Garbage Disposal Installation: All You Need To Know Regarding Removing The Old And Installing A New Unit

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

How to Install a Garbage Disposal

An individual does not need to contact a plumber for instructions to know how to install garbage disposal when he or she knows what to do. With the use of the right techniques and following the steps below, the search is over:

Decide What Kind of Machine Is Needed

The most important step when installing a garbage disposal in 2021 is to figure out the model that is best for the situation. Various factors that have to be considered when making this decision. For example, a person who has children that will use it should choose batch feed models. Although they are expensive, they are the safest for kids.

The motor of the model also matters. The size of the household and its site determines the most suitable one. 

Another factor that has to be considered when replacing an old device is the new one’s features. Indeed, more expensive options often have better and more exciting features. For example, they often operate at minimal noise. So, they are the best choices for people living in areas where noise is not tolerated. 

Moreover, a design made for septic tanks will be required if the plumbing is connected to a septic tank. 

Get Tools And Other Supplies

Once the appropriate model has been purchased, the next stage is for the person to get the tools and other supplies ready. 

The equipment that will be needed include:

  • Electrical cord
  • Plumber’s putty
  • A hacksaw
  • A screwdriver
  • Water pump pliers
  • A disposer wrench
  • Safety supplies such as a dust mask and goggles

Turn Power Off

It is crucial that the power of the old device is turned off before embarking on removing it. This approach ensures that the removal process will not lead to any form of home accidents. 

How To Remove Garbage Disposal

Remove Garbage Disposal

Due to the technicalities involved, some people might find it challenging to remove garbage disposal when replacing it with a new one in 2021. 

However, the steps below can help to ensure that the process is not too challenging:

Begin By Disconnecting the P-Trap And the Horizontal Extension Pipe 

An individual will need a pipe wrench or large channel-lock pliers to loosen the nuts that are responsible for holding the pipes together. The parts should be removed when both connections are free. 

The Down Drainpipe Should be Disconnected

Disconnect the down drainpipe with the aid of large channel-lock pliers. The down drainpipe comes from the sink. The tool should also be used to remove the connection attaching it to the p-trap. Remove the parts when both connections are free. 

The Large Nut Should Be Unscrewed

Once the parts are removed, the next step is to unscrew the large nut. This large nut holds the strainer in place underneath the sink. When it has been unscrewed, remove the strainer body. 

Clean Off The Old Plumber’s Putty After Prying Off Snap Ring 

Loosen the three screws on the mounting assembly with the aid of a flathead screwdriver. Once the screws are loosened, pry off the snap ring. Then clean off the old plumber’s putty surrounding the edge of the drain opening. 

Installing the New Disposal

Installing the New Disposal

After removing the old one, it is time for a new garbage disposal installation. Once a person understands and knows the steps involved, the process can be effortless. 

Follow the steps below to have the best experience when installing the machine:

The New Sink Flange Should Be Installed

The first step is placing a ½ inch rope of plumber’s putty around the opening of the drain in the sink. Press the new sink flange into place after dropping it into the drain opening. To hold the sink flange in place while mounting it to the sink, place a weight.

Install Gasket And Flanges

The next step is the installation of the gasket and rings. It involves sliding the fiber gasket from under the sink. The backup flange and mounting flange over the sink flange should also be held in place. 

Slip-On The Mounting And Snap Rings

To slip on the mounting and snap rings, lift the disposal to align the mounting lugs and mounting ears with the mounting screws after holding the flange in place. 


In a clockwise direction, turn the disposal until it is supported on the sleeve and mounting rings.

Take Out the Dishwasher Knockout Plug

Before continuing, it is imperative to remove the knockout plug if the person is using one. To make this possible, lay the unit on its side before using a screwdriver and hammer to tap out the plug. Then remove the loose knockout plug from inside the machine. 

Connect the Hardwired Unit

Remove the electrical cover plate after turning the machine over. Then pull out the wires before inserting a cable connector and running the electrical cable through the bottom or access hole. 

Hang the Machine

Tighten the cable connector before pushing the wires into the disposal and replacing the electrical cover plate. Ensure that the cardboard shield is not displaced. Then hang the machine as you get set for the next step. 

Insert the Discharge Tube

Simply plug in the discharge tube to the outlet under the sink after hanging the machine. This step is crucial, especially for a model with a factory-installed cord. 

Align the Discharge Tube with Drain Pipe

The next phase is the alignment of the discharge tube with the drain pipe. This move is vital to avoid straining the machine even when it is not a factory-installed cord design. 

Lock the Machine in Place

After aligning the discharge tube with the drainpipe, lock the unit in place securely to avoid it falling off later. 

Test It

The last stage of garbage disposal replacement is the testing to ensure that it is ready to work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Should It Cost To Install A Disposal?

    Usually, it costs between $80 and $720 to install it. To get something quality, around $400 or more will be fine. However, anyone willing to install it by him or herself will not spend as much as that. For such people, they can get a new unit for around $75 and do the rest.

  • Is It Difficult To Install A Disposal?

    How challenging the installation process will depend on the quality and accuracy of the information an individual possesses. Those who have access to a post like this, will find the process seamless, particularly when it is a factory-installed cord design.

  • How Do You Know When You Need A New Unit?

    The obvious answer to this question is when the old one starts malfunctioning. There is no point keeping a machine that cannot perform its function again at home. It should be replaced as part of the decluttering of the home.

    An individual might want to fix a damaged one due to financial considerations. Nonetheless, once it stops offering value to the home, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

  • How Long Does It Take To Install A New Unit?

    It depends on the skillfulness of the person installing the machine. For a person who knows how to replace a garbage disposal, it should last between two and four hours.

  • Does A Garbage Disposal Add Value To A Home?

    This machine is crucial to living in good health at home. It helps to avoid living in a dirty environment. So, this machine definitely adds value to a home.

  • Should A Disposal Be Hardwired?

    They should either be connected to an outlet with a cord through a grounded electrical outlet or hardwired. It is recommended to have a circuit dedicated to them. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt to let a unit share a circuit with a dishwasher.

Assemble A New Unit With Style

Indeed, knowledge is power. Even in 2021, many people still think that using pliers and plugs or working with a pipe is a plumber’s thing. However, this is far from the truth. After reading this post, an individual should not have to contact professionals to work with disposal or insert a screwdriver to tighten a dishwasher.
Practice what has been learned to improve the quality of life and experience. If this post is helpful or otherwise, leave a remark in the comment section.