Deep Sentinel Review: Full Protection Against Intruders

This Deep Sentinel home security review offers every detail about house protection. No more burglars inside the house. Feel safe at any time!

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 10, 2020

Deep Sentinel Home Security Review: In-Depth

Deep Sentinel Security Review

This is a new company in the home security system. It offers human monitoring for the whole day. This alarm vendor uses advanced AI technology. It also has high-speed internet connections. The products are easy to set up and to use. Their best prices are competitive in the industry. Read on this Deep Sentinel home security review to find out more about the smart service in 2021.

Key Features

  • All-day wireless monitoring
  • Security cameras with updated tech
  • Guard protection against house intruders
  • Processor with AI
  • No false alarm
  • Easy DIY set up

This is a company from the US. It offers home security systems and makes many cameras to keep the house safe. Their services started in 2016. David Selinger and Winston Chen are the founders. Many innovators work for the brand. They think “we can do better”. It has the support of famous people. An example is Jeff Bezos from Amazon CEO. The firm has offices in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. And in the West Coast and the Western US.

Key Security Features: What The System Offers

Deep Sentinel home security offers many features. They all make the system a complete one. Check out the list below. It points out the main characteristics. It includes design, privacy, and functions. Some aspects are innovative – for example, AI processing.

Predictive AI + 24/7 Human Surveillance For Full House Protection

This brand records videos of the house in real-time. It uses a pro-on-site processor. AI technology checks the images. It informs about criminal activity threat. Then, staff members verify and validate the image. All this happens in just a few seconds. This process helps to avoid false alarms.

Human Intervention

This is an important feature. The company offers ‘100% verified crime in progress.’ Agents will only act when AI detects a threat. This means there are no false alarms. First, staff members validate the threat. Then, they call the police. This is automatic.

Ultra-Fast Response Times

The company makes people, communities, and the police feel safe. It has the fastest responses in the industry. This happens for many reasons. First, agents evaluate situations and give info to the police. Second, products have live-stream video and two-way talk. This way, staff members get lots of input. The system is efficient. The response is faster.

Prioritizes Privacy

The company makes sure customers have privacy. This home security system puts cameras only outside the house. There are no cameras inside. The devices can view outside activity only when they detect it. No one will see other things live stream – for example, children playing in the garden.

Covers Entire Property

This vendor keeps the bad guys off people’s property. The cameras and motion detectors cover a great range. Every inch of the exterior house is under 24/7 surveillance.

System Designed by Police

The company worked with more than fifty police departments. That’s how they created their home security solutions. They made sure their services worked well. This union makes consumers trust the firm. After all, only policemen can stop criminals.

Modern Companion App

It also offers a mobile app. Like all the best home security systems. This allows users to access, monitor, and control their devices. They can do so from anywhere. And at any time. They only need a smartphone. It’s a practical feature for people who go out often on holiday.

Local Audio/Video Storage

The brand features the Deep Sentinel review storage. This stores the audio and the images. This means videos do not go on the Internet. Users don’t have to pay a fee for cloud storage. This device keeps the information safe. Clients can access it when they want.

Equipment & Installation

The quality of the products is high in all aspects. Below is a list of all the products the system includes. Check them out. The description includes cameras, batteries, and wall mounts, among others. They all make Deep Sentinel home security a complete one.

Cameras: Essential For Home Security

The wireless cameras are weatherproof. They can stand the rain, snow, and low and high temperatures. The devices have an LED red ring. This light turns on when the gadget detects motion. It will scare intruders. They also have a loud 104db siren.

Intelligent Device

The brand’s Intelligent Hub is the main device of this security system. It stores the local audio/video footage. It includes 4GB of RAM. And it has 64GB flash memory storage. This device includes AI. It gets rid of false alarms.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries

The system comes with 4 quality batteries in every package. These lithium-ion products last more than two months. Just on a single charge. This feature has a built-in charging dock. It keeps the fourth battery ready for use.

Wall Mounts

The wall mounts are weatherproof. The company makes them with hard plastic. The product needs only one screw per mount. Their job is to hold high-tech devices. They are easy to set up. The mounting works well.

Yard Sign and Sticker Decals

Most criminals do not look for houses with security systems. The ESA reports this. The best products to warn thieves are signs and stickers. The brand includes these elements in their packages. They are useful to scare burglars.

Equipment Options

Here goes a list of the main innovations and features that the video alarm offers:

10-Second Identification Against Threat: The system is one of the fastest in the market. This allows for a quick response.
Intervention In Real-Time: When there is a threat, agents respond in real-time. They use speakers. These set off a loud siren. They also allow two-way talk. Then staff members can communicate with the intruder and the police.
100% Verified Police Escalation: Agents contact the police within 20 seconds. They share visual and auditory info of the house. They classify crime in progress calls as a high priority. This allows the fastest possible response time.
1080p (HD) Resolution: The cameras stream live video in HD. The quality image is also high in the owner’s smartphone.
Fast Wakeup and Record: he cameras can go from standby mode to recording in less than 250 milliseconds. The intelligent processing wakes the device only when needed.
Vision At Night: Motion detection covers a range of 35 feet. It happens in full daylight. And in the darkness. The detectors include 850nm infrared LED lights.
130° View Range: The view covers a wide potential field. There is no warping of vision on the camera lenses.
Durable Battery: The alarm comes with rechargeable batteries. They can last around two months on one charge. It also has a built-in charging station in the product. So the system is always fully charged.
Weatherproof: The devices work against snow and rain. They can stand weather temps ranging from -4 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
Local Storage: The device’s storage has 64 GB of built-in flash memory. The RAM is 4 GB.
On-Site Processor: This service is the only one with the best on-site processor. It can record ten frames per second
True AI Analysis: The alarm makes a difference between potential suspicious behavior and ambient movements. This avoids false alerts and keeps the guard policy active.


First, users have to download the video app to their phones. It will guide them through much of the setup process. Then they have to connect the camera to the router. They will need an ethernet cable. Then, they power it on. A green LED on the front of the video will blink. It will glow solid when it’s finished. It takes around thirty seconds for the camera to connect to the hub. Finally, mount the cameras on the walls.

Deep Sentinel Packages & Prices

The provider offers a great level of monitoring. The vendor charges a monthly monitoring fee of $49.99. This is higher than ADT ($39.99 per month). Yet, the brand offers many features. It has a system that includes AI and real-time human intervention. And next-generation wireless cameras. The price of the whole system is $499.

The purchase includes:

  • 3 high tech security cameras (users can also add a 4th camera)
  • 1 central hub (it controls everything and stores images)
  • 4 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • 3 wall mounts
  • 1 Yard sign
  • Sticker decals for windows and doors

Package Table With Features

The company offers one product package and one monitoring plan. Below, readers can find all the pack has to offer to the clients. This way, it’s easier to see if it’s a good fit.

Monthly Fee (min) $40.67
Monthly Fee (max) $49.00
Name of package Surveillance Package
Set up/ Activation Fee $0.00
Devices Starting Cost $399.00
Contract Yes
Minimum Contract Length 1 month
Warranty 2 years

The new company offers a great home surveillance system. The firm uses AI to detect criminal activity. This helps to avoid false alarms. The staff also has highly-trained agents. They check every situation. Besides, the cameras are easy to set an to use.


  • Smart integrations available
  • Guard features to protect home and yard
  • High-quality sensors to prevent potential false positives
  • Tight privacy policy
  • Great reviews online


  • It does not have a door or windows sensors.
  • The products are only for the exterior of the house.
  • Maybe four cameras are not enough to spot every place around the house.

Ease of Use

The ease-of-use section has great marks. Users can place the cameras in just a few minutes. The DIY setup only needs a screwdriver. And maybe a ladder. Clients don’t have to configure the system. It is ready to use. Customers only have to activate the hub and cameras.
Yet, the instructions do not come in the box. People have to look them up on Deep Sentinel’s app. Still, it is user-friendly. They won’t have any problems at all.

Customer Experience

The customer care is excellent. There are many pro agents in the company. They work together with AI technology and follow different steps depending on the situation. In most of their reviews, users claim the experience is quite smooth. In particular, when they use smart integrations with their home devices.

Terms and Guarantees

These products cost $499 in 2021. Clients also have to pay a $49 monthly fee. This is part of a one year contract. Billing starts 30 days after the purchase. Users can return the devices within thirty days. They will get their money back. This happens when they are not happy with the service. After the first 12 months, the subscription will renew. It will have the same plan. Yet, customers can cancel at any time after twelve months.

Customer Support

Clients can reach customer support by email at [email protected]. By the toll-free number 1-833-983-6006. Or through chat from the website. Or with the company’s mobile app. The expert agents work 24/7. Yet, the department is open from Mon-Fri 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST. The weekend is limited (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST). This excludes holidays.


Each Deep Sentinel review is mostly positive. People are very happy with the system. The AI works very well. They feel safe at any time. They know agents are always on alert. Most clients trust their job.

Users also like the products. For example, these cameras are easy to set up and use. They are also light and practical. They had no problems with the setup. Yet, some people warn about the WiFi connection. It may not work well epecially when distances are long. The devices should be near each other.

All in all, customer service has a great reputation. Clients say they respond fast and are available 24/7. People don’t have to wait long hours on the phone. In general, everyone seems to be glad about the Deep Sentinel package. The only problems may have to do with the WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Deep Sentinel Security Any Good?

    Yes, it is a complete system. It has many good features. The best one is AI. This is important. It helps expert agents protect the house. This makes responses faster. They know what happens at any time. The company can contact the police. The service is quick and reliable, then, when it comes to keeping a family safe.

  • Why Can’t Users Just Buy Deep Sentinel Camera Without The Subscription Service?

    Because they won’t get info about thefts, the subscription allows agents to work for users. They can tell them about any problem around the house. The guards will identify and check strange activities. It will take only a few seconds. This way, they keep customers safe.

  • How to Cancel Deep Sentinel Security?

    When users are not happy with the product, they return it. It has to be in “like-new” condition. They will get a full refund. Yet, it will not include shipping. Customers have to pay for those fees. The company informs clients by email about the return process. They will also cancel the subscription to the package. And they will give back the money for prepaid devices. There is more information on the brand’s website.

  • Which Are the Advantages Over Other Similar Security Systems?

    Deep Sentinel has AI technology and trained staff. This together speeds up response time. It also gives an end to false alarms. And it keeps clients’ privacy. Unlike other systems, this one is proactive about alerts. It can detect criminal activities. It prevents theft. Burglars won’t get into the house. It aims to protect. Especially before people break into the building, this makes it special. Agents are on the alert 24/7. And AI makes the systems efficient.

Deep Sentinel Pros & Cons

All in all, these products have their advantages and negative points. Also, they suit different needs, budgets, and types of users. Let’s take a look at the main pros and cons to help customers decide the best purchase for them.


  • Live agents work 24/7
  • Quick response
  • No false alarms
  • Maintains users’ privacy
  • Has local artificial intelligence processing


  • High-end price
  • No door or window sensors

Watch Over Home Today

All in all, this system is efficient and convenient. It keeps the house safe from thieves. Still, it keeps users’ privacy. There are no cameras inside, only on the outside. But there are no door or windows sensors. The service includes AI technology, which is very innovative. And agents are available 24/7.

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