How to Change Alexa's Voice Guide: Have an Assistant With a Favourite Accent

Steps to Change Alexa’s Voice

Steps to Change Alexa’s Voice

After a few years of using the product, people might get tired and want to modify it. Luckily, this is possible, and owners can do it following just a few steps. From Rebel Wilson to Anthony Hopkins, here are a few options when it comes to listening to something new. Those who have an Amazon Echo Dot will be happy to know this.

So, here are a few steps to take when trying to change Alexa’s voice.

  1. Open the app and select the Language.
  2. Look for the option called Devices. In case the person cannot find the words, it is illustrated by a home-shaped icon at the bottom of the design.
  3. Select the name of the device. This is important in case the home has many smart devices inside the same network.
  4. If the owner scrolls down, they will find a part that’s called “Language”. This will be English by default, but the smart devices support many others, such as the Spanish language.
  5. Here, the person will have a whole menu from which to choose different accents. Owners can play around and see which one they like the best. Of course, they can also change this later down the line without delay or problems.
  6. Once they are happy with their choice, they have to tap “Save changes” and enjoy the time.
  7. Repeat the process to go back to the accent they had before on the speaker.

Samuel L. Jackson: Alexa’s Pioneer

Samuel L. Jackson Alexa’s Pioneer

Everybody knows Samuel Jackson. He is one of the most famous actors in the USA. Most people recognize him because of his deep, strong voice. So, Amazon announced in the last few years that they intended to put his voice available for Alexa’s speaker.

To use it, clients only have to pay an extra dollar. His sounds will appear when buyers consult the weather, ask for the news, or when they want to hear a joke.

How to Tune in Alexa Celebrity Voices

How to Tune in Alexa Celebrity Voices

In the last few years, Amazon has launched a program called “celebrities in action”. This is a great option for Alexa users who want to make their experience a lot more unique. According to users’ and Google’s reviews, instead of “Hey, Alexa!”, people can say “Hey, Samuel” and hear the voice of the famous actor.

At the moment, he’s one of the few celebrities that can be chosen, but there are plans to expand the network soon. Recently, they have also added the famous chef Gordon Ramsay and even Pikachu.

So, there are a few steps that people can take if they want to replace Alexa’s classic voice with a celebrity’s each time.

Here’s how to give Alexa a new voice.

1. Open the app and look for the section called Menu when trying to change the Alexa voice to celebrity.
2. Then, find the option Skills. In here, there won’t be a menu with options to choose from. Instead, users will have to type the name of the person they want – for example, Gordon Ramsay.

3. Those who want to use smart voice commands can do so as well. They only have to instruct the device to carry out this action. For example, say, “Alexa, enable Gordon Ramsay”. In only a few minutes, this alternative should be available.

Of course, there are plans to expand it to other countries, but there’s no timeline yet for new Alexa voices.

Change Alexa’s Voice Speed

Change Alexa’s Voice Speed

In addition to changing Alexa’s voice to a celebrity’s, people can also modify its speed of delivery. Thus, the pace can be much slower or much faster if they prefer. For example, with just a simple button on the app, users can activate the Whisper mode. There, the volume will be lower, and the pace slower.

Who is the Voice of Alexa?

Who is the Voice of Alexa

All the users of the Amazon Echo Dot today are familiar with the voice of Alexa. It’s feminine and soothing. But who is behind this talent? Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, revealed they got inspired by Star Trek’s smart computer. And the woman they hired for the job is called Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.

But in this case, no human is being hired. Instead, they used Natural Language processing and algorithms to come up with this friendly tone. Of course, the engineers built it using real-life recordings with words, sounds, and ideas from true persons.

Also, the same happens whenever people talk, and the machine processes each command. In this way, artificial intelligence transforms a human sound into something the device can do. All in all, it’s amazing how technology today can create something so similar to a woman’s voice.

FAQ Section

  • Can You Change Alexa's Voice to Morgan Freeman?

    No, this is not possible at the moment. While the program is being expanded today, users can only access a few celebrities, and Morgan Freeman is not included. Some options include Gordon Ramsay or Samuel Jackson if people prefer male voices.

  • Can Alexa Ignore Certain Voices?

    Yes and no. The product cannot just ignore certain people. But owners can use the settings of the item and make it ignore commands and contacts from unauthorized users.

  • What Is Alexa Learn My Voice?

    Yes, this device is trained to recognize the owners’ voice. This is a great feature for big homes because it allows the item to personalize the experience. For example, if one member of the family asks for music, Alexa will recognize the voice. Then, it will suggest smart songs related to the ones the person had ordered before.

  • Why Is Alexa Not Responding to Me?

    There might be a few reasons for this, including:

    • Owners are speaking too softly. This can be easily solved by using a louder volume when speaking to Alexa
    • There’s too much noise, and the device cannot hear the person. In this case, the only solution is to look for a quieter place before using the service, as shown in Google.

  • Why Does Alexa Turn Red?

    Alexa has a color code to show how it’s working. For example, the light will be blue when the device is working and actively listening to what people say.

  • How Do You Get Alexa to Hear You Better?

    If Alexa is still having trouble hearing the owner, there are some tactics they can implement. For example, they can look for an option called Voice Training. There, the person has to read 25 phrases using different tones and volumes. In this way, the app will be trained to recognize the users’ sounds and contacts when speaking to them.

Listen to Celebrities From the Comfort of Your Home

All in all, today, there are only a few options to customize the experience of using an Amazon Echo Dot. With this short guide to changing the voice on the speaker, anybody can make it. But the good news is that there are plans for expansion even in countries outside of the USA.

Anyway, the assistant will work in the same way and with similar efficiency. What about you? Would you change Alexa voice, or do you prefer keeping it as it is?