Greatcall Review: Sharpen Your Medical Security

Looking for a complete system that gives clients the medical support they need? Greatcall, then, might be a suitable option to consider. From flip phones to pendants and cheap packages, this provider has it all. For example, the devices are portable and even include an app. Such technology can be used by family members or the owner. Want to know more? Keep on reading the Greatcall review to find out more details about the system and its perks in 2021.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 22, 2021

Greatcall Review: In-Depth

Greatcall is one of the few providers that are entirely mobile. Such a thing means that it doesn’t matter if the owner is home or not. With their phones, they will be able to manage the whole system. The company also has reasonable prices and options for those who want to go premium and can pay more. On the negative side, it charges quite a bit to cover a spouse.

Key Features

  • Monitoring using mobile networks.
  • Fall detection activated.
  • A lot of plans for different clients.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • GPS activated.
  • Pendant or necklace.

Background Information

GreatCall Background Information
Greatcall was founded in 2005, with another name. It was called Connected Health at the time. Since then, they started expanding from California. Their main focus was to give health services and products to the elderly. Today, they have a great variety of products. These include wearables, base units, and moveable ones. All of greatcall plans work through the mobile provider called Verizon.

Some other services included within the packages are Live Nurse, where clients can get telemedicine. MedCoach is another perk offered to patients. Plus, every device includes a GPS. This way, Great call medical alert always knows where the buyer is and can keep track of their state of health.

Features: Full Package Offered

As clients see, this business strives to give their products the best quality possible. Great call lively mobile, for example, has a lot of perks to offer to buyers, such as medical coaching, advice, and tips to stay healthy.

24/7 Emergency Response: Day and Night Protection

GreatCall 24-7 Emergency Response
With the pressing of the buttons, clients are guaranteed to receive help. No matter what time of the day it is. The 24/7 attention works even on holidays and special dates.

MedCoach: Doctors Always Available

MedCoach is a feature allowing clients to upload their medical records. This way, they will get an alert when they have to take their meds or pills.

GreatCall Link: Free Consults

GreatCall GreatCall Link
In case the senior has a caregiver, this person has the option to be connected with them using Link. For example, they will get the patient’s location as soon as possible and help them.

Check Activities: Under Control

Another function for caregivers. Senior patients have to keep on doing their routine activities, and these people can keep track of all their tasks to give them help.

Check-In: Nice for Caregivers

The app has a two-way voice feature to allow caregivers to speak to patients. They can ask yes/no questions to know how they are doing, if they are taking their meds, etc.

Daily Health Tips: All About Being Healthy

Those who want to improve their health and wellbeing can also do it with Greatcall lively mobile. The app will give them tips to exercise and eat better, for example.

Brain Games: Health of the Mind

GreatCall Brain Games
The smart app even has games installed for seniors to play. The company always keeps in mind that the health of the mind is as important as the body.

Wellness Call: Be in Touch With Professionals

This type of call has to do with coaching techniques. Any client who pays for the monthly fee can participate in this weekly event with professionals.

Fall Detection: Just the Pressing of a Button

GreatCall Fall Detection
There are times when people fall down and cannot ask for help and touch a button. In those cases, pendants and wristbands have a good fall detector to call emergency services at once.

Fitness Tracker: Do as Much Exercises as Possible

The fitness tracker is a new device that, of course, keeps track of what the client is doing. For example, it counts the steps and gives access to one’s heartbeats to make sure everything is good.

Urgent Care: Always There in Case of Issues

At times, it might be hard for people to get medical attention. Or even to solve their doubts with a professional. That is why urgent care perks are included to be able to talk to doctors and medics in no time.

MyWorld: Available Medical Records

MyWorld is a kind of profile where the client can upload some personal info using the network. Some details they give access to are emergency contacts, frequent locations, and other details related to their health like blood pressure.

Personal Operator: Custom Attention

The support team will not only be there for emergencies. In case the patient needs to ask a question, they can call. These people may also ask for the operator to communicate with their emergency contacts.

DIY Installation: Not Dependant on Pros

Some Great call complaints include that there is no pro installation available. As a result, people have to set up the devices on their own, without good professional help.

Extended Battery Life: Reliability at Hand

Now, some issues with this new type of device are that the battery may end out of the blue. Meaning that the person is left unprotected, and he or she does not know. Luckily, this is not the case of Great call Jitterbug.

Long-Range Coverage: Even Out of Home

Some medical alert systems work only within a home. This happens because the main hub has a certain coverage range. Luckily, this does not happen here, since the devices use a good GPS and work anywhere.

Money-Back Guarantee: Even More Safety When Buying

Nobody wants to pay for faulty products. Or for things they don’t need. As a result, this business has a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Meaning that buyers can return their purchase in case it doesn’t work.

Waterproof: Don’t Panic in the Shower

Something very important is to keep protection at all times. And being in the shower or the bath is a big part of that. This is why the pendant and the wristband are both waterproof.

Equipment & Installation

Now, those interested in acquiring these devices have 4 options. Two of them are wearable, and the other 2 are phones. Great Call reviews show these are of high quality and convenient. Plus, all of them have different specs and options to add more variety. Here are some of them.

Lively Mobile Plus: Mobile Connection

GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus
This is a button that can be connected to a new phone. This way, the owner can manage the device from afar. The only thing people need to do is to download the app and press some buttons to pair it. As it includes GPS, the company will always know where the patient is. So, they can send help if necessary. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable services in terms of all the perks it offers.


  • Coverage in the whole country.
  • Fall detection features.
  • Fair price

Jitterbug Flip: Simple Option for the Elderly

GreatCall Jitterbug Flip
The Flip is the most basic option offered by this provider. The phone was designed to be used by the elderly. This shows in the big buttons, shortcuts, bright screen, and very loudspeaker available. Plus, the magnifier with a flashlight is very useful at night for older people who live alone.


  • Voice dial
  • 2.0 mp camera
  • A la carte or package for minutes

Jitterbug Smart2: Great Upgrade

GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2
This is a very cheap smartphone. It only costs $159, and this shows that the phone can only be used for emergency reasons. For example, it includes a button easy and quick to call the doctor and the company. Clients only have to press it 3 times, and they will get help. In terms of software, it lags a bit behind other phones. But this is predictable given the price.


  • Operates on Verizon
  • Monthly fees start in $19
  • 5 5’’ screen

Lively Wearable2: Protection at All Times

GreatCall Lively Wearable2
This is a type of watch similar to a wristband. The only thing owners need is to have an Android phone or an iPhone to be able to use it. In case they have doubts about them being compatible, they can check with the company. In terms of battery life, it is quite durable. So, clients will not have to worry about it running out.


  • Step tracker
  • Daily health tips
  • Waterproof

How It Works

The system works in an integral way. Meaning that there are many devices to buy. And each one of them has a different function. For instance, clients might choose to acquire only the Mobile Lively part of the system.

The steps to follow are very few: 

  1. Buy the device.
  2. Choose the plan that best adapts to one’s needs.
  3. Wear it at all times.
  4. In case of emergency, press the button to speak to the support team.
  5. The GPS will locate the client at once.
  6. The agent will confirm the location. They will not hang up until the issue has gone away.
  7. A family member, caregiver, or an ambulance will come right away.

Other options are buying their smartphones. These are meant to function only for emergencies. So, the buttons are big; they have shortcuts. And, of course, the pricing is very low. In particular, when compared to other models in the market.

Greatcall Plans & Pricing

All in all, Great call plans are many and cover a range of requirements and needs. From a very basic phone to a wearable device, the options are a lot. Here are some of the details of each product and its coverage.

Equipment Comparison Table

Let’s review together all the specs and perks that each device includes. This way, customers will be able to make the perfect buying choice and decide if they truly need their premium services or not.

Lively Mobile Plus Jitterbug Flip Jitterbug Smart 2 Lively Wearable 2
Price From $24 to $39 $74.99 $112.49 $37.49
Guarantee 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
GPS included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick button No Yes Yes No
Fall detection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contract included No Yes Yes No
Urgent response Yes Yes Yes Yes

Lively Mobile Plus

Together with the pendant, the company offers plans to keep clients healthy.From $24 to $39, the activation fee is quite affordable. The loudspeaker is a great perk that will keep the elderly always safe.


  • Urgent attention
  • Link to a board of doctors and nurses
  • Fall detection
  • 5Star service
  • Personalized support team


  • No refunds

Jitterbug Flip

As the name shows, this is a flip phone. The company offers different plans so that the device works properly. These plans range from $24 to $39, depending on the number of minutes to talk. And on the time that can roll over to the next month.


  • Personal operator assigned
  • The best long-term battery
  • Unlimited talk & text for a fee
  • Rollover of minutes for a response
  • Brain games included in the service


  • No cell options for calls

Jitterbug Smart2

This phone is an upgrade of the Jitterbug flip. The design can improve, but the battery lasts for years. Plus, it adds a very important feature: the response app. With it, people can control every aspect of the Great call jitterbug. The interface is very smart and simple to use, so the elderly can adapt at once.


  • Affordable for the price in 2021
  • Minute rollover and access to the network
  • 24/7 urgent care
  • Easy-to-use phone
  • Nice variety of plans and calls


  • It might be hard for the elderly to use the touchscreen

Lively Wearable2

Finally, these products also come with a plan. In this manner, clients will always be monitored by professionals from the company. Wearable 2 can be worn in the shape of pendants or wristbands. It all comes down to the preferences of the people.


  • Necklace or pendant
  • Urgent responses available
  • GPS detector for the service
  • 5 family numbers to add
  • Personal chart


  • Expensive service

Table of Comparison of Deals

All the equipment above has many features. And all of them suit a different audience. Looking for the details to understand which ones are best? The table below has all of them for review.

Basic Preferred Ultimate
Price $24.99 $29.99 $39.99
Daily Health Tips Yes Yes Yes
Games Yes Yes Yes
Personal profile Yes Yes Yes
Magnetic Lanyard No Yes Yes
Wearable Device No Yes Yes
Minutes Rollover No Yes Up to 90 min
Accessories Included No Yes Yes
Nationwide coverage Yes Yes Yes

So, there are a few add-ons to the devices mentioned above. Most of these products enhance the performance of those products, making them even safer.

  1. Jitterburg Smart: $149
  2. Jitterburg Flip: $99.99
  3. Mobile Plus: $39.99
  4. Lively Wearable: $49.99
  5. Phone Car Charger: $24.99
  6. Bluetooth Headset: $49.99
  7. Extra Wall Charger: $19.99
  8. Gel Case: $19.99
  9. Glass Screen Protector: $9.99
  10. Extra Charging Dock: $24.99
  11. Travel Wall Charger: $19.99
  12. Holster Case: $19.99
  13. Extra Battery: $19.99
  14. Extra Charging Dock: $19.99
  15. Extra Lanyard: $14.95
  16. Extra Accessory Clip: $9.99

Ease of Use

All the devices offered by Greatcall are easy to use. The phones, for instance, don’t have a hard system to crackdown. The elderly only have to turn it on and get started. It’s also very easy to hire plans and packages to make them work. In terms of wearable products, the same terms apply. Just put them on and wear them at all times. The battery will not run out, assuring that it works for years to come.

Customer Experience

A big part of the company’s success is Greatcall customer service. Before and after the purchase. Even if they are only available on the phone, they have a lot of working hours and experience in the field.

Terms and Guarantees

Those looking to know how the business works can find more info on their page. There is a section called Terms of Use. For instance, there the employees state that only those older than 18 years of age can make use of their pendants, phones, and systems in general. Their privacy policy is also very clear. For example, it shows that they comply with US law regarding clients’ data. And that they would never sell people’s information. In particular, nothing related to their medical records. Or, of course, their location when it comes to the GPS.

Customer Support

GreatCall Customer Support
The support team is a bit lacking. Not because they are not nice or professional. On the contrary, they work long hours. And are even available on weekends. The only issue is that the only way to contact them is by phone. No email, form, or live chat are available.


Great call reviews, in general, are decent. Most patients praise the design and ease of use of the devices. For example, the phones have very big numbers and buttons. Plus, the call buttons are simple to find, in particular by the older people. The only thing people complain about is the plans. For example, only the owner is able to expand the number of minutes of the package. If the elderly person does not know how to do it, they cannot get help from their family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Jitterbug a Good Phone?

    Yes, it’s a great device for seniors because it’s easy to use. The menu also has few options, and all of them are related to one’s health. This way, it’s for sure that seniors won’t make a mistake when using the device. Great call lively mobile also has a visible button to ask for help at once.

  • Do Jitterbug Minutes Roll Over?

    Yes. The minutes that the person doesn’t use roll over for up to 90 days. When those 3 months are over, that unused time is reset. But, as reported by the company, there are not many clients that end up losing minutes with this policy. 50 min a month is more than enough for medical emergencies.

  • How Does the Jitterbug Phone Plan Work?

    To be able to hire a Jitterbug plan, the client has to get in touch with Great Call and choose one.

    • On the one hand, they can just buy text and talk data a la carte from the network, for home or cell.
    • The other option is to purchase a plan with discounted minutes for a response. This includes call waiting, like knowing the ID of the caller, and even roaming.

  • Is Great Call Part of Verizon?

    Not exactly. Great Call is a company that operates networks but doesn’t own one. So, they need to connect with a smart external provider. For example, clients of Greatcall will work with Verizon, a very well-known company in the US. This one works nationwide, for home or cell

Pros & Cons

Still, wondering if acquiring a device is worth the time and the money? Well, people can always take some Greatcall reviews. But if that’s not enough, then read on the pros and cons of having this type of medical alert system at home.


  • It has GPS protection, so it does not depend on the persons’ location.
  • The company offers both the equipment and plans.
  • The Greatcall customer service is top-notch and always available.
  • Their privacy policy is tight and complies with the law.
  • Battery life is flawless.


  • The price can be elevated at times.
  • The devices might seem a bit dated.

Cutting-Edge Equipment to Watch Over Your Health

The options for medical alert systems today keep on improving. In the case of this business, it does its best to improve every day, and Greatcall reviews are the best proof. This shows in the 2 different models they develop the same phone, for example. It’s a great idea to start low and acquire the products as the needs require. And then adapt them to hiring the plans and packages that fit one best in 2021.

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