Ezviz Cameras Review: Budget-Friendly Security for Every Home

Those looking to make their home safer should consider video security models. One of the best companies in the field is Ezviz, which has been in the loop for more than a decade. Now, all the models are different, but all of them have the same high-quality materials and benefits. And the best part is that they come at a low price. Read these Ezviz cameras review and discover what sets them apart in 2021.

Ezviz Cameras Review: In-Depth

When looking for security devices, it’s crucial to choose the best deals that can be found in the market. This includes the models of the company, a business that has been striving to provide high-quality products for a long time. This Ezviz security camera review will give readers everything they need to know before making an important decision in 2021.  

Key Features

  • Wireless and wired devices available
  • DIY setup
  • Remote control for more comfort
  • Compatible with the smart home network
  • Quick alerts via Wi-Fi
  • Integral protection  

Background Information 

EZVIZ Background Information

Ezviz is an American subsidiary of a Chinese company called Hikvision. It focuses on video surveillance and security devices in general and has been in the market for over 20 years. They invest millions of dollars every year in research to ensure their ideas are safe. Plus, they have integrated AI and face recognition to make their services more efficient. Although they seem to have some issues when delivering items, most of their reviews are decent, especially when discussing range in 2021.

Features in Detail: From Alarms to AI

Still, wondering what these items include? Although it all depends on the type of model clients choose, most of them share certain characteristics. Read these features to understand the Ezviz security camera review in detail.

Surveillance Cameras: High-tech Devices

The cameras in themselves are powerful. In addition to great night vision, they have great quality. Most of them support 720 and 1080 HD. In this way, it’s easy to distinguish people’s faces even from afar. Some of them pan and tilt for more coverage.

Mobile Alerts: Instant Delivery 

EZVIZ Mobile Alerts

The video security devices are connected to owners’ phones through an app. For instance, as soon as they detect movement, they will send a notification to the client. He or she may then decide to activate the siren, if any, to scare them off. 

Smart Home Options: Connection for Everyone

Today, it’s more and more common for people to have Amazon Alexa or other types of smart home networks. To be ahead in the game, the Ezviz app has technology that lets it partner with intelligent home appliances. The same takes place with other devices from the same company, like doorbell cameras. 

Remote Control: Comfort & Ease

EZVIZ Remote Control

The Ezviz app allows the owner to control the whole network (even if they decide to buy add-ons). Moreover, the home kit brings a small remote control for more classic buyers who like having buttons to take the lead of what is going on at their houses.

Voice Response: Even From a Distance

EZVIZ Voice Response

Those buyers who don’t want to be involved with buttons and smart screens can use the voice feature. With just some simple commands, they can ask the Ezviz camera to record, delete videos, zoom in or out, and more.

Power Outage Protection: Just in Case

A power outage is always an inconvenience. But even more so if that means the building will be left without protection. That is not the case of these products, as they have back up batteries in case something falters.

SD Card Storage: Never Miss the Recordings

In case the clients want to review what went on during the day or keep records for the future, they will need an external drive. Most products by this company support either 128 MB MicroSD or 256 MB cards.

CloudPlay Storage: The Best for Infrastructure

EZVIZ CloudPlay Storage

In addition to local ways to store videos, Mini O also comes with Cloudplay. This is a virtual space where buyers can save their videos to review them later. These materials will be encrypted to ensure nobody else has access to them. 

PIR Motion Detection: The Most Reliable Sensors

PIR stands for a passive infrared sensor, one of the most reliable in the industry. As their name shows, they work by capturing heat reflection out of living things. These are sensitive but can be set to distinguish between a human being and a pet or insect. 

Night Vision: Clear in the Dark

EZVIZ Night Vision

It’s fairly easy to detect criminals during the day, but the problem comes before dawn. Although some products come with built-in lights, others do not. But that is not an issue because they have high-tech technology like color range to ensure they work right. 

Two-Way Audio: Speak Even to Strangers

In case the family comes home, and the owner is not around, they can speak with them using the cam. This is also a great benefit in case there are unknown persons or criminals in front of the house, and people want to scare them off. 

Privacy Shutters: Blocking the View When Needed 

The newest cam models include privacy shutters. These are small pieces of plastic that will block the lens to block the view in a certain area of the home. This is particularly useful in indoor cameras. 

Alarm Sensors: Detecting the Criminals

EZVIZ Alarm Sensors

Almost all of the models have an alarm sensor to alert the owner about suspicious activity either in or outside the building. So, they are going to get a notification on their tablet or phone to let them know something is going on so they can take action.

Pan-Tilt: Moving Around

Pan-tilts are crucial when it comes to security video devices. This means that the cam is capable of turning to the sides, down, and backward to get a hold of what is going on around them. Plus, they can also zoom in and out to get more details of the surroundings.

Lights and Sirens: Scare off the Thieves

In addition to recording thieves, some models also include built-in sirens. In this way, the buyer can decide whether to activate these lights and loud sounds to make the criminals at their doorstep go away and not return.  

Equipment & Installation 

So, what are the clients’ options when deciding what to buy for home? Luckily, there are dozens of devices available for purchase on Amazon, eBay, or their own online store. These are divided into indoor, outdoor, and wire-free models. 

Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras

EZVIZ Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras

Check out these cams to install indoors. Different from the ones that go outside, these are not protected against the sun or the rain. Yet, they do resist other things like pet dander or dust. 


The C1HC specializes in seeing in the dark. That is why the vision covers up to 12 m, which is a lot. The home kit also has an efficient infrared illuminator to make it easier to identify thieves in case they appear.


  • Range up to 12 m
  • 130° coverage
  • Motion Detection
  • Magnetic base
  • 1080p
  • Two-way talk


This sharp device is advertised as being vigilant as an owl. As it’s made for indoors, it doesn’t have protection against water or heat. Yet, the range is powerful and safeguards every corner in the house, even those without light.


  • Vision up to 12 m
  • 110° angle
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • 720 p resolution
  • Mic pickup of 2.5 m
  • Up to 256 MB, SD card accepted


Different from other devices, this cam now has person detection and with a wider range. It can pan, tilt, and rotate in any direction to follow any criminals that might appear near home. Plus, the system has a stand-alone stepper motor.


  • Range up to 10 m
  • 360° coverage
  • AI per person
  • H.265 vision
  • Mic pickup of 2.5 m
  • Up to 256 MB, SD card accepted

Mini Plus

The Mini size of the Ezviz security camera, as the name shows, is very small. It includes a magnetic base that attaches almost anywhere so owners can place it wherever they feel is best. With a simple and quick installation, it’s suitable for almost anyone. 


  • Magnetic base
  • 135° angle
  • Two-way audio
  • 720p & 1080p resolution
  • Infrared device
  • Up to 128 MB, SD card accepted

Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

EZVIZ Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

Solid and sturdy, read this Ezviz camera review for outdoors, and discover why they are a great option to put at the door. 


Strong and wireless, this camera is designed for being outdoors. It has dual antennas to catch Wi-Fi signals so that it never falls out. In addition, it also has audio reception so clients can talk to people at their doorstep if necessary.


  • IP66 dust protection
  • Full HD
  • 2.4 Wi-Fi connection
  • 30 meters of coverage
  • Audio reception
  • Two antennas

C3W (ezGuard)

In addition to a great image, this Ezviz camera also has sound and light. Its deterrence alarm will keep criminals at bay, as the sound can be high enough to be heard from 2 blocks away. Its sturdy materials will make it last no matter the type of weather. 


  • IP66 dust protection
  • Active Defense
  • 2.4 Wi-Fi connection
  • 30 meters of coverage
  • Audio reception
  • 128 MB SD card supported

Wire-Free Cameras

EZVIZ Wire-Free Cameras

Those who are tired of dealing with wires and screwdrivers have the choice of buying wireless cams today. Check them out below.


C3A is wireless, which makes it easier to install them. As soon as an intruder approaches the home, the owner will receive an alert on their mobile phone. And the best deal is that they can activate the siren to scare them away if they look suspicious.


  • Active light
  • Loud siren and strobe 100dB
  • HiFi Quality
  • Built-in microphone
  • Anti-reflection panel
  • 30 m sensitive


Luckily, almost all the items are simple and easy to install. Most of them come with a magnetic base to attach it to a wall, ceiling, or other places in the house. The screw-in bases are a bit messier, but they don’t require a lot of tools or to pay for a fee per month. 

Ezviz Cameras Price & Packages

This business has an array of different video footage networks for owners with different needs. While some of them are wired and indoors, others are intended to be used outside. The prices on platforms like Amazon, of course, will also depend on the benefits and specs each one of them contains. The ones that are pricier, for instance, include AI and color monitoring, while the cheapest ones do not.

Table of Indoor Cameras Comparison

Let’s take a look at some of the star indoor cams and their specs. Use these details to make a smart buying choice in the near future. 

C1HC C1C Mini Plus C6CN
Type of camera Indoors  Indoors Indoors  Indoors Wi-Fi
Price for the item $25 $56 $40 $39
Type of power used Battery Hardwired & battery Hardwired Battery
Built-in siren No No No No
Range 110° 130° 100° 110°- 130°
Night vision Up to 40 ft. Up to 40 ft. Up to 45 ft. Up to 30 ft.
Pan & tilt No No No Yes
Storage available Cloud  Cloud Cloud and local Cloud and local
HD 720p 1080p 720p 720p
Motion Sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Recording Yes Yes Yes No
Wi-Fi Options No Yes Yes No

Table of Outdoor Cameras’ Comparison

Outdoor devices are just as important and very different in scope. Find the details in the following table.

C3WN C3W (ezGuard) C4S C3X
Type of camera Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor wireless
Price for the item $59 $39.90 $75 $69
Type of power used Hardwired Hardwired Battery Battery
Built-in siren No Yes No No
Angle  300° 180° 360° 180°
Night vision Color 98 ft. Infrared Infrared
Pan & tilt Yes Yes Yes No
Storage available Up to 256 MB card SD and Cloud SD and Cloud SD and Cloud
Dust and water protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full HD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion sensors No No Yes Yes
Audio recording No Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi options Yes Yes Yes No


Small in size but with a lot of benefits, C1HC is the most basic model. It has all the functions needed to take care of one’s home from the inside. 


  • Ample angle
  • Magnetic base for a better assembling
  • Real-time conversation via the app


  • The audio quality can be a bit poor


This Ezviz security camera has a very nice and original design. Plus, it has a sharp image and immediate alerts that will keep owners always in the loop.


  • Smart home compatibility
  • Video history and 1080p
  • Instant alerts on one’s phone


  • Only 12 mt of the field of vision


The C6CN can rotate 360°, ensuring owners don’t miss a thing inside their homes. It tracks motion as soon as it detects it, showing it on the Ezviz app ASAP.


  • 360-degree field of view
  • Pan-tilt for better coverage
  • Privacy shutters indoors


  • It can have some blind spots in the dark

Mini Plus

Although it’s very small, this product is as powerful as the rest. With a 135° viewing angle, it is versatile and can be placed almost anywhere at home.


  • Motion detection alerts
  • Two-way audio
  • Data encryption for more safety


  • The quality of the image can improve


This is one of the newest and most expensive models because it includes AI to identify people instead of pets. To save some space on the memory card, it compresses videos, and they do not lose quality. 


  • Vivid images, no matter if it’s day or night
  • AI to detect human beings
  • Great capacity to store recordings


  • Color monitoring can be a bit heavy

C3W (ezGuard)

The C3W has light and sound, together with high-quality footage. This makes it easier to distinguish people at night and to include a strobe siren to make criminals run for it.


  • IP66 protection against dust and snow
  • Active Defense is activated
  • Immediate notifications in case of trespassing


  • A bit expensive


The C4S has a sturdy design to discourage vandals from stealing it. Plus, it has additional benefits like protection against the wind or the rain and power over Ethernet in case the Wi-Fi falters. 


  • Supports 2.4gz Wi-Fi
  • Infrared night vision
  • Cloud recording is also an option


  • It can be expensive


Clients who want a wire-free experience should acquire the C3A model. It has a 5,500 mAh battery, so it will last for at least a year without looking for a replacement.


  • PIR motion detection
  • Lithium battery
  • 125° diagonal field of view


  • The night vision is a bit limited

Equipment Prices 

In addition to those video devices included in the Ezviz video camera review, the company offers a lot of other complements to make sure the home is always protected. Find here some of them with their prices.

  • Mini Trooper $149
  • Vault and Vault Plus $189.99 – $249.99
  • Ez360 Pano $179.99
  • Mini Plus $79.99 – $129.99
  • DP1 $229.99
  • Mini 0 $59.99 – $109.99
  • Husky and Husky Dome $129.99 – $149.99
  • Mini 360 Plus $79.99 – $99.99
  • Ez360 HD PTZ Wi-Fi  $79.99 – $99.99
  • ezGuard 1080P $109.99
  • Home Sense Alarm Kit $299.99

Ease of Use

Ezviz cameras are a lot, and their degree of difficulty varies. Yet, most of them are similar in their installation. For example, their magnetic base makes the process a piece of cake. No screwdrivers or other types of tools are involved.

Managing the Ezviz app is also quite simple. Other than setting up the device at the beginning, the owner will have to do nothing else. They will just get alerts when needed and some notifications if the storage plan is about to expire. 

Customer Experience

So, what is their reputation all about? How does the company treat its clients? Get to know more about their customer service and the type of support they give via email or phone. 

Terms and Guarantees

The terms of service are a bit hidden inside the page, but they are very clearly written. For example, the privacy policy is divided into 3 sections. The first one is about cookies and info collected by the company. The second part is related to how they use data. They claim that they will consider this info to provide a better service or to help the police in case there is an investigation. In terms of their global reach, they cover different countries all over the world. So, they will comply with the laws of all those regions to be legal. 

Customer Support

EZVIZ Customer Support

The customer service team is varied and takes on queries from all around the world. For example, they have specialized people for Europe, the USA, India, Mexico, and more. In addition to a hotline that works in business hours from Monday to Friday, they also have different email addresses to get questions and doubts.


Most reviews coincide with the quality of the product. Most models, especially the ones designed for outdoors, are made of sturdy materials. These resist snow, water, and extreme heat. Plus, their night vision is powerful in all cases.

While some of them have infrared technology, the most expensive products support color images, even in the dark. In terms of customer support, some people complain they are a bit slow, but, in all cases, they answer queries.

FAQ Section

  • Is Ezviz a Good Brand?

    Ezviz reviews online are great, which means most users are satisfied with the experience. In addition to a good price, the products are durable and have a lot of benefits.

    For instance, their field of view and angle are impeccable. Also, most of them include a powerful night vision for outdoors and indoors, too.

  • Is Ezviz Secure?

    Yes. On the one hand, the company has a tight privacy policy. This means that they would never share passwords or sensible info to anybody, except the police in rare cases.

    Also, it complies with the USA’s laws regarding data protection and the use of security footage.

  • Can Ezviz Cameras Be Hacked?

    It’s not really possible. Yes, hackers can access the system of the Ezviz camera, but all the data is encrypted. Thus, nobody can see the recordings unless it’s the owner and has the original app and the password.

    Plus, people will get a security alert on their phone as soon as something suspicious happens.

  • How Do I Connect My Camera to Wi-Fi?

    The first step is to download the Ezviz app and pair up the device. After this step, the owner has to create a new account. So, they need to think about a username and a password.

    When they log in, there is an option to set up the Wi-Fi connection using the home details. The Ezviz camera, then, will be connected to the Internet as well. No additional steps are needed.

Ezviz Cameras Pros & Cons

Is this Ezviz review not enough to make a decision? Take a look, then, at this summary containing the most important pros and cons of all these devices.


  • Top-notch quality and durability of materials.
  • Cloud storage, cheap plans, and local storage options available.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Full HD resolution in most cases.
  • Motion sensors and tracking features.


  • Only a few of them support 4k.
  • Most models are not available out of the USA.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Improve the safety of the home in an integral way with this Ezviz camera review. From great customer support to high-quality benefits, this company has all it takes to keep criminals at bay.

Plus, they offer their products in many parts of the world, so clients do not need to live in the United States to buy these models. Choose from the array of cameras available and enjoy some peace of mind.