American Home Shield Warranty Reviews: Forget About Repair Technicians

Insurance policies are essential for high-value homes that wish to save money while working with the best professionals. For instance, those who spend hundreds to buy a top-notch fridge don’t want to spend a lot more money to repair it if it fails. This is when companies like AHS come to the rescue with their insurance policies.

Want to know if they are any good? With these American Home Shield Warranty reviews, protecting one’s appliance won’t be an issue anymore.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

American Home Shield Warranty Reviews: In-Depth

Today, most contracts are dominated by this business, and for a reason. They are reliable, affordable, and work almost anywhere with an efficient customer support team. 

So, those who are looking for top-notch coverage for their home systems can rely on this company. Find out the reasons why in the text below. 

Key Features

  • Covers large systems within the home
  • Appliances and electronics also included
  • Water heaters & central vacuums
  • Affordable
  • Works in the whole country
  • Discount packages for loyal clients

Background Information

American Home Shield Background Information

American Home Shield is one of the biggest insurance companies in the USA. They have been in action since 1971, devising plans for people not to suffer so much if their valuable objects break down. 

Although today the main offices are in Memphis, the services work all across the USA (except for Alaska). Yet, customers should be aware that some perks are not available everywhere. For example, the package for electronics is no good in places like California. 

Features: What Makes Them Unique

So, what does this service have to offer? Let’s review each of these characteristics so people can make a smart decision in relation to the price and requirements.

Time in Business: Experience at Hand

This company is not conducting random business. In fact, they have been in the market for over 30 years. As a result, they know exactly what they are doing and how to solve people’s problems with their homes and belongings.

Discount Programs: How to Save

This business has designed its packages and programs with care. As such, they know what owners need and how much money they have to spend to protect their things. That is why the combo option is much cheaper than hiring the programs in a separate way. 

Add-On Options: Even More Alternatives

Some people have a lot of objects and systems at home that are not under warranty. Some of them include a luxury pool, septic or a good pump, and more. They can choose to add them as extras for a small fee.  

Multiple Fee Options: Choose the Best Plan

All families are different, and so are their properties. This is why they have different objects to protect, and they will want to pay accordingly. Luckily, the American Home Shield warranty gives them a lot of alternatives when it comes to pricing. 

No Home Inspection: Easier Setup

One of the most inconvenient things about warranties is the inspection process. In those cases, brands have their own agents to take a look at the state of items. But clients can rest assured that this will not happen if they decide to buy from AHS. 

Referral Bonus: Inviting Friends Over

The referral bonus is very enticing for those who are looking for a discount. The program works in a simple way. Existing clients who invite new ones will get 10% off during the whole year. The only thing they have to ensure is that these people sign a long-term contract.

Discounted Air Filters: For Warm Houses

The variety that this company offers is appalling. The list seems endless and goes from a fridge to a TV or a spa pool. One of the main products to protect, especially in hot regions of the country, is air conditioners. 

They are expensive and even more are the air filters. Those who hire the appliances pack will be able to put it inside the proposal.

Sample Service Contract: No Strings Attached

Some of the main concerns of future buyers lie in the contracts. These can include clauses that make it difficult to break the agreement in case the person does not want to continue with the service. 


Types of Damage Covered & Exclusions

While the policy is comprehensive, there is certain damage that the plan will not consider. 

Let’s take a look at some of those exclusions: 

  • Normal wear of any object due to time passing.
  • Rust or corrosion because of high humidity. 
  • Faulty installation or damage due to previous works of repair.
  • Pre-existing conditions that the owner did not know about. 

Circumstances outside of these points will not be paid for by AHS. 

State Availability: Where Can You Hire Them 

Keep into account that not all the services are available in the whole country. For example, the Electronics package does not work in the state of California. Check it out before deciding what to buy on the landing page.

American Home Shield Warranty Price & Packages 

What do these packages cover, then? Below, readers can find all the details of things owners can decide to include within their policies. The company has designed a careful array of plans to make sure the prices and features adapt to their needs and requirements. 

Warranty Pricing Comparison

Even though each plan is different, they have certain characteristics in common. With this info in mind, owners can decide whether these packages are good for them or just a waste of money. 

Combo Plan Appliances Plan Systems Plan Real Estate Plans Electronics Plan
Price per Month $44.99 $34.99 $34.99 Personalized Personalized
Includes Refrigerators Yes Yes No No No
Doorbells and Smoke Detectors Yes No Yes No No
Guest Unit Included No No Yes No No
Coverage for Large Homes No No No Yes No
Clear Policy of Exclusions Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Works Everywhere in the USA Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Laptops and Smartphones No No No No Yes
Repair Guarantee 30 days 60 days 30 days Unlimited  30 days
Ceiling Fans Yes Yes No Yes No

Combo Plan

American Home Shield Combo Plan

As the name shows, this proposal is a combination of different services for customers looking for an affordable package. As a result, owners can put many devices under protection for just one payment.


  • It includes different types of appliances, such as refrigerators.
  • Trash compactors and garage door openers can also be included.
  • Electrical and doorbells and covered. 


  • Don’t pay the full price if something breaks down.
  • The coverage does not distinguish between age or business. 
  • No maintenance records are required.


  • It can be hard to choose what appliances to include.

Appliances Plan

American Home Shield Appliances Plan

The only thing owners should take into account is that the coverage is up to $3,000 per item. If it’s more expensive than that, they will have to pay it on their own. 


  • Can include ceiling fans, doorbells, water heaters, and garbage disposals.
  • Central vacuums and plumbing are other options. 


  • Save a lot of money in case something stops working
  • Alternative solutions if the appliance cannot be repaired. 
  • More than 15,000 contractors all over the country.


  •  Cannot include refrigerators

Systems Plan

American Home Shield Systems Plan

Again, as the name indicates, the person who pays for it will have up to 11 systems covered under the policy. Of course, they will be free to choose the ones they need the most and only pay for them and not the rest.


  • Hire the package for air conditioners and filter systems. 
  • People can add extras in case they have huge devices that are very expensive.


  • The American Home Warranty reviews are great.
  • They employ only professionals. 
  • There is a cap on the type of repairs they can do.


  • Cannot hire the plan for home appliances 

Real Estate Plans

American Home Shield Real Estate

The offerings are mainly for clients, though sellers can also access them if they call in the hopes of getting a quote. In order to get the price, they have to provide several details, such as if the home is larger than 5,000 sq feet or not.


  • Alternatives for mansions and large homes.
  • The length of the contract can only be of 1 or 2 years, no more than that.


  • It covers buyers and sellers, too 
  • Regular inspections
  • Clear exclusions and limits


  • No quotes are shown on the page

Electronics Plan

American Home Shield Electronics Plan

Those who own a lot of electronics and would like to have them covered are in luck. This is a kind of insurance provided by Asurion that ensures no valuable resources are lost, no matter what happens.  


  • Depending on the type of fee, the warranty is to repair, replace, or reimburse. 
  • Small (laptops, smartphones) and large items are covered, such as flat TVs.


  • No cap on air conditioners
  • Can cover almost everything
  • Those with an existing membership can add this for free


  • It does not work in the state of California

Ease of Use 

In terms of ease of use, this brand makes it simple for customers to hire their services. To begin with, they offer a sample contract for users to review with care in advance. Also, the customer care agents can explain all the details via phone or email, so nobody has doubts before paying for the plans.

So, anybody can become a client. The only thing they have to do is select the items at home they would like to protect. 

Customer Experience

The customer experience by AHS is essential to their reputation. They have a good team of great professionals and clear web copy to make sure there are no misunderstandings when it comes to their policies. 

Terms and Guarantees

The site is complete and has a lot of information useful for future buyers. First, all of their users need to be of age. They will not accept minors as this is against the law. Another thing stated in their terms of use is the privacy policy.

No provider will ask to enter the buyer’s home unless they have their permission and a badge from the brand. Also, there is a section that explains the steps to take in case people want to cancel their AHS policy. 

Customer Support 

American Customer Support

The customer support team is helpful and efficient. Customers can decide to have a live chat with them from Monday to Friday during office hours. In case of emergencies, they can always call by phone. On the negative side, they are not toll-free. Plus, the page has a comprehensive FAQ section where clients can find all the details they need to buy or to solve certain problems with their American Home Shield Replacement policy. 


Most American Home Warranty reviews are positive. They claim that the company’s technicians are professional and thorough. Also, the prices are reasonable and, in most cases, buyers don’t have to pay a cent apart from their monthly fee. Of course, those who live in Alaska won’t think the same, as they cannot access these services. Those living in that region will have to look for some other provider.

FAQ Section

  • Is AHS a Reputable Company?

    Yes, it is. Ever since the 1970s, the company has been thinking about the best alternatives to give Americans. In this way, they won’t have to spend so much money repairing their belongings.

    Plus, they will take this worry off their heads and focus on much more pressing subjects.

  • Is American Home Shield Worth the Money?

    It depends on the type of products people own. For example, those who are only looking for alternatives for their phone and fridge will find the plans a bit pricey.

    On the contrary, owners who have expensive items like a pool pump can have peace of mind using this service.

  • Does AHS Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

    Yes, it does. First, the service will not send any professionals to take a look at the products. Instead, they will accept them as they are.

    Yet, once the owner calls a specialist, this person will review the item to see if it has broken down because of previous repairs or for a different issue.

  • Do I Need This Type of Home Warranty if I Have Homeowners Insurance?

    They are not the same and should be acquired separately. People renting a home should always have insurance because it’s mandatory by law. Of course, this warranty will not protect all the time inside the home.

    Anyway, the AHS cost is very affordable, so buyers should not hesitate to acquire it.

  • How Do You Cancel an American Home Shield Policy?

    The steps are short and sweet to take in case people are not happy with what they hired:

    1. Call customer service or send an email.
    2. Talk to the agent and give him or her all the details about the proposals.
    3. Ask for them to cancel the policy, no questions asked.
    4. The team will inform the owner how and when the package will be canceled.

  • Does American Home Shield Have a Deductible?

    No, it doesn’t. If the warranty is operative, the owner will not have to pay a cent. What the plans do have is a cap.

    For instance, the pack will not have more than $3,000 per item. If not, they will not put the money on the table.

American Home Shield Pros & Cons

Those wondering whether using this service is a good idea should assess all their pros and cons. With this info in mind, they can then make the smartest decision for their house and their families.


  • It has a very long list of devices and systems that can be put under each proposal.
  • The cost per month is affordable for families with a lot of belongings.
  • The customer support team is available at all times.
  • The process of buying and signing a contract is smooth and simple.


  • The brand does not work in all of the states of the country.
  • It can get expensive if many things falter at the same time.

Protect the Things You Love the Most

All in all, American Home Shield reviews provide decent services for any person who wants to take care of the things they worked hard to own. The only downside is that the policies do not work in Alaska, so the people working there won’t be able to hire them.

Those living in other states yet, won’t have much trouble protecting their systems, appliances, and everything inside of their property. What about you? What kind of protection have you given to your belongings?

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