Guardzilla Cameras Review: Monitor Your Home Like a Pro

The field of home security is, at times, saturated. And it’s hard to choose the best device for one’s needs. But some companies include everything in just one package: sensors, SD cards, alarms, and more. Read one the Guardzilla cameras review to know more about this home system for tech lovers.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 16, 2020

Guardzilla Security Cameras Review: In-Depth

Guardzilla Cameras Review

Guardzilla is a special system that considers the needs of those who use their phones all the time. These people will have it easy. Why? Because they will not have to spend a lot of money and will buy a convenient product that is simple to install, too. Read on this guardzilla security cameras review to find out more.

Key Features

  • High-quality cameras
  • Easy, DIY setup
  • Great res
  • User-friendly apps
  • Team of pros behind the help center
  • Good for owners and renters too

Background Information

Guardzilla Background Information

This company was founded in 2014, so it has some years of experience in the field. And this shows the amount of money it makes every year. The total revenue was more than 4 million dollars last year alone. What is more, the system is not very big. It only has 14 employees, but they work very hard to help the business advance. All in all, they sell cameras for indoors and outdoors that anyone can buy.

Security Features: All About the Product

Even if the products are only cameras, this does not mean they are limited. Instead, they include a lot of perks that will make the clients’ lives easier. Let’s see them below.

Wireless Hardware: Faster Connection

No Ethernet cables needed. And this does not mean that the connection is not stable. Quite the contrary. They will use the WiFi available in the house to power the cameras. And owners will not have a lot of annoying cables inside their homes.

Cloud Storage: No Memory Needed

But this service is a bit limited. The Cloud only stores up to 8 seconds of live video without sounds. It could be up to 30, but those who need more have to buy a paid plan and talk to the company.

Guardzilla App: Tech for Everyone

After all, this is what the provider sells and offers in their campaigns. The app allows users to control the whole system without ever leaving their beds or moving at all times. It is even possible to disarm the security with just one button.

HD Video: Don’t Miss a Detail

It is of no use to the police to see a blurry image of thieves. So, it is crucial that cameras can record in HD or at least 720p. Luckily, Guardzilla security cameras allows for this to happen. Clients will never have to worry about poor res in their videos.

Third-party Integration: Friendly Relations

Today, there are many smart homes with options to do every task. So, this vendor integrates with other companies or apps like Google, Alexa, Nest, and Samsung. This way, it is even more convenient to buy a Guardzilla camera.

360 Degree Angles: Catch Every Criminal

Another crucial point when buying this type of product is the angle. Without good ones, it is almost impossible to catch the faces of criminals. 360° is the best, even for industry standards, so it is worth the cost for sure.

Geo-fencing: Even More Protection

Building a good fence around (and inside) the home is crucial to keep burglars at bay. And clients can set these areas up just using the smart apps available. In this manner, false positives almost go away.

Mobile Alerts: Be Updated at All Times

Nobody wants to watch endless hours of footage for nothing. This is why the system will send alerts to one’s phone to let them know about events. For example, if the motion sensor or the heat detector are triggered.

Equipment & Installation

As the name shows, Guardzilla camera offers this type of product only. They do not sell separate sensors or touch panels, for example. But these cameras will include everything people need for the safety of their homes.

360 Outdoor HD Camera: the Yard is Also Safe

Guardzilla 360 Outdoor HD Camera

The star product of this provider is their outdoor camera. The 360 degree means that it is possible to look around without any limits.

  • As soon as it detects something strange, it will start ringing.
  • And the siren is 90 dB, so anyone can hear it no matter where they are.

360 Indoor HD Camera: Every Room Watched

Guardzilla 360 Indoor HD Camera

Similar to the other camera, the indoor has a great angle that captures every move. But there are some other differences.

  • Louder Siren at 100 dB
  • Limited motion sensor areas
  • Dedicated call buttons for emergencies.

180 Indoor HD Camera: More Specific

Guardzilla 180 Indoor HD Camera

This is a cheaper option than the one above. And that is why it has only half of its angle and vision. Yet, it has some other perks that are unique to Guardzilla.

  • Push alerts available
  • Still better than 130° classical devices have.
  • No night vision

Outdoor HD Camera: Top-Notch Resolution

Guardzilla Outdoor HD Camera

This is the company’s most basic product. Still, it has HD and a good lens that captures almost all the events that happen around.

  • It will work well unless the areas are too far away.
  • Owners can choose to mount them on magnetic or stand devices.

Indoor HD Camera

Guardzilla Indoor HD Camera

Finally, another affordable option for low-budget clients. The quality is still pretty great, considering the price.

  • 100 dB alarm is very loud for interiors
  • 720p videos with a lot of details
  • Local storage or Cloud with 5 days of access.


The setup process is DIY, and there is no other option. So, users will have to take care of everything on their own. But they should be worried, as it is very easy to carry out. No special tools are needed. For example, the stand for cameras is magnetic. Plus, these people do not have to be strong because the equipment is quite light.

Guardzilla Security Cameras Packages & Prices


Guardzilla Plans

Guardzilla security camera offers two options. And these plans are very different from the ones that other companies have. One of them is related to the video cloud while the other with pros who surveil the home. Let’s review the details below.

Video Cloud Storage Plans

Users have to pay a fee to retain their video on the Cloud. This is a very small amount, only $5 per month. And the video and audio clips will be there online for one month. The way of accessing is very simple. As soon as owners hire the service, they download an app, and there they can see the videos.


  • Save with annual plans
  • History of events to access through the cell app
  • 8 seconds to upload for free
  • 30 seconds for $10 a month
  • Very affordable


  • The free option is quite poor
  • No many ways of payment

24/7 Professional Security Monitoring

After the siren starts sounding, there is nothing else to do. Except for waiting for a person to come and help the owner. But that is not true. Guardzilla offers its buyers a pro monitoring of 24/7. This means that operators will help anyone in need anytime they require. So, they will reach out to the emergency phones the client chose. These could be family or the police.


  • Fast service
  • Helps at once
  • Very affordable
  • Cost per month
  • It lowers one’s premiums


  • No free trial
  • Upfront costs


All the products reduce to cameras. Within them are the sensors are the pads. This means that the system is quite easy to install and access. These devices have a lot of similar things and others that are different. In particular, when it comes to the price. So, here is a full list of the equipment that the company offers.

  • 360 Outdoor HD Camera – $229.99
  • 360 Indoor HD Camera – $199.99
  • 180 Indoor HD Camera – $99.99
  • Outdoor HD Camera $99.99
  • Indoor HD Camera $99.99

Ease of Use

Most clients praise the ease of Guardzilla camera. The setup process is fairly quick and easy to carry out. Plus, the app does not have any hard to find buttons or functions. The buyer only has to enter the store and download it. From there, they can access the videos of the device records. Most of them will be there for at least a week. But it will all depend on the type of plan that the customers decide to pay for. So, in conclusion, the system is pretty easy to use without being silly.

Customer Experience

Having a great overall customer experience is crucial to getting more and more clients. And this is what Guardzilla tries to achieve. With their clear policies and nice employees, there is so much they can get in 2021.

Terms and Guarantees

When it comes to terms of use, the files are very clear. There are two PDFs on site. The first one states their privacy policy. There, the company claims they protect their clients’ info and personal data from others. And that they would only show details to the FBI or police in case of an investigation. The other one is a very long file with many clauses as to what each service has to offer. For example, there are no fixed contracts. Clients only pay for the months they need. If not, they don’t have to send any money.

Customer Support

There are two ways to contact the company. The first and quickest is by live chat. The company has agents working from Monday to Saturday. They answer questions about the product before and after the purchase. The other method is by email. Users from all over the world can communicate using that channel.


The reviews of the product speak of its quality. Most customers, for example, praise the fast way to use the camera after the purchase. Some other aspects that make it different from the rest are the quality of the materials. They will last for years to come. Another advantage is how loud the sirens are. With that noise, it is not possible to ignore them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Connect My Guardzilla Camera?

    Connecting the camera is very simple. Anyone can do it. Just buy the equipment and then plug it. Or use AA batteries in case that’s better. The other thing users will need is the app. It is on the App store and is very easy to install.

  • Is Guardzilla Cameras Compatible With Alexa?

    Yes, it is. Some of its perks include voice commands. So, it can connect with Alexa, Google, and other types of systems that include smart homes. This is great in case the remote control is far away, or one cannot find it. And it adds up to safety in case there are thieves in the house.

  • How Do I Cancel My Guardzilla Subscription?

    People just need to stop paying. That’s it. Guardzilla camera does not have any contracts or binding options. So, clients only have to approach a store and buy devices that are suitable for them. After that, these buyers should hire one of their plans for storage or monitoring in case they need them. And that’s it. The prices are per month, so there is nothing else to do when one does not want it anymore.

  • Does Guardzilla Record Video?

    Yes, it does, like any other system. But it only has the option to record them on the Cloud. No SD cards are allowed. Then, the cost is cheap, but there are no free options. This means that, if clients want more than 8 seconds, they have to pay a fee every month.

Guardzilla Cameras Pros & Cons

So, is Guardzilla the best option for everyone? Well, it all comes down to what the person needs and sees as an advantage. Of course, there are also some things that are not so good. Let’s take a look at these ones below.


  • Very loud sirens to alert the police
  • Great team of pros for monitoring
  • Quick customer care
  • High-quality cameras
  • Cheap value


  • Could have more options
  • Very few plans

Don’t Worry About Safety Again

All in all, Guardizlla’s system came to stay and protect anyone in need. Anyone who wants to protect their home in or out will achieve their goal with this equipment. The cameras are top-notch, and the team designed them with safety measures in mind. Just consider the correct options and pricing, and they are ready to go.

Editorial Staff

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  • mike fillmore

    June 22, 2020

    Guardzilla article was written on March 16th bought my cameral on April first and they are now out of business. Now what, maybe you should write an article to your viewers on how best to get support or refunds on Guardzilla products they purchased based on your article.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Michael Fillmore

  • Jody Bennett

    October 22, 2020

    Please respond to this: I would like my prepaid storage amount refunded due to no longer receiving the service cause Guardzilla is no longer in business. The yearly fee was automatically renewed and no service provided. Please refund my money. Thank you.