Kwikset Smart Locks Review: High Safety for Any Budget

Life is getting more hectic than ever, but luckily there are many devices that can make our lives a bit easier. Among them are the smart locks, which do away with the hassle of physical keys and being present to lock and unlock the door. Plus, the lock has an array of other benefits that make this type of product unique. Explore the rest of the perks and become familiar with these useful devices with this Kwikset smart locks review.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

Kwikset Smart Locks Review: In-Depth

Those looking for a brand that combines reliability with good prices are in luck. Kwikset has been in the market for many years and has a ton of options. But this can make it harder to understand the best option for oneself. Curious about how these devices work? Read this Kwikset review and discover them.

Key Features

  • Keyless entry
  • Remote and in-home access
  • Locking and unlocking from away
  • Home management with assistants
  • Different finishes and materials
  • Rekeying is possible

Background Information

Kwikset Background Information

This is a company that has been in the market for door locks and hardware for a long time. Additionally, they have levers, knobs, smart devices, lights, electronic keyless products, and more in the field of home security.

Founded in 2001, they have been doing this for over 19 years in the USA. Today, the offices are in California, but the products work in the whole country.

In 2012, they merged with another company that was focused on electronics. That is why, today, they specialize in that type of item and develop Kwikset smart locks.

Features: Locks for Every Home

Those looking to understand why these smart locks are unique should first take a look at all their features. Keeping them in mind, it’s easy to understand why these are the best choices for a home in 2020.

Design and Features: Durable for Long

One of the most important things when it comes to smart locks is design. In this case, all the numbers are placed in a very convenient fashion. In this way, owners don’t usually have problems when typing their passwords.

They are built with steel and aluminum to make sure they don’t get ruined if it rains or snows. In addition to having great materials like polished brass, the Kwikset obsidian also has a very nice design. These will suit different styles of homes and decorations people want to have.

Performance: What to Expect

The performance is fairly good, although it has the same issues any other smart lock has. It can be a bit sensitive, which is great for those looking for a responsive Kwikset halo.

But those who are in a hurry and want to get inside may have a problem. As per the security requirements, if a person puts the password 3 times in a row and it’s incorrect, the door will be blocked for a couple of minutes.

Home Automation: Voice Assistants Required

Kwikset Home Automation

To connect with home automation systems, the device comes with a hub. For example, the Kevo model is compatible with the best smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri, but the lock will not work with Google Voice. This is something to consider when choosing the best equipment, then.

Connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi): Different Ways to Connect

All these smart locks work with the Internet. Without it, the owner will not be able to enter the home using the app, for example.

Backup Keyhole: In Case You Forget

Some smart locks, like the Kwikset Obsidian, also come with a backup option to open the door. This is the hole for a traditional key in case people forget about their own code.

SmartKey Rekeying: From the Factory

Kwikset SmartKey Rekeying

In case the person forgets their own passwords, there is an option before trying to open it using a physical key. They can just rekey, that is, reset the code. This is a bit complicated so take the time to do it properly.

Durability: Great Batteries

In addition to having durable batteries, the device resists adverse conditions. For example, it will not break down even if a criminal uses a saw or a hammer. Plus, it can be under 20 minutes of fire and still not melt.

Keypad and Access: For Old and New Clients

Kwikset Keypad and Access

In terms of accessibility, these devices come with several options to access one’s home. The first one, of course, is to enter a code by using a keypad or fingerprints. The other one is by entering the password through the mobile app.

Finally, other smart locks will let the person enter their home by using a physical key, as usual.

Integrations: Some Options for the Most Demanding

In terms of integrations, Kwikset can connect with several voice assistants. These include Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, Siri, HomeKit, and more, depending on the lock.

Plus, other items will also connect with the brand’s items like doorbells, security cameras, lights, etc. from Schlage, August, or even Google Nest.

Installation and Setup

Kwikset Installation and Setup

From start to finish, the process takes about 20 minutes. In case of doubt, keep in mind that the official site has a step-by-step guide to follow.

  • The first thing to do is to download the app and set up an account. This is quick and easy. Just make sure to choose a secure password that’s also easy to remember.
  • Remove the existing lock. This includes doing away with the deadbolt‘s assembly and existing cylinder.
  • Connect both devices to the internet connection or use the Bluetooth one. From then onwards, the owner is ready to go.


So, what type of equipment do they offer? Luckily, they have a nice variety that will suit different budgets and needs. Also, some of them include keypads or mobile apps, for example.

Halo Keypad Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Lock

Kwikset Halo Keypad Wi-Fi

Halo contains the smart lock plus a keypad people can use anytime, anywhere. Those who come and go frequently may find it useful.


  • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Check the status of Halo using Google Voice assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Three different entry modes: codes, app, and key.


  • No keys required for Kwikset halo
  • The best deadbolt uses the home’s Wi-Fi router
  • Satin nickel & Venetian bronze


  • User codes are quite limited without a key

919 Premis Contemporary Smart Lock

Kwikset 919 Premis

The 919 Premis model focuses on Apple users. That is why it’s compatible with Siri, for example. Every time a password is introduced, the owner will get an alert so they can monitor everything that is going on at home without missing a thing.


  • The locks include Bluetooth technology for those who don’t have reliable internet connections.
  • The Kwikset deadbolt unlocks with Apple HomePod and allows Siri commands.
  • The other two ways to open the entry includes Bluetooth connection and codes.


  • The deadbolt is certified by the BMHA
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, too.
  • It’s also compatible with Apple TV.


  • Push notifications are not available for more security

Kevo Contemporary Touch-to-Open Smart Lock, 2nd Gen

Kwikset Kevo Contemporary Touch-to-Open

Kevo is very different from the ones mentioned above. Instead of using a keypad or numeric passes, the person only needs to place his or her finger on the surface.

Technology, then, will analyze the fingerprint and let them go through the entry with the best Kevo.


  • Fingerprint recognition is powered by a Bluetooth connection.
  • The lock is compatible with doorbells, thermostats, and security cameras.
  • Easy to download, unlock, and install without any additional hubs or devices.


  • No fumbling with keys anymore.
  • 4 different colors and designs are available.
  • Assign different types of eKeys depending on who tries to enter.


  • No keypad for more traditional clients.

Obsidian Keywayless Electronic Touchscreen

Kwikset Obsidian Keywayless Electronic Touchscreen

The Kwikset Obsidian has ANSI grading, which means it has certifications of its high-quality standards. For owners who manage many passwords at the same time, there is a master code they can use in case anything goes wrong.


  • The deadbolt can pair up with different types of levers and knobs.
  • The best smart touchscreen eliminates the need for physical keys.
  • Cutting-edge design so it suits any type of door.


  • In-home locking and unlocking without a key
  • Low-profile smart lock with Z-wave technology.
  • Stylish, modern, and secure.


  • Not compatible with complex deadbolts or Google Voice

Other Models

Kwikset Other Models

Looking for something that doesn’t appear here? Don’t worry. There are many more to find in the store.
Here they are:

  • 910 Smartcode Contemporary
  • 888 Electronic Deadbolt
  • 911 Smartcode Traditional Deadbolt
  • 914 Smartcode Traditional Deadbolt
  • 916 Smartcode Traditional Deadbolt
  • 919 Kwikset Premis Traditional Smart Lock
  • Kevo Touch-to-open
  • Signature series
  • 912 Smart Levers
  • Kwikset Convert Smart Lock
  • Obsidian Keywayless

Kwikset Smart Locks Prices

The company offers a lot of different prices to adapt to any budget, locks, and home. This is a great advantage for people who don’t have a lot to spend but still want to make their homes safer.

Table of Smart Locks Comparison

So, find here a summary of all the important features and benefits that all the models offer. This can be very useful for buyers who don’t have a lot of time to shop around and decide what suits them best in terms of security in 2020.

Providers Price for the item Time Constraints Different colors available One-time passwords Compatible with Alexa Activity tracker Push notifications BHMA certified In-home locking Fingerprint recognition
1.Halo Keypad Wi-Fi $137 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
2.919 Premis Touch Screen $159 No No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
3.Kevo Contemporary Touchscreen $203 No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
4.Obsidian Electronic Smart Lock $121 No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Ease of Use

Most people claim they have not found difficulties when using or installing these products. Only the Kwikset Obsidian needs the person to remove the deadbolt for good. In the others, the owner has to adapt the one they already have, and that’s it. As regards the apps, the setting up has a lot of steps to follow, but they are guided, so nobody gets lost.

Customer Experience

While their customer support team is very good, this is not the only element that matters in this experience. Let’s also examine each Kwikset smart lock review and guarantees to determine how good, or bad this category is.

Terms and Guarantees

The terms of use are very clear. They will only accept buyers that are at least 18 years of age. Plus, the company explains how the limited warranty works and in which cases people can ask for a refund. The Kwikset Halo is under the laws of the USA. As such, they promise not to disclose the clients’ private data such as codes, times of access, and other sensible information. They will not even share this with their partners unless asked by the police.

Customer Support

Kwikset Customer Support

The customer support section is divided into two on the site. The first part is about the FAQ, so people can look for their questions before they get in touch with the team at all. But if they cannot, then they have a phone number to contact them urgently. Other types of contact include a fax number, but there is no email address.


This company’s reviews are positive all in all. Most buyers praise that they are affordable and that they come with a manual guide to set it up without any issues. Another perk is the durability and types of connection. While very few complain, some clients do exist.

They say that the connection can become a bit slow or that the alarms do not ring when they should. But these are very minor issues that do not truly affect the way the Kwikset Halo, for example.

FAQ Section

  • Are Kwikset SmartKey Locks Easy to Pick?

    Yes, they have very different features that make every product unique and the best for different requirements. The owner only needs to make sure they take a close look at all the benefits before buying.
    For example, if they want to connect their smart lock with Amazon Alexa, the new Kevo model will not be the best option because it’s only compatible with Apple.

  • Are Kwikset SmartKey Locks Safe?

    Yes. They have been made by a responsible and famous company with years of experience in the field of security. This shows, for instance, in the data encryption they give to their locks.
    Plus, all the buttons have additional security to make sure nobody can hack them or guess the passwords.

  • How Do I Know If My Kwikset Lock Is SmartKey?

    If it has a small oval hole next to the lever, then it’s SmartKey. What does this mean? In addition to using the keypad to enter the home, people can use a physical key or a mobile app. They only need to enter the access code to get in.

  • How Do You Reset a Kwikset Lock?

    Follow these steps for owners who need to reset the Kwikset Halo from the factory:

    1. Open the door and extend the latch.
    2. Expose the best buttons beneath.
    3. There, the owner needs to find the reset button. Push it for 10 seconds.
    4. As the person hears the beep, they will also see how the indicator turns red.
    5. When the spin becomes amber, then it has received a factory reset.

  • How Do I Unlock My Kwikset Smart Lock?

    There are two ways. The first one is in-home, that is, from inside the home. The person goes and introduces the code using the keypad or from the mobile app. But some other new models, like Kevo, also give people a chance to unlock from a distance. They only need to have the owners’ permission and a special password to do it from their phone.

  • Can Kwikset Locks Be Rekeyed?

    Yes, they can. This means that the person has forgotten his or her password and cannot open the door. If that’s the case, they may be able to enter anyway using an alternative method. But if that’s not possible either, they can follow all the best steps to reset the lock from the factory and then start again with a new code.

Pros & Cons

Wondering whether to buy a Kwikset smart lock or not on Amazon? Take a look at the following pros and cons and make a smart decision considering its benefits and drawbacks at the same time.


  • Very responsive touchscreen, especially when it comes to fingerprints.
  • Easy to install and to set up a new account to get the keys.
  • Most of the devices work with some kind of smart assistants like Siri or Apple HomeKit.
  • Stylish design that is sturdy and durable at the same time.
  • Very affordable prices for families and individuals alike.


  • Kwikset Premis does not support Google Voice assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • Can be hard to get the keys again in case the owner forgets the code.

Secure Screens for Everyone

Certainly, these devices are near the top of the pile. With great perks for an affordable price, any person who needs to protect their home will be satisfied. In addition, as shown in this Kwikset review, they have benefits that make people’s lives more comfortable and easier.

Explore them with care before buying and enjoy the purchase. Are you looking for a smart lock today? Would you buy this one?

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