National Night Out 2021: Will Raise Crime Prevention Awareness & Build Stronger Neighborhoods

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 31, 2020

An Overview of What is National Night Out

Even though National Night Out has been an active part of many neighborhoods for years, some people may still be wondering what this program is about. So, what is it? The basic idea is that city law enforcement officers, as well as members of the police and fire departments, work with civic organizations, neighbors, and local volunteers. Together, they get local businesses and entertainers involved to create an evening of awareness, learning, and camaraderie. Individuals can search for more details by visiting the event’s homepage.

What is National Night Out

While each city or block will have its unique flavor, National Night Out occurs on the first Tuesday in August and typically involves crime and safety discussions, police and firefighter demonstrations, as well as seminars and activities for youth. While it started just being a block-wide thing, the site has expanded, and many people visit throughout the evening. In recent years, the festivities have grown to include dancing, live music, food vendors, and all kinds of hands-on projects for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Background Information

The seeds for National Night Out came from a Philadelphia police officer who noticed that the various community organizations in the city and surrounding neighborhoods didn’t have a way to connect. Great things were happening in different towns, from crime watch volunteers to safety initiatives to just citizens gathering together for a block party or holiday.

Members & Participants Registration

Community groups and police organizations can register for these events for free. Registration is required since the event staff needs to know how many attendees and participants to expect on-site. It’s best to sign up on a few months before August, so there is ample time to plan the upcoming events and festivities.

National Night Out Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is National Night Out?

    These community events occur across the United States and Canada (and beyond), but each neighborhood celebrates on the same night. It will be on Tuesday, August 4th, 2021. The state of Texas and select areas celebrate the first Tuesday in October. Citizens and groups can contact their local police department for more details.

  • What is Night Out Against Crime?

    This is another name for the annual gathering. Sometimes publications and officers will call the nation-wide August events by this name because there is a focus on reducing criminal activity in the community. People can use the names interchangeably, and some towns or states prefer to use one over the other. It’s worth noting here that some townships, as well as the state of Texas, celebrate the get-together in the middle of October. Even so, it’s still the same thing.

  • What is National Night Singapore?

    Not to be confused with the United States’ National Night Out, this annual commemorative night in Singapore is something different. Spurned on by the country’s government, this is an evening to give birth to a nation and increase the dwindling birth rates in Singapore. It takes place at home and is an effort to spike the number of births. Officials put a patriotic spin on it to make it feel more like a civic invitation or national contract.

An Annual Reminder of Public Solidarity

National Night Out 2021 promises to be bigger and better than ever. This public program will last just a few hours, but it will help neighbors and law enforcement officials create lasting memories and bridge gaps in communication. The evening is an open invitation to learn more about keeping families safe, aware, and more connected.

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