Identity Guard Review: Having the Latest Tech is Enough?

This identity security brand came into the market to help protect people. They have done so for almost 20 years in several fields, like credit and online networks. For this, they have had to adapt all the time to the new technologies that were coming up.

In 2021, they have partnered with IBM to bring the latest tech into this market. But is this enough to give them an edge over the competition? Read this Identity Guard review to find out.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

Identity Guard Review: In-Depth

Identity Guard is evolving all the time to always offer the latest features. This is part of their motto and one of the reasons why they keep on partnering with other tech giants, like IBM. Here is an in-depth account of every function and tool that this provider has in its catalog.

Key Features

  • Online networks’ accounts reputation monitoring
  • Financial protection
  • Cutting-edge black market tracking
  • Identity recovery services
  • Computer and mobile security
  • Anti-phishing software

Background Information

Identity Guard Background Information

Intersection Inc. created this brand in 2001. Nowadays, over 500 people work there. This includes case agents and the support team. As well as people from other areas, like finance. This means that they can help a large number of users.

The headquarters are in Herndon, Virginia. But they work all across the United States. In 2021, they are under the leadership of Hari Ravichandran, the current CEO.

Features: The Heart of the Service

These services may seem all very similar. But they are not. While some features are the same, many others differ. These are the ones that this brand offers to its clients that make the most difference.

Black Market Monitoring: It Digs Deep to Keep You Safe

The provider looks for suspicious content, even in the darkest parts of the Internet, using Watson. That part of the internet is accessible with specific software. This tool uses the latest programs to do that. They check that no one is selling their users’ information without their permission.

Risk Management Report: See How Much at Risk You Are

Clients can find the info that the brand has about them. It is in the Reports and Scores section of their account. There, there will be an analysis of how prone the user is to having identity theft issues.

The Identity Guard credit report takes into account many things. For example, the answers to some questions the company asks its users beforehand. Based on this data, clients are also assigned a score.

Insurance and Services: Millionaire Protection at Everyone’s Reach

The service may notice that someone has already sold the personal info. Then, the client will get a case manager. He will help sort out this problem and get all the data back, as well as to freeze one’s credit.

They cover up to one million dollars of the expenses necessary to recover one’s identity from theft. And to reimburse the money lost because of this.

Notifications and Alerts: Polished to Work Well

The team has set up very well the sensitiveness of the detection. They send the right amount of alerts when necessary. The most common scenarios in which they do this are the following.

  • Personal data appears on the Internet, like one’s social security number in a forum.
  • Address changes.
  • Data breaches of the credit companies one works with.

Also, they communicate with their users through various means. Users recommend having all of them on so that one can be sure that he gets them.

They are:

  • email messages,
  • push notifications sent to the phone,
  • alerts on the computer.

Identity Guard Risk Management Score: An Accurate Assessment

The service assesses its clients’ risk of suffering from identity theft. And then gives them a score. In this way, users can know whether they need to make some changes. To get this number, the team studies its users’ profiles.

They get it from answers that people give to the questionnaire the clients fill out when hiring the service. Also, they do some research on them.

Safe Browsing Tools: Security Everywhere on the Internet

The company includes a browser extension in their packages. It keeps people safe while they are online. This includes protection against the following threats.

  • Phishing attacks
  • Ads and flash
  • Tracking and mining
  • And much more

Anti-Phishing Mobile App: Avoid Getting Scammed from Your Phone

The company offers two apps with its packages. The first one is called Classic, and it gives access to one’s info.

And the second one can detect and block phishing sites on these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Dolphin
  • Samsung Internet

In this way, people are less prone to falling victim to these theft and scam tactics.

Credit Monitoring: A Deep Study

One of the main services this provider offers is Identity Guard credit monitoring. It keeps an eye on one’s credit movements. Those who are willing to pay for the top plans will enjoy the tracking of the three main agencies in the US.

These are:

  • Experian
  • TransUnion
  • Equifax

In this way, if someone is about to scam a client, he will receive an alert on the spot to prevent this from happening.

Address Monitoring: Don’t Be a Victim of Frauds

This feature comes in the deluxe plan alone. They keep track of any changes that may occur to one’s address. In this way, one can rest easy at home, knowing that nobody is trying to supplant his identity.

Online Insight Report: Keep the Reputations Safe Too

Improving one’s reputation with this tool is easy. The company uses IBM’s technology, Watson, to review what goes on in one’s social media accounts. They will see what the user’s standing is in those places. And suggest possible courses of action that wImproving one’s reputation with this tool is easy.

The company uses IBM’s technology, Watson, to review what goes on in one’s social media accounts. They will see what the user’s standing is in those places. And suggest possible courses of action that will help improve it. ill help improve it.

How It Works

Signing up for this service and using it is a pretty simple process. Follow these steps to register and make the most out of this tool.

  1. Review the available plans and choose the one that better fits the needs.
  2. Select it and go to the payment section. Create an account and give the team the personal information they will have to keep an eye on.
  3. They will check everything without the user having to do anything other than wait.
  4. If they detect something out of the ordinary, the team will contact the client to notify him and let him know what to do. If nothing happens, then he can just carry on with his life.

Identity Guard Pricing

Identity Guard Pricing

Three different Identity Guard plans adapt to the different needs of every user. All their prices are quite affordable in comparison to the competition. Also, they have all the important features, like bureau and black market tracking.

They come with insurance coverage of up to one million dollars. This is standard in this industry. But still worth noting. Check the differences and similarities between these packages in the chart below. And for a more detailed account, keep on reading to find the benefits and drawbacks of each one of them.

Value Total Premier
Price/mo $8.99 $19.99 $24.99
$1 Million $1 Million $1 Million
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
Bank Account
No Yes Yes
Credit Monitoring
& Reporting
No Yes Yes
No No Yes
Yes Yes Yes


This is the most basic and affordable plan that the company offers. It covers all the essentials but misses some features that come in handy for many users. Some of the functions that stand out include the coverage of one million dollars.

Also, it is compatible with all the extras. Though they cost a bit more, it is nice to have the option to get them.


  • All the basic points are covered
  • One-million dollar coverage
  • Black Market monitoring
  • Keeps an eye on high-risk movements
  • Extras available


  • Checks in one bureau
  • No credit score per month


This plan was designed for those looking for the right balance between pricing and security. It has everything most users will need without breaking the bank. For being a middle plan, it has some premium features that are hard to find in the competition.

One clear example is that monitors one’s credit status in all three bureaus. Some features like bank account takeovers, are also included.


  • A wide array of features for the price
  • 3-bureau monitoring
  • Credit score every month
  • Reasonable pricing
  • More complete than the competition


  • No social reporting
  • Not the best for children


This is the best option that Identity Guard has to offer. It includes all the same as the previous plans and more. The perk it has over the other ones is its social insights reports.

It reviews one’s online reputation and creates a report of how it could improve. This is useful for children who might suffer from cyberbullying and for those whose main source of clients is the internet. Other than that, it may be too expensive for those who are interested in that feature.


  • Social insights
  • Maximum security
  • Ideal for everyone at home
  • Complements online jobs
  • The most complete option


  • Pricier than the competition
  • The one advantage is the social media report

Ease of Use

The system is very simple to use and understand. The main challenge is selecting the right plan for one’s needs. But once this is ready, the team will take care of everything. Clients have to wait until something happens.

If the personal data is at risk, then they will be contacted by the team and will get a case agent. They will be in charge of guiding users to restore their identity from theft and receive their money back, in case it was stolen through fraud.

Best For

People can use this service for many different purposes. Though many use it to protect their private info, many businesses also protect themselves with this service. Here is a detailed account of how each type of user can enjoy this type of tool.

Personal Usage

Regular clients can pick between the three available packages. It can be an either Identity Guard family plan or a personal one. Each of them offers more features as the price goes up.

There are discounts for those who want to pay for the whole year in advance. Taking into account that there is a one-million-dollar reimbursement, it sounds like a good deal.

Business Usage

Those businesses that want to boost their security levels can contact the company to get a package prepared just for them.

Some of the services they will be able to access include the following.

  • antivirus programs
  • keyboard encryption software
  • identity tracking
  • and much more

Just remember that the pricing will be different too. It will depend on the code, and the number of functions picked, rather than the users.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is not shaped by the quality of the product. There are some other aspects to bear in mind, too, like the support team and refund policy. See how this company performs in these regards and what users have to say about the service.

Terms and Guarantees

The company does offer refunds but in certain circumstances. Many people sign up with special offers that include a money-back guarantee. In those cases, they just have to do so within the specified period. In most cases, it is for 30 days.

Now, if one did not subscribe using one of those promotions in place, there is still hope. Clients who have an annual subscription may get their money back if they request it within 30 days after making the payment. But there are no refunds for those who pay per month. But they can cancel their automatic renewal at any time.

Customer Support

Identity Guard Customer Support

The team is available to answer queries from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., or on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (EST). It is also possible to contact them by email at [email protected]. On the negative side, they do not answer questions through online chat. On their site, there is also a section of common questions, which may come in handy for reference.


Many previous and current clients highlight the accuracy of the Watson system in each Identity Guard review. It is an innovative system developed by IBM, which helps to track information through the web at a much higher level of detail. This means that they detect many frauds before they even happen.

Also, their online security programs are among the most complete in the market. With anti-phishing and antivirus software, together with their dark web monitoring, users can surf the internet at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Identity Guard Worth the Money?

    Yes. This system is among the highest-rated in the market when it comes to online protection and security monitoring. Of course, this will depend on the needs of each user.

    Those who do not use the web and do not care about having their identity stolen will not enjoy this tool. But the people who want protection in those scenarios can find a great option in Identity Guard.

  • Where Is Identity Guard Located?

    The headquarters of this company is based in Herndon, Virginia. Of course, despite that, they offer their services in the whole United States.

  • What Is Identity Guard with Watson?

    This is a special tool that the provider offers. Watson is the name of a program developed by IBM. It reviews the web to look for potential scams or identity frauds. This is used, for example, to scan the dark web and see if anyone is selling personal info.

  • How Often Does Identity Guard Update?

    The software receives updates pretty often. It looks for them every twelve hours. And, if it finds them, they will be installed the next time the computer reboots. This means that it gets the latest versions all the time.

  • Which Is Better, LifeLock, or Identity Guard?

    It all depends on what the user puts first. Those who are looking to receive support at all times, 24/7, should go with Lifelock. Now, those who want protection for large transactions should consider going with Identity Guard.

    In general terms, the former is more appropriate for young, tech-savvy consumers. The latter, on the other hand, works better for businesses and families.

Identity Guard Pros & Cons

Reading every Identity Guard review on the web is key. It is vital to know the strengths and weaknesses of this tool. In this way, one can see if it is worth one’s hard-earned money. These are the most important aspects that came up when using the service.


  • Uses with IBM Watson.
  • High insurance coverage.
  • Special plans for businesses.
  • Annual discount.
  • Monitoring of risky transactions.


  • Support has limited hours.
  • Restricted refund policy.

A Great Option for Many

Protecting one’s identity in 2021 is of utmost importance. During the last years, frauds and scams have been on the rise. So, this type of tool can be a lifesaver for those who could be victims of this sort of theft.

This provider, in particular, is ideal for everyone at home and businesses. This is so because it has its exclusive social monitoring feature. It protects the little ones from cyberbullying. And that is also useful for a company’s reputation on the web.

What is your experience using Identity Guard? Let us know in the comments below!

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