Guardian Protection Home Security Review: Professional Alarm System for Family

Here is a protection solution designed by people who have families of their own. They’re dedicated to providing safety and assurance through heat and smoke detection, broken glass alarms, and more. This Guardian security review will look at a few key services to determine the overall effectiveness and value of the system.

Steven Lewis - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 17, 2020

Guardian Main Review

Guardian Protection Security Review: In-Depth

This corporation integrates business and home automation with professional security products and services. They have spent years perfecting their model of family and company protection, and this is apparent in their advanced technology and ease of use. Customers can access everything from a mobile device and contact a human being in seconds.

Key Features

There are a few different packages to choose from, but the standard equipment is always available.

  • Fire/medical security.
  • Geo-Service.
  • Mobile arm/disarm.
  • Smash & crash protection.
  • Text & email alerts.
  • 24/7 monitoring.

Guardian Home Security Review: Background Information

Guardian Bacground Info

The enterprise was founded in 1950 in Pittsburgh. It started by offering protection for jewelry store owners. In 1975, it took on its current name, and in the 1980s, it saw huge growth and spread across the tri-state area. Around this time, it made the Inc 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies.

In 1991, the Armstrong Group of Companies acquired the business and helped them grow even more. The corporation continually made the top 10 on SDM Magazine’s list of top 100 security system companies. In 2015 and 2019, they received the Monitoring Center of the Year Award from the Monitoring Association.

As of 2019, it is the largest privately-held security company, with over 265,000 customers and 1,000 employees. It still has its headquarters in western Pennsylvania, too.

Security Features: Bells & Whistles for Customers

This service has the high-tech solutions that clients want. Whether it’s a business or a home, an emergency, or a simple check-in, this team has all the answers. Below is a closer look at their monitoring, alarms, sensors, and live streaming.

Mobile Alerts: Never Miss a Beat

Customers can set up notifications on their smartphones, so they know when an alarm or sensor goes off. This keeps them in the loop and helps them respond quickly to emergencies. Plus, they can arm and disarm the system and alarm from their phones.

Remotely Connect From Mobile Devices & Computer

Besides having access to the system from a smartphone, clients can take a look at their camera footage from a computer or tablet as well. This makes it even more convenient to keep track of video footage and manage alerts and security functions.

24/7 Professional Monitoring: Always On-Call

Guardian 24_7 Home Security

The team has an average response time of just 60 seconds, although most people get an answer within half a minute. That kind of attention is what ends up saving lives, reassuring customers, and, hopefully, earns client trust.

Fully Wireless System: Sly and Secure

Not having to deal with wires and cords means that installation is easier and quicker. Also, exposed wiring can become a safety hazard and security risk, so it’s one less thing customers have to worry about. This is becoming increasingly important as people do away with landlines.

Live Video Streaming: A Life-Saving Solution

Customers can take a look at what’s going on in their homes or offices with HD-quality video. This gives them a clearer picture of what’s going on while they’re away and is more accurate than photos. Also, streaming works indoors and out.

Smart Home Automation Features

Guardian Smart Home

Automated services are part of the Standard, Essential, and Premium packages. This smart technology syncs up with the client’s devices and can keep track of schedules, alarms, passcodes, and more. A simple swipe or push of a button can prompt action at home, even if they’re away.

Geo-Services: Accurate Locating Every Time

Another smart solution is the geo-location feature, which can sync to the exact coordinates on a user’s smartphone. By identifying where they are, the system can ensure their safety and keep them connected to others. This can also prompt a security alarm to take further action.

Equipment & Installation

There is a range of Guardian security pieces to choose from, including sensors, detectors, night cameras, and more. All of them come packaged neatly and ready to assemble. DIY installment means that customers don’t have to worry about having someone come out and put it together.

Touchscreen Control Keypad: Wireless Full-Color Connection

Guardian Touchscreen

Included in all of the packages, this WiFi-enabled panel lets users arm and disarm the system, sync smartphones and other products, get status updates, weather reports, and more. It also has the capability for two-way voice communication, perfect for families or colleagues.

Motion Sensor: Detector Intruders

Guardian Motion Sensor

This is a must-have for those who want to keep their properties safe while they’re away. These sensors can typically spot intruders before their victims can, which can help to prevent burglaries and other crimes. These tools work great along walkways and in hidden areas behind bushes or walls.

Door & Window Sensors: Keep Entryways Safe

Guardian Door & Window Sensor

This separate sensing technology is designed to monitor the areas where there is a lot of opening and closing of doors and windows. This works great for closets, cabinets, cellars, vaults, crawlspaces, and more. It’s useful not only against theft but to keep kids out of danger, too.

Indoor WiFi Cameras With Night Vision

Guardian Indoor Camera

If a homeowner or manager is away from the property and they want to check in on things, they can do so with these wireless cameras. Designed to work indoors when the lights are on or off, they will provide a clear image of what’s happening at all hours. It also automatically stores video footage.

Door Lock: Never Leave the House Vulnerable

Being able to lock the doors to a property from a remote location is one of the coolest features. Now people don’t have to worry about whether or not they locked up because they can do it with the click of a button. This works with unlocking as well so they can grant access to someone else when they’re away.

Thermostat: A Smarter Way to Control Temperatures

Guardian Thermostat

As more individuals become aware of cutting their energy consumption, this feature allows them to adjust the thermostat remotely. This is great for keeping bills low and optimizing heat and cooling usage. There’s also the ability to schedule when the system should turn on and off throughout the day.

Light Modules: Save Money, Stay Safe

Another feature that saves energy and money is the module that controls the light switches on the property. Again, customers can schedule the lights to go on or off, or even dim, at specific times. Wireless access via a smartphone adds more convenience.

Garage Door Switch: Easy In & Out

Guardian Garage Door

This convenient add-on is something that all homeowners with a garage will appreciate. It’s perfect for late nights when a driver wants to get into their home quickly and safely. This is especially important for singles who don’t have anyone looking out for them.

Add-On Equipment

Sometimes it’s worth upgrading to more advanced technology and devices, and in this case, it could mean more access to life-saving products. Below are some add-on options that clients can pick and choose from.

Guardian IQ2: Digitally Connect Everything

This control panel adds even more functionality to a security system. Users can take photos of anyone who tries to access the keypad as well as remotely arm and disarm it. The IQ2 connects to 4G LTE and WiFi and disguises itself as a digital picture frame when not in use.

Video Doorbell Camera: See Who’s There

Guardian Doorbell

This accessory lets clients see who’s at the door without leaving the room. When the doorbell rings, simply access the camera feed and see who’s there. Voice capabilities allow for a pleasant exchange. They can even contact their visitors when they’re not home.

Indoor Pan & Tilt Camera: For Those Tough-to-Reach Spaces

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a fixed camera inside. The pan and tilt functionality means that users get a more in-depth view of what’s going on, including in those hard-to-see corners.

Indoor Sensor: Great for Parents of Small Kids

This is a device that homeowners or managers can put on certain drawers, cabinets, closets, or vaults. When it’s tampered with, it will send an alert, so they know if someone’s trying to access off-limits goods.

Glass Break Detector: This Alarm Will Hear it First

Guardian Glass Break

It’s those split-second moments of danger that put a family most at risk. These detectors can alert individuals when a glass window or door has been broken, prompting the Guardian security system to call the authorities.

Low-Temperature Sensor: Avoid a Wintry Emergency

If anyone has had to deal with a frozen or burst pipe, they will appreciate this feature. It will sense when the temperatures are getting too low, so individuals can spring into action and prevent a costly repair.

Wireless Remote Keyfob: A Tiny, Convenient Accessory

Guardian Key Fob

This small, all-in-one keyfob will make it easy to access the control panel, even if it’s out of reach. It can attach to the car keys or a keychain holder, so it’s never too far away.

Outdoor Security Camera With Night Vision

Guardian Outdoor Camera

Burglars are quite active after dark, so clients need a camera that can spot their shenanigans in low-light situations. Night vision allows for greater visibility and security against invaders as well as more peace of mind.

Smoke Detector: Rapid Fire Response

Guardian Smoke Detector

No building is complete without a reliable smoke alarm. This fast-acting detector can be mounted near the kitchen and other high-traffic areas to ensure safety against fire emergencies.

Heat Detector: A Smoke Alarm Companion

Likewise, this device will detect excess heat and can serve as the first line of defense in case of a fire. The combination of a smoke and heat detector will provide the ultimate protection and assurance.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: Protect Against Odorless Gas

Guardian Carbon Monoxide

Unlike smoke and heat, carbon monoxide is a gas that people can’t see, feel, or smell. A detection system is crucial to prevent accidental suffocation and poisoning and is a mainstay for any property.

Personal Medical Alert Bracelet: Always Protected

Guardian Medical Alert

Perfect for elderly or disabled family members, this accessory can call the authorities or medical team in case of emergency. Simply push the button to activate it. This is ideal for slips and falls because the victim may not be able to reach a phone or the control panel.

Streaming Video Recorder: Uninterrupted Live Feeds

This function works with as many as four cameras and provides a continuous video feed for clients. It comes with one terabyte of storage, and individuals can tap into the recording from the mobile app.

Image Sensors: Motion Activated Pictures

Customers can set this sensor up and program it so that it snaps a photo whenever it detects movement. This is ideal for bushes and shrubs where burglaries like to hideout. It will send the pictures directly to clients, too.

Guardian Protection Packages & Prices

Guardian Plance Prices

This enterprise has great options for a variety of clients, including frequent travelers, families, singles, pet owners, and office managers. Each plan comes with the standard items, although the HD quality video services are only available on the essential and premium packages.

Price $34.95/mo$49.99/mo$59.99/mo
Standard DevicesYesYesYes
24/7 MonitoringYesYesYes
Smart KeypadYesYesYes
# of Cameras001
# of Motion Sensors333
# of Door/Window Sensors111
Automation NoYesYes
HD Video DoorbellNoYesYes
Video SurveillancNoNoYes
Mobile AppYesYesYes


This package comes with a control panel and a motion sensor. Clients can also get three alarms for doors and windows, all for less than $40 per month. The upfront cost is $99, making this a good choice for singles or couples.


This family plan has an installation and setup fee of $299 upfront. Customers will get a motion sensor and three alarms for doors and windows. Along with the control keypad, they’ll get their choice of a door lock, video doorbell, garage door opener, thermostat, or light module.


For those who want to go all-out, they’ll have to pay $499 upfront. They’ll get everything in the Essential plan, as well as their choice of one of these accessories: indoor cam, outdoor camera, or video doorbell. This would suit homes and offices well.

Ease of Use

The technology itself is very easy to use. Most of the accessories are set up for positive user experience and minimal tech support. That being said, to get a truly accurate price quote, potential clients need to have a local representative visit their property. This is not only a time commitment, but it can make some people feel uncomfortable. Also, while the products are relatively straightforward and stress-free, the website lacks a lot of useful information. For instance, it’s hard to find prices, coverage areas, and self-assembly instructions.

Customer Experience

Reviews on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau have great things to say about this enterprise. It seems that the staff is supportive and responsive, and the equipment is quite simple to use.

Terms & Guarantees

Individuals must sign up for service by entering online credentials, including a username and password. Registering with this information serves as an online signature granting the company authority to access account details. As for payment, clients can choose from recurring or monthly billing. The team is not responsible for missed payments or incorrect bills, nor are they in charge of keeping customer log-in credentials safe. The team may link customers to third-party materials, and any use of these accessories or systems is not endorsed or supported by the staff. Contract terms typically last for 12 months and are subject to a cancellation fee.

Customer Support

Guardian Customer Support

There are separate hotlines for specific customers, although the general inquiry phone number is 800-857-5028. The support center operates between the hours of 6 am, and 12 am EST seven days a week. There is also a contact box right on the homepage. The resource page has FAQs and answers on a variety of topics.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Guardian Protection Trust Score

Reviewers regularly report that the support staff is quick to respond and dispatch help if needed. The items are sturdy as well as technologically advanced. The enterprise has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is accredited with Consumer Affairs. It is also ranked in the top 10 on

One detail worth noting is that consumers can choose between different accessories within their plan. So, if they don’t want the thermostat, they are free to the video doorbell or light module instead.

That being said, there are some other things to think about. There’s the fact that it’s hard to get a clear answer from the team or the website. Also, there isn’t a refund policy, but they require upfront payments in full before the installation.

FAQ Section

Guardian Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Guardian Protection Have Cameras?

    Yes, and consumers can choose between indoor and outdoor cams. The cameras are capable of HD video and picture quality as well as night vision. Moreover, the way the equipment is used adds to its appeal. There are panning and tilting functions, as well as doorbell cams with remote mobile access. This makes it possible for clients to see behind walls and around tough corners, as well as in low-light situations.

  • How Do I Cancel Guardian Home Security?

    To terminate a security package, customers need to get in touch with the support team. They are only available over the phone, but fortunately, the call center is open seven days a week. The cancellation policy is quite strict, and ideally, clients would be locked into a one-year contract. If they want to cancel, then they will have to pay termination fees, which can get pretty high. The best choice is for individuals to wait it out if possible.

  • Does the Guardian Security System Work With Alexa?

    Yes. This is one of the integrations that the system is capable of. Together with Alexa, customers can have hands-free access to the control pad and other accessories. All they have to do is ask Alexa to operate a camera or a sensor or something else. The ability to work with other apps and home assistants makes this security system quite appealing. Other integrations include Google Home and Z-Wave.

  • Did Brinks Buy Guardian?

    No. However, the latter was acquired by another company back in 1991. The Armstrong Group of Companies started working with the enterprise nearly 30 years ago, and it was that acquisition that boosted a lot of its success. The brand was able to get out of the tri-state area. In terms of Brinks, it purchased Security Networks in 2015 and acquired LiveWatch that same year. As of today, Brinks is a completely separate entity with its clientele.

  • Does Guardian Protection Offer Home Automation?

    Yes. This is a functionality that is part of the Essential and Premium equipment packages. Some of the automation accessories include door locks, garage switches, light modules, and thermostats. This allows for remote access and control of these units and devices. Users can simply push a button on their smartphone and have the garage door open, or the lights turn on or off. Just one of these options is available in each package, so additional accessories will be add-ons.

  • Is Guardian Security Available Nationwide?

    Not quite. It is available mostly on the east coast, including Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia. The corporation was founded in Pennsylvania, so it makes sense that it has spread the most along the eastern seaboard. It is currently moving west, though, and is already available in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas. Its most distant office is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Guardian Protection Pros & Cons

The fact that this corporation started by securing jewelry stores makes it a worthwhile competitor in business and home protection. The only downside here is that those who are renting a property can’t purchase an equipment plan. Another benefit is the wireless capability and direct access via a mobile app. This is a feature that consumers today want and need.

Moreover, the selection of automated services is quite good and should have something for everyone. Whether someone wants to keep the kids out of the liquor cabinet or they want extra sensors on the basement windows, they can have it. Two big disadvantages are the long contracts and the need for an in-home evaluation.


  • Available to businesses and homeowners.
  • Mobile app.
  • Variety of automation accessories.
  • Wireless equipment.
  • 24/7 service.


  • Long contracts.
  • Quotes require an in-home visit.

How Does This System Measure Up to Rivals?

Other Guardian protection reviews may mention the brand’s history and its service offerings, but this one lays out all of the features and packages for consumers to see. This is a niche of products that is very competitive and full of rivals like Brinks, ADT, and more.

Overall, Guardian has the cutting-edge tech that people want, and the pricing is close to the industry average. Its automation and mobile access is great, but the customer support could be way better.

Editorial Staff

Steven Lewis combined his writing talent and home security knowledge and became a journalist researching the topic. He holds a Degree in Criminal Law and has spent a significant part of his career studying security issues backed up with his legal knowledge.



  • Tom Brink

    July 6, 2020

    Had been a company many years, when the company was purchased by Guardian, sold house 6 months, in July,2019 prior to end of contract which ended in December 2019. Requested amount to end contract, which they provided, which I sent a check to them for that amount. In July of this year I received a bill for $25.83 representing a bill of $13.00 plus interest for an unpaid bill. A call to their representatives where they stated that that was a the unpaid bill and they wanted it. We had been very satisfied with the service that we had received. Now would not recommend this company, who’s representatives say one thing then come back with a bill that they now say we owe. Very severe type people on collecting a non owed bill. They just want money, even though it’s not owed. – Would never do business with this company nor recommend them to anyone. As a WW2 veteran, your nickeled- and- dimed make me sad, as to what a great company has come to.

    • Nathan D

      July 28, 2020

      Hello Tom,
      We appreciate your feedback and have valued your business over the years. I thank you for bringing this to our attention as we are disappointed the billing process left a bad taste in your mouth. If we can help look into anything further please reach out to [email protected]

  • James Woolfolk

    August 3, 2020

    I have been a good paying customer’s for about 7 years. Guardian wont to sign me up with a new contract. For 5 years with a up grade on what I have in the house . I think it should be up grade plus a door bell camera , outdoor camera and a 3 year contract. Can you help me out. Thank you.

    • Nathan D

      August 10, 2020

      Hi James, I have located your account and will be happy to have an upgrade specialist see if we can do any better for you. Thank you for your continued business!

      Nathan D
      Customer Satisfaction Advocate
      Guardian Protection