AT&T Digital Life Home Security Review: How a Telecommunication Company Does Home Security

This corporation might not be known for home surveillance services, but it’s one branch of its offerings. Families can opt-in to professional installation and monitoring and a range of automated features. Plus, the system is open to all consumers regardless of whether they’re a current client or not. To create an accurate guide, this AT&T Digital Life home security review looks at some of the best metrics of success. Each category got a grade, with 10 being the best.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 13, 2020

AT&T Digital Life Security Reviews: In-Depth

AT&T Digital Life

This company has millions of wireless subscribers, although individuals can take advantage of these security plans without being a cable or Internet client. There is also lots of customization thanks to a la carte system. This AT&T Digital Life review will flesh out the best parts of this service, as well as some pitfalls to be aware of.

Key Features

Families can have greater peace of mind knowing they can access everything straight from their phone or tablet.

  • Automated features
  • Mobile app
  • Professional set-up and surveillance
  • Remote access
  • Smart locks and lights
  • Support community

Background Information

Most people know this corporation from their cell phone and telecommunications services. This subsidiary was founded in 2012 and worked with households and apartments to protect against burglaries and environmental disasters like fires. The headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, and supplies monitoring systems to various cities throughout the United States.

Key Features: A Closer Look at What to Expect

The nice thing about these services is that they work seamlessly with other company products. Even so, its home automation is great and will perfectly suit the right client.

24/7 Monitoring: Always Available for Viewing

No matter which subscription they choose, families can depend on round-the-clock monitoring of their property. Depending on their plan, they may or may not have video recording, but at least they can use their phone to review footage of the surveillance area.

Video Monitoring: A Higher-End Look at the Property

This is a feature that is only available on the higher Digital Life plans, but it can be worth it for many people. This enables live streaming video as well as recorded footage that they can look back at later.

Door Control: Hands-Free, Remote Control

Another thing that clients can do with the mobile app is arming and disarming the system, including the door locks. If they have smart automation technology, they can control everything with the click of a button and even grant access to visitors for a limited time.

Energy Management: Control the Environment, Lower the Bills

Those who have automated thermostats or heat detectors can control and monitor the environmental factors in the room. This includes temperature, smoke, carbon monoxide, and excess water leakage. Not only does this improve safety, but it can reduce utility expenses.

Light Control: Switch a Lightbulb From the Couch

Similar to the energy devices, these integrated lighting modules allow users to turn the brightness up or down, all from their phones. This grants them the freedom to set the mood from their couch, as well as lower their energy consumption and electricity bills.

Water Detection: Prevent a Homeowner's Worst Nightmare

Floods and leaks are a risk to all homeowners, so they need something that can catch excess water before it becomes a huge problem. That’s where this accessory comes in. It will sound the alarm if the sensor detects any increases in moisture or water and can send alerts via the app.

Equipment & Installation: Completing the System & Setting Things Up

AT&T Digital Life home security system runs the gamut of hardware and products. This section reviews the best offerings that users can add to their service deal.

Active Doorbell

AT&T Active Doorbell

This device will send a notification to the user’s phone whenever the doorbell rings. It can also sync with the system hub and cameras to record video and audio footage. It costs $29.99.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

AT&T Carbon Monoxide

This is a self-explanatory product, but it’s also one of the most underrated. CO2 is odorless and colorless, so families must have these devices scattered throughout the house. They cost $39.99 each.

Contact Sensors

These can go on doors as well as drawers and cabinets. This makes them particularly useful for parents of young kids or pets. Each one costs $9.99.

Glass Break

These cost $29.99 apiece and provide that extra protection in case of a burglary or intrusion. Once that glass smashes, the alarm will sound, and families will receive an alert.

Heat Detector

AT&T Heat Detector

This is perfect for attics or basements where smoke detectors might not cover all the bases. The moment the temperature in the room begins to rise, this accessory will notify families. It costs $39.99.

Indoor Sirens

These devices are awesome in emergency cases. They cost $49.99 and come with the battery and AC power backup, perfect for keeping things going in an outage.

Keychain Remote

AT&T Keychain Remote

These work within close range of the doors and are great for opening and closing these entry points hands-free. Attach it to a keyring for greater peace of mind. It costs $39.99.

Window Sensors

These accessories are straightforward and trigger whenever a window is opened or closed. They’re easy to attach thanks to a magnetic stripe, and they cost $19.99 apiece.


A trained technician will set everything up and answer any questions. They’ll hook it all up to the network connection and test out all of the devices. Another perk is that the system works with some other home security hardware and cameras, so some clients may have that added convenience.

AT&T Digital Life Security Packages & Prices

It comes in several different packages. That said, the starter kit is a bit pricey compared to other providers.

Comparison Table for All Three Options

Those who are ready to choose a subscription plan can check this quick guide to see a side-by-side comparison of the three choices.

Smart Security Smart Security + Automation Premium Security + Automation
Equipment Fee$549.99+$549.99+$849.99+
Monthly Cost$39.99$54.99$64.99
24/7 MonitorsYesYesYes
Motion SensorYesYesYes
Entry Sensors6912
Indoor SirenYesYesYes
Outdoor CameraNoYesYes
Smart LocksNoNoYes
Glass BreakNoNoYes

Smart Security

This option costs $39.99 for monthly service, but there’s also the upfront cost for all of the products, which is $549.99. The perks include expert installment, smartphone access to the system, and 24-hour battery backup. Individuals will also get 24/7 monitoring, but no cameras or video recording.


  • Battery backup
  • Pro set-up
  • Remote access


  • Expensive starter package
  • No video

Smart Security and Automation

For an extra $15, consumers can choose this plan. It comes with the standard hardware of the previous package with the addition of live video footage and the option to check the recording at a later time. Moreover, this package includes a smart lock option for remotely locking and unlocking entry points in the home.


  • Dependable hardware
  • Includes video
  • Smart locks


  • Pricey
  • Start-up fees

Premium Security and Automation

Finally, this all-inclusive package comes with everything in the previous two plans, as well as a spectrum of automated device integration. For instance, consumers can choose a smart thermostat, water and temperature sensors, and glass break protection.


  • 12 contact sensors
  • Environmental detection
  • Wide product range


  • Add-ons are separate
  • Very expensive

Add-on Packages

In case there was something else that a family wanted to tack on to their surveillance kit, they can choose one of these add-on options.


This plan allows users to lock and unlock their house and garage doors remotely. There is even a program in the app that people can use to grant access to others for a limited time. As keyless entry becomes the norm, this is a feature that appeals to many consumers.


For just an extra $4.99 per month, clients can tack on this subscription. It lets them dim the lights or turn them on, all by using the accompanying mobile app. If they use it wisely, they can cut their utility bills and conserve more power. This also works with smart indoor plugs and thermostats.

Video Camera

This plan comes with a monthly fee of $9.99, but it also requires a $199.99 start-up charge for the products. Even so, it’s a huge help in spotting intruders and naughty kids thanks to live and recorded video footage. If they wish, clients can add an indoor or outdoor camera to the mix.

Water Detection

This package is meant to protect against leaks and floods. It has an upfront cost of $99.99 but only charges $4.99 per month. Plus, it comes with three environmental sensors that can track water levels and temperature. Combined with a safety plan, families are safe from outside threats as well as intruders.

Ease of Use

People who have existing surveillance technology will probably take to this business’s products in no time at all. It’s nice that a knowledgeable technician comes out to the property and ensures that everything is hooked up properly. They’re also there to answer any questions and put any concerns to rest.

Customer Experience

AT&T Digital Life customer service doesn’t have the best reputation, although this depends on the regional area. As the brand has learned throughout the years, it’s better to be transparent with consumers in terms of pricing and products. Still, the policies aren’t always user-friendly.

Terms & Guarantees

Buyers must agree to a two-year contract, which isn’t nearly as bad as other enterprises that require three to five years. Plus, people can try out the products and tools for free for 14 days, after which they are locked into their contracts. On the other hand, there is a tough cancellation policy that comes with early termination fees. By this, it means paying 100% of the remaining balance.

The system requires a technician set-up, at least for new buyers. If a current client is bringing on additional equipment, they can choose to install it themselves. Finally, subscribers to this branch of AT&T have access to a separate phone support line, although all online assistance is shared with other customers.

Customer Support

There’s a support page with answers to frequently asked questions. Here, there are also resources and a community forum for sharing comments, reviews, and concerns. For more assistance, individuals can reach out on social media or call 855-288-2727 Monday through Saturday.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

AT&T Reviews

Service is only available in certain zip codes throughout the country, and consumers can check on the website to see if their location is covered. Also, since every single company client uses the same online support portal, the team has trouble answering everyone promptly. It’s not uncommon to see a review that bashes the corporation’s representatives for being slow to respond.

As for the app, it’s convenient, but what consumers can do with it depends on the subscription they purchased. It has 2.5 out of 5 stars on the iTunes Store and 3.8 stars on the Google Play Store. Moreover, there are over 1,000 online reviews for this enterprise, and the best it could manage was a 1 out of 10 in terms of buyer satisfaction. Granted, this is probably due to the high costs and the difficulty in contacting the support team. The devices themselves aren’t a huge issue, although the sensors can be buggy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is AT&T Digital Life Going Out of Business?

    There was an assumption a few years ago that the business was shutting its doors. However, this was merely speculation, and it doesn’t look like this business is going anywhere. Besides, the entire corporation is doing well and services millions of consumers. That said, there are more and more competitors emerging every year, particularly in terms of DIY surveillance and monitoring systems. This could pose a threat to AT&T’s success.

  • What is the Digital Life App?

    Available to iPhone and Android users, this app allows clients to view and control their systems while they’re out and about. They can receive push notifications and directly access the live video feed if they have that service. The application can also work with automated accessories like smart locks and lighting, sensors, and motion detectors.

  • How Long is the Digital Life Contract?

    All contracts are two years, which isn’t too bad when compared to competitors in the industry. Even so, this is a significant amount of time, so buyers should be certain that they want to go through with the agreement. They will be hit with high termination fees if they cancel early.

  • Does Digital Life Require Internet?

    Yes, users need a WiFi connection, or they can use their network’s available data. This pertains not only to the mobile application but the hub of the system as well. Everything is wirelessly hooked up and requires a stable connection to function properly.

  • How to Cancel Digital Life?

    Individuals will need to contact the support team by going to the company website and visiting the help page. From there, they can submit a request ticket. Alternatively, they can reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or they can call the team center Monday through Saturday.

AT&T Digital Life Security Pros & Cons

The positives are that buyers don’t have to pay for the installment, and they don’t have to deal with the lengthy contracts that other corporations require. Not having to pay for expert set-up is great, but it loses its appeal when compared to the exorbitant upfront product fees. The cancellation policy is also a bit harsh, so people should be certain that they want this system before agreeing to a purchase.


  • Compatible with some automated safety devices
  • Free installation
  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Shorter contracts
  • Smart lights, locks, and thermostats


  • Cancellation policy
  • High equipment fees

A Closing Word About This Provider: Pricey, Yet Comprehensive

Whether someone is an existing customer or not, they may find the hardware and services they need with this company. That said, it may put a lot of people over their budget, even though there is ample automation features, environmental and motion sensors, and smart technology.

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