CPI Security Systems Review: Does it Live Up to Its Name?

This company is one of the most renowned names in terms of safety, particularly in the south of the USA. This means that, while they are a large business, they still keep their focus on a specific public.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: February 26, 2020

CPI Security Main

CPI Home Security Review: In-Depth

This company is one of the most renowned names in terms of safety in 2019, particularly in the south of the USA. This means that, while they are a large business, they still keep their focus on a specific public. This is good because one knows that they are trustworthy, but they still offer services that are tailored to the needs of their new clients. CPI Security reviews the videos to keep their clients safe.

Key Features

  • App monitoring of the house
  • Forget about false alarms
  • Verify through audio
  • Free setup by a pro
  • Smart-home compatible
  • Encrypted videos for security reasons

Background Information

Background Information CPI

CPI was created over 25 years ago, and it has grown to become one of the biggest names in the USA when it comes to home security systems. Its CEO is Ken Gill. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but they provide their service in many other areas in the country too.

This company works in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Asheville, in NC, Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston, in SC, Atlanta, GA, and Knoxville, TN.

CPI Security Systems Features: What It Offers and What It Doesn’t

These systems have evolved greatly throughout the years. This is why they incorporate more features every year that goes by. As it is hard to keep track of all the latest functions that these pieces of tech now offer, here goes a full list so that it is easier to understand what CPI has to offer.

Environmental Monitoring: Avoid Disasters

Environmental Monitoring CPI

Most people worry about break-ins. But there are many other types of dangers for houses. The people at CPI are aware of this. So, they have included features to help prevent these natural events in their systems. Their sensors detect if there is any water, carbon monoxide, or fire in the house and sends alerts.

Night Vision Recording: See in the Low Light

Problems may arise at any time of day. This is why these cameras include the latest technology to record when there is low light. So, no matter if it is dusk or night, it is still possible to get a clear view of what is going on.

Get Responses in Seconds: Fast and Simple

Get Responses in Seconds CPI

Most other systems are only automatic. This means that the machines detect something and send an alert. In this case, CPI receives one of these too. So, in just a matter of seconds, they can contact the owner of the house to help him solve the issue.

Voice Control: Feel in the Future

Smart homes are becoming more and more common every day that passes. And integrating the security system is key. This one, in particular, is fully compatible with Alexa and Sonos One. So, with this tech, it is possible to give commands just by using the voice. This is very simple, and no guide is needed.

Video Verification: No Mistakes Allowed

CPI offers a verification system in which a real person checks what is what triggered the sensor. Then, they identify the face of the transgressor. With all this info, they get in touch with the police immediately and help to catch whoever broke in.

Real-Time Video Stream or Recorded Videos: Get All the Info

Real-Time Video Stream or Recorded Videos CPI

This feature lets users organize their time as they need. It gives them the chance to see what the cameras are filming right at that moment. But if they are busy, the buyers can still watch everything that was recorded later, when they have time.

No False Alarm Guarantee: Don’t Lose Time

No False Alarm Guarantee CPI

It is annoying to get an alarm saying that someone broke in just to learn that it was a bird or a cat. So, the company uses all the info it can get from the sensors to see what kind of intruder there is. The team reviews the video and audio inputs so that they can verify this and avoid false alarms.

HD Quality Video: See Every Detail

Image quality is one of the most important features of cameras. What use is it to have video footage of a break-in if it is all blurry? Thanks to the HD quality, users can now get every detail and even zoom into the scene to see more clearly.

InTouch App: Made for Everyone

This app is extremely flexible and gives users access to a wide variety of options. With it, one can see live what the camera is recording. Also, it sends alerts if something unexpected happens. And it allows controlling other devices, like the thermostat, or the door.

Store Videos Up to 30 Days: Analyze What Happened

Recordings can come in handy many times. Some may want to check who broke that jar. Others may want to see if there was any suspicious activity. And there even are users who may use these files as evidence in case one has to catch a thief. So, keeping the videos for a month for free is quite useful.

Smart Home Scents: Set and Forget

This system is quite simple. One sets up the system so that every time an action happens, it triggers another event. For example, if one arrives home, the camera reviews this, and it may turn on the lights or lower the temperature. It recognizes different scenes and acts accordingly.

Equipment & Installation: Top Quality and Easy

CPI has a wide catalog of products to help prevent all types of calamities at home. Avoid fires, floods, break-ins, CO leakages, and more thanks to some of their best devices. Read on to see which they are and what they do.

inTouch 180 Indoor Camera

inTouch 180 Indoor Camera CPI

This device gives users a wide field of view of 180 degrees. Together with the night vision capabilities, this feature lets users see what is going on at all times. And thanks to its HD resolution, one can now see every detail.

inTouch HD Indoor Camera

inTouch HD Indoor Camera CPI

This cam is ideal for those who want to see what is going on inside their houses. It gathers important info in case of emergencies too. It has a 1080p resolution and low light vision, so it works getting clear details all day.

inTouch HD Outdoor Camera

inTouch HD Outdoor Camera CPI

This is perfect to see when someone parks in the driveway. It also has a full HD resolution, thanks to which it is possible to zoom into the image and see details clearly.

inTouch HD Doorbell Camera

inTouch HD Doorbell Camera CPI

Not only is this great to see when someone is at the door, but it also comes in handy to see when a package arrives, or to talk with someone who is knocking at your door. This one also has a wide field of view of 180 degrees and high image quality.

Stream Video Recorder

Stream Video Recorder CPI

This system is put in place to help users keep their recordings of what is going on. It is possible to access the info from the app and the site. Users can also download the videos.

Door/Window Sensors

Door-Window Sensors CPI

These sensors detect every time that a door or window is opened. Then, it sends a notification to let users know what is going on. The system does not need to be in place for this to work. It emits chiming sounds regardless of whether the system is mounted.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass Break Sensors CPI

This sensor activates only when a glass is broken. If someone just opens a window, it does not turn on. This helps to avoid false alarms.

Fire Communicator

Fire Communicator CPI

Avoiding fires has never been easier. This device works by detecting smoke and fire and sending an alert to the monitoring center. It also calls the firefighters after it reviews what is going on.

CO Detector

CO Detector CPI

Carbon monoxide is almost impossible to detect for humans. Yet, this detector identifies even very small amounts and sends an alert so that one can get help when there is a problem with this.

Key Remote

Key Remote CPI

This handy device allows users to deactivate the home alarm from afar. So, if it is pitch dark, there is no need to worry. Just approach the house, and the system will turn off.

Light Control

Light Control CPI

When this device is installed in one of the power sockets, it allows controlling the degree of energy that is released through it. This is done through the app. It can also help to turn the lights off or on, as well as for automatizing these processes.

Water Sensor

Water Sensor CPI

These are ideal to be placed in basements or any room that is likely to get flooded. It works by detecting water and sending an alert so that measures can be taken instantly. In this way, consequences can be avoided or diminished.

Garage Door Control

Garage Door Control CPI

Thanks to this device, it is possible to know through the app whether the garage doors are open or not. And, if they are, one can close them simply with the touch of a button.

inTouch Thermostat

inTouch Thermostat CPI

This controller will allow users to save energy at home. With it, one can control the temperature and set schedules. It is also possible to make it regulate the heat, depending on whether there are people in the room or not.

Touchscreen Door Lock

Touchscreen Door Lock CPI

With this device, people will be able to lock or unlock the door remotely. This can come in handy to let a neighbor go into the house in case of need, or if one forgot to lock the door before leaving. It also lets users see who goes in and out of the house.


The whole process is very simple. After arranging a schedule with the vendor, a professional technician will go to the house and install everything that is necessary. In this way, one can rest assured that everything was done as it should be. Of course, this service is already included in the CPI security cost of the subscription, so there are no extra installation fees.

CPI Home Security Packages

CPI home security has many plans for different needs. They all adapt to different budgets, and the functions they include differ. While some of them have more cameras or additional software, others include fewer. The idea is that future users choose based only on what they need and then pay accordingly.

Table of Comparison of Plans

CPI offers three basic plans. Each of them is geared towards a different type of client. Here is a brief overview to help all those who are interested in deciding which package is better for their needs.

Best ForPower usersUsers expecting visitsClassic users
Doorbell CameraYesYesNo
Outdoor CameraYesNoNo
Door LockYesNoNo
Window SensorsYesYesYes
Door SensorsYesYesYes
Motion DetectorYesYesYes
Smart HubYesYes
Wireless control panelNoNoYes
Live ViewYesYesNo

inTouch™ Edge: The Top One

inTouch Edge CPI

This is the best plan. It was designed with comfort and security in mind. It includes a camera for the door and another one for the outside together with a remote for the lock. In this way, one can see when someone is approaching the house and let them in with the click of a button or let them out if they are not welcome.

inTouch™ Essentials Plus: The Middleground

inTouch Essentials Plus CPI

This package is ideal for those who want to keep an eye on what happens at the entrance. If the mail has been disappearing or suspicious people gather near the door, it is possible to see that thanks to the doorbell camera. It also includes motion detectors for the house, doors, and windows.

inTouch™ Essentials: The Basics

inTouch Essentials CPI

Those who are looking to secure all the entry points to their houses will find that this plan has all they need. It does not have cameras, but it does include sensors for all the windows and entrances of the home. Of course, the app and the remote panel are available for users to get the info.

Ease of Use

The whole process is quite simple. First, the whole setup is carried out by pros. The company’s expert technicians go to the client’s house and install all the devices. Then, the footage is supervised by their team when there is an alert. So, customers can see what goes on the rest of the time when they want. And rest assures that is any problem arises, it will be taken care of. The app is quite user-friendly too, and it has many useful features.

CPI Security Customer Service

CPI security systems have had many users over the years. And since many of them have resorted to the Internet to make their experience known, the brand has gained a good reputation. To know how they work and what people think, read on.

Terms and Guarantees

This company specifies all the necessary terms in the contract that the two parts sign when the service begins. There, CPI security makes it clear that they offer no money-back guarantee. One someone writes their signature at the bottom of the page, they have to respect the terms until the end of the specified period, which is usually five years.

They also state that selling their users’ data is not an option. All the recordings they get are used to make sure that the house under surveillance is safe. Clients will have access at all times to the videos stored in their cloud.

Customer Support

This is an area that CPI security systems takes pride in. Their customer care team is available every day of the year, at all hours. This is so because they know that insecurity may take place at any time. The main means of communication with the team are by phone, email, and chat.

CPI Trust Score (Positive & Negative Reviews)

Reviews CPI

Most users report that they are happy with the human side of CPI security. Their representatives are described as knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. Their technicians are said to be well informed and helpful during the installation. Many clients stated that the team gave them some advice on how to choose the most appropriate plan for their needs. They also appreciate that there are no hidden fees.

Some people complained that the sensors tend to break or fail once in a while. But they all stated that after a quick call, the team sent technicians to repair it quite fast. So, while this may cause some inconveniences at first, the team is quick to act and solve it. This is one of their best features.

Regarding the technical aspects of the system, most users seem to agree that the quality of the footage is good and detailed and they appreciate that the reviews the videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does CPI Stand for in Terms of Security?

    CPI Security is the name of one of the largest companies in the safety field. They install alarm systems in the south of the United States, focusing mainly on North Carolina. They stand out for offering help through the whole process. They take care of the installation, maintenance, and monitoring stages of the process. And if anything is out of place, they let the house owner know. Part of the service is making sure that they only send an alert when they are 100% sure that something is going on.

  • Does CPI Security Have a Contract?

    Yes, this is a requirement. All the new users who want to use the service wirelessly need to sign up for a contract of 60 months. There are several options; each is good for different needs. They all have many prices and features. The cheapest packages start at $39.99, and they may go up to $64.99 for the best. Those who need to extend their warranty may include that in their contracts for an extra fee.

  • Is CPI Security Nationwide?

    No. While they are a large company, they focus their business on a few southern states. Their packages are only available in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. The cities they work in include Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Asheville, in NC, Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Atlanta, and Knoxville.

  • What Does CPI Security Mean?

    It is a brand based in the United States that offers security systems. Many people remember it because of its TV and radio ads. People have to call them to arrange for a technician to go over and install all the cameras and sensors. They have many plans, and each adapts to what the user needs. Their devices are known for their good quality and efficient support, which is one of the best.

  • How Do I Get out of the CPI Security Contract?

    This is not easy to do. That is why it is usually recommended that one is sure about the decision before signing the contract. Nonetheless, it is still possible to do. The best way is to do it by phone and being insistent. The team will try to convince people not to do it. But after insisting long enough, they will listen. Of course, when doing something like this, one is liable to pay extra fees for early cancellation. Doing this online is almost impossible.

  • Does CPI Require a Landline?

    No, it does not. This system uses cellular monitoring, so what matters is that there is a strong cellphone signal in the house. In this way, it can communicate with CPI to send info. So, if any problem arises, they can get an alert and then check it out to see what it is. This is also how users get notified. In other words, landlines and broadband connections are not required.

CPI Security Systems Pros & Cons

People looking to get a new professional safety system have to study its pros and cons to see if they will like it. If that is the case, here are the best and worst aspects of this brand.


  • Constant monitoring by humans
  • Great image quality for detailed videos
  • Receive important alerts only
  • Efficient customer support team
  • Knowledgeable technicians


  • Long contracts
  • It is almost impossible to cancel them

Is It Better Than the Rest?

Choosing the best monitoring company for one’s needs is not an easy task. In 2019, CPI targets those people who do not want to break the bank. But they still want to have a safe house, no matter its size. Hopefully, this review will serve as a good guide to those who are undecided about whether to hire this company or not.

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