Igloohome Smart Locks Review: Unlock the Door From Anywhere

Nobody likes to live in a place where they feel insecure. Luckily, today the market is flooded with options of items that can make people safer. One of them is an electronic lock to enhance the home’s entry and share codes and passwords with friends, family, and even guests. Keep on reading this Igloohome smart locks review and discover the best options for 2021.

Steven Lewis - Editorial Staff

Updated: June 1, 2021

Igloohome Smart Locks Review: In-Depth

Those looking for a good balance between price, quality, and security can find it in Igloohome, a great ally. From padlocks to electronic devices, people have an array of products to choose from. Following this, Igloohome smart locks review will be of great use for buyers in 2021.

Key Features

  • 4 AAA batteries required
  • Connection to voice assistants
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections
  • Airbnb integration
  • Affordable pricing
  • IP166 certification

Background Information

Igloohome Background Information

Igloohome today is based in South Asia and only has 4 members working on it since 2015. Thus, they have done a brilliant job developing different types of products to improve home security. They have also received impressive funding: up to 16.5 million dollars.

They focus mostly on products that can serve Airbnb hosts, though they have also expanded to making padlocks for people with bikes. Igloohome specializes in partnering with big companies like Digital Trends.

Features: What Makes the Brand Unique

What can a buyer find in models like the Smart Mortise? In addition to increased security and multiple passwords, clients can choose between different colors and designs. There are other benefits, too; explore them here.

Design and Features: Stylish for Everyone

Igloohome Design and Features

In terms of the main features included in the Igloohome smart deadbolt, they are a lot. In terms of quality, they are IP66 certified. This means the materials are high-quality and last for years.

The products are made of rubber, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. It’s also important to note they are not suitable for fire-sensitive environments and can only support up to 60° celsius.

Everyday Usage and Multiple Users

The Igloohome smart deadbolt has been designed for everyday access. It reacts quickly and generates new codes in a heartbeat. In addition to just one PIN, the system is prepared to give from 30 to 100 different access numbers for friends and family.

People can either get that info on their phones using a mobile app or receive them on Whatsapp or Messenger. This depends on the type of product the owner decided to buy.

Battery & Additional Specs: Durable & Reliable

The Igloohome deadbolt is powered by an alkaline battery. This is a positive thing, as they are very cheap when compared to Lithium ones. Yet, they don’t last a lot (maybe a year).

So, owners should keep an eye on their devices and change the battery in advance if they don’t want to be locked out of the home.

Access Codes & People: Sharing Has Never Been Easier

Consider that most of these models, like the smart Mortise, allow people to create codes for friends and families.

This makes it a lot easier to access the home from a distance. These numbers can be sent via message or downloading the app.

Security Features: Peace of Mind for Owners

The most important thing about a smart deadbolt is that it’s safe. Igloohome included, then, a number of perks to make sure no criminals can manipulate the lock. For example, if they enter the code more than 3 times, and it’s incorrect, an alarm will start ringing.

Plus, the owner will receive a message on their mobile phones so they can take action at once.

Smart Home System Integrations: Modernize the Home

Almost all models (except for the Smart Padlock) are compatible with different smart voice assistants. Some examples are Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Voice. They can even be connected to the Echo Dot for better functionality.

This also means that people can have access to these systems even when they are not at home, as they may be managed remotely.

Remote Connection Type: Convenience From Afar

The Igloohome smart deadbolt includes a Wi-Fi connection. In this way, people can download an app, pair it up with the device, and then connect all of them to the network at home. Instead, other models like the Smart Padlock also include a Bluetooth connection for more convenience.

Keys or Completely Keyless Entry: A Choice

These locks have the best of both worlds. People who like having physical keys can continue to do so, especially if they buy the Keybox 3.

Instead, there are other products like the Smart Mortise, which are completely keyless and only require an app or the PIN code.

Warranty: a Bit Limited

All the Igloohome products include a 1-year warranty on the equipment (mechanical and electronic). But the guarantee is limited, so it will only cover manufacturing defects.

Installation and Setup

The Igloohome smart deadbolt has been designed so that everyone can enter it. No matter their expertise with tools or technology.

Just follow some simple steps and get started with the new smart lock: 

  1. Open the lock compartment using a common screwdriver.
  2. Put the four AA batteries inside the compartment. Close it.
  3. Download the associated app and sign up for a new account. Make sure the code is secure.
  4. After this, go to the Settings section and look for Add a New Lock.
  5. Select the home’s Wi-Fi network and then connect it with the new device. Use the keypad to choose an access code and to touch any buttons as required by the app.
  6. The process should be complete by now. Enjoy the new smart lock.


So, what does Igloohome have to offer when it comes to equipment? There are 4 different products that cover various needs and requirements. They are available for many budgets, designs, and perks.

Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

Igloohome Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

2S is one of the most basic models for individuals and families. It gives them the chance to create PIN codes and even Bluetooth keys and send them to guests, friends, and family members. The price is very affordable.


  • It has physical backup keys for those who don’t want to get rid of them completely.
  • Universal aesthetics that suit every door.
  • Works with entries that have at least 11 mm of thickness.


  • Sleek and minimalistic design
  • Slim and easy to manipulate
  • PIN codes and Bluetooth


  • Not available in many countries

Mortise 2

Igloohome Mortise 2

Smart Mortise 2 is a great choice for those who are away and want to give access to others. Using Bluetooth or RFID technology, that is now possible.

This is an ideal option for Airbnb hosts who don’t live in the area, as they can get in sync with these people’s calendars and let guests in.


  • The Smart Mortise has protection against Wi-Fi or Bluetooth hacking.
  • The device allows owners to enter RFID tags, Bluetooth keys, and a physical key if needed.
  • Guests can download the app to receive their access codes in no time.


  • It has a discount for bulk orders
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Manufactured in Korea


  • The internet connection can fail at times

Keybox 3

Igloohome Keybox 3

Keybox 3 is thought to be placed outside the door. It doesn’t only allow entry. This Igloohome deadbolt gives people the space to store a physical key without any risk. It also includes activity logs to have more peace of mind and know what is going on.


  • It is IP166 certified, which means it can be applied outdoors without breaking down.
  • The lock includes two modes of access: Bluetooth and PIN.
  • Secure encryption to make sure private data does not end up in the wrong hands.


  • It has two shackle sizes
  • Protection against dust and rain
  • Scratch-resistant


  • A bit expensive

Smart Padlock

Igloohome Smart Padlock

This model can be used in any context, as it can resist wet or dry conditions outside. People won’t have to fiddle around for keys or items, but they will open the padlock using a simple app.


  • Includes a control panel and full deployment for businesses.
  • It’s versatile and can adapt to almost any doorway or knob.
  • People can use it to secure bicycles, a locker in the gym, or even a self-storage facility.


  • Opt-in security features
  • Very affordable price
  • The access is enabled via a mobile app


  • It can be slow to unlock from a distance.

Igloohome Pricing

Igloohome prices vary a lot, depending on what the client wants and are able to pay. The smart Padlock, for example, is the most premium model and includes all the functions that do not exist in some others.

But the Mortise can be ideal for people who prefer to use these systems for Airbnb. All in all, every model is around $200, so it’s affordable for anyone.

Table of Comparison

Comparing different specs and benefits is important when deciding what to buy for home. It may be hard, yet, to find those details summarized in a simple and comprehensive way. Let’s take a look at the 4 most popular models below.

Type of device Price Allows for RFID tags Protection against Wi-Fi hacking Syncs with Airbnb Mobile app Stores a physical key Connection to Whatsapp or Messenger Two shackle sizes One-time duration
1.Deadbolt 2S $229 No No No   No No No Yes
2.Mortise 2 $399 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
3.Keybox 3 $189 No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
4.Smart Padlock $129 No Yes No Yes No No No Yes

Ease of Use

Depending on the model people choose, they are easy to install and to use. For example, the Smart Padlock almost doesn’t need any setup. Buyers only have to set up an account, download an app, and get started using the device. Others, like the Keybox, will need to use a screwdriver and other tools to adapt it to an existing deadbolt. Either way, clients will not need to call a specialist to set these up or install any of them.

Customer Experience

The customer experience is fairly good, considering other clients’ reviews. They praise their quick answers, their clear policies, and the extended guarantee. Let’s take a look at those items in detail below.

Terms and Guarantees

The terms of service include a lot of important aspects, such as the warranty, which is limited for a year. The brand also states that these terms are legally binding and resemble a contract in the USA. Thus, people accept them and understand that, for example, Igloohome has the right to change the words without notice in 2021. Plus, the privacy policy is tight and promises never to reveal sensitive data like passwords or PINs.

Customer Support

Igloohome Customer Support

In terms of customer support, it is a bit limited. There is no section dedicated to this on the website. Persons can find the information on the footer below the landing page, but the letters are very small, and there is no live chat. Nor a FAQ section. The only thing buyers are going to find is an email address and phone numbers to call from Singapore or the USA.


Most clients say positive things about this brand in their reviews. For example, they praise its ease of use and durability. Plus, most of them are happy with the security settings they offer as a company. The mobile app works almost without bugs and allows for remote unlocking of the entry. The only complaint in their reviews they have is that the devices are not always compatible with the owners’ door. The only thing they need to do, then, is to check for these specs before buying.

FAQ section

  • How Does the Igloohome Smart Lock Work?

    It works in a very simple way, according to reviews.

    1. First, the client has to check whether the product is compatible with their deadbolt.
    2. After installing it with a simple screwdriver, they have to download an app and pair up the device using the Internet or Bluetooth.
    3. Create an account with a secure password and determine how many guests they want to have.
    4. And that’s it. The product is ready to protect their home.

  • Are Igloohome Smart Locks Safe?

    Yes, they are. Igloohome is a reputable company with years of experience in making security devices. This means they know what they are doing and how to protect their customers.

    For example, all their software comes with data encryption and protection against hackers, so no private information leaks at any time.

  • How Do You Open an Igloohome Lock?

    It depends on the model. The Smart Padlock, for example, can be opened in two ways. The easiest one is by using an app that has already been paired up by the owner. The other manner is introducing the PIN using the buttons that the lock has on the surface.

    Either way, if the person does not know the number combination, they won’t be able to access anything that is protected by the item.

Igloohome Smart Locks Pros & Cons

For those still doubting whether to buy the Igloohome models, here they can find a list of advantages and drawbacks. With this data in mind, they may make the best decision regarding their safety.


  • The battery life is 1 year, so owners don’t have to buy a lot of replacements.
  • The pricing is affordable, as the equipment does not cost more than $200 each.
  • The Smart Mortise model is compatible with Airbnb.
  • Some models can be connected with Google Assistant or Alexa.
  • The design is sleek and stylish and can fit almost any door.


  • The alkaline batteries can improve in quality.
  • Some of them can only be connected via Bluetooth, and the range is limited.

Forget About the Hassle of Physical Keys

The smart lock technology gives Airbnb hosts, real estate agents, and even common house owners peace of mind and comfort. They won’t have to come home anymore to let the guests in. Instead, they can give them a code via an app or Whatsapp, and they can enter the building.

The above Igloohome smart locks review gives buyers all the info they need to purchase and get started right away. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Would you use Igloohome products in 2021?

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