August Smart Lock Review: Keep Criminals at Bay

At times, traditional safety systems can fail. People may lose their keys, or criminals can make a copy and compromise the safety of one’s home. Now, is there a choice today? Yes, safety homekits come to the rescue. These are easy-to-use devices people attach to their doors, and that gives an extra layer of protection. One of the most well-known brands in the market in August, a company that has been working for a long time. Want to know more about their star product? Read the August Smart Lock review below and find out everything you need to know in 2021.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

August Smart Lock Review: In-Depth

August Smart Lock works as it should. Those who have a deadbolt that needs to be replaced ought to consider this option. Instead of doing away with the whole device, it will replace the inside that does not work anymore.

As it is connected to an app, people can open their doors with just one tap of their fingers. They can forget about carrying annoying keys they might lose. This August review will explore all its features in detail.

Key Features:

  • Three wireless protocols
  • An app that works in Android and iOS
  • Geofencing available
  • Simple installation
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Compact design

Background Information

Founded in 2012, this is a company based in the USA. More particularly, in San Francisco. This business focuses on making safe devices for people and families, such as video homekits and doorbell cameras. In 2017, this firm was bought by a Swedish one, though the team and headquarters remained the same.

These video and home products are very well valued and famous in the country. This shows in the number of devices they have sold in their history. In 2018, it amounted to 1 million, an impressive figure.

Every year, the firm strives to give its clients the best products. This means that they release updates and new adds to the app and the device to keep them as safe as possible. This, in turn, shows in the reviews they get in sites like Amazon.

Features: Everything You Need to Know

What makes a product good? In addition to great pricing, their features make devices amazing or not. So, all the features are outlined below so people can make an informed decision with that info in mind.

Design: Compact but Stylish

August Smart Lock Design

The design is a bit standard for what smart locks usually are. Still, some persons may think it’s too big for their doors. Fear not: it’s not going to be awkward with it hanging there. Customers will even get to choose whether they want a grey or black product. Plus, it has a set of LED lights that show red or green if the door is locked or not.

Smart Home Compatibility: Will It Always Work?

Many homes today are integrated with Amazon Alexa, Siri, Apple watch or other assistants that make their lives easier. That is why they started to adapt their products so they would be useful with these ones, too.

Every August Smart Lock works with the new Amazon Alexa for many commands such as setting the PIN or activating a camera. They are also compatible with Apple Watch, Siri and with Google Voice Command for those who prefer these alternatives.

Access Codes & Users: Reliable & Simple

Some homekits have a lot of stuff that comes and goes every day. From cleaning ladies to dog carers, maybe they have up to 10 people that enter through the door in just one day. Maybe the owner is not there to deal with this, so the product has come up with a great solution.

Using the app, a person can generate different passwords and give them to others. These keys will work for a few weeks, but the owner can end up locking or changing them in a few seconds.

Auto-Unlock: Very Convenient

August Smart Lock Auto-Unlock

This feature is great for those who need to open their doors quickly as soon as they arrive home. And don’t worry, it applies a combination of GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi to know it’s the owner and not a thief. That is why the company will cross-check this data before allowing anyone into the house.

If any client doesn’t feel at ease with this add-on, they can end up locking it using the app.

Auto-Lock: More Safety Into Your Hands

As the name shows, auto-lock is a function to leave the building without doing anything else. But how will the system know the owner has walked away? Well, it simply will lock after somebody unlocked it. Very clever.

The best part is that owners can do this by hand or using the homekit app; it doesn’t matter. Within a minute (or less, depending on the settings that buyers choose), the door will be sealed once more.

DoorSense: Keep an Eye on the Entry

August Smart Lock DoorSense

This is a special type of sensor very useful to know what happens at home. It is connected to the homekit app customers download to their phones. So, the sensor starts chiming if it detects a door open when it should not be.

This device has a password to make sure nobody can access the data stored unless they are the owners.

Battery & Additional Specs: More to Know

August Smart Lock Pro and all the rest of the equipment work with batteries. This means clients cannot plug them into electricity, for example. They only function if they have 4 alkaline batteries inside. And they are not rechargeable either.

On the good side, they usually work or at least 6 months, so owners do not have to deal with this issue for a long time. It’s always best to have some spare ones just in case.

Alerts: Everything on Your Phone

Those who left the door ajar or who are not sure if the nanny arrived and applied the guest key that was assigned to her don’t need to worry. Thanks to this firm, customers will get quick alerts into their phones at all times thanks to its fast-acting policies.

Z-Wave Settings: Standard Procedures

August Smart Lock also works with Z-Wave. This is related to wireless communications protocols. These are standard in the USA and will save a lot of energy to homes with this type of security system.

Calibrate Locks: Ensure Everything Works Correctly

At times, the August Smart Lock Pro + connect will need some calibration. This is a simple procedure that ensures all the settings are working as they should.

Customers can do this with just one button through the app.

Apps/Voice Commands: Even More Convenience

August Smart Lock Apps Voice Commands

Voice commands are becoming more and more important today. A lot of homeowners choose to buy intelligent homes they can connect with Alexa or Google Voice. That is why this company also decided to make the August smart lock pro compatible with such systems.

So, after setting the device up, owners can control their doors using voice commands. For example, they can say “open” or “unlock”, and the product will follow through.

Installation and Setup

August Smart Lock Installation and Setup

The August smart lock pro installation is straightforward. Nobody needs to know a lot about technology to make this work.

  1. First, people have to attach the locks to their existing deadbolt (on the inside).
  2. Another advantage is that physical keys will still work. This type of device does not change the outside look of the door.
  3. Finally, they have to download the homekit app into their phones, and that’s the end of the process.

Once it’s ready, the product will:

  • Track activity and send quick alerts to the app the owner has installed.
  • Come up with digital keys that are valid for some weeks.
  • Send frequent status updates so owners can keep calm knowing their home is safe.


The August Smart Lock Pro is just one of the options by the company. It also has some other similar equipment but with different specs and pricing. Let’s take a look at all of them in detail below.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

This is the cheapest option for the company, and there is a reason behind it. While it’s not truly affordable (it costs more than 200 bucks, after all), the other alternatives such as the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect are much pricier. Let’s see why.


  • Auto-lock and unlock is activated for those who want to apply them.
  • The app works on every type of phone, and it’s not very heavy.
  • The setup takes just minutes, and it’s nice to carry out.
  • People don’t have to get rid of their original keys if they don’t want to.
  • It gives owners remote access to their homes. Such a thing is essential to always keep track of what is going one when one is away.


  • Secure the door from anywhere
  • Guest keys for family and friends
  • Simple-to-use app
  • DoorSense with a lot of sensitivity
  • Detailed activity feed


  • A bit pricey for a low model
  • Limited rapid alerts

Smart Locks

August Smart Lock

This August Smart Lock is the most basic within the package. And this reflects in the price. Plus, it has a lot of discounts and promotions so clients can usually access this type of product at a lower price than usual.


  • This one is also able to connect with a doorbell camera for more protection.
  • Full control of the door using the app
  • The owners receive notifications when something weird happens.
  • Easy installation so that everyone can carry it out (even if they are not tech-savvy).


  • Compatible with every type of system
  • Keys for friends and other family members
  • Complete privacy and safety
  • Works with Alexa and Google Voice


  • Works with Alexa and Google Voice
  • It lacks biometric safety

Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

Upgrade for a small amount of money and get a model with more features. In addition to the video product and the app, it has a connection with Apple Watch and other types of smart homes for people’s comfort.

  • Most of August Smart Lock Pro’s functions are the same as in the previous model.
  • For example, it includes a sensor, so the owner always knows if the door is ajar or closed.
  • The activity feed can store up to 6 months of activity. In this way, clients have control over what is going on at home.
  • The last models include a lost phone feature, so the whole system is not deactivated in case this happens.
  • The app encrypts data so nobody can access clients’ private info.


  • Two-layer encryption (just like a bank)
  • Lost phone feature available
  • Eye, print, or facial verification also available.
  • Two-factor authentication.


  • It requires a separate Wi-Fi bridge
  • No charger included

August Smart Lock Pricing

The August Smart Lock starts at $150 and goes up from there. Of course, all the features and specs pay off and make the investment worthwhile. Any family in the USA is able to afford this type of device with ease

Table of Device’s Comparison

Now, the table below shows a comprehensive summary of all the important points covered above. What clients should have in mind is that the equipment is not pricey. Just take a look at all of the products and its features before deciding which one is best for one’s home.

Providers Price DoorSense Two-layer verification Biometric Data Size in Inches Compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Android App Available Guest Keys Home Integration Auto unlock
1.Smart $150.00 Yes No No 2.7 x 4.8 x 2.1 No Yes Yes No No
2.Wi-Fi $250.00 Yes No No 3.4 x 2.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3.Smart Lock Pro $280 Yes Yes Yes 2.83 x 1.81 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Ease of Use

Most buyers claim this type of device is easy to access and to install. This means no owner needs to know a lot about technology to start using this protection. They only have to own a phone and a single deadbolt for it to work. Plus, those who don’t want to get rid of their good old keys won’t have to. The mechanism will still work even after setting up the new device.

Customer Experience

August has a good reputation when it comes to taking care of its customers. With almost 20 years of experience in the field, they know how to deal with people’s queries and doubts. Plus, they also have good communication and clear policies.

Terms and Guarantees

Each specific product has its own policies and terms of service. So, people can access them following the link on their site. But there are also some general terms and guarantees to accept when buying from them. Some of them are about passwords. The site claims they would never share that data with third-party apps. Plus, every member will have to live in the USA and comply with the laws of such a country.

Customer Support

August Customer Support

In terms of customer service, at times, it’s hard to get a hold of them. For example, the page is a bit unclear on the ways to contact the company. They don’t have a live chat or even a phone number for emergencies. Instead, those who need to talk to an employee only have a chatbot or an email address.


August smart lock pro reviews claim the product is decent. The pricing is good and competitive in the field. Also, most of them report that the app is simple, and even the elderly will be able to use it. Some of the reviews complain that the unlock feature is a bit slow. Yet, this has an easy solution. Owners can start the process then they are nearby the house instead of when they arrive.

FAQ Section

  • What Is the Difference between August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro?

    The main difference is the type of safety systems these two devices use. The Pro version, for example, uses two-step authentication and two layers of security to use the auto-lock function.

    Plus, all the data is encrypted to prevent leaks. In all the rest, the devices are similar.

    Both of them are compatible with home systems and single-cylinder bolts. Plus, the installation is hassle-free in all cases. August locks vs pro differences, then, are slight.

  • Is the August Smart Lock Safe?

    Yes. The this smart lock has been designed by specialists who have plenty of years in the market. All of the devices encrypt data to protect their buyers from hackers.

    Plus, the app is easy to use but also secure. Yet, customers should always keep an eye on the batteries. If they run out, some of the functions may not work anymore.

  • How Long Do Batteries Last in August Devices?

    A lot. If owners install them correctly, then batteries should last for around 6 months. After this period, replacing them is not hard or pricey.

    Clients only have to buy 4 alkaline batteries to get their August product to start working again.

  • Does It Need WiFi?

    It depends on the model. The most recent ones do need Wi-Fi because they are connected to an app. There, the owner will get real-time alerts of what is going on with their property. For instance, how many times the door is opened.

    They will also know whether the nanny or the cleaning lady has arrived and used the key they generated for them.

  • How Do You Remove August Lock?

    Owners who don’t wish to have an August Smart Lock pro anymore have to do a factory reset. The steps are simple and done on one’s phone.

    1. From the app, people have to access Settings and look for an option called Reset.
    2. Once this is done, the next step is to remove the device from the door.
    3. Just do so with a screwdriver. Don’t worry; the existing mechanism will still function correctly.

August Pros & Cons

Still, doubting whether to use the August video homekit for the home? Let’s take a look at some of its best and newest deals in 2021 to convince readers. Yet, they also have to consider their negative features below.


  • The system can be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and many other home assistants.
  • People don’t need to be tech-savvy to set it up. In turn, with just a screwdriver and some videos, they can install the lock.
  • It’s possible to create new additional keys for other persons living at home.
  • It’s not so easy to detect the lock.
  • They use the best high-quality materials and a stylish design.


  • Auto-unlock can be a bit difficult to use, as it crosses different sources of information.
  • Opening the door can take more time than using a traditional key.

Take Care of Your Home’s Safety

All in all, with this August locks review clients can see it is suitable for a wide audience. As long as they have a single deadbolt, the product will work efficiently.

Plus, buyers have other options for add-ons to strengthen their safety even more. One example is doorbell cameras. They only need Wi-Fi and phone to install the app, and they are ready to go.

The August smart lock vs pro models have a few but important differences to consider when buying around. People just need to understand their needs and budget. Then, they will find the model they are looking for (and with the best quality available in the market) in 2021.

Editorial Staff

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