Alert1 Reviews: Never Stay Without Medical Assistance Again

Alert1 is a company with a lot to offer to families and individuals alike. From advanced payment discounts to a lot of perks per equipment, there is a lot to consider when buying such medical products. Especially if the elder to protect is sick or requires special attention.

Discover these benefits by reading these Alert1 reviews and make a smart decision regarding loved persons’ health in 2021.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

Alert1 Reviews: In-Depth

Those looking for a reliable service can find it in Alert1. For more than 30 years, the company has been providing help and peace of mind to people with their system and team of experts. 

In addition to being certified by well-known brands, they have received prizes for their high-quality products. Want to know more about the Alert1 medical alert system in 2021? Read on. 

Key Features

  • At-home and remote monitoring
  • Fall alert available in all plans
  • Covers the whole of the USA
  • Affordable prices
  • Buttons and pendants
  • GPS trackers

Background Information

Alert1 Background Information
Since 1988, Alert1 has been helping Americans take care of the elders in the family. Ever since the beginning, they have not asked clients to sign long-term contracts. In essence, this has helped them become what they are today. 

Features & Installation

Now, let’s examine the main features and benefits of these products. Also, clients will get to know all the steps they will have to take if they want to install the Alert1 medical alert systems by themselves.

24/7 Monitoring: Always By Your Side

Alert1 24-7 Monitoring

Nothing is more important than this. Elders have to be monitored all the time, especially at night. If they have any issues, then the operators will call the emergency home medical systems anytime, anywhere, no matter if it’s the middle of the night.

Waterproof: No Falling in the Shower

People who want to access such models in the shower will be happy to know that water cannot ruin the pendants or wristbands. They have been specially designed to resist mist, water, and humidity.

Fall Detection: Almost 100% Accuracy

One of the most relevant features of such equipment is fall alert. In addition to including this perk on the pendant or wristband, the brand also has extra protection. For a small price, they give clients waterproof buttons they can touch in case they fall and need help from a doctor. 

Battery: Reliable & Durable

The battery lasts more than 24 hours without recharging. And the main base has a backup of up to 3 days to make sure no power outages will ruin the health services.

Money-Back Guarantee: For New Clients

New clients may not be sure if they like these services or not. For this, Alert1 home medical alert system has a special 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if people realize they don’t feel comfortable with the company within the first month, they can ask for a refund, no questions asked. 

Long-Range Coverage: Even the Largest Homes

Alert1 Long-Range Coverage

The long-range coverage is essential for those who own large homes with a yard. Alert1 medical alert systems, for example, have a range of 400 meters and more to ensure nobody is left without protection inside their home.

Installation & Setup 

So, let’s take a look at the steps people need to follow before starting to access Alert1’s models.

  1. Buy the base station and plug it into the phone cord. 
  2. Pair the portable pendant or wristband in case they were hired.
  3. Press the Reset button for 5 seconds until hearing a beep. 
  4. Make sure the LED light flashes green. 
  5. Hold down the Emergency and the Help buttons together.
  6. Press the Reset button one last time, and that’s it. The system is ready to go.

Equipment: What to Expect

The equipment is one of the most important things to ensure the services will not fail. While people don’t have to pay for the base stations or pendants, they do have to pay a monthly fee that can be cheap or very expensive. Observe them below. 

In-the-Home: to Use Inside

Alert1 In-the-Home

This is the most traditional option, as the whole medical alert system will depend on the building’s landline. Plus, the owner doesn’t have to pay anything to get the system installed. The installation is free. 

  • The plan starts at $16.95, depending on the owner paying per year, quarter, or month. 
  • It requires a landline to function and includes fall detection for a small fee. 
  • Save on the second user in case the person lives with somebody else. 

In-the-Home+ Fall Detection: Premium Options

Alert1 In-the-Home+ Fall Detection

As clients can see, this equipment is an upgrade of the version seen above. It adds the service of fall alert for a small difference in price. Again, it needs a landline to function. 

  • Fall detection, as the name shows, is included free of charge. 
  • 24/7 command center at the disposal of the client after pushing the button. 
  • The range is about 400 meters long, so it suits even very big houses. 

On-the-Go: Always Covered

Alert1 On-the-Go

It uses the Verizon network, so the person doesn’t even need to own a smartphone to use it. As long as the person pushes a button, they will receive help from the police, the medical services, or even their own families with the help of Alert1. 

  • Nationwide monitoring, so the owner is protected as long as they live in the USA.
  • The person does not need to be at home to be covered by this service.
  • A phone is not even required by the system to function well.

On-the-Go+ Fall Detection: Complete Protection

Alert1 On-the-Go+ Fall Detection

In addition to Verizon, this type of model also has access to AT&T networks. This ensures maximum coverage almost everywhere in the USA. Plus, it uses GPS to locate the patient so the family can have some peace of mind.

  • Showerproof and compatible with pacemakers.
  • Belt clip included, or the medical devices can be worn around the neck without any issues. 
  • After a quick charge, the equipment is ready for the owner to use.

In-the-Home + On-the-Go + Fall Detection: Top-of-the-Tier

Alert1 In-the-Home + On-the-Go + Fall Detection

This is the most complete coverage available by this company. By hiring this service, one’s loved family member will be protected and with a very low risk of falling or suffering from other health issues without getting help. 

  • Unlimited talk time and button pushes on the side of the patient. 
  • The sound is very loud and high-quality.
  • The accuracy is up to 95%, but the person will also have a button to ensure safety.

Alert1 Prices & Packages 

Alert1 Prices & Packages

Alert1 has a wide variety of prices to offer to their clients. To begin with, there is a very simple plan with fewer options that is very affordable. Such a plan is great for those who don’t have the largest budget to spend on these matters. Then, they have a complete package with all the services they offer, but it costs almost 3 times more in 2021. 

Table of Device Comparison

Compare all of the models with the following table. It includes the most important perks of each plan plus their prices, requirements, and coverage for all of them. 

In-the-Home In-the-Home+ Fall  On-the-Go On-the-Go+ Fall Detection On-the-Go+In-the-Home+Fall Medical Alert
Price per Month $19.95 $27.95 $36.95 $44.95 $52.95
Fall Detection Included No Yes No Yes Yes
Discount per Year Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound in the Button No No Yes Yes Yes
Requires a Landline Yes Yes No No No
Uses AT&T No No Yes No Yes
Showerproof No Yes No Yes Yes
Wearable Devices No Yes No Yes Yes
24/7 Attention Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended Battery Life No Yes No Yes Yes
Lightweight Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


This is the cheapest plan available for those who already have a landline at home. The base station is reliable and easy to use, so anybody can hire it. People have to spend $16.95 monthly to buy this plan.


  • 2 free months are available to new clients
  • Doesn’t need Wi-Fi
  • 600 mt. range


  • Fall alert is not included 

In-the-Home+ Fall Detection

This option adds a fall alert to the monthly fee. In this way, it’s cheaper to have all the services at once instead of paying for them separately. Those who would like to hire this bundle will have to pay $27.95 per month.


  • Push the button to get 24/7 attention
  • The loud two-way voice system
  • Compatible with pacemakers for those with heart problems.


  •  Less range than the previous model


In addition to the pendant, the fee includes a flexible button to install anywhere in the home. People can even put it in the bathroom as it is waterproof. This plan costs $36.95 monthly.


  • Highly water-resistant
  • Very long battery life
  • 30-day refund policy


  •  Maximum humidity is 50%

On-the-Go+ Fall Detection

In addition to using Wi-Fi networks, this model includes technology like GPS to keep track of what the owners are doing and where they are going. People can get this service for $45.95 paid monthly.


  • Certified by Verizon and other reputable companies
  • Just one button initiates the call
  • Very affordable


  •  Supports up to 10 MB of Wi-Fi

In-the-Home + On-the-Go + Fall Detection

Finally, this is an all-inclusive alternative for those who want all the services without paying extra. This bundle is the most expensive of them all, at $49.95 per month. But owners can get discounts if they prefer to pay for the whole year.


  • No landline or internet connection required
  • Up to 5 days of fall detection security
  • Personalized response 


  • Not-so-easy setup 


Alert1 home medical alert system has the benefit of adding more perks to each plan. For example, people who want extra protection can buy the alarm button to place on the shower for an affordable price. 

Below are all the options: 

  • Wall-mounted button for extra security, especially to be put in the shower or bathroom. $39.95 paid once. 
  • Emergency lockbox to put the keys inside of them but outside the home. With this, the doctors won’t have to break down the door to enter – $39.95 paid once.
  • Surge guard to avoid interruptions of the service if there’s a power outage. $19.95 paid once.
  • Silicone wristbands for fall detection. $9.95 each one, available in 3 colors.
  • Fall detection pendant is free in case the owner is paying for a subscription. If not, the pendant costs $30 and requires a landline. 
  • Pax Plus classic wristband is a waterproof button made of soft silicone that adds a new layer of protection to those in need of help and costs $29.95 
  • Mobile fall detection pendant. This can be used as an attachment to one’s belt or as a pendant, as the name shows. It’s quite expensive and costs $41.
  • Alarm bracelet. Available for free when having a subscription, or it costs $19.95 if paid for it independently.
  • Alert pendant. It does require a landline as it uses the Wi-Fi connection of the home. Buy it for $19.95
  • Kelsi protective case and belt adapter. Get this device to make the pendant last more years for only $9.95.
  • Medical ID bracelets. These are the most expensive medical alert systems, costing $41.95 because they are made of steel and have all the personal information in just one place.

Ease of Use

According to many Alert1 reviews, the home systems are really easy to use. None of them requires installation or a technician to help. Instead, buyers will only have to plug the base station into the electricity and get going. If they are using the wearable devices, these people only have to pair them up with the base. Then, they are ready to go since they had to give the customer support team all the details. 

Customer Experience

Alert1 Customer Experience

The customer experience is made up of a solid and reliable customer support team that will tend to clients’ every need. Plus, they have very clear sections on the site that describe all people have to do to access the device correctly. 

Terms and Guarantees

The terms and conditions are stated on the site very clearly. For example, there is a section that describes the whole installation will be done by the client. But the medical alert systems are and will always be owned by the company. If the client decides they don’t want the service anymore after a careful review, they have to give it back. Other sections include repairs, refunds, and issues with privacy. 

Customer Support

Alert1 has a great number of options to contact listed on the site. First, there is a Facebook page to send a message. Other options include a phone number for technical questions, another one for new clients, and another one for existing buyers who need urgent care. There is no email address available or an online chart to complete, unfortunately.


Each Alert1 review says something good about the service each time. For example, they praise the speed of the answers, especially when there’s an emergency. Plus, they also claim that the button is made of good materials and lasts for years, even when entered in the shower. 

On the negative side, the add-ons are quite expensive, and people need to hire them separately. Unless, of course, they decide to buy the most complete package after review. If the owner does this, they need to consider they are pricey per month.

FAQ Section

  • Is Alert1 Any Good?

    Yes, the company is legit and has a good reputation. They have been providing high-quality services for almost 30 years to people and families all over the USA. In each Alert1 review, they report they are happy not only with the employees and the customer support team but with the quality of the equipment in general.

  • Do I Have to Sign Up for a Long-Term Contract With Alert1?

    No, that’s not necessary. People can just cancel the subscription whenever they feel like it. Sometimes, they will get a refund in those cases.

    Yet, they have the option of paying some months in advance in exchange for a discount to pay for the whole year. In those cases, the money will not be refunded.

  • Can I Return the Alert1?

    Yes, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee for people who are not satisfied with the equipment. Of course, after this time, people can also return it, but they will need to pay for the service of the last month they had, no refunds allowed after a review.

Alert1 Pros & Cons

Trying to figure out which are the best and worst aspects of hiring this brand? Have a look at those perks below and decide with that information in mind.


  • Supports almost 190 languages other than English after the alarm rings.
  • Automatic monthly tests to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Medication reminders are available for a small fee each time.
  • The client doesn’t have to sign a long-term contract.
  • Fall detection can also be available, depending on the plan hired.


  • They do not own a monitoring center, but they rent it.
  • Advanced payments cannot be refunded.

Make the Best Decision for Your Health

All in all, Alert1 is a legit brand in the field of emergency health alerts. They will take care of the elder by monitoring them day and night in many ways. From a phone call to pushing a button, any senior can learn how to protect themselves in a simple, affordable way.

Just make sure to hire the most suitable package. Otherwise, the buyer will end paying a fortune in add-ons. What do you think of Alert1? Would you hire this alarm to protect your family’s health in 2021?

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