 333 1,952 386 9
New JerseyNew Jersey 342 7 21 126 188 1,368 222 829 317 8
IowaIowa 232 5 29 56 143 2,255 442 1,611 202 8
North DakotaNorth Dakota 252 2 50 33 167 1,826 318 1,361 147 5
South DakotaSouth Dakota 232 3 28 38 162 1,721 186 1,342 193 7
New HampshireNew Hampshire 317 0 35 65 217 1,303 154 1,072 77 9
New MexicoNew Mexico 194 3 18 19 154 1,81 267 1,418 125 3
South CarolinaSouth Carolina 174 4 18 33 119 1,403 136 1,106 161 3
MississippiMississippi 66 3 6 28 48 852 185 634 70 4
IdahoIdaho 56 0 12 3 41 404 71 305 28 2
West VirginiaWest Virginia 35 1 5 3 27 235 40 180 15 2
VermontVermont 29 0 7 1 20 150 53 87 10 1
WyomingWyoming 23 0 5 1 16 247 34 196 17 1
MaineMaine 11 0 3 2 6 152 22 125 5 1
DelawereDelawere 8 0 4 2 3 100 6 94 1 1

How We Figured Out Which Were the Highest Crime Rate

Our source data is the FBI Report of 2018. For this guide, we took into account many of their metrics and stats related to security and violent crime. Some of those are murders, arson, and more. The FBI is the biggest entity in terms of crime and law. Most of the establishments in the United States send their data to the FBI. Some of them are universities, local governments, airports, and more. This info is available online for any person who would like to read and see it. Let’s take a look at the metrics we used and what they mean below.

Google Spreadsheet Crime Rate by State Comparison [Full Report]

crime rate by state review process

1. Violent Crime Rate

A broad word that refers to many types of felonies. What they have in common is that they include violence. It could be the use of force or a weapon like a knife or a gun.

2. Murder Rate

The killing of a person. There are different degrees of murder. Those depend on the intention of killing or not. Some states have the death penalty for killers. Some others punish it with life in prison.

3. Rape Rate

Is a type of sexual assault to women, men, or children. It has many degrees, and all of them have one thing in common. This is that the victim never consented to the act. It is a very serious misdeed in the whole country.

4. Robbery Rate

This crime is mainly related to fear. It involves a criminal taking a product or service away from others. Of course, they would be using force or a weapon to threaten the victim.

5. Aggravated Assault Rate

Can be defined as the attack of a person to another with the aim of hurting them. It could be with the use of force, a gun, a knife, or any type of weapon. Assault has different degrees in the United States.

6. Property Crime Rate

A very broad term that includes damage to another person’s property. Some of these are related to vandalism and even shoplifting. Breaking into another person’s house by force is another example.

7. Burglary Rat

Another word that makes reference to several misdeeds. For example, burglary involves not only robbing but also trespassing. Another common instance of a burglar is a person breaking into a car that is not his or hers.

8. Larceny Theft Rate

This offense changes according to the state. Yet, all of them divide larceny into petty (for a small amount of money) and grand. It involves the forceful removal of a product from another person.

9. Motor Vehicle Theft Rate

As its name shows, thieves steal motor vehicles from their owners. It’s not the same as car hijacking. In this case, the person who owns the car is inside, and it’s an even more serious crime.

10. Arson Rate

Refers to setting a property on fire on purpose. It could be a house, a car, or even a forest. And each region will treat the incident as they see fit, according to their laws.

America's Most Dangerous States to Live

America is a great place to be, though safety is an issue today. Not all the states exceed in this aspect. In fact, there are some of them where the crime rate is quite high. This includes violent crimes, robberies, arson, and even murder. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most dangerous states to live in America below.

#1. Washington: Not the Quietest Place to Reside

Washington is on the West Coast and was one of the last to be in the country. Its coast in the Pacific Ocean gives it a great place for nature lovers. Of course, residents may have heard about the rain that happens in the region. It is very humid, so it’s not great for those who hate it. Some other parts are a desert, but this does not mean there is not a lot of population living here.

Violent Crime 5.146 With this term, writers refer to those activities with a criminal and a victim. These include a weapon and violence, of course. When referring to Washington, it is obvious that the rate is high. This mainly happens because of crack cocaine and other drugs and those who sell it.
Murder 32 One of the worst crimes in the country, the number of murdered people in the state is high again. Yet, there are others who have an even worst performance, like Maryland. Those worried about killings can be a bit more reassured.
Rape 591 Another serious misdeed. The victims are mostly women, though men can also be subjects of those thugs. Not surprisingly, the number is the most elevated in the country.
Robbery 1.457 It’s true there are other states with even more robberies, like Maryland. The stats, in this case, reported that almost all of such people living in the region are at risk of being stolen.
Aggravated Assault 3,066 When a thief employs a gun or a knife, the law considers it assault. Washington seems to suffer a lot of this condition. Why? Because the city stopped being an idyllic place. Today, drug cartels and felons dominate the place and do so violently
Property Crime 45,055 Breaking into houses and cars is the worst number in the whole country. It even doubles other of the worst ones, such as Alaska and Arizona. Anyone who lives here should take care of their property.
Burglary 7,669 Another type of illegal entry. This includes robbery when the owner is present and when they are away. Again, it goes a lot higher than in other regions. It is a thousand times worse than Delaware, for example.
Larceny Theft 31,521 The police consider this a petty offense. In this case, class B felonies refer to goods stolen for the value of less than $50,000. Another category within Larceny includes snatching the item off the hands of the victim.
Motor Vehicle Theft 5,865 Vehicles are usually vulnerable. Cars and bikes, for example, are on the streets and prone to be stolen. This is something that often happens in Washington, as the stats show.
Arson 165 It is true that arson can lead to life in prison in Washington. Still, this does not discourage others from carrying it out. The numbers prove it very clearly.

#2. Alaska: Not so Remotely Safe

This is the land of cold and remoteness. Who would imagine this would also be one of the urban sites where so many crimes take place? Isolation from the rest of the country seems to take its toll as well. Specialists agree that living alone and without true contact with others makes people prone to criminal activity. Even pitting women against other women. This makes it one of the most dangerous states in the US.

Violent Crime 3.804 As it is a place so far away from the rest of the country, one would think that crimes with violence would not be that many. But that’s wrong. With almost 4,000 per thousands of people, common persons are at risk of this behavior.
Murder 36 This metric is enhanced by domestic abuse by partners and random violence on the streets. Again, the drug cartels and related issues are the root causes of killings within this place. Poverty is also a factor
Rape 474 Alaska is deadly for women. This violence includes rape and other types of crime. Yet, it could be worse, as in the case of Washington and Pennsylvania. It seems that the police do not apply as severe fines as they should.
Robbery 1.042 Dodging robbers is also hard here, as the score is quite high. The most common types occur on the streets and without weapons. Still, many of the victims are women, as they are not as strong as men.
Aggravated Assault 2252 Perhaps this is the most serious figure. More than 2,000 is too big a number. In particular, because this felony involves weapons and injuries. People can get really hurt in this type of incident.
Property Crime 21,580 The trends for crimes against property are bad. And they are getting even worse every year in Alaska. No person has their home, car, or any type of vehicle against thugs. Taking safety measures like setting up cameras is wise.
Burglary 2791 Shoplifting is sadly very widespread in this region. Those who own businesses need to be careful with their things and money. This is a strong factor to consider, then, when moving if people think about setting up their own store.
Larceny Theft 15,791 Petty felonies in Alaska is considered when the services or products are over $50. As people can go to prison for only one year, this makes them braver. And prone to carry out such type of crime. But fines are really high, with more than $10,000 base.
Motor Vehicle Theft 2998 In the last few decades, this number increased a lot. The US crime rate by the state is bad, even for states with more population like New York. Cars are the most affected by thieves.
Arson 115 Arson in Alaska is mostly connected to commerce. From restaurants to supermarkets, all these places can be set fire over oil and other goods’ rights to commerce.

#3. Maryland: Coastal City and Criminals

A coastal city is attractive to tourists. Maryland was one of the founding states of the USA. Today, it thrives with a major seaport in its most important city, Baltimore. It has an array of climates. From very cold to scorching hot, those living there can enjoy all of them. Once a slave place, today, it is successful with a different type of economy. And though it does not seem this way, it is dangerous.

Violent Crime 5.146 Annual reports show that violent crime here is on the rise. Some factors that influence these events are emotional distress and poverty. And the worst thing is the age of the victims. Those between 14-16 and children below 5 are prone to be exposed to violence.
Murder 135 Many factors have an impact on this score. The first one is employment (or the lack of it). Another one is the amount of poverty that exists there. Those two things combined end up making people think they have no other choice but to murder.
Rape 188 Teens and women, in general, are not very safe here. Still, when compared to other types of crimes, this one performs better than in other states like Alaska. Of course, there is a long way to go to improve the situation.
Robbery 2,318 Though many persons think it is the same as burglary, it is not. This type of felony in Maryland includes carjacking and armed robbery. Charges, then, depending on the type of weapon used.
Aggravated Assault 2,505 Such crime is also a huge issue in this state. Most hospitals and public health buildings need to take care of the victims. Thus, the government is in a financial strain to pay for that budget. Most assaults happen with knives and guns on the streets.
Property Crime 12,339 Not all the territory behaves in the same way. Baltimore is dangerous, with hundreds of house and car crimes per month. Yet, other cities like Ocean Pines and Thurmont are at peace.
Burglary 2,828 Thieves seem to work a lot in these cities. Of course, Baltimore is the one where most of them occur. In particular, they take place on the streets and using weapons like knives.
Larceny Thefte 7,492 Different from Alaska, larceny felonies here start at $1,000. But the top is $10,000. About the fines, it could be a prison or a heavy sum of money. It seems that the measures are not hard enough, given the high number of incidents that still take place.
Motor Vehicle Theft 2,019 As regards vehicles, the most stolen ones are cars. This is different from hijacking. Here, the owner of the car does not have to be inside of it when stolen.
Arson 98 Criminal actions related to fire are not usual in this state. As numbers show, only 98 victims suffer from this in over 1,000. Still, it is not so good when compared with peaceful Maine, with only 1 per 1,000.

#4. Arizona: No Man’s Land

Arizona is the 6th largest place with over 7 million residents, according to the 2017 census. The economy succeeds with natural products and factories all over the territory. Most young people come here to attend higher education institutions. The public university, for example, is very famous and high-quality. The climate is mild, so it’s never too hot or too cold there. It favors immigrants and others who go there looking for a new job.

Violent Crime 2906 FBI reports that these stats dropped again. This is a tendency that has lasted 2 years. Such a situation is great for those living in Arizona, meaning their streets are safer in terms of violent felonies. Yet, those walking a night have to take care of themselves.
Murder 34 Studies prove that this number has tended to decrease in the last few years. Still, this is home to massacres and other violent attacks. Most of the killings have no true cause. As the police reports show, shootings make the biggest part in Arizona.
Rape 505 Such rates in Arizona are very high. And what makes it different from other places is that it attacks both men and women. It’s crucial for the population to get correct education on the matter to avoid this.
Robbery 638 Even though the number of robbers surpasses the number of rapists, it is still much worse than the one of murder. This happens because most robberies are petty. In 2018, victims complained about their goods were stolen on the streets, like wallets.
Aggravated Assault 1729 Though not as high as in some other stats, the numbers here are serious. Aggravated violence includes the use of guns or knives. This also means that one’s subject of this crime will end up with serious injuries. People can prevent this by walking down safe streets and places.
Property Crime 23,513 These numbers are big, doubling even the ones in Maryland. Property felonies occur here in the richest cities. Here, criminals can find mansions and big houses they can break into and get a profit.
Burglary 3,314 Under Arizona’s law, a burglar is a person who enters a building or a car illegally. Their goal is to commit a crime. It could be stealing or be violent towards another person. The most common one is the first type of felony.
Larceny Theft 18,410 Petty offenses are also very common in Arizona. As stated above, violent actions are not so common here. People are easier than in other places. So, those who steal an item above $1,000 but below $2,000 are guilty of larceny.
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,789 Motorcycles are the aim of thieves here. But the number of stolen cars does not fall behind either. All in all, using alarms and security systems is a good idea to protect one’s property.
Arson 71 Though arson has a big fine and even prison in Arizona, the number is elevated. What the thieves do is to burn the home or vehicle after stealing what is inside.

#5. Pennsylvania: Cold and Criminal

Pennsylvania has wild winters with very low temp. On the other hand, its summer is hot and dry. Tornadoes are usual, for example. In terms of economy, today, fishing and mining are the main activities. And they are very successful, so there is a large population there. This also means that criminal activity is high.

Violent Crime 3572 No matter how good the quality of life in general, violent actions affect them as a whole. Pennsylvania, in particular, is harsh on victims. According to a health report in 2018, most of them end up hurt or with serious injuries. Some of those come from white weapons.
Murder 76 Though this is quite a peaceful province, these are the highest crime rate by state numbers. For example, they are much less in Arizona, a state that is up on the list. Why does this happen? Well, the place is home to many serial killers with a lot of victims.
Rape 281 Females living in Penn should be careful. Most of these crimes take place at the house of the victim. So, it would be a great idea to install cameras or devices to protect them.
Robbery 1281 Robbery can be punished with a small fine or with many years in prison. It all depends on the degree of the person charged. The main reasons for robbery in this state are poverty and not being educated.
Aggravated Assault 1934 Victims of this felony get a lot of help from institutions here. Plus, fines and punishments are hard on criminals. They can get years in prison for assaulting women in particular. Still, there is a lot of room for improvement to make numbers go down.
Property Crime 12,254 Property crime is a rate that fell in the last few years. This happened because the fines and penalties became much harsher. Plus, more and more inhabitants are starting in schools and universities. Such a thing means that they have more opportunities in life. And they forget about crime.
Burglary 1620 In terms of burglars, the law thinks of them as those who enter a property when they should not. The only exception is that the building is open to the public. The entrance does not have to be violent to be a crime.
Larceny Theft 9,245 Rules are different in Pennsylvania. Larceny is a serious misdeed, so it does not happen very often. Anything over $2,000 is considered a second-degree offense. And for that, it stays within the records of the offender.
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,390 Lorries are the most stolen motor vehicles in Pennsylvania. Still, as the numbers are quite low in comparison to other areas, people have some solutions. For example, they can hire insurance to protect their property.
Arson 108 Fines are hard when it comes to burning down property. They go from expensive to even more expensive if they are houses, bikes, or cars. Pennsylvania still has a mild rate of arson.

#6. New York: The Apple is Not That Golden

This area is home to NYC, one of the most diverse cities in the world. With thousands of migrants and American born citizens, its economy thrives. The highest-paying jobs and the richest people in the world live in downtown NYC. And this shows in the mansions and great houses one can see there. Yet, this large group of people also has many criminals within. Those threaten the peace of the urban center.

New York
Violent Crime 4,219 The rates of violence spiked in the last few years because of issues with cartels and drugs. Gangs like the Black Spades and the Westies threaten every person on the street. Especially if they come to Brooklyn and those areas. Plus, domestic violence is also a thing in NY.
Murder 32 NYC is the Apple of the country, yet violence is not a rare thing. Though the police do what they can to protect the inhabitants, it does not always happen. Murder in the city is related to other criminal incidents, such as breaking into houses.
Rape 281 New York has several zones women should avoid. Some of them are Midtown, Hunts Point, or Brownsville. Most of these actions occur because of issues between gangs.
Robbery 1,186 Robbery in NY is a type of Theft Rate. The only difference is that it involves violence or weapons in the act. The most common types are on the street. And the usual victims are tourists in places like Brooklyn.
Aggravated Assault 2,720 The law of New York states and defines what assault is. Meaning that anyone who strikes another person and injures him or her is guilty of this crime. The numbers are high but not so much when compared to other unsafe locations.
Property Crime 11,855 A very broad term that includes different types of criminals. The numbers are really high. This means that every person every 1,000 has a chance of being a victim of property crime.
Burglary 1,201 New York has more specific terms for burglary. It reported that the people who enter a building with the intention to commit a crime. These go from buildings and houses to trailers and vehicles. Luckily, the stats are quite low.
Larceny Theft 10,074 NY police are one of the most efficient in the country. Its presence prevents the number of larceny from spiking. Still, it happens very frequently. In this state, those who steal intellectual property (like movies or software) are guilty of such charges.
Motor Vehicle Theft 580 This type of robbery is divided into two in New York. Those who steal a vehicle of less than $100 commit petty crime. Those above that money are grand thieves and can end un in jail or with a big fine.
Arson 21 Even burning a jail is considered arson. It does not matter if there are persons inside or not. The good point is that New York’s one is the least perilous.

#7. Hawaii: Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

This section of the country is the only one that is an island. And the only one in the Pacific Ocean. It started being a part of the USA after 1958. Most people know Hawaii for its depiction in movies and films. The climate is warm and tropical and has great beaches. Still, these islands are a paradise that does not make them peaceful.

Violent Crime 1,200 It’s true that the stats could be much better, as in the case of Maine or Idaho. Still, violence in Hawaii could also be worse. Most of the violent crimes committed in the islands are related to racial issues. Tourists are the ones who suffer more than the rest.
Murder 8 After all, Hawaii is the paradise it promises. Killers are rare, meaning that residents feel safe on the streets and at home. They are not prone to be victims of homicide out of the blue. All of this, thanks to the police and the State.
Rape 164 Going around the city or being alone at home might be dangerous for women in Hawaii. Yet, it is not as high as with other types of felonies.
Robbery 413 Robbers are much more common than rapists and murderers in this state. Yet, they are not very violent. Most robberies take place on the streets, taking away wallets from strangers and not at home.
Aggravated Assault 615 Criminal activity here tends to be indirect. This means that thieves do not like facing people in person. That is why assault with guns, fire, knives, or other types of weapons are not so common.
Property Crime 14,397 This type of felony is much higher than the other metrics here. The reason behind it is because shoplifting and vandalism are included. Teens without nothing to do usually carry out these incidents.
Burglary 1654 Burglary here has three degrees. The first one is to remain without permission in a stranger’s place. The second one is to have a weapon. And the third degree is to commit violence. In Hawaii, the most common burglar is the first.
Larceny Theft 10,435 Laws in Hawaii are unique. Here, virtual or real property can be subject to larceny. So, those who download a movie from the Internet without paying for its rights might end up with a fine. The most common type of felony here is document one.
Motor Vehicle Theft 2,308 Cars and vans are in danger in Hawaii. Though violent crimes are not normal, petty criminal activity usually happens. The reasons are behind gangs and other groups that face each other.
Arson 146 This type of incident is very common in Hawaii. It seems unusual, for it looks like a paradise from afar. Indeed, they have this issue because of vengeance among neighbors.

#8. Nevada: Far Away and Livable

A territory born during the Civil War, there has always been civil unrest here. Nevada is also famous because of its name, the Silver State. This is due to the importance of silver in their history and economy. The climate is not friendly. Much of the area is semi-arid or a dessert. Indeed, the relevant sites many tourists visit are Lake Tahoe in summer and the Sierra Nevada in winter.

Violent Crime 1,826 Even if in Nevada, the people don’t have to worry about arson, violence is still an issue. One in over a thousand persons will likely be a victim. This type of felony goes from just some hits to stabbing or getting shot.
Murder 22 Causes of homicide are various in Nevada. Some of them are related to money and robberies that go wrong. Some others have to do with criminal gangs that fight each other with guns and knives. All in all, the rate is lower than in other similar cases.
Rape 241 Doubling the rapes of Illinois, Nevada, is not the happy place that shows in movies. Plus, the fines and punishments are not that severe. This means that men are not so afraid of what may happen.
Robbery 451 Robbers abound in the country but not in this state. The climate does not help. Plus, the violence rate in the territory is not big, as shown in the number of murders.
Aggravated Assault 1,113 Houses with a poor income are more likely to suffer from this than the rich ones. Many reports prove that in Nevada, most felonies take place within the family. Meaning that men attack women or they injure their children. The rate of assault in the case of robbery or arson is very low.
Property Crime 45,055 Those stats are really high for quite a peaceful area. The most common type of crime in this category is vandalism. This means that criminals either paint or destroy part of houses or cars on purpose.
Burglary 1968 A very low score when compared to the rest of the USA. Again, the crimes in Nevada tend to happen without violence. And the same applies to burglars, who usually steal songs, books, and software they download.
Larceny Theft 4780 The usual kind of larceny that takes place is petty. In this crime, the thief steals items that are under $650. Grand larceny, instead, is punished with jail and involves products of more than $700.
Motor Vehicle Theft 1384 Another stat on the rise. Hijacking or kidnapping are not usual here. But stealing of another type of vehicles without violence occurs at a frequent rate. Owners should take measures against this.
Arson 18 Almost no houses or cars are set to fire in Nevada. It honors its name! With only 18 arson per 1,000 acts, this means that one can rest assured their property is safe.

#9. Illinois: From Famous Figures to Decadence

Illinois is the place of birth of famous figures of the USA. President Lincoln is a great example of that. It is also famous for high-quality industries there. For example, mining and fuels are almost always produced in this place. Also, this place is known for jazz and blues music that spread all over the world. No matter how nice the place, yet, there are still criminal issues examined below.

Violent Crime 1937 Quite a high stat when compared to other indicators of standard of living. Most robbers and other felons end up using violence on the street and even when breaking into houses. This happens mainly because the fines and jail punishments are not as harsh as in other places.
Murder 36 Many reasons exist why inhabitants kill others. Lucky for those living here, the stats for murder are very low. In part, such a thing happens because the laws for a first and second degree are harsh. People can spend their whole life in prison for killing another person, for example.
Rape 129 The victims are a lot less than in other spaces, like Alaska. Still, women and girls have a tough time living in the society of Illinois. The situation can improve.
Robbery 637 The score is a lot higher than in other types of crime. Why? Well, it does not involve violence. This happens because intellectual property is also part of a robbery. If a person downloads a movie, he or she is guilty.
Aggravated Assault 1,136 Assaults in this area are problems day and night. Different from NYC or Alaska, this type of incident occurs all day long. The government, then, is taking measures to prevent this from happening. In 2019, there were many more policemen on the streets.
Property Crime 6,350 Official stats show that this type of felony is on the rise in the last few years. Why? Because of the increase in poor and homeless people. The most common causes are related to vehicles and homes.
Burglary 948 In Illinois, the law is a bit more specific in relation to this offense. Any person that breaks into a house, a car, an aircraft, a trailer, and any type of building that is not his/hers is guilty of burglary.
Larceny Theft 4712 Habitual theft in Illinois happens when people leave their items without attention. For example, on the bench in the park or at school. If the thing is worth $500- $1,000, then it’s petty larceny.
Motor Vehicle Theft 690 This is the lowest crime rate in US by state. Owners of cars and other vehicles in Illinois can almost rest assured they are safe from this type of crime at home.
Arson 35 If anyone feels fear of their property burning, they don’t need to worry. The rates are quite decent. For example, it is 10 times worse than in the most dangerous states in the US, like Washington.

#10. Tennessee: It’s Improving, but Not Fast Enough

This state, located in the south of the USA, is usually known for its low cost of living. Yet, things are not as good as they seem in this beautiful but problematic state. Over the last decades, the crime rate by state in 2021 in Tennessee has been increasing gradually, until they reached their current levels. In spite of capital punishment being legal in this state, it is among the ones with the highest levels of violent assaults with guns, for example.

Violent Crime 2,228 This is definitely one of the most pressing problems regarding safety in Tennessee. Memphis, for example, for many years, held the dubious honor of being the number one major US city in terms of violent crime rate by state. Its metropolitan area ranked similarly, too.
Murder 26 Though they have improved in this metric during the last years, there is still some work to be done in this regard. Not even the threat of capital punishment could deter criminals from killing people, but the state is enforcing some measure to help improve these numbers.
Rape 113 According to the FBI’s statistic, this is the aspect in which Tennessee keeps on getting worse. While this last year, the state has performed better than the previous one in almost metrics, rape offenses increased by 2.7%.
Robbery 464 In a nationwide ranking, Tennessee came out as the fifth-worst in robberies. This is one of the aspects that worries the residents of this state the most.
Aggravated Assault 1,425 These are the type of violent events with the highest rate of occurrence. What is more, except for 2018, when the numbers dropped a bit, it has been growing steadily for the last years.
Property Crime 7,779 State-wise, property crime numbers have been dropping steadily during the last years. Yet, in some places, like Memphis, that is not the case, and they grew. Nashville, on the other hand, saw a sharp decrease in this aspect.
Burglary 1286 Though this state performs much better than other members of this ranking in terms of burglary, this is still something to be aware of to take certain precautions. Installing a home security system, for example, could help prevent this crime from taking place.
Larceny Theft 5,603 In spite of being one of the states with the highest levels of occurrence of this offense, it is not the worst in this regard. There are several others that suffer from this much more by far.
Motor Vehicle Theft 869 Over the last years, the security forces of the state have been taking measures to decrease the rate of occurrence of this type of offense, and they have succeeded to some degree.
Arson 31 This is not the crime to worry about the most in this state. While it does happen, it is not as common as other types of offenses. And there are many ways of preventing it, like installing cameras and fire sensors.

FAQ Section

  • What Is the State With the Highest Crime Rate?

    It is definitely Washington. It has high rates of occurrence in almost all types of offenses, from burglary to arson and larceny-theft. What is more, the numbers only seem to get worse every year that passes. The high amounts of hard drugs in the state, like crack and coke, are one of the core reasons why this is so. The number of house break-ins and arson are incredibly high, and all those living in this state should think about possible ways to protect their homes from criminals.

  • Which US State Is the Safest?

    This is not an easy question to answer, but let’s use stats for that. Safety has to do with many metrics, as seen above. So, considering the low rate of murder and other violent actions like rape, then Delaware seems to be the safest state. Of course, these events take place as in any other part of the country. But the amount of criminal activity is very low. Especially when compared to other parts of the territory.

  • Which States Have the Lowest Crime Rates?

    A number of places are quite calm and peaceful. For example, Delaware, Maine, and Wyoming are on the top of the list. Theft and arson have the lowest score, for instance. This means that it almost never happens. Other actions are more common, like violent crimes in general. Still, the incidence is not high. So, these are the states with the least violence around America.

  • What State in America Has the Most Murders?

    No doubt, this place is Maryland. And some reasons exist for this situation to be this way. For example, the city of Baltimore is infamous because of the number of offenses. Most of them have to do with racial violence and police issues. After 2015, the number of felonies went high after the death of Freddie Gray. Riots have not really stopped ever since. And the murder rate has escalated.

  • Which States in America Have the Most Violent Rate?

    Some of them are the regions with the most inhabitants. For example, New York or Maryland. Baltimore and the surrounding area have an issue with violence on top of murder. Plus, Washington is one of the most problematic places to live. In particular, when compared with other places that are much more peaceful. Felonies go from very grave to other less serious ones.

Live Peacefully & Make an Informed Decision About Safety

Moving into another state or to the USA, in general, is a big choice. Yes, getting a good job and having a nice economic situation is important. But safety is also as crucial. Above, readers can find all the info they need to make a smart decision. For example, women should consider rape stats before moving anywhere. No place is safe from this. NYC is a great city with many opportunities. But, as readers can see above, it also has its issues. With the crime rate by state in mind, readers can compare overall crime in the USA. So, it’s easier to make a decision.

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