Complete ID Reviews: Finance & Identity Theft Under Control

Experian is the provider of Complete ID, an identity theft service, and other financial protection. Those who are already members of Costco will have a generous discount on the price, which makes it very convenient. Now, there are some questions to address, like is it worth $29.99 per month? Does it truly protect the clients? Does it prevent bank fraud from happening? Let’s answer those questions together in these Complete ID reviews.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 9, 2021

Complete ID Review: In-Depth

Those in doubt of hiring these products should bear in mind that it has an A+ rating on BBB. What does this mean? Well, they offer a set of skills and perks that suits the needs of millions of people in the USA. For example, their social security number is usually used to commit identity fraud. And this type of vendor can prevent that theft from happening.

Key Features:

  • Possibility of monitoring the dark web
  • Identity protection
  • Criminal reports available
  • Restoration in case of theft
  • Detailed credit reports

Background Information

Complete ID Background Information
Complete ID has been in action for almost ten years now and has high-quality services for everyone. They take care of issues common people face today, such as data breaches or identity theft. Only in 2021, this company has half a million countries based all around the US. One of their premium services includes what they call Restoration Specialists.

These professionals will give a helping hand and important information to those victims of fraud. This way, clients will be able to restore their identity in a simple manner.

Features: Taking Safety to the Next Level

So, for a fair price and the best features, this provider has plenty of options included in its bundles. These go from financial reports to identity papers or lists of sexual offenders living in one’s neighborhood. Want to know more? Take a look at the list below.

Identity Status Check: Always Know Where You Are at

One of the stars of Complete ID, the status check is standard protection. It includes many procedures to know whether the person has been stolen or not. As a result, they are able to take measures to solve the issues with this theft of information.

360 Monitoring: Every Source Under Control

As the name shows, 360 monitoring is helpful in case the client has now become a victim and has privacy issues. If so, this provider will analyze many sources like a bank account or credit reports to know which has been the cause of the leak. All the possibilities are on their radar and area of coverage.

Alerts and Advice: Professional Word

There are some signs of suspicious activity. For example, asking loans at a bank that is miles away is a red flag. Customers of this vendor can rest in peace, knowing they have someone watching over their sensitive info.

Annual 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring: Financial Safety

Complete ID Annual 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring

Credit reports are also an indicator of safety or not. Hiring these services from home, then, gives protection in this sense. Why? Because the company has access to annual 3 bureau reports and accounts and keeps an eye on them at all times.

Dark Web Surveillance: Even in the Darkest Places

The dark web is called that for a reason. This is because a lot of crimes, like buying and selling personal data or theft, take place here. Luckily for clients, Costco Complete ID knows how to detect these crimes and stop them. They have done so thousands of times in the past.

Mail Change: No Worries in Distant Locations

Fraud also includes mail change. That is, packages that are not directed to the correct address. The provider can help with this issue and give info on what steps to take to correct it in the future.

Criminal Records Monitoring: Keeping an Eye on Things

A good criminal may pass all the filters. So, the only way to truly know whether someone stole one’s identity is by monitoring criminal activity. In case they detect something strange, they send an alert at once.

Payday Loan Monitoring: No Risks at the Bank

Loans can be a nightmare. Thieves don’t need a lot of info to open one and can turn the victim’s life a living hell. It’s crucial, then, to have Complete ID monitoring if one of them appears to advise what to do next.

Neighborhood Watch: Security at Home

Nobody wants to live near thieves or sex offenders. That is why the USA has a complete record of them. So, customers will receive a full report in case there are any near their homes. This way, they can take any necessary precautions.

SSN Monitoring: Even the Most Sensitive Info

One’s social security number is private. With that data, it’s not hard to commit fraud. That is why it is crucial to keep it under control and always monitor new names that could be associated with that number, like asking for credit.

Financial Account Monitoring: No Money for the Thieves

This not only includes bank activity or credit. But also what is done with one’s credit card or if new accounts are opened under one’s name. Without their complete consent, of course. An alert will arrive on one’s smartphone at once.

How it Works

The process is quite simple and can be done from home without help. Future buyers should visit the site and look for the section on pricing.

  • There, they can choose the bundle that better fits their needs and requirements.
  • From then on, they are just a phone call away from having the service.
  • After speaking to the customer care team, the client does not have to do anything else. Just wait for them to get in touch in case any red flag arises.

Complete ID Pricing

Complete ID Pricing

The differences between the plans are not many, but they have some distinct perks. Of course, the first thing that is not the same as the pricing for each account. As clients can observe, one of the costs doubles the other. This is because of the number of people that can be covered under the identity theft policy.

In the case of the Gold plan, it can include a whole family in the same account. In the executive one, only the person paying for the service.

Executive plan Gold plan
Price $9 $14
360 monitoring Yes Yes
Immediate alerts No Yes
24/7 support Yes Yes
Lost wallet help No Yes
Child identity support Yes Yes
Free app Yes Yes

Complete ID for Costco Executive Members

The service is only available for those who are already Costco users. If they are not, it would be far more expensive. The idea is to have full control over the persons’ financial and criminal information. This way, they can know about fraud or identity theft in a very short time.


  • An additional child at $2.99 per month.
  • Monthly credit reports and monitoring.
  • Social security number protection.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • It can protect children, too.
  • Monitors financial services all over the country.
  • Protection in the neighborhood.


  • Users still have to pay for additional family members.

Complete ID for Costco Business and Gold Members

The main difference between this business plan and the previous one is the immediate alert. As soon as something fishy appears, the owner can get alerts. So, action can be taken at once. Also, every client gets up to $1 million in insurance every 12 months in case something happens, and they review it.


  • An additional child at $3.99 per month.
  • Annual credit reports and coverage.
  • Personalized insurance.


  • Up to $1 million in insurance per year.
  • Savings in the yearly plan.
  • Monthly updates on criminal reports.
  • Immediate alerts on the phone.


  • A bit expensive.

Ease of Use

As stated above, anyone can just go and acquire some of their services. It’s simple, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Buying a package on the site is very simple. Clients just have to take a look at all the perks offered by each plan and select the best one for their needs.

From then onwards, there is nothing else they ought to do. No buttons to touch or catching ups to do. If something suspicious happens, they will get in touch.

Best For

So, is this business good for anyone? Are there any exceptions to this, and they shouldn’t pay for such a service? Let’s address these questions in detail below.

Personal Usage

Those looking to use these services for personal matters can hire the cheapest plan. It has enough functions to suit one’s needs unless they have a lot of risk of having their identity stolen. Plus, they will always know they are living in a safe neighborhood.

Business Usage

Business usage can be a bit complicated. This happens because the plans only cover the person who is paying for it. Or maybe their children if they pay some extra cash, but no employees. Owners might have to contact Complete ID and ask for a custom plan if needed.

Customer Experience

Most buyers praise the customer support they receive. Most of these good comments refer to how kind the team is and their ability to solve problems. Let’s break down those aspects below.

Terms and Guarantees

As any security business, this one’s privacy policy and terms of use are tight. First, they state the client needs to be of age to hire their services. Then, they are fully aware this data is of crucial importance to the owner. That is why they promise never to share those details with anyone. Not even with third-party people. In terms of payment and billing, the person who buys a plan gives consent for the fee to be debited every month.

Customer Support

Complete ID Customer Support

Customer support is a bit lacking in terms of ways of contact. Those who need to get in touch with them only have the phone number to call. There are no live chats, email addresses, or other types of asynchronous messages.


On the whole, the comments online are positive. Complete ID reviews mention its affordable prices and the $1 million dollars’ insurance. Meaning that, in case anything illegal happens, the buyers will not be left alone or without any money. On the negative side, some people comment that the customer support team can improve. For example, sometimes they take too long to pick up urgent phone calls.

FAQ Section

  • Is Costco Complete ID Worth It?

    Yes, it’s worth the money. In particular, for those who are already members of Costco as they have great discounts. In terms of the protection they give to identity theft, the cost is reasonable.

    If users consider the number of places they cover and the pages it scours, $10 dollars a month is a nice deal. Protecting one’s good name is worthless. And even more, if it involves credit or money.

  • Is Complete ID Secure?

    Yes, it is. One may doubt, before handing a social security number to be checked. Anyone can commit fraud if they know this type of info. Yet, Complete ID is a company with many years in the field and thousands of clients.

    Though some of them complained of certain things, none of them ever reported being stolen by the employees, for example.

  • How Do I Cancel Complete ID?

    The service is easy to hire and also simple to cancel. Anyone who is not happy with the package or does not need it anymore just needs to contact Complete ID. For that, they can use the telephone number they provide on the page.

    Their business hours go from Monday to Friday, so clients should keep that in mind when trying to call.

Complete ID Pros & Cons

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring such services? Are they suitable for everyone? Are they truly worth the money? Below, readers can find the answer.


  • They not only focus on one’s financial safety but also on the physical.
  • It includes a lot of scams and options within its protection.
  • Monthly or yearly reports are available on demand.
  • The sex offender list is always updated.
  • It’s cost-effective and affordable to almost anyone.


  • Hiring their services at times can be too slow.
  • Customer support can improve their working hours.

Full Identity Protection at a Fair Price

To conclude this Complete ID review, this business is a good option for anyone looking to protect their identity and their financial activity. By taking a close look at several records and lists, Complete ID is able to keep an eye on everything that is going on around people’s names.

Plus, they are swift and prompt when informing about fishy movements. People should consider that the fee is very well spent if they want to be away from fraud for a long time.

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