Ackerman Security Review: Atlanta-Based Home Surveillance

Those who don’t know this company will after reading this review. This provider offers alarms, automation, and a range of safety products for homeowners, but they’ll only make house calls in select regions. Below is a quick guide to the key metrics that keep the company looking sharp.

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Updated: March 27, 2020

Ackerman Security Review: In-Depth

Ackerman Security Review

Ackerman security works with residential clients and companies and supplies indoor and outdoor video surveillance, alarms, 24/7 monitoring, and affordable rates. This section reviews some of the key takeaways from this enterprise, such as the devices they sell and their history.

Key Features

To best suit commercial clients and homeowners, the brand provides some quality surveillance tools and services that span a variety of uses.

  • 24/7 monitors
  • Automation & remote control
  • Environmental triggers
  • Live-streaming feed
  • Video doorbell
  • Wireless options

Background Information

Ackerman Security Background Information

Founder Charles Ackerman was the victim of a break-in back in 1967, and the ordeal left him wounded, so he wanted to prevent such disasters in the future. Looking back, his mission to create an alarm company focused on homeowners and customer service was a novelty. This helped the success spread throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and deeper in the state. The enterprise now operates in 48 states, albeit in a limited capacity. The brand boasts a dedicated support team, a loyal clientele, and two unique written guarantees.

Key Security Features: Service Offerings & Devices

Ackerman security allows new buyers to bring their existing surveillance equipment to the company, as long as it’s compatible. Regardless, every safety plan comes with professional monitors and installation, as well as fire and smoke alarms.

24/7 Monitoring: Always There, Quick to Respond

Ackerman Security 24-7 Monitoring

Not only does the brand offer round-the-clock surveillance, but it’s affordable, too. The center is nationally recognized and protects against environmental factors as well as in-person crimes. Team representatives can dispatch local authorities in case of a fire, medical emergency, or burglary.

Smart Home Options: Total Automated Control

Whether it’s the lights, the thermostat, or one of the doors, clients can remotely control integrated devices in their homes. It’s all thanks to automated technology that’s connected via WiFi or Internet router.

Surveillance Cameras: Live-Stream From a Smartphone

Ackerman Security Surveillance Cameras

The Ackerman security system includes Internet-based cams that are suitable for interior and exterior spaces. Clients can view the footage from a smartphone via the company app. Being able to see live video recordings adds a multi-dimensional layer to the protection.

Professional Installation: Troubleshooting and Quick Set-up

All of the systems come with expert installation, so customers don’t have to worry about getting things up and running. Trained and knowledgeable technicians come out to the house and ensure that everything is in good working order.

Disaster Protection: Carbon Monoxide, Fire, Smoke, & More

Part of household safety is protecting against environmental factors, such as smoke, water leaks, and fire damage. Fortunately, the company offers detectors specifically for these scenarios. Plus, users will receive notifications via the app so they can take rapid action.

Medical Alerts: Press the Pendant for Help

Ackerman Security Medical Alerts

Those with elderly loved ones will appreciate the medical pendant that this business offers. Just a push of a button can connect an individual with the center. If it’s necessary, technicians can send over an ambulance or officer.

Remote Garage Control: Easy In & Out

With this nifty gadget, clients can push a button to open or close the garage entryway. This is best for slipping into the garage on a rainy day or opening the door when one’s hands are full. If it stays ajar for an extended time, users will get a push notification.

Power Outage Protection: Cellular Radio Monitoring

Ackerman home security has got their clients’ backs in case the power goes out. The system has a cellular backup as well as a battery with 24 hours of juice, just in case. This allows individuals to continue communicating with the control panel during an outage.

Mobile Alerts: Stay in the Loop, Even on the Go

Ackerman Security Mobile Alerts

Individuals have the choice to set up push notifications so they can receive updates and alerts from the system. This works in case of a natural disaster, as well as if someone tries to break into the property. It’s available on phones and other smart devices.

Equipment & Installation: Professional Set-Up & American-Made Products

First of all, the brand’s items are manufactured by Honeywell, a familiar appliance brand. These products include motion detectors, glass break sensors, sirens, control panels, and more. As for connecting and setting up everything, all buyers must opt for expert installation.

Asset Protection

The corporation has a promise on its website that it will cover 100% of the financial losses attributed to a burglary. That means if a client suffers a loss of assets or damage to their home, the company will help them out.


There are a few smart integrations that work with this brand. With them, users can remotely turn the control panel on or off, adjust the lighting or temperature, and get instant notifications.

Cellular Communication

Cellular backup and monitors is an add-on available to clients. Since everything runs on a wireless connection, the devices come with a battery backup that can carry families through a power outage.


Heat sensors work in conjunction with the fire and smoke alarms to monitor environmental dangers in and around the home. The detectors’ small size makes them perfect for tighter spaces. There are also carbon monoxide alerts available.

Interactive Services

The Ackerman Security System may not have the most comprehensive automated integrations, but it can work with a few common devices. This includes Z-Wave, appliance modules, door locks, and smart lighting and thermostats.

Intrusion Protection

This includes contact sensors for the entry points in the house, as well as motion detection. The devices can send rapid alerts that are triggered when glass breaks.

Life Safety

This refers to the carbon monoxide detectors and the fire and smoke alarms. It also includes the quick-response medical pendants. Another handy accessory can sense heat, which is the best way to combat any fire damage.


Ackerman Security systems include both indoor and outdoor cams. They’re great for keeping an eye on pets or adding extra protection at the front door. The interior cameras include a two-way microphone as well as pan and tilt functions.


The enterprise requires expert installation from a company technician. While they’re there, the representative will do an audit check of the home to point out any safety risks. This is also a chance for them to upsell, so be aware. Some people will appreciate having a trained representative come out to the house and look at everything. On the other hand, some will see it as an invasion of privacy.

Ackerman Security Packages & Prices

To avoid being a “one-size-fits-all” company, Ackerman security doesn’t offer package systems. Rather, they have a wide selection of surveillance tools and devices so consumers can pick what they pay for. They do this via a salesperson who comes out to the house and describes the product range in detail.

It can be hard to get a reading on this brand’s pricing since they don’t negotiate systems unless someone is willing to buy. That said, several reviews reveal that there is a $99 activation fee, and custom kits start at $19.95 per month.

Standard Residential Plan

Although the company doesn’t list actual systems on its website, reviews reveal that the cheapest plan costs $19.95 per month. This isn’t bad, but there are also start-up fees to consider, such as the $99 installment. Custom features available with the option to add a surveillance cam, and fire and smoke alarms are included. The corporation is currently running a promotion in 2021 that includes a free indoor camera with any system purchase.


  • 24/7 pro monitoring
  • Decent monthly pricing
  • Room for personalization & expansion


  • Activation fees
  • Surveillance camera not typically include

Ease of Use

Even though this isn’t a DIY system, it is fairly simple to set everything up. Besides, the professional installment is required, so clients don’t have to worry about it. If someone does need extra help after a power outage or something, the support team is there to assist.

Other things that make this an easy kit to work with include the No Theft and Money-Back Guarantees. The automation features are also nice to work with and can round out an existing safety kit.

Customer Experience

Ackerman security was built on service and with a focus on the consumer. It has a 24-hour monitor center that is always staffed, and agents can get on the line in an emergency within 45 seconds.

Terms & Guarantees

The No Theft Guarantee covers 100% of the individual’s insurance deductible in case of a burglary. Then they’ll pay up to $25,000 in damages. The Seconds Count Guarantee promises to meet or surpass the 45-second first response in case of an emergency.

Besides that, the enterprise has a three-year contract and charges extra fees for moving or early cancellation.

As for pricing agreements, these can be tricky. While this corporation uses Honeywell products, it’s hard to check whether the prices are the same as on that brand’s website. The company may charge more or less, depending on the number of items a person buys.

Customer Support

One thing that people may not like about this brand is that there are no FAQ sections or tutorial articles on the site. Individuals can access a request ticket on the help page, but it requires personal information like name, address, email, and phone number. Email correspondence doesn’t seem possible, but families can phone the corporation toll-free at 800-552-1111.


Ackerman security reviews are all across the board. For one thing, the company has The Monitoring Association (TMA) Five Diamond Monitoring Center Designation. This recognition requires that companies meet five crucial points: job-related education, random inspections, TMA membership, false dispatch reduction, and stellar customer service.

As for feedback, the enterprise has 1,434 reviews on Trustpilot. Out of all of those, the average is four out of five stars, which is great. Meanwhile, the corporation has three out of five stars and an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The main complaint centers around the knowledge and friendliness of the representatives and technicians. Since the company operates regionally, this is more on a case-by-case basis. There are way fewer negative reviews about devices and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Type of Equipment Does Ackerman Offer?

    It provides control panels and alarm monitors as well as video surveillance cameras for indoors and outdoors. Clients can also purchase a range of automated appliances, such as lights, locks, and thermostats. Remote and voice control capabilities are also available. The ever-popular video doorbell is another item in the company’s line-up.

  • Can People Use Ackerman Security Without a Landline?

    Yes. Everything is wireless, although battery and cellular backup are available. Since there isn’t any hardwiring to deal with, buyers don’t need to access a landline. As long as they have a stable Internet or WiFi connection, they should be good to go. That said, they must go through a professional set-up, which can take a few hours.

  • What Geographic Locations Does Ackerman Serve?

    This business was founded over 50 years ago in Atlanta. It slowly spread out of the city and into other townships. Now, the service is primarily available in northern Georgia. Other operating centers include Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and parts of Virginia. According to the website, it works in scattered regions throughout the continental United States, too.

  • Can Consumers Try Out Ackerman Before Buying? What If They Want to Return It?

    The website’s terms and conditions do not state a refund policy. The money-back-guarantee regards instances in which theft or burglary occurs, not if a client wants to return the products. Therefore, it doesn’t look like people can try out the devices before committing to a purchase.

  • What Kind of Monitoring Center Does Ackerman Operate?

    The brand has regional centers within its service access areas. These hubs are certified CSAA Five Diamond offices, meaning they are held to a high national standard. The specialists are trained to provide 24/7 assistance and rapid response in case of emergencies

Ackerman Security Pros & Cons

This brand has a long history as a surveillance company, yet it remains a small-time operation. Perhaps it wants to focus on providing for its existing clients. One positive aspect is that fewer people are clambering for the support team’s attention. Plus, all of the company’s products are American-made.

On the other hand, their reach is limited to specific regions across the country, and the support team doesn’t have the best reputation.


  • 24/7 expert monitoring
  • Automated controls
  • Customer support
  • Guarantees
  • Personalization options


  • Limited availability
  • Pricing

Small Corporation, Big Success?

While it’s true that this brand operates within specific regional areas, it has an impressive range of smart devices and automated accessories. The support team may vary in their attentiveness and assistance, and there is the sales-y aspect to deal with as well. All in all, the accessories, features, and pricing aren’t terrible, and at its core, the company has a good reputation.

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