Brinks Home Security System Review: How This Industry Leader Compares Today

This company may be a recognizable name in surveillance, but today it has to compete with dozens of rivals. This 2021 Brinks home security review looks at the key metrics that consumers must consider. For one thing, they need modern equipment and features that will protect them on all fronts. Not only that, but the cost should be affordable and suitable for a variety of budgets. By assessing and grading each category, it was possible to create a thorough and reliable review.

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Updated: January 17, 2020

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Brinks Home Security Review: In-Depth

Older generations may have memories of this business, but today’s consumers will see Brinks in a new light. The company offers professional and self-monitored options, as well as compatibility with more modern technologies. Even so, there are still competitors that are giving the brand a run for its money.

Key Features

While there are several Brinks Home Security systems to choose from, each of them includes original equipment and capabilities.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automation
  • Cellular backup
  • Google Assistant
  • Mobile control
  • Tamper Protection

Brinks Security Review: Background Information

Background Information Brinks

Brinks has long been in the home surveillance industry, although when it started in 1859, the corporation catered to storefronts and jewelers. The company even helped to transport the famous Hope Diamond via one of its renown bullet-resistant trucks. The enterprise has gone through several acquisitions, and 82% of its revenue comes from international business.

About ten years ago, corporate decided to rebrand as Broadview and a year later, merged with ADT. In 2018, the Brinks Home Security trademark was re-established. Today, the company has over 1,200 employees and is ranked among the best in the U.S. The headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

Key Features: Standout Services and Accessories

The business prides itself on round-the-clock professional monitoring, but clients can choose between expert installation or DIY packages. Moreover, a lot of the equipment may seem similar to Google Nest because the two companies joined forces and have a partnership.

Home Automation: Integrated Cameras, Sensors, and More

Home Automation Brinks

The Brinks hub can sync up with a range of devices to create a more integrated and automated system. For instance, the control panel can connect to smart locks, alarms, doorbells, and more, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google devices.

24/7 Monitoring: Help is Always at the Ready

27-7 Professional Monitoring

Employees are constantly available to watch over camera footage and contact the authorities in case of an emergency. That round-the-clock assurance is a great feature for each security package. Plus, if customers have an Alexa device or something similar, they can use voice commands to communicate with the support center.

ASAPer: Emergency Care and Response

ASAPer Brinks

Some of the packages come with the ASAPer feature, which is a messaging service that hooks customers up with emergency contacts and local authorities. It gets triggered when the home sensors detect unusual activity, and can quickly link people to the police or support center.

Remind Me Alerts: Enhanced Safety for Nest Users

This is only available to Nest clients, but it’s offered through the Brinks system. The alerts come through the app and allow customers to control their security devices from their smartphone. It can also send reminders to lock up or check the cameras.

Smartphone Control: Added Convenience & All-Day Monitoring

Smartphone Control Brinks

This mobile app is a useful tool that allows individuals to secure their systems even when they’re away from the house. Also, they can access a live feed from their indoor and outdoor cameras, granting them full control. The smartphone application comes with account settings, too.

Cloud Video Storage: Keep Recordings & Files Safe

Customers who purchase a specific security package can access cloud storage for their footage. This ensures that they can always playback recordings without worrying about a storage disk or SD card.

Contracts: Long Yet Inclusive Agreements

Those with commitment issues may have trouble signing on to a three-year contract. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the packages come with lots of equipment and special features. Plus, the pricing is quite affordable compared to other brands out there.

Panel Protection: A Touchscreen Hub That Does it All

Panel Protection Brinks

The control panel has a convenient touchscreen that is easy to use and connects to all of the other devices. Family members can use it to arm/disarm the house, call the authorities, or ask Alexa to set the alarm or lock up the doors.

Live Assistance: Trusted Professionals Are Always On-Call

Lots of clients get quick, live assistance thanks to the ASAper app. That said, 24/7 expert monitoring is available to all customers, and someone is always on the line to talk or dispatch the police.

Equipment & Installation

The company continues to review and add new equipment and technology options to its line-up. Along with the control hub, there are a variety of cameras and sensors, as well as add-ons. These include ASAPer, video doorbells, and more.

Brinks Home Security Cameras

When it comes to capturing home footage, clients have indoor and outdoor options. Each pricing plan comes with a cam, but individuals can add on equipment if they need more coverage.

Home Indoor Camera

Home Indoor Camera Brinks

The basic package comes with one HD indoor cam. It has 1080p resolution and night vision up to 20 feet, perfect for hallways. Customers can also use the device to record footage and watch the live streams from their phones. The field of view is quite generous, at 113° horizontal and 100° vertical.

Home Outdoor Camera

Home Outdoor Camera Brinks

These outdoor devices are more of an add-on feature, and they are powered by a WiFi connection. This makes them wireless and easy to conceal. Similarly, they boast 1080p HD resolution as well as night vision up to 40 feet. On the downside, the field of view is only 88°.

HD Doorbell Camera

HD Doorbell Camera Brinks

The HD doorbell cam has a 1080p resolution and a 180° field of view. Plus, it senses motion up to 15 feet away to alert homeowners that someone is approaching the door. The two-way audio allows customers to chat with their visitors even before they reach the door.

Intrusion Protection

Intrusion Protection Brinks

These monitors and detection devices are useful for all areas of a property, both inside and out. Customers can place them in entryways as well as around windows to protect against burglaries. These accessories will alert the system whenever they sense motion, giving families a head-start in keeping intruders away.

  • Doors & windows
  • Garage detection
  • Glass break protection
  • Motion sensors


It’s not just the front door that needs protection. Fortunately, Brinks has a variety of recording equipment that can keep track of dark corners, poorly-light areas, garages, backyards, and more. Night vision and motion detection give these tools greater reliability. Individuals can use them inside, on the porch, in the driveway, and more.

  • Doorbell cam
  • Indoor & outdoor cameras
  • Live footage & assistance
  • Tilt & pan surveillance devices

Environmental Protection

Sometimes the threat isn’t a person, but a weather disaster. Brinks has sensors that can alert homeowners to gas leaks, excess water, and even changes in the temp or humidity level. This could protect the property from environmental damage, as well as save someone’s life.

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Floods
  • Smoke
  • Temperature changes

Life Safety

This is a good option for older residents or those with physical disabilities. With the push of a button, they can get in touch with the support center. This is perfect for trips and falls and could end up saving a life.

  • Medical alert
  • Panic button


With all of the sensors, cameras, and hardware, one might think that installing a Brinks system is a lot of work. Thanks to its affiliation with Nest, the company offers DIY packages that are designed to be user-friendly, even if someone isn’t a handyman. For those who aren’t good with that kind of thing, they can opt for professional installation, which is available in many regions. Just be aware that it will cost extra to have a technician come to the property, set everything up, and give a brief demonstration.

Brinks Packages & Prices

To help meet the needs of families all over the country, Brinks offers a few different security kits at various price points. Each plan has a monthly monitoring fee as well as the upfront costs for service and device installation.

Monthly Cost$29$39$13.86$30.53
Upfront Cost $799$1099$499$1099
# of Cameras1111
24/7 MonitorinYesYesYesYes
Touchscreen Hub YesYesYesYes
Motion SensorsYesYesYesYes
# of Sensors5555
Doorbell CamNoYesNoYes

Home Complete

Buyers can deck out their property with some of the best devices from the company. This includes its dependable indoor camera, the easy-to-use touchscreen control panel, and integrated automation with Alexa, Z-Wave, and more. This kit comes with the hub touchscreen, two wireless motion detectors, an indoor cam with night vision, 3 sensors for the doors, and a “Protected by Brinks” yard sign.


  • 24/7 smartphone access
  • Five motion sensors
  • Night vision camera


  • Doesn’t include professional installation
  • High upfront costs

Home Complete with Video

For a more inclusive plan, clients can try out this one. It includes everything from the previous kit with the addition of the SkyBell Slim Line doorbell. Also, this package comes with an outdoor cam rather than an indoor one. The other main difference is that customers who purchase this system get professional installation included.


  • Comes with expert installment
  • Has a doorbell camera
  • Outdoor camera (may be preferable to some)


  • Expensive upfront costs
  • Lengthy contract terms

Home Complete with Financing

This is the same package, but with a different payment plan that helps with lowering the price. Again, it has 5 motion sensors, which can be placed up to 200 feet away. The sleek design makes them nearly imperceptible to anyone who enters the room. It’s also great for families with pets because the device’s alarm won’t trigger any animal under 40 lbs.


  • Allows for easier payment options
  • Hacker protection
  • Smart hub with device integration


  • 36-month agreement required
  • No video doorbell alarm

Home Complete with Video & Financing

If someone wants to go all out with the top plan, they might be able to make it happen with the finance option. It helps by shaving off $400 but requires credit approval, so not everyone will qualify. As the top-of-the-line package, it comes with a mounted doorbell that has two-way audio and 1280×800 resolution.


  • Cuts costs for consumers
  • High-resolution footage
  • Two-way communication


  • Still a pricey option
  • Subject to credit approval

Ease of Use

The entire surveillance system is built to be easy to use and intuitive for clients of all backgrounds. Most people will appreciate that they can choose between technician support or a DIY installment option. It’s also convenient for Nest owners, as they can sync up the Brinks devices with their existing control hub. While the pre-set plans are useful, remember that there are also add-on accessories to consider. For instance, if someone purchases Home Complete but wants another outdoor camera, they will need to add it to their order for an extra fee. Things like that can get annoying, not to mention pricey.

Customer Support

One of the areas where this company puts its best foot forward is in client experience. Time and time again, Brinks comes up as a trustworthy brand with hundreds of thousands of satisfied buyers.

Terms & Guarantees

Of course, there are going to be disadvantages to any business. For this one, it’s the cancelation policy. Clients get stuck in a strict term agreement, and since the three-year contract is required, they can end up paying early termination fees. That said, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so as long as they’re quick about it, they can try out the system and see if they like it enough to keep it. Furthermore, there is a two-year warranty on equipment, which is promising. Consumers also appreciate that the corporation makes it easy to transfer service to another property in case of a move.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Again, the team is available all the time and the technicians are courteous and knowledgeable. There are toll-free phone numbers for sales and support, as well as an online help center on the Brinks website. The site’s virtual assistant is the best means of talking to someone via live chat.


The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and three out of five stars on Trustpilot. Most reviews complain about individual technicians or call center employees. This is more of a reflection on the specific office’s training procedures rather than the company as a whole. The majority of clients state that they’re satisfied with their equipment and devices. They always know when their system is turned on, and the controls are simple and user-friendly.

Something to be aware of is the term agreement because it can be very difficult to get out of a 36-month contract. All in all, consumers are happy with this corporation, and many families turn to it because it’s a dependable brand that’s been around for decades.

FAQ Section

  • Who Bought Out Brinks Home Security?

    The company, as a whole, focuses on privacy and safety, and it had a business line dedicated to residential surveillance services. In 2008, it rebranded as Broadview, which merged with ADT in 2010. The acquisition was valued at $2 billion and was a combination of the #1 and #2 most-popular protection companies in the United States. This partnership remained untouched until 2018 when it became “Brinks Home Security”.

  • Is Brinks a Good Home Security System?

    Overall, this corporation is capable of everything that its competitors can do. That said, there may be differences in how it’s done or what equipment each company offers. However, customers who turn to this business can find door and window sensors, environmental protection, video doorbells, and more.

  • Does Brinks Home Security Do Credit Checks?

    Yes, if someone wants to qualify for the financing option, then they will need to undergo a credit check. This process works via a program with GreenSky, a financial technology company. It’s not clear what a customer’s credit score needs to be, or if the check will count as a hard inquiry.

  • Is Brinks Going Out of Business?

    No. As recently as 2018, the company was going through a rebranding campaign. Plus, there are over 200,000 customers, making the enterprise highly profitable. Other signs of growth include its partnership with Google Nest and regular updates and improvements to the equipment. Just because the corporation may go through name changes or acquisitions, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to go out of business. To date, it is a healthy brand and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Does Alexa Work With Brinks Security?

    Yes. Any customer who has an Amazon Alexa device can use the voice commands and other automation features along with their surveillance system. This creates even more flexibility in how people control their cameras and sensors and access live streaming footage. Other third-party gadgets that work with Brinks include Z-Wave and Google Assistant.

  • How to Cancel Brinks Home Security System?

    Clients who wish to terminate their contract can call 800-447-9239. From there, an agent will send over an electronic document for signature. If the individual is closing their account before the agreement terms, they may be subject to early cancelation fees. These could be up to 80% of the remaining monthly payments, so be sure to read the terms and conditions beforehand.

Brinks Pros & Cons

It’s beneficial to have expert monitoring, and fortunately, it comes with every security plan. Moreover, individuals have one month to decide if the system is right for them before they’re locked into a contract. Speaking of the term agreement, it lasts for 36 months, which is much longer than most competitors. Overall, this brand is worth checking out for its advanced technology, but be wary of the contracts.


  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Devices can integrate with other home automation gadgets
  • Products are reliable and up-to-date
  • The convenience of mobile control


  • Long contractual agreements
  • Pricing can be too expensive for some people

Final Thoughts on This Surveillance Corporation

There’s no denying this company’s positive reputation, and their equipment and service offerings appeal to the modern homeowner. While the pricing may be out of reach for some demographics, the enterprise is easing the burden with financing options and partnerships with other brands. The devices are dependable, and the customer support is great, so it’s worth a shot.

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