Life Alert Review: Safety in Just One Equipment

With a long history of success, Life Alert was one of the first companies to ever offer medical services in the USA. It even has a very famous slogan, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” to catch clients. The whole idea behind the system was to provide persons with a helpful product they can press. This way, they could get help even if they could not move from the floor. Is the company still delivering top-notch products? Read on this Life Alert review to find out.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 11, 2021

Life Alert Review: In-Depth

With a proven record helping the elderly and saving lives, Life Alert is an industry leader. As such, it has been developing new products and technology for years. For example, their novel devices include GPS to track down the patient and help him or here no matter where they are.

As a result, the specs of their products are many and can have a lot of impact on their lives.

Key Features:

  • Options to monitor via landline or cellular
  • Mobile or at-home monitoring
  • 24/7 attention
  • GPS location in premium plans
  • Cost-effective alarm
  • Coverage in the whole of the USA

Background Information

Life Alert Background Information

Life Alert is one of the leaders in the market, right after Philips Lifeline. The company first started delivering services back in 1987 and continues today. The headquarters were in California and are still there. But it expanded and has products with coverage in the whole of the country. More than 150,000 seniors have decided to buy these devices and are happy with their packages.

With more than 600 employees, it is one of the biggest firms related to medical systems out there. They are successful even after 30 years, with over 2 million calls to answer every 12 months. With offices in many cities, they can surely give top-notch attention to anyone that needs it.

Features: Taking Safety to Professional Levels

Life Alert Features

The specs included in the many models of Life Alert systems. In the first place, the support team is well trained and always available to the ones in need. Some other aspects have to do with their technical specs. Like the guarantee or their return policy.

Finally, there are also unique things about the Life Alert bracelet, like coverage for one’s partner and more things to learn.

24/7 Emergency Response: Complete Coverage

As soon as the person touches the button, he or she will receive the best answer. No matter if it’s in the morning or late at night. The operators at the center will notify the family or emergency services, depending on the issue and the time.

Lifetime Warranty: No Worries About the Equipment

Different from other brands, this alarm has a free lifetime warranty. This means that the provider will always make sure that the equipment works well.

Waterproof Devices: Forget About Damage

The waterproof feature is very helpful for those who want to wear the pendant at all times. It will work well in the shower, the bath, and even the pool if that’s the case.

One Button Operation: Maximum Ease of Use

Life Alert One Button Operation

The idea behind the system is simple: that owners push a button and don’t care about anything else. If it’s activated, this means that the patient is in trouble. So, they will first contact the family. In case that’s not possible, they will call the emergency services.

Family Notification: Keeping Everyone Posted

In case an issue comes up, the patient has to complete a list of families or friends who will get the alert. These persons will be the ones to help the owner of the pendant.

Personal Health Information: Keeping Medical Records

Before hiring the service, individuals can give the provider their medical records. This way, the support team will take a closer look at the symptoms of these persons. And they will be able to protect them from harm by contact.

Spouse Coverage: More Inclusion

Those who want to cover their husband or wife can do it. They only have to pay an extra $10 per month, and they will have the same protection as the main owner.

Extended Battery Life: Reliability and Durability

Battery duration can be an issue. In particular, if owners rely on it for the correct functioning of the pendant per month. But they don’t have to worry; the battery lasts 7 years or more. And the company replaces it when it runs out.

Long-Range Coverage: No Limits to Health

Some owners might be worried because their homes are large. Yet, the provider has already thought about this. The coverage is in 800-foot. Ensuring everyone gets the attention they require, no matter where they are or what time it is.

DIY Installation: No Need for Pros

There are some buyers who might prefer to install the system in their own center. They do not want to pay extra or bring strangers into their homes. And that’s OK since Life Alert systems have the best DIY setup.

Life Alert App: Mobile Goes With You

Clients who own a smartphone can download an app. Such tech will allow them to control their system with ease. Plus, they can ask for help just touching the screen instead of the classic best device.

Equipment & Installation

Life Alert reviews prove they have a decent system. But what exactly is it that they offer? Readers can discover all the devices and their specs in the descriptions below.

Medical Emergencies  (Landline): Classical Option in Safety

Life Alert Medical Emergencies

The classic audio monitoring system includes a two-way voice feature and a help button. Together with the pendant, of course. In case clients don’t want to pay for the automatic fall detection, they will have to press the product to ask for help from home.

  • 800 feet range of coverage at the center
  • Can include a wristband and a pendant
  • The best long-lasting battery
  • Only works with landline

Bathroom Emergencies: Security in All the Home

Bathrooms can be dangerous for seniors. The tub is always slippery, and the floor can be tricky, too, if water touches it. So, the button can be placed on any wall of the room. Near the floor or away from it.

  • Waterproof button
  • Includes cellular coverage for home
  • 24/7 services within the country

Shower Emergencies: No More Dangerous Places

Life Alert Shower Emergencies

The same button can also be placed inside the shower or the bathtub. As it’s waterproof, there is no doubt it will continue to work, even if the water touches it. The Help sign is big and red, so even those with visual impairment will be able to see it.

  •  Button covered by cellular
  • Self-testing function
  • 2nd battery that works as back up

Mobile + Gps: Location Matters

In case there are clients who are not always home but require protection, they can rely on GPS technology. Using GSM cellular networks, the devices can detect where the person is located. And they can travel sure since the batteries will last for almost 10 years.

Life Alert: App/Cell Phone Services

The options for mobile phones are two. In the case of normal phones, there is a speed dial option to the support center. But those who have a smartphone can just download the app from home. Don’t worry: the app is easy to use and can contact emergencies with just a click for a very low cost.

No Automatic Fall Detection: A Downside

There is no automatic detection in case the person falls down. They will have to touch their pendant for help to come in the way from the companies.

How It Works

Most of the time, the setup cannot be done by the client. They will get the support of professionals in the team of Life Alert. On the good side, this is quite convenient. Meaning that people without tools or knowledge do not have to be bothered with this process from companies.

On the negative side, this installation is not free of charge. The Life Alert cost a client up to 200$ to ask for a pro setup of their alarm.

  • Once the device is ready, the patient only has to start wearing the bracelet or pendant. And do so at all times, even when in the bathroom to learn from it.
  • As an extra protection, they also have to decide where to put the Help button.
  • If they feel in danger, the only thing clients have to do is to push it.
  • This will let the support team know that they require assistance at once without costs.

Life Alert Pricing

The pricing of Life Alert products varies a lot. And it covers a wide range of clients that may want to hire their safety services for their families. The only thing these people should consider is the best cost of installation and activation.

Plus, the customers will have to sign a three-year contract when buying products. The reasons for cancellation are tight. So, future buyers need to consider their decision with care.

Table of Pricing Comparison

So, let’s examine in the table below all the details of the many products offered by the company. The hub adds things instead of creating new devices, including mobile alerts, without costs.

Life Alert +Bathroom button + Bathroom button+ mobile
Monthly Cost $49.95 $69.95 $89.95
Upfront Cost $95 $96 $198
24/7 monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Help Button Included No Yes Yes
GPS monitoring No No Yes
Cellular Options Yes Yes Yes

Life Alert

The idea behind Life Alert is to offer clients a premium service to protect their health. So, the key element that supports this system is a fast response. When having a medical emergency, every second count. This means that the team will always be available 24/7 to respond to calls and to contact the emergency services in the USA.


  • Constant services all day long
  • Quick answers
  • Available in the whole country
  • Pendant is resistant
  • Great customer support


  • No landline available

Life Alert + Bathroom Button

Those who want extra protection can hire the equipment that comes with the emergency button. This device can be placed anywhere, in any month. It’s fully waterproof, meaning that the protection is even extended to the bathroom. But people can also put them in their bedrooms, too. The batteries live for more than 10 years. Meaning that owners will not have to worry about their durability at home.


  • Waterproof to use in the shower
  • The device is easy to use
  • Durable batteries
  • Self-testing functions
  • Some options for equipment


  • Pricey installation

Life Alert + Bathroom Button + Mobile

This option has everything the above models offer. What it adds, however, is a mobile app. Within it, clients can find options to personalize and contact others. For example, they can upload their medical records. Update their families’ numbers. Or even touch the screen to get the help they require.


  • Nice for clients who want complete protection
  • Medical records available
  • Great mobile app
  • GPS detection for devices
  • Option to add more family numbers


  • The app is hard to use

Ease of Use

As soon as the person touches the button, help will come on the way. First, the dispatcher will talk to the patient that called. But if that’s not possible, this agent is going to notify both the family and the emergency services. This way, people don’t have to worry about following certain steps when asking for help. Just push the button and wait.

Customer Experience

So, what’s their reputation? How do these companies treat their clients? Well, it’s all about the way they treat their customers. And how clear their policies are when displayed on their websites.

Terms and Guarantees

Their terms of service are mostly related to their privacy policy. First, they claim that their policy complies with US law about data. Then, they state how they apply cookies on the website and how they are collected. For example, every person has the right to accept or refuse to have cookies stored on their computers. Also, future clients can find info about their guarantees and refunds. For instance, they only accept products back in case the products are faulty. And only within 30 days of the purchase.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, it is quite limited. Future clients can only communicate with the company using a phone number. If these persons want to access an email address or a form, they will be disappointed.


Life Alert Reviews

Life Alert reviews found online are mostly positive. For example, most of them praise the variety of devices. And the fact that owners do not need to deal with wires to acquire this equipment. The mobile app also seems to be easy to install and efficient to review.

So, the seniors won’t have any issues downloading and accessing the app. When it comes to negative comments, some people complain about their return policy. Or the lack of constant medical monitoring with alerts given to the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Life Alert a Good Company?

    Yes, it has a great reputation in the US. It has been working for more than 30 years.

    The company also features great reviews online.

    • This shows in the number of clients that keep coming back for more each year.
    • And though they are based in California, new offices are opened in different cities around the country.

  • Does Life Alert Need WiFi?

    It depends on the model. The classic one uses a landline. So, it is connected by the wires of the phone. But the other ones do need WiFi to function. These products do not have any cables but require a good VoIP service. And these only work well when the Internet connection is decent.

  • Does Life Alert Require a Landline Phone?

    The classic version of the device does need a landline.

    To function, these products will use the wires provided by a traditional phone.

    • Plus, it adds a plug to use electric power.
    • Anyway, it also has a long-lasting battery that will prevent the alert system from failing during a power cut.
    • If the person does not have a landline, they can go for the cellular option.

  • Does Life Alert Work During Power Outage?

    Yes, because it has an internal battery that lasts 10 years. This means that the equipment does not depend on electric power to work all the time. Instead, the battery will keep the device working at all times. Even in the shower, as it has a waterproof feature.

  • Does Walmart Sell Life Alert?

    Yes, those who want to buy this equipment can find it in Walmart. They have a section dedicated to medical alert systems. And they have 4 versions of this brand. Yet, those who don’t want to go to a supermarket can order online. And these clients will get their orders in no time in the comfort of their homes.

  • Does Life Alert Work in Rural Areas?

    Yes, they offer coverage no matter where people are from in the country. As long as they are based in the USA, they can be protected. They have two ways of working with the system. The first one is by having a landline. The other one is using a cellular carrier.

Life Alert Pros & Cons

Before buying, customers should understand the true nuances of what they are buying. Of course, Life Alert cost is one of the main things. But that’s not all. The rest of the features ought to be considered.

Below, readers can find some pros and cons of buying this equipment.


  • It has a reputation for being a good company.
  • Very well trained support team and employees.
  • Nice options for spouse coverage at affordable prices.
  • Good refund policy and protection of private data.
  • Many features within the same unique product.


  • Too many offers at times by salespeople.
  • Contracts are mandatory and, at times, too long.

Don’t Worry About Falling Anymore

As their slogan claims, Life Alert is always there for clients when they need help. Their pendant, base, and button are reliable and easy to use. Further, the business has adapted to technology. Meaning that the equipment can be connected to mobile devices.

The materials and batteries are also very durable, so clients do not have to worry about any details. Only about their own health.

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