Alfred‌ ‌Camera App‌ ‌Review:‌ ‌One‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Safest‌ ‌&‌ ‌Cheapest‌ ‌Options‌ ‌

Ever wondered how to monitor the home without using a physical camera? Today, this is possible using only a phone without spending too much money on plans or hardware. The best part is that anyone can use this software, even those who are not tech-savvy at all.

Consult this Alfred camera app review and find out whether it’s the best security option out there.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

Alfred App Review: In-Depth

Alfred App Review In-Depth

Keeping track of what is going on at home can be challenging. Especially for those who are not home often or don’t have a large budget to spend. That’s when the company comes to the rescue. With just an Android or Apple device, people can take care of their baby, pets, or just the building day and night. Keep on reading to discover how. 

Key Features

  • 24/7 live stream
  • Smart Intruder alert
  • Night vision for the premium plan
  • 360 camera available
  • No contracts
  • Two-way audio

Background Information

Alfred Systems is a fairly new company that started in the USA in 2019. It started for an English audience, but today it works in Spanish, Turkish, Korean, and a lot more languages.

The size of the apps are a bit heavy (more than 200 MB), so they are aimed at an audience with an updated smartphone. The designers also made the Alfred security camera compatible with Android and iPhone to use at home. 

How Does Alfred Work?   

How Does Alfred Work

As with any other mobile software, the user has to download the Alfred security app to the phone and get started. Create an account or just connect it with Google Suite. Just make sure the software is present in two mobile devices and not just one. In case the person doesn’t have Wi-Fi, they can just connect it using 3G or 4G, too. The only issue is that this can affect the quality of the video. 

Features: Top-Notch Protection

Alfred App Features

While this is an amazing security camera, bear in mind that it has some limitations.

All the benefits included within the plans are the following:

  • It includes audio and video functionalities, so people can scare off thieves if they find them at their doors. 
  • Those who have babies can also enter the Alfred security camera as a baby monitor to keep them calm. 
  • Embedded snippets to have a preview of what happened in the video, especially if it’s long.
  • Troubleshooting guides are now available so people can solve any issues when using the camera.
  • Workflow additions and improvements. In this way, the app can adapt to the type of device the owner is using.
  • Remote control in case the person wants to set up the system using their MacBook.
  • It’s compatible with almost all mobile devices, no matter how old they are.
  • Motion detection is quite accurate, though limited in the free plan. 
  • The detection will trigger an alert and a siren.


In case the owners have doubts on how to install this software, take a look at the following steps, and do it easily.

  1. Check whether the apps are compatible by entering the Google Store or its equivalent in Apple iOS.
  2. Download Alfred’s home security app on two different devices to check out it works right fine.
  3. Create an account with personal details. Choose whether they want to use the apps without paying or upgrade and pay the premium plan. They can do this later down the line if they are not sure yet. 
  4. Revise the push notifications depending on the type of alerts the owner wants to get.
  5. Follow all the steps to set up the right functioning. There is a short tutorial, so people learn to use all the things included.
  6. Finally, the brand will ask for permission to use the camera as a viewer.
  7. Check for updates to set to make sure the functioning is the best at all times. 

Price & Packages 

While Alfred camera app is known for being affordable and free, the company also has a premium package for people who don’t like dealing with ads, for example. As the cost is so low, anyone will be able to pay for them if they prefer without privacy issues. 

Free & Premium Apps Table of Comparison

Those who are not sure if they should go for the free or premium package should take a look at the following table. It outlines the main benefits of the Alfred Security app and what things they share or not, especially for home-usage.

Free Plan Premium Plan
Price per Month Free $3.99
Records in HD No Yes
Easy to Focus Yes Yes
Limited Recording Time Yes No
Ads Yes No
30-day Storage No Yes
24/7 Live Streaming Yes Yes
Instant Motion Detection No Yes
Two-Way Talk Yes Yes
Siren Yes Yes

Free App

As the name shows, the apps are free of charge. People won’t have to pay anything to use them, as long as they are satisfied with their product. The only thing they have to do is download the apps to their phones, set it up, and that’s it.


  • People can personalize the plan and decide the options they are going to use. 
  • Download the app to their phones or use them on the computer.
  • Decide on the trusted circle and add them to the family plan. 


  • Loud siren to scare away thieves
  • Instant motion detection with a notification
  • 24/7 streaming


  • No unlimited storage

Alfred Premium

The Premium plan for Alfred security is very affordable and adds a lot of extra features clients will find useful. Some of them include the possibility of recording in HD or to store videos and footage without any limits. 


  • The app does not contain apps, so the user can manipulate it without interruptions.
  • No cookies will be stored unless owners give them permission to do so.


  • Focus the video on distinguishing faces
  • No limits when storing a new video each time
  • Movements can be recorded up to 2 minutes 


  • No big discounts for paying annually

Ease of Use

The app is very easy to use, so clients won’t have problems accessing the system. Anyone who knows how to download software from Google or Apple stores can make use of Alfred. The only steps involved are creating an account and connecting two devices. But even those who don’t want to create a new account can just use their Google details to enter the system.

Customer Experience

While this company only has a mobile version of the program, they still have a trained team of professionals to take care of their clients. Most of them praise their efficiency, so let’s see these services in detail. 

Terms and Guarantees

The section on terms and guarantees is complete. There, future clients can read the policy and what will be expected of them. For example, they need to be 13 or older to be able to download the app into their phones. They will also have to be legal residents of the USA, or the software will not work. Other parts of the site include info on what to do in case the account gets hacked. Or how people can protect their private data if somebody steals their device.   

Customer Support 

In terms of customer service, the team is quite lacking. The website doesn’t give people any information about their working hours or ways of contact. For example, there is no phone number or email address listed on the site. Instead, if they want to get in touch with the company, they will need to sign in with their Google Accounts first. Then, they will be redirected to a site where they can have a live chat with agents. 


Over 20 million people in the world have used this software to take care of their families. In terms of the Alfred camera app review, most of them are positive. Most of the clients, for example, report that the image and sound are crisp and clear.

And the best part is that they don’t have to pay a cent for the service. On the negative side, some of them complain that the updates don’t usually work very well. Plus, some old phones may stop working when they used to do so in the past.

FAQ Section

  • Is Alfred Camera Secure?

    Alfred’s security camera app is completely safe. First, because all the data is encrypted by the company, hackers won’t be able to access people’s private data without them knowing. Also, the client agrees to use the hidden camera only when the owner gives them permission.

  • Does Alfred Need WiFi?

    Not really. The software can also work with 3G and 4G as long as they are stable connections. Yet, without any of these options, the app will not help.

    It cannot perform any functions or bring about benefits without access to an internet network.

  • Does Alfred Camera Record?

    Yes, it does. It provides people with live footage, and it’s also possible to store those videos on the SD memory of the phone or tablet.

    Yet, keep in mind that the recordings are not unlimited for those who opt for the free plan. If they need this, they will have to resort to the premium package.

  • Does Alfred Camera Have Night Vision?

    Yes, it does. The camera features night vision with a range of up to 30 feet with high quality. This is an amazing feature for those who need to record footage when the lights go out and don’t have artificial bulbs at home.

  • How Do I Download Alfred Videos?

    The process is very simple. Any users can find these options with ease and without much time, no matter how tech-savvy they are.

    Let’s take a look at those steps:

    • Record the videos each time. Once the process stops, look for a small gear on the right corner called “video”.
    • Then, there is a button with the name “Share”. Tap on it, and the next menu that will appear will ask for a recipient’s email address.
    • After filling in the blank, the person will get an email with a link. This will lead to the recording.

  • 6. How Much Data Does Alfred Use?

    It depends on the quality that the person decides to use for help. Yet, on average, live streaming 20-70 KB a second.

    If it’s too dark, it takes a lot more. In the case of motion detection, the software takes 20-50 KB each second, too. Those who own an iOS device need more storage and more data.

Alfred App Pros & Cons

Users who are still not convinced of the best features of Alfred should also take a look at some of its negative points. Considering this, they can later decide whether they want it on their phones.


  • Free of charge or very affordable price to pay per month.
  • The software is compatible with any type of mobile device.
  • The web viewer is efficient to watch live videos almost without bugs.
  • Alfred app has multiple uses, from security to a baby monitor.
  • It doesn’t necessarily require Wi-Fi but the Alfred security app also works with data.


  • The Alfred app is not compatible with doorbells, IP cameras, or any other security system.
  • It’s not possible to connect it using a computer, only smartphones or tablets.

Take-Home Protection to the Next Level

So, the Alfred app is a great choice for anyone with an electronic device and a strong internet connection. With just a few steps, people can start protecting their homes and taking care of the ones they love the most.

This is particularly useful for those who are on a tight budget, as they will have to spend almost nothing or very little money per month.

What are you waiting for? Would you download this type of software on your phone?

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