ADT Medical Alert Reviews: Protecting Every Second

This brand has one of the most well-known names in the industry of home security systems. But what about their medical services? While they are not doctors themselves, the team can bring peace of mind to families who have a senior who lives alone and needs help.

With a simple device, they will be protected and covered 24/7, anywhere they are. And this can happen even on the streets. Discover how this works in these ADT medical alert reviews of 2021.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: May 25, 2021

ADT Medical Alert Reviews: In-Depth

Headquartered in the USA, ADT provides emergency services all over the world. Today, they have almost 7 million clients, and they strive to keep them safe and happy. In addition to doorbells and cameras, the company also manufactures great medical alert systems.

Together with the traditional landline phone items, today, they cover cellphones and even on-the-go pendants and wristbands. Keep on reading and discover which ADT medical alert system is the best for one’s needs in 2021.

Key Features

  • Detects falls with a button
  • Protects people against CO and fire
  • Tracks down using GPS
  • Two-way voice system
  • Mobile detection of location
  • Landline and cell coverage

Background Information

ADT Medical Background Information

ADT is a company based in the USA that has spread all over the Americas. It has offices even in Argentina today, with hundreds of employees worldwide. The idea behind the company was to offer security services for people and businesses alike.

Today, they cover both business and residential areas. The corporate head of the offices is based in Florida, United States.

Features & Installation

Want to know more about some of the benefits that these devices have? Take a look at the following features and be informed to make the best decision possible.

Getting Started: A Simple Process

Different from other brands in the field, ADT has professional installation emergency services. This means that owners will not have to deal with setting up their products. Instead, they will pay a one-time fee for having the product at home.

Wearing the Devices: Forget About Installation

In addition to landlines, ADT also offers people the option of using wristbands and pendants. This will keep them safe at all times, even if they are not home at the moment. Most clients find this comfortable, as the items are not heavy or easy to catch with furniture.

Plus, all of these home monitoring systems, such as the button, are 100% waterproof. So, people can wear them in the bathtub (a very dangerous place at home) or when they have a shower.

24/7 Monitoring: Taking Care of Health at All Times

ADT has monitoring centers to keep track of the state of health of their patients. As a result, anyone who hires their medical alert systems will be sure they are protected by real people. They will send help or contact the family if the need arises.

Plus, those who decide to hire equipment with a two-way voice can talk to the agent and ask questions. All in all, the response time is between 20 and 30 seconds. Not bad for the industry.

Installation & Setup

While the installation is made by a professional, there are certain models that allow people to do it on their own.

  1. Plug the base station into the electric system at home.
  2. Call in to activate the system. People can find the details on their website.
  3. Try to place the base on a central part of the home. In this way, the owner will not have issues with the signal or anything of the sort using the base station.
  4. Switch the device to the ON position. It will stay that way for as long as the patient has the system. If they turn it on, they will not receive any type of assistance. The equipment is free.

Equipment: Options for Everyone

So, let’s take a look at the most important element of this brand: the equipment. Consider which one is better in terms of connection and pricing before deciding what to hire.

ADT Medical Alert Basic: for Landlines

ADT Medical Alert Basic

This is the most basic and budget-friendly option by ADT. It needs a landline to function, so the owner needs to have the connection in advance.

  • No fee for the equipment. The owner only has to pay per month.
  • No long-term contracts. People can cancel whenever they want.
  • Free shipping and discounts for paying quarterly.

ADT Medical Alert Plus: Connection by the Phone

ADT Medical Alert Plus

The range is double than the previous model, so it’s a great option for those who live in a big home and want to be protected at all times at home. The base station has a lot of benefits.

One of them includes a temperature display so the owner knows if their home is too hot or too cold and can stay comfortable within the security range.

  • 50% off when it comes to fall detection.
  • Wrist or landline with buttons is available for elders who are sick.
  • Coverage is up to 600 feet of range with a cellular connection.

ADT On-The-Go: Coverage Everywhere

ADT Medical Alert On-The-Go

The patients get to choose if they want to wear a watch or a pendant with these medical alert systems. This depends on their preference to feel more comfortable.

All these items include a fall detection emergency that calls the monitoring center at once if they detect the owner needs help with their security services.

While it’s the most expensive of the three systems, it’s still affordable for almost any family.

  • Includes a waterproof feature to wear the pendant in the shower.
  • Requires GPS location technology to locate the owner within the range.
  • It features a two-way speaking monitoring service to communicate with operators.

Add-On Features: Going the Extra Mile

In addition to the traditional emergency services, ADT also offers some extras in 2021. These will help and increase security, especially for those who are sick and need help at all times. Here are some of them in this ADT medical alert system review.

Waterproof Button

Those who have a landline system at home but want to be protected in the bathtub, too, will need this waterproof button. It is attached to the wall in an easy way and is big enough for anyone to see it. Even if they are not using their glasses at the moment.

Plus, the extra fee to pay for this button is very affordable in this medical alert system. For only $5 a month, people can enjoy this benefit, too.

Fall Detection

This is one of the most essential services of medical alert systems. A fall can be dangerous or even fatal for seniors, in particular, for those who live alone. If they don’t get assistance quickly, they can face serious consequences.

Thus, fall detection will understand if the owner requires help even if they cannot call emergencies at the moment. They only need to use a button free of charge.

ADT Pricing

ADT Medical Pricing

So, ADT does not charge anything for the equipment. Instead, people have to pay a monthly fee until they don’t want the service anymore. Luckily, those prices are affordable for any person who has a national wage.

Plus, the differences between each plan are not that significant. As a result, going from the most basic option to the most expensive one only takes 10-15 dollars per month.

Table of Device Comparison

In the case buyers still need some help when comparing the devices, the following table will help. It outlines the main features of each model with its corresponding prices and benefits for families and patients alike that the company has to offer.

Providers Price per month GPS Fall Detection Range Connection Home Temperature Display Pendant Available Discount for Yearly Payment Includes a Base Station Activity Assurance
1.Basic $29.95 No $5 extra a month 300 ft Landline Yes No Yes Yes $6 extra a month
2.Plus $25.95 Yes $5 extra a month 600 ft Wi-Fi Yes No Yes Yes $6 extra a month
3.On the go $39.95 Yes $5 extra a month No limits AT&T No Yes Yes No No

ADT Medical Alert Basic

This ADT medical alert system uses a landline. For this, the owner needs to have hired it in advance. The kit includes a base station, wires to connect it to the system, and a panic button if the family decides to pay for it.


  • Free warranty and no activation costs each time
  • Multilingual support in addition to English
  • Call center that adapts to senior users when reviewing their situation


  • Requires a basic base with a limited range

ADT Medical Alert Plus

As the name shows, this is a plus design that adds more features to the previous model. Those who want to have the monitoring service at home will be able to do so.

But they will also be covered by a cell connection if they decide to go out and have the medical system on the streets.


  • Great coverage
  • Doesn’t depend on a landline
  • 100% waterproof


  • The monitoring is location dependent

ADT On-The-Go

Finally, this is a great add-on for seniors who go out a lot. If they want to be covered while they take a walk, for example, they can wear a pendant or a clock and be watched over by the ADT team. It’s that simple.


  • The two-way talk included in the pendant
  • The base is free of ads and easy to review
  • The excellent GPS tracking device


  • A bit expensive

Ease of Use

ADT Medical Ease of Use

Almost all clients report it’s easy to use the ADT models. The only one that seems a bit complicated is the most basic model that uses a landline. But even then, the owner will only have to plug in some cables, and the process will be over. In terms of the on-the-go units, they are the easiest to manage. Just pay a monthly fee and wear the pendant at all times. Nothing else is necessary.

Customer Experience

ADT offers multilingual support for clients all over the country. In addition to English, they have a team in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Plus, the health agents are available 24/7 in case of emergencies, so their security systems are always active.

Terms and Guarantees

The terms and guarantees are quite clear about who they allow using the security service. For example, these clients need to be at least 18 years of age and own a credit card to pay for the fees. Then, there is a whole section on what will happen if there is a violation of this agreement. In addition to the terms of use, the site also offers users the option to decide on what type of ads they want to see. The text is both in English and in Spanish for bilingual speakers.

Customer Support

ADT Medical Customer Support

The customer service is complete with these medical detection systems. The main way to get in touch with them is via phone, so you’ll be able to find the number almost everywhere on the site. In case clients or future buyers want some info before calling, they can also find a FAQ section.

These questions are not only related to the equipment but also about billing, returns, privacy, and more. Plus, there is also a live chat that works 24/7 all year long.


The ADT medical alert reviews are good all in all. Most seniors praise the on-the-go model that allows them to go shopping or even visit friends without being afraid of falling on the streets and getting no help. Also, many people are happy about the backup battery.

While the electricity may fail at times, there is no reason for these people to stop being covered by medical systems. The batteries are very durable and only need to be recharged once every month.

FAQ Section

  • How Accurate Is ADT’s Fall Detection?

    ADT has a 95% accurate fall detection button. No device is infallible. For example, the fall can be very smooth, or the person may even slide into the bed, so the product will never know this has happened.

    Anyway, it protects the owner almost completely, so families should not worry about this.

  • Is There a Trial Period for My ADT Alert System?

    No, the company does not offer this option to future clients. If they want to know if the plans are the best for them, they don’t have a choice but to pay for them.

  • Is ADT Medical Alert a Good Option for Renters?

    Yes, it’s a nice option because the plans are not fixed. For example, if the person realizes they don’t need the plan anymore or they decide to move home, they can do away with the plan in just minutes.

    Plus, the option called “on the go” can be moved anywhere as it doesn’t depend on location.

  • Will My ADT Alert Still Work if the Power Goes Out?

    Yes, it will. Even the landline models have a backup battery. It will activate as soon as the power goes out to make sure the owners are still protected even in these emergency cases.

    The ones that don’t depend on electricity will work, of course, at all times.

ADT Pros & Cons

Here buyers can find extra advice on the advantages and disadvantages of the company. Take them into account when shopping around to acquire the best equipment for the patients’ needs.


  • Excellent reputation all over the world and durable materials
  • The response time is below 30 seconds to ensure the person is always protected
  • Different types of connections are available depending on the plan
  • Affordable per month.
  • People can add as many extra features as they want.


  • The battery life is a bit limited.
  • The warranty can improve in coverage and lifetime.

Medical Alerts Anytime, Anywhere

ADT is known all over the world and for a reason. In addition to security devices, they have very decent medical alert systems that can protect seniors or anyone in need.

On the good side, the company has a lot of options for people to choose from (landline, cellular, or portable). All of these also have different prices that make them accessible.

Take advantage of their quality materials, discounts, and nice comments as seen in this ADT medical alert review, and protect the loved ones. Would you ever use such an item? Let us know in the section below!

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