Cox Homelife Security Review: How High-Tech Automation Makes a Difference

This may be a company known for its telecommunications, but it has since expanded to automated systems and remote monitoring. This Cox Homelife review looks at the key metrics that make a competitive safety provider. Below is a look at how this corporation stacked up.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 29, 2020

Cox Homelife Home Security Review: In-Depth

Cox Homelife Review

This business may be known for its telecom services, but it also has over eight years of experience among video surveillance companies. Along with customization options and professional installation, the brand provides an impressive range of smart appliances and environmental alarm protection. Moreover, there are only two primary packages, one that includes monitored service and one that doesn’t.

Key Features

Unlike other companies, this is more of a supplemental provider. That said, the devices and technology involved are quite advanced and reliable. It has six central monitored stations scattered throughout the U.S. Below is a review of its alarm system offerings.

  • Automated devices
  • Bundled packages
  • Environmental sensors
  • Expert set-up
  • Intrusion protection
  • Wireless system

Background Information

This brand started as a communications company and continues to provide telecom services today. It was founded in 1962, but its origins trace back to 1898 when the idea was hatched by James M. Cox.

The Cox home security division came about in 2011 and has been a bundle offering ever since. This corporation supplies many of the standard safety devices and controls, taking a cue from AT&T and Xfinity. It also has a philanthropic side, contributing to several national youth initiatives.

Key Features: What to Expect From an Appliance Kit

Cox Home Security offers bundles to help consumers save money. So, if they purchase a phone or Internet plan, they can combine it with the safety kit for a better rate. Plus, the company keeps things simple, with only a handful of plan options. That said, non-subscribers may have a hard time taking advantage of the company’s pricing.

Automation Options

There are different automated solutions available, depending on the kit. Families can set up customized modes for smart lighting, locks, outlets, and more. Everything is accessible and controlled via the mobile app or Internet access.

Wireless Equipment

Consumers may be drawn to the wire-free systems this provider offers. No more messing around with twisted cables and fire risks. Plus, the appliances are compatible with battery and cellular backup, should the client so choose.

Disaster Protection

Accessories like CO2 alarms, flood and water detectors, and smoke alerts can keep families safe from a natural disaster. No matter the weather, it’s important to arm the property against elements. Technicians professionally install them for guaranteed efficiency.

24/7 Monitoring

While clients can choose the self-monitored option, if they go with expert coverage, they’ll get round-the-clock service. Compatible smoke alarms and fire detectors can also make use of this professional surveillance. This allows for faster response times in case of an emergency.

Pro Installation

If individuals aren’t comfortable setting up their system alone, they don’t have to worry. All of the packages come with the expert set-up so that clients can speak to a trained technician right away. This helps with answering questions and alleviating concerns.

Mobile Alerts

Every single kit comes with smartphone notifications so that families are always aware of what’s happening on their property. Depending on the plan, a text or email may be the primary means of getting in touch.

Power Outage Protection

Since the systems are powered by a WiFi connection, some people might worry about a blackout. If that happens, the devices are capable of cellular power thanks to a backup network. A battery-operated source is also available.

Surveillance Cameras

If customers purchase a kit that comes with a camera, they can take advantage of HD quality images and video feeds. They can also watch this footage from a mobile device for checking in on the go. Continuous streams record up to 10 days straight.

Remote Control

Another way to make things easier is to purchase a keychain add-on. This conveniently clips to the car keys or a lanyard so that remote control is never out of reach

Equipment & Installation

As most Cox home security reviews suggest, the brand doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Below is a guide to their devices and plans. Keep in mind that this system only works in households that have broadband connectivity. Also, expert installation is required, at least initially.

Automation Starter Kit: Covers the Bases

This standard plan comes with automated appliances that customers can control remotely. It requires a WiFi connection and is accessible via a mobile app, which is important because it doesn’t come with a touchscreen control panel. It includes one camera, an entry point sensor, and a smart LED lightbulb. This is free with a two-year agreement.

Security & Automation Starter Kit: An Opportunity to Upgrade

This is a more robust version of the basic package and includes 24/7 expert monitors. Like the previous kit, clients can pick and choose what they want to include in this plan. For instance, perhaps they would prefer a smart outlet or an HD video camera. The kit includes one surveillance cam, one motion detector, and two sensors for doors and windows.

Digital Starter Kit: An Enticing Safety Swap

Those who purchase the automated package with 24/7 monitoring can opt for this pack instead of the free one. This kit comes with two indoor cams, one motion detector, two sensors for doors and windows, and three smart LED light bulbs. That said, it costs $200.

Optional Add-on - Accessory Value Pack: Leave No Stone Unturned

Larger families or those who want to pull out all the stops may opt for this kit. It’s a supplement to an existing package and costs $160. In it, clients will find an outdoor surveillance camera and an additional door/window sensor.

Equipment a la Carte: Pick and Choose the Coverage

Finally, consumers may want to decide for themselves which accessories they want. Buying the products individually may or may not cost more, as each item ranges in price from $60 to $230.


Set-up costs $50, although the price may increase if a family tacks on additional gadgets. There is also a $49 activation fee to consider. On the plus side, having a trained and knowledgeable technician come out to the property ensures that everything is set up right the first time. Other companies depend on a DIY policy, which may not suit some consumers.

Cox Homelife Packages & Prices

The surveillance plans cost $29.99 to $44.99 per month, which isn’t terrible but also not the cheapest. That said, purchasing a Cox Homelife home security plan entitles the buyer to free privacy devices. On the other hand, it locks them into a two-year contract, and both come with a $49 activation fee.

Devices Included Comparison Table for Each Plan

The Cox reviews can be a bit difficult to understand, so hopefully, this chart can accurately outline the 2021 price differences. The first two kits come as part of a subscription, while the last two are add-ons.

Automation Starter Security & Automation Starter Digital Starter HD Camera Value Pack
CostFree w/ planFree w/ plan$200$160
Door/Window Sensors1221
Motion Detectors0110
Indoor cams1120
Outdoor cams0001
Smart Lights1030

Current Deal

Right now, clients can sign on to one of these two plans and receive free automated accessories. The two-year agreement still applies, but the potential savings add up to a maximum of $280. Examples of the included devices are CO2 alerts and smart light bulbs.

Automation Package

This basic plan costs $29.99 per month and comes with the ability to customize. Individuals can remotely control the lighting, live video feed, sensors, and more. They will also receive mobile privacy alerts when doors and windows open. The downside is that this kit is missing the convenient touchscreen hub.


  • Decent pricing
  • HD camera included
  • Room for customization


  • Self-monitored via smartphone only
  • No backup power source

Security & Automation Package

This is an upgraded version that comes with round-the-clock professional surveillance. At $44.99 per month, there is still the $49 start-up fee to consider. That said, it comes with battery & cellular backup as well as motion sensors. Buyers will also get the touchscreen control panel for easier use.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Appliance control via the control panel
  • Battery & cellular backup


  • Hefty activation fee
  • Lacks outdoor surveillance cams

Ease of Use

Consumers have the choice of buying online or in-person. However, the website’s interface is not intuitive, which can make online shopping a huge chore. Purchasing things over the Internet is supposed to save time, but the company’s webpage is cluttered and lacks functionality. It’s hard to pinpoint which items belong to the current plans, as well as figuring out what’s an add-on and what isn’t.

Speaking to a rep face-to-face helps a lot because they get a better review of which kit they’re ordering. Furthermore, the “triple-play” of the Internet, phone, and surveillance can be convenient, but it’s not for everyone.

Customer Experience

Cox home security has a reputation that spans the spectrum. The provider appears to be listening to consumers, which is great. On the other hand, there is some exclusion since the safety features are only available to current cable or Internet subscribers.

Terms & Guarantees

When buying from this brand, it’s important to review the policy terms and hidden charges. For instance, it costs $50 for installation, and activation fees start at $49.99. That said, there is a 30-day grace period in which clients can try out the equipment and pursue a refund.

Other policies include the two-year contract and a one-year limited warranty. It covers maintenance and repair as long as it’s not the client’s fault. As for relocating, the team will help out if a subscriber is moving, but if they’re relocating to an area that the brand doesn’t service, they’re out of luck.

Customer Support

A unique feature is that there’s a separate support hotline for surveillance clients. Individuals can call 1-877-404-2568 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. as well as Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The website features a live chat function that can come in handy when the phone lines are tied up.


Even the best reviews are riddled with complaints of slow customer support, high prices, and a lack of communication between the company’s departments and teams. Clients can bypass some of the fees if they’re an existing subscriber, but even then, there are a lot of hoops to jump through.

On Trustpilot, the brand as a whole has a poor rating of just two out of five stars. The majority of the complaints center around the high prices and rigid policies. The brand has just two out of five stars, according to Consumer Affairs, and the reviews are even worse with the Better Business Bureau.

All that said, a person’s experience with this corporation will vary depending on their geographic location since there are regional offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Google Home Work With Cox?

    No. While the system does have limited Z-Wave compatibility, and it doesn’t work with the Google suite. Even so, the accessories and appliances offered by the company do a good job of integrating. For instance, the hub can work with the system’s smart light bulbs, locks, and thermostats, as well as the HD cameras

  • Is Cox Homelife Security Any Good?

    It depends on who the client is and what they’re looking for. If they are already subscribed to this service, then yes, it could be a good choice. However, this may not be the best provider for new customers or those who want more smart integrations. A simple review reveals that the business offers similar devices as competitors, but the policies aren’t great.

  • Which Smart Bulbs Work With Cox Homelife?

    The system works with LED light bulbs, which save energy and can help reduce utility bills. It is best to get the bulbs directly from the company since they also provide other appliances and gadgets. Consumers can expect the bulbs to last for over two decades. Plus, they can customize the settings so that certain lights come on at specified times. This is another way that this smart lighting can cut down on energy bills and consumption.

  • What is the Cox Home Security Hub?

    This is a small gadget that works as the nucleus or guide for the entire system. It wirelessly connects to the other accessories, such as door sensors and motion detectors to keep a close eye on the property. Not only that, but it can send notifications and alerts to the user’s smartphone, letting them know when something is amiss.

  • How to Add Camera to Cox?

    While the first camera is installed by a professional, any additional cams are a DIY project. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. First of all, users should be able to go into the mobile app and add a new device. From there, they should see on-screen instructions that will guide them in incorporating the recently-purchased cam into the overall system.

  • How to Remove a Sensor From Cox?

    Users can start by opening up the mobile app and navigating to the bottom of the screen. From there, they can click on “Rules” and go to the “Detail” page. Then, they should be able to toggle different settings on and off. They can look for the setting that corresponds to the sensor, and then they’re free to remove that device without interfering with the overall system.

Cox Homelife Security Pros & Cons

Cox security has a pretty face thanks to its wealth of automated gadgets and high-tech appliances. The disadvantage is that a person must be an existing client or sign on to the brand’s phone or Internet service to snag the deals. Plus, there are upfront fees for the required equipment and activation. Bundling is a convenient way to save money, but it may also inconvenience individuals who don’t want a ton of gadgets.


  • Ability to bundle packages
  • Automated devices
  • Cellular & battery backup
  • High-tech solutions
  • Mobile app access to live recordings


  • Customer prerequisites
  • Start-up costs

Key Takeaways

If someone were to go off of user experience, the odds would not be in this corporation’s favor. It’s best to review the whole picture, and this brand offers state-of-the-art technology and lots of room for personalization. That said, people who are new to this business may not be fond of the rigid policies and product limitations.

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