Bay Alarm Medical Review: Protect the Elderly

Bay Alarm Medical is a company that offers safety services for the elderly. For this, they provide a wide variety of devices and a 24/7 operations center that will be available in case any emergency occurs. How well do they perform? Read on to know which are the Bay Alarm Medical reviews and devices.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 25, 2020

Bay Alarm Medical Review: In-Depth

Bay Alarm Medical Review

Bay Alarm Medical is a system for those who might need emergency help. It is not among the priciest in the market, and it requires no contracts. To ease communication, it offers a hands-free service that sends and receives audio. It includes a pendant help button, among other devices. In this way, with only the push of a button, one can get the help he needs fast no matter where he is. Read on to see what people have to say about it in their Bay Alarm Medical reviews.

Key Features: What Matters the Most

  • Works with landlines and cellular networks
  • Affordable fees
  • No contract
  • GPS tracking
  • Fall detection
  • Protection at home and outdoors

Background Information

Bay Medical Alarm was created in 1946, which makes it one of the oldest in the market. Over time, this security company grew to the point of reaching 100,000 customers. It is a family-owned business that has worked in many niches and still offers services in home security, for example. The medical division is a subsidiary of Bay Alarm, but their work is totally independent. This means that their monitoring, for example, is separate and so more specialized.

Key Medical Features: What Does It Offer?

Bay Alarm Medical has been improving its products and, over time, they have added more features. Some of them regard the functions that they add to their devices, while others refer to their services. Read on to find out what they are.

24/7 Emergency Response: Active at All Times

If one of the users presses the alert button or if it detects a fall, in case this feature is activated, the center will receive an alert. And no matter the time of the day, they will get in touch with the emergency contact that the client selected beforehand. If necessary, they will also phone the police or an ambulance.

Fall Detection: A Helping Hand

This feature is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended for the elderly. This add-on has a tracker that detects if the person trips or falls. Then, it sends an alert to the emergency center. And if it is necessary, it will get professional help.

Geofencing: Know Where They Go

This function detects if the person who is being taken care of leaves a certain designated area, like his home, for example. If this is so, they will send an alert to the caregiver.

Web and Mobile Dashboards: Be Posted at Any Time

These two tools allow caregivers to make sure that their loved ones are OK. Through their phones or browsers, they can check their activity, alerts, location, and driving status.

Compatible with Landlines, VoIP and Cable Telephone: Take Your Pick

When landline does not work reliably, there are other options. If this is a recurrent problem, one can easily get a cellular unit and use it in a place with a strong signal.

Services in 170 Languages: Speak in Your Tongue

In case the person that is being taken care of does not feel comfortable using English, he can get assistance in 170 languages. This includes calling their customer care.

VOIP Compatibility: The Latest Tech

This feature comes in handy for those who do not want to depend on their landlines. Their system is compatible with the old telephone system, with DSL service, and VOIP. Those who intend to use the DSL function will require some additional equipment.

5-Year Battery Life: Forget about Charging

All the security pendants have a battery life that lasts for 5 years. This means that users will not have to worry about checking if the device is running out of it every day. And the best part is that it does not have a super large battery that makes it bulky. Actually, its weight is quite light.

Waterproof: Don’t Mind the Water

All the emergency buttons can resist water easily. This means that the user can take a shower or even bathe in a bathtub without any worries. This also means that walking under the rain or using it while doing exercise should be no problem.

Lifetime Warranty: Get Everything Fixed

All the products that come in their packages and bundles come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if one of them is defective or breaks after some time, it is possible to get it repaired without much effort.

Money-Back Guarantee: Try It Out Before Committing

Bay Alarm Medical offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. So, if the user is not happy with their products for any reason, they can just call and return it. In turn, they will get back shortly the money they invested in these products.

Equipment & Work

Bay Alarm Medical offers several plans, many of which are customizable according to the users’ needs. Each option comes with different types of devices. Read on to find out which ones they are and what they offer.

Personal Emergency Alert System: All the Alerts in One Place

This device is a centralized base for alerts. This unit allows users to connect with the monitoring center with just the push of a button, and they can talk with a representative instantly. Plus, it includes a battery that lasts for 32 hours in case there is a power outage.

Medical Alert Button: Use it Anywhere in the House

Medical Alert Button

This device should be taken anywhere and can be worn on the wrist or around the neck like a pendant. The only requirement is for it to be within 1,000 feet of the base to work properly. This unit is entirely waterproof and has a battery that lasts for 5 years.

In-Home Medical Alert: Plans for Every Budget

In-Home Medical Alert

Bay Alarm Medical alert comes with different plans. The most basic one costs $19.95 when it is on sale. It includes monitoring and a free base. The second plan is priced at $24.95 and also has fall detection and 4 buttons that can be stuck to the walls in dangerous areas. The premium one includes GPS monitoring and a lockbox for $29.95.

Mobile Medical Alert Button: Use it in Any Place

Mobile Medical Alert Button

This item comes in handy for those who have to leave their house often. The user can take the button where he goes. This device has a battery that lasts for 72 hours and GPS. It connects to 4G networks to communicate in case of emergencies for free.

In-Car Medical Alert: More Safety on the Road

This service is ideal for those who often drive from one place to the other. It gives them a button that can be placed within the car and also crash detection. It is possible to add GPS functionality for a higher fee.

Fall Detection: Know if They Trip

This function can be added to any plan for only $10. So, if they trip or fall, the center will get a notification, and they will proceed accordingly. This feature does not come with a contract, so it can be canceled at any time.

360 Degree Protection Bundles: The Complete Deal

360 Degree Protection Bundles

This is the best deal that Bay Alarm Medical has to offer. It includes all of their devices at $39.95 per month. For it to also include an in-home, in-car, or mobile GPS alert, the price goes up to $59.95.

Wall Button: Keep Them Handy

These buttons can be stuck easily on any wall. They are ideal for areas that are potentially dangerous, like stairs, or places where one does not wear the pendant, like the shower. They can be purchased individually at $2.95 per month, or in a 4-pack at $10 monthly.

Key Lockbox: Store Items

This device helps to provide more security to homeowners. It stores the home keys and protects them with a numeric combination. In this way, no one will have access to the systems unless they are authorized.

How It Works

The whole process is very simple. The most important devices are the base station and the wireless button. They have to be within 1000 feet from each other for them to work. In this way, when help is needed, the station can receive the signal from the button and contact the team for help.

If this distance is not enough, it is possible to get a mobile version. The one that works through the landline is reliable and simple. These are the steps that users have to follow for it to work.

  1. If something happens, the user will have to press the button.
  2. Then, thanks to the station, the senior can get in touch with an operator for help.
  3. With the info he collects, the representative will review the situation take the appropriate course of action. This is to say that he will either call the designated emergency contact or an ambulance depending on the seriousness of the situation.


The whole setup process of these systems is to be carried out by the user, which means it is totally free. Fortunately, it is very easy to do, so this should not be a problem. There are only three steps, and it is done. First, plug the hub into a socket for it to get the necessary power. Then, connect the item to the phone jack, and also connect the phone. The system will take a few seconds to turn on and load. And that is it!

Bay Alarm Medical Plans & Pricing

Bay Alarm Medical has many bundles and plans aimed at different types of needs. Each plan includes more devices for each bundle for a higher price. Each bundle includes the basic elements needed for particular situations, like being at home, outside, or driving. Here is an in-depth comparison of what each of them has to offer.

In-Home Mobile GPS In-Car 360° Bundle
Price for basic plans$19.95$24.95$29.95$59.95
Cellular connectionNoYesYesYes
GPS trackerNoYesYesYes
Two-way audioYesYesYesYes
Crash detectionNoNoYesYes
24/7 monitoringYesYesYesYes
Mobile appNoNoNoNo
Wall buttonOptionalNoNoOptional
Fall protectionNoNoNoNo

All the systems come in three different deals: standard, preferred, and premium protection. According to which of them the user chooses, there will be more or fewer devices, like wall buttons or fall detection. Here is what each bundle offers with the basic plan.

In-Home Medical Alert

Medical Alert In-Home

This Bay Alarm Medical Alert is the best for those who spend most of their time at home. It was prepared to be used indoors, but it is still portable enough to be moved around the house at will. Seniors can contact the operators just by pressing a button and then talk thanks to the two-way communication. It has a battery that lasts for 32 hours, and it is possible to add fall detection.


  • 32-hour battery
  • Lightweight
  • Two-way audio
  • Simple to use
  • Instant communication


  • No 4G backup
  • Fall detection is an extra

Mobile GPS Help Button

This device can be carried anywhere since it relies on a 4G connection to work and communicate with the emergency team. It includes a GPS chip so that the operators will know where the user is in case of a fall or something of the sort. Caregivers will also have access to this info so they can know the location of their loved ones and review their situation.


  • Fast connection
  • Quick communication
  • GPS tracker
  • Caregivers can know the location
  • Powered by 4G LTE


  • It’s easy to lose
  • Auto fall buttons are optional

In-Care Medical Alert

This bundle was designed to give peace of mind to the families of those senior citizens who want to keep on driving. With it, users can call emergencies at any time. And it also has a crash detector that can review the situation and then notifies the center and the family if necessary. When one contacts the center, he can talk to them thanks to the two-way communication.


  • GPS device
  • Powered by 12V auxiliary power outlet
  • Crash detector
  • Two-way communication
  • Easy to use


  • No voice commands
  • Could be distracting while driving

360° Protection Bundle

This is this Bay Alarm Medical’s best bundle. It gives users the possibility of accessing all three packages: the in-home, mobile, and car alert systems. Getting all these bundles at once comes with a discount, though it is not a great one. By using it, seniors will be protected in practically any situation they could encounter.

Ease of Use

A common concern when buying technology for the elderly is whether they will be able to use it proficiently. In this case, this should not be a worry. Bay Alarm Medical alert is very simple and practically does everything by itself. The user will only have to press a button when he needs help and then talk like in a normal conversation. The installation system is also very straightforward and can be carried out in three simple steps.

Customer Experience

When buying a security system for the elderly, it is essential to see what previous users have to say. Some companies promise safety but then do not deliver while others do a very good job, and their users recognize it. Read on to see what the Bay Alarm Medical alert system review says.

Terms and Guarantees

In their Terms of Use, the company details its policies in relation to returns. For instance, they offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days. This is to say that if for any reason, the user is not satisfied with his purchase and wants to give it back, he can. In exchange, he will get a full refund of all the money he paid.

As regards their privacy policy, they make it clear from the beginning that they are not in the business of selling their users’ data. Then, they specify which measures they take to avoid this, like not collecting their info without telling them.

Customer Support

Bay Alarm Medical has two schedules. The one for monitoring is 24/7 every day of the year except for New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Then, their customer care is available for help, and complaints from Mondays to Fridays from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time, and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, and 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm Pacific Time.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Bay Alarm Medical Review

Many previous users have left some Bay Alarm Medical reviews. All in all, most previous clients agree that the service delivers what it promises. If the button is pressed, the connection with an operator who will review the situation is practically automatic. Then, they will take the appropriate measures depending on what is going on. Yet, there is still some room for improvement. For example, may complain that after a year of intensive use, some of the equipment tends to wear off. Some other claim that wearing the equipment all day long is not comfortable, though this, of course, is a matter of personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bay Alarm a Good Medical Alert Company?

    The experience will vary greatly depending on the user’s needs and expectations. Some of the Bay Alarm Medical alert reviews differ. But in general terms, yes. Their system is reliable and works fast. Their customer service answers almost instantly and is prepared to handle most situations. Also, the equipment is very easy to use and set up.

  • Do I Own the Bay Alarm Medical Alert Equipment When I Start My Service?

    No, all the equipment always belongs to the providers. If the user wants to cancel the Bay Alarm Medical alert, he will have to give all the devices back. Nonetheless, having the items without the service is not of much use. If one stops paying but keeps them, he will not be able to use them because the operators only answer the calls from paying customers.

  • How Do I Cancel My Bay Alarm Medical?

    In case the user wants to cancel the service, the only thing he has to do is a phone at 1-877-522-9633 and notify the team of the decision. They will tell the client how to proceed to turn off the devices and send them to their offices. Bear in mind that for the service to be canceled for good, the items will have to be returned. This might take some time to be processed.

  • How Do I Know Bay Alarm Is Working?

    The main way to test it is by pressing the button and seeing if they answer. Yet, this is something that cannot be done repeatedly. The team recommends doing this only once a month. Otherwise, one will be wasting valuable time from the team and first-responders who might be needed by another person in real danger. Plus, the team carries out silent tests to ensure that the devices work properly every week.

Bay Alarm Medical Pros & Cons

The systems that this company offers promise a lot. Yet, it is difficult to know if they will be able to help seniors be safe. To understand if this is the right solution for users, check out which are their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Fast communication
  • GPS tracker
  • Waterproof equipment
  • Cellular and landline connections
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • Fall protection costs extra
  • No voice activation

Who Should Get It?

Those who are interested in keeping an eye on their loved ones or who would like some extra help for themselves should check out Bay Alarm Medical since they offer good equipment, fast responses, and overall good prices. Though there might be some more advanced options on the market, this one offers a good balance between quality and cost.

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