Cove Home Security Review: Simplest but Safest System

Today, there are countless security options out there. The key to choosing, then, is to know in depth the features, equipment, prices, and perks each company offers. This vendor, for example, has been in the market for a few years but has known how to earn their clients’ trust. Let’s take a look at this Cove security system review to help buyers make an informed decision about their safety.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 23, 2020

Cove Home Security System Review: In-Depth

Cove Security Review

Cove security system has plenty of features. First, users can decide when and how to install it. And in which conditions. Then, there are many options to customize plans and pricing. Plus, the equipment is quite affordable for its quality. Below, readers can find detailed info about Cove Home Security.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 assistance of pros
  • Extended warranty of more than 12 months
  • Compatible with Alexa and Amazon
  • Credit that rolls over every month
  • Remote control available
  • Many add-ons available

Background Information

Cove Security Background Information

This provider has not been in action for a long time. It entered the market only in 2018. But, since then, it has built up a reputation based on good online reviews. Plus, the team and the CEO know a lot about this field. They had worked for other similar companies in the past. That is why they could build up success in such a short time. Cove home security provides help to families in the whole of the USA.

Security Features: Protecting Homes With Ease

Cove Security Features

All Cove home security systems have certain features that make them unique. Plus, they help them achieve their goal of protecting each home in the USA with ease. Let’s examine them below to see how this company can help each owner in a similar manner.

Home Automation

Though these are very useful features, Cove home security does not include any. If people happen to own a smart house, then they won’t be able to connect it to the system. The only similar perk it includes is integration with Alexa’’s panel.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Like many others in its field, they know that cameras and other products are useless without pros behind them. So, the company provides clients with monitoring for a price per month. Which is quite affordable.

One-year Equipment Warranty

Another very important point is the warranty. In case buyers have any issues with the equipment, they can ask for help. So, they will either give the product back or ask for reparations.

Simple DIY Installation

Not all people have the tools needed to set up difficult systems. It could be the case that an elderly person hires these monitoring systems. So, Cove home security tries to be available for any person who wants to use smart cameras even if they have no experience at all.

Smartphone Control

Cove Security Smartphone Control

The system includes a lot of products and perks. For example, the cameras record the best videos people can store on the cloud. And they can play or pause these recordings using their smartphones.

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

This is a different guarantee from the one above. This one only takes over defects in materials when building it. So, if there is an issue with the plastic of the camera, the warranty will cover it. Even if this happens 10 years after the purchase.

Cove InstaText

InstaText is the new way of the company to keep clients connected when events take place. If the person has some kind of accident or if thieves break into the house, they only need to send an SMS using the panel. And the best team help will come very quickly.

Voice Assistant Support (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa)

It might be the case that the people who buy the product are not able to use their hands to control it. Or they may just not be in the room and want to use their voice. All this is possible with Alexa and Google’s integration.

Lifetime Rate-Lock Guarantee (for Monitoring)

It’s true that prices go up when one has been a client for a long time. But this is not truly an issue for those who hire Cove home security. When a person decides to hire them, they also review a lock on the best price for the rest of their lives. So they will always have the same monitoring rate for their systems.

60-Day Risk-Free Trial

At times, it happens that clients decide to buy or hire things but very soon realize these objects are not what they thought. To protect them, the provider has a 60-day trial with a full refund if the buyer is not satisfied when it ends.

Extensive Equipment

Last but not least, those who decide to buy these products can rest assured they can add more devices if they see fit. For example, one may buy just one camera for one’s small home. But then, they expand their property and need more.

Equipment & Installation

Today, with so many companies in the field, it’s hard to keep up. But Cove home security does it in a very efficient way. One of their highlights is its nice equipment. Let’s take a look at all of the products in detail.


Cove Security Cameras

Even if they offer this type of product, they are not the ones who produce them. So, the quality of the cameras can be a bit better. For example, they offer a YI indoor camera.

  • They have the basic things they need, like HD res or night vision.
  • Free access to the cloud

Touch Alarm Panel

Cove Security Touch Alarm Panel

This is the heart of the system. Meaning that, when using it, people can control the rest of the devices with ease.

  • It has a great design.
  • Mobile app with good reviews
  • It’s also very easy to install by using its screen.
  • The built-in siren is very loud for emergencies.

Door Sensor

Cove Security Door Sensor

Another crucial component of this system it is easy to blend into the house. This also means that criminals won’t be able to spot them.

  • Nice 5-year battery life.
  • Self-tests to avoid issues.
  • Works with any type of door.

Motion Detector

Cove Security Motion Detector

Cove Home Security also includes high-quality sensors triggered by motion and heat. They help to keep the house safe.

  • Extended battery to avoid power cuts.
  • Also self-tests to detect problems.
  • It can see between pets and people.
  • No false positives.

Key Fob Remote

Cove Security Key Fob Remote

Nothing is more important than having remote access today. In particular, if the person wants to review the system from afar. The set up is DIY with monthly reviews.

  • It can open the door for people to get in.
  • It has a panic button in case criminals enter the house.
  • Includes a battery with 5 years of lifespan.

Wireless Window Sensor

Cove Security Wireless Window Sensor

Another sensor that blends, this one has to be put in the windows. Different from motion sensors, a window one has many options for customization.

  • It will work no matter the type of window.
  • The chiming sounds are loud.
  • They also include alarms to send to the smartphone of the owner.

Glass Break Detector

Cove Security Glass Break Detector

Breaking glass is very common when thieves want to enter a person’s home. It is only natural, then, that those families want to protect them.

  • 360° degree angle for better protection.
  • It can be personalized.
  • 15-feet audio range.

Smoke Detector

Cove Security Smoke Detector

Fire breaking out is also a very real threat. It can happen to anyone, no matter how careful they are. Smoke detectors can help, then.

  • Connection with the fire department.
  • Quick answers.
  • DIY Self-testing function also present.

Flood Sensor

Cove Security Flood Sensor

Another sensor that prevents water from ruining one’s house. As soon as it picks up the influence of ice or water, it will ring.

  • Fast action
  • Connection with authorities

CO Detector

Cove Security CO Detector

CO is also a very real issue and a silent danger. It is a great idea to include such a device to protect families from this type of threat.

  • Alarms will set when it detects CO.
  • Cheap add on to the whole system

Medical Button

Cove Security Medical Button

Those who suffer from medical issues or an illness can also hire their medical alert system. It’s pretty cheap and easy to use.

  • LED lights
  • Quick notifications
  • Waterproof reviews

Yi Indoor Camera

Cove Security Yi Indoor Camera

Finally, these are the stars of the program. Though the Cove security system does not make them on their own, they use Yi for this.

  • Live or recorded videos.
  • HD quality.
  • Baby crying detector included.


Starting out with these devices is fairly simple. Owners will not need specific tools or previous experience. Instead, all of the products come pre-installed. This means that the client just needs to assemble and put them together, and they will start working straight away. Some things can be a bit hard, like naming each room in the correct way. But don’t worry, people can change this later in case they make any errors.

Cove Security Packages & Prices


Cove home security does not have a great variety of plans or pricing. Yet, it is good for the needs of those who need premium or more basic options. Let’s review the features of each one and its price.


The basic plan is designed for those who don’t need a lot of features. But who, at the same time, want to get protection from the company. The pricing is very affordable (between $14-$25 per month) for anyone who wants to pay for it. On the grey side, clients will have to sign a contract for 36 months minimum to access this opportunity. In case they do not want to commit for so long, then they need to upgrade.


  • No upfront costs
  • Includes professional monitoring
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cell connection
  • Smash and grab protection


  • Mandatory contract
  • Early termination fee


The pro plan, instead, is more of a premium option for those who want to pay a bit more. The main good thing is that they will not have to bound to a contract for more than 3 years. On the negative side, the cameras, sensors, etc. have an upfront cost. Plus, this option includes the Cove security app that allows users to control the system using a phone. Another great point is the lifetime guarantee instead of some year’s warranty.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Supports Alexa
  • Reward for equipment
  • Locked rate
  • 24-hour battery backup


  • A bit expensive
  • No protection for outdoors

Monitoring Plans’ Differences

Plan Price Contract Mobile App


In strict words, the Cove security system does not offer contracts as other providers do. What they offer is the option for clients to pay for the equipment in installments. That is, for 36 months, buyers pay for a fee instead of paying upfront for the products.

Cove ADT
Minimum fee$24.99$52.99
WarrantyLifetimeQuality service plan
Service call feeNoYes
Contract detailsNone36 months


As seen before, Cove home security is complete in what it offers. This also means that clients do not have to buy everything at once. Instead, these people may decide to purchase each part of the system as they see fit. For example, they might not live in an area that floods, but if they move, they may decide to buy the flood sensors to avoid water inside their homes.

  • Touch Alarm Panel
  • Door Sensor $15
  • Motion Detector $30
  • Key Remote $25
  • Window Sensor $15
  • Glass Break Detector $35
  • Smoke Detector $30
  • Flood Sensor $20
  • CO Detector $50
  • Medical Button $20
  • Yi Indoor Camera $59

Basic Security Equipment

Now, let’s take a look at the basic products the system should have to function. The table also describes its prices so clients can make an informed decision of what to buy and whatnot.

Equipment (detectors) Price
Entry $15
Motion $30
Smoke or heat $30
Glass break$35
Carbon monoxide$50
Panic button$20
Touch alarm panel$184
Key fob$25

Ease of Use

All in all, the equipment is simple to use. Yes, it includes a lot of perks and products. Yet, it is not hard to grasp. In particular, if the client takes the time to read their manual. There, they will find all the info they need about setup, support, what to do in case of emergencies, and more. It can be a bit hard to name each room at the start, but that’s it. All the rest is pretty easy to do, needing more or less than 30 minutes.

Customer Experience

Cove home security will try to do its best to respond quickly and with efficiency. This includes answering questions and solving issues. Help will always be on the way, no matter where clients are.

Terms and Guarantees

Their policies are quite clear on their site. For example, those not happy with the service can decide to give it back and ask for a refund. The only condition is that this happens within 60 days of purchase. Yet, clients have to pay for the mailing service themselves. In terms of privacy, this provider claims they comply with US law. For that, they protect every detail and promises not to disclose them with 3rd parties. Not even with their partners, unless they are required by the FBI or other authorities.

Customer Support

Their support channels are not that many, but they are effective. Those living in the USA can call them by phone from Monday to Friday during office hours. In case there is any client traveling outside the country, then they can get in touch with the vendor using their email service.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Cove Reviews

Online reviews show that the Cove security system gives quite a decent service. First, former and usual clients praise them for the relation between cost and quality. They claim that all the products are affordable and that they last for a long time. Also, they say good things about the customer care team. For example, these people seem to answer very quickly and respond to every query. The only thing to improve seems to be the basic plan. Nobody likes to be bound to the company for almost 3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Cove Security Work With Alexa?

    Yes, it does. This company works with Alexa and Google Home. It is part of the Plus plan. Alexa shows clients the status of the alarm system. It cannot control the smart locks. And it does not have access to the climate regulator. Security is the priority of the system.

  • Does It Help Me Save on Homeowners’ Insurance?

    Yes, it does. This system y offers its clients a certificate. This gives them a discount on their insurance company. They need to install the system first. It has to be working. If the system does not work, they do not get the certificate. Discounts vary according to the insurance company. Buyers need to talk to their agents to know this.

  • What Can I Do on Cove’s Mobile App?

    Cove Security app gives customers control of their security system. They have to create an account first. Clients have faraway access from cell phones and laptops. They can arm and disarm the system from the app. It sends them texts or emails when the system is disarmed. Anyone can use this simple app. It gives users alerts when they are not at home. No matter the plan, clients can get a text message if a problem occurs.

  • Does Cove Work for Renters?

    Yes, it does. This vendor works for renters. When customers move, they have to pack their system and change the address. This is essential for the company. The employees need a new address to send help if the client needs it. This service does not offer long contracts. This is perfect for clients who live in apartments.

Cove Security System Pros & Cons

As seen before, there are some good and not so good aspects of hiring Cove home security’s services. Some of them are related to the products as such, while some others mention customer service or price.


  • A great reputation built up by customer care.
  • Nice variety of equipment for a low price.
  • A large number of features available for all clients.
  • Top-notch customer team service.
  • Provides contact with the families or with the police in case of need.


  • Pricey when compared to others in the same field.
  • The Cove security app can be improved.

Let’s get Down to Safety

While it’s true that this vendor is one of the newest in town, they know exactly how to handle the market. In a few years, they were able to brand their product and make it well-known within the USA. People only need to understand, with the help of this Cove home security review, what they have to hire, and what they don’t. All of this depends on their preferences and needs.

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