Blink Security Camera Review: A Cheap & Easy Way To Protect Your Home

Installing a security system is not only difficult, but also expensive. Most devices cost fortunes, and they require a monthly payment.But the camera by Blink comes to the market promising to do away with all that. They claim that now having a reliable camera system will at everyone’s reach. For this, they have created a wireless camera that can be set up in minutes and requires no contract or fees. What is more, the price is ridiculously low. Is this the best camera in the market? Read on to find out.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 17, 2020

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Most people look for cheap and easy ways to protect the house and get more security. They may find a nice option in these cameras. These devices do not come with contracts or monthly payments. One just needs to install it and start using it; it is quite a smart home system. They promise a low-cost service that one can control from their phone if they want. And everything is pretty automatic.

Key Features

  • Motion Night alerts
  • Live HD video
  • Night vision
  • Weatherproof
  • One-time payment
  • 2-year battery life

Blink Home Security Review: Background Information

Blink was created in 2009 by Peter Besen, Don Shulsinger and Stephen Gordon. It started selling its cameras in 2016, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. There, they gathered over $1 million thanks to their more than 7,000 supporters. Due to their quality, Amazon bought the company in 2017.

Their main promise was providing a battery life that would last for years. Also, simplicity was another of the things they preached about. They claimed one could just plug their cameras and start to use them. This is with minimal setup. The best part was that they would offer distinct options for every need and budget.

But cameras are not all they do. Blink also offers a whole security system. It includes sensors that work together with the recording devices. All this at very affordable prices for the industry.

Blink HD Security Camera System Features

This device boasts about its simplicity. It also includes some very complex features that can be used commonly. And these top-notch functionalities come at a very low price. Wondering what they are? Read on to know more about them.

Monitoring: Keep Track of Everything

Monitoring Blink

This camera allows knowing what is going on at home at all times. Its motion detection feature turns on when it detects any suspicious movement for your security. Then, it starts recording and sends a copy of the video. It is also possible to see what happens in real-time through the smart app.

Night Vision: Be Safe 24/7

Nightvision Blink

This product includes two functionalities that allow monitoring in every lighting condition. First, its smart sensor and lens are designed to absorb more light than traditional cameras. Thanks to this, one can receive high-quality video always, no matter the storage. Then, if this is not enough, the device has an LED light to help for free.

Instant On: See It Right Away

Instant on Blink

Whenever there is an alert, speed is vital. This is why this product starts recording in less than a second after it detects something is out of place. In this way, one can get the whole picture of what is going on without having to wait for the smart device to react.

Auto-arm/Disarm Function: Set and Forget

Auto Arm Disarm Function Blink

Let’s be honest, security cameras are useful, but for some, they are not necessary 24/7. So, it is possible to program beforehand when they have to turn on and off. This can also be done manually at home, but it is nice to have a feature that allows setting it up and forget about it.

Voice Control: Alexa Makes the Best Team

This device can be paired with Amazon Alexa to control it with one’s voice. It is as easy as just syncing them. One only has to open the Amazon Alexa app and add the Blink for Home function. This will allow arming, disarming, and getting info by just speaking, for free.

Privacy: Choose When to Be Safe

The device comes with a recording notification. So, one can know when the device is working. This means that protecting one’s privacy is quite easy. Just look for the signal and disarm the camera to avoid being recorded.

Battery: Use It for Years

Battery Blink

The two versions of this product offer a long-lasting battery. XT2 model offers two years of battery life using the live view function, together with the smart motion-activated recording, while occasionally using the two-way talk. The original XT offers one year of energy without using the talking feature.

Third-Party Integration: Tweak It and Automate It

Ifttt Blink

This device does not come with any built-in automation feature. But it can be used with third parties for this. For example, the IFTTT app. In this way, users can program reactions and sync them with other devices at home. The integration with Alexa comes in handy for this too.

Mobile Alerts: Be Posted at All Times

Blink Alarm

When something happens, one wants to know all about it on the spot. Here is where the mobile alerts come into play. If there is some suspicious activity at home, one gets a notification about it. And a short video. In this way, deciding on how to proceed has never been easier.

Equipment & Installation: Fast and Easy Setup

Installation Blink

The team that created the Camera did so with simplicity in mind. This means that the installation process is straightforward. There are no wires or anything of the sort. Just scan the code and start using it.

The Goods: Everything That Is Included

To protect the whole house, the camera will not be enough. For this, the “Security” bundle could be the best choice.

Blink Cameras: The Heart of the Service

The company offers two models of the Camera. The basic one was created with indoor use in mind. The XT version offers similar functions but has better hardware. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And it also means better battery life. Both cameras come with sensors that help expand their functionality.

Video Doorbell: Know Who’s at the Door

This device syncs with the cameras to offer a better user experience. It has many of the functions of the XT model, like the 2-way audio, weatherproofing, low-light vision, and motion sensors. In this way, the whole house will be safer. This product will be available shortly.

Add-On Equipment

Buying many complementary cameras to keep better track of what goes on is a good idea. The more one buys, the lower the price is.

Accessories: Boost the Cameras

The Blink team offers several accessories to complement their home cameras. With yard signs and window stickers, they give their users the possibility of warning potential intruders to stay away. With the sync module, it is possible to coordinate all the cameras. And with the mounts, one can install cameras where it is more convenient. All this, while making them more stylish with the covers.

Setting Up the Cameras: A Piece of Cake

Setting up Blink

Installing the system is secure. Just follow the instructions in the pamphlet that comes with it, and it’s done. And once the account is set up, adding new devices takes less than a minute. Once it is connected with the app, it explains the final part of the process in a graphic way. So, there should be no problems with this.
Once everything is ready, controlling the cameras from the phone is simple, no matter the storage. It offers the options to turn the device on and off, as well as the motion free sensors. One can also configure the length of the videos and detection. And tweak the low-light feature.

When they created this system, the team wanted to do something simple. They were tired of companies that offered a thousand similar plans by reading the best Amazon reviews. So, their pricing system is easy to understand. There are only two models. Each of them is suitable for different needs. Keep on reading the review below to view all the features.

One Camera + Sync Module Indoor Starter Set: The Basic Model

Starter Kit Blink

Costing an incredibly low $79.99, this model is perfect for those who want to keep track of what goes on in their house. The basic model is only suitable for indoor use. This is why it is so stylish. It blends in with the decoration.

It includes HD video, a temperature sensor, a low-light sensor, and a motion sensor. All these top-notch features ensure security at all times. Most importantly, it has no fees. Many other services require a subscription for detection, for example. This one is simpler. With only a one-time payment, it is enough. Then, one can check the activity through the mobile app.

Blink xt2 One Camera System: The Pro Model

This model costs $99.99 and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It offers all the basic functions of the previous model. But it also has a two-way audio system. This allows communicating with people at the door, or in a specific room.

The team takes pride in this version’s extended battery life, which lasts two years. Many Amazon reviews talk about this feature, saying it is the best. This is thanks to their improved energy consumption. With only two AA batteries, it is enough. The device is also weather-resistant, which comes in handy for outdoor use. Free cloud storage is included to keep a copy of important recordings on storage to view them later.

Accessories: Complement the Devices

The Blink team also sells several items that go with the best cameras. They are perfect for warning possible offenders to stay away. Some of them are useful to set up the devices. Let’s take a look at the reviews.

  • Yard sign and window stickers
  • Covers for the camera (white)
  • Sync module
  • Camera mounts

Product Comparison Table

After reviewing the above cameras, it is important to take a look at all the features in a more visual way. Below, readers can find some crucial elements both products bring with them and decide accordingly.

Price $69.99 $89.99
HD Video Yes Yes
Motion Detection Yes Yes
Low-Light Illumination Yes Yes
Temperature Sensor Yes Yes
Live View Video Yes Yes
Live View Recording No Yes
2-Way Audio No Yes
Extended Battery Life No Yes
Customizable Motion Zones No Yes

Ease of Use

The experience with the device is pretty straightforward. Setting it up is easy. Just put it in the desired place. Scan the code. And that is it! Then, one can control everything from the phone. It is possible to see the live feed of what goes on at home. If there is any unexpected movement, the motion sensor detects it, and the device sends a notification to the phone. It couldn’t be easier!

Customer Experience

Before buying, most people do some research about the best home security systems in the market. This is why having a positive reputation is important. To know what most users think about this camera, read on.

Terms and Guarantees

The Blink team explains in detail how the system works in Terms of Use. First of all, most users will like to know that there is a refund policy. If they are not satisfied with the purchase, people can return it within 30 days if it is in brand new condition. They will only have to pay for shipping.

And if they like the product, but there is any technical fault, the cameras are covered by a 1-year warranty. They will fix the broken device in most events. Just contact support, and they will provide all the info on how to do this.

Blink Customer Support

Customer Support Blink

Blink’s customer support is very efficient. They are available all day, every day of the year. What is more, there are several ways to contact them. The most common ones are by phone, email, and chat. But it is also possible to consult with the community or watch their videos and tutorials to get help.

Blink Camera Reviews

Most users on the web praise this device for its simplicity. One recurrent comment regards their payment system. In contrast to what most alarm companies offer, this product does not need a subscription. With a one-time payment, it is enough.

Another common comment has to do with its easy installation. It needs no wires or specific voltage. Just install it, scan the code, and it’s ready to be used – all of this without taking up too much space.

There even are some anecdotes about how useful the app can be. It allows controlling what is going on at home in just a second. And this is without having to interrupt what one is doing.

FAQ Section

  • Is the Blink Cameras Any Good?

    Yes, it is. Most users give good opinions about it. On the one hand, almost everyone likes its simplicity. It is wireless, and so installing it is easy. The best part is that it can be controlled remotely with an app. Also, people like its image quality. It records HD video and has low-light capabilities. And it is possible to record it and see it live. This is complemented with its many functions, like a motion sensor.

  • Can Blink Cameras Be Hacked?

    This is very unlikely. The people at Blink take many measures to prevent this from happening. All the account info and the recordings are encrypted right away. This happens before the info even reaches Blink’s servers. So, unless they have access to the app, or get account details from the user, this is not likely to happen. This means that to avoid hacking, one should pay attention to how they handle their devices and who they give data to. On the part of the company, hacking is not likely.

  • What Is the Range of Blink Security Cameras?

    This depends on different factors. In general, these cameras work fine up to 100 feet away from the sync module. But this will be influenced by the strength of the WIFI signal and if there are any obstacles in the way. To ensure that the device works properly, make sure to keep them at the right distance. Or else, the results may not be what was expected.

  • Are Blink Cameras Easy to Steal?

    This will depend on the quality of the mounts they are placed in. The previous ones made it very easy to steal the device. The camera just snapped into its place and could be easily taken from there. The new mounts have a different system. This makes it more resistant and harder to steal. Yet, they are not infallible. If one tries hard enough, the cameras can still be stolen.

  • Do Blink Cameras Need an Internet Connection?

    Yes, they do. Having a strong WiFi connection is key for these devices to work. They rely on the Internet to sell notifications and info the app on the users’ phones. This is also necessary to sync the device with the module. And more importantly, depending on the quality of the WiFi, the image quality that the user gets will vary. HD video requires a strong signal and generous speeds to be streamed and saved quickly.

Every product has its good and bad aspects. One has to weigh which one is more important to see if it is worth buying. Here are the things to bear in mind when purchasing the Blink cameras.


  • Long-lasting battery life, which can go as far as two years.
  • No wires or difficult connections needed.
  • Everything can be done from the app.
  • No monthly fees or contracts.
  • It is full of useful features, like the sensors.


  • It relies entirely on having WiFi connectivity.
  • People who are not used to apps may find it hard to use.

Who Are They For?

These Blink security cameras come with several features that make them perfect for most people. Of course, they may not be the most sophisticated system in the market, as shown in this review. Banks and institutions that rely on their security will keep on using other devices and storage. But these ones are great for those looking for a reliable device at an affordable price to keep their house safe. Read all the reviews, as they have great potential and will possibly keep on expanding in the future.

Editorial Staff

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