Lifeshield Home Security Review: Is It the Most Complete?

Most vendors offer some services only for the priciest plans. This brand wants to help all. Read this Lifeshield home security review to see if they succeed!

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 28, 2020

Lifeshield Home Security Review: In-Depth

Lifeshield Home Security Review

This is one of the complete systems in the market in 2019. Not only does it offer an easy setup process that needs no guide, but it also has some of the best equipment. But is this enough to compete with the other new home security companies in the tech field? Read this Lifeshield home security review to find out.

Key Features

  • One of the cheapest systems
  • Setup with no guide
  • One of the most complete in 2019
  • Best smoke detectors in all plans
  • New four layers of protection
  • Smart Home compatible

Background Information

LifeShield is an ADT company. It started with a set of simple goals. It wanted to offer good prices and easy setup. They aimed at a quality security system.

In 2002, Louis Stilp created this tech firm. He first called the service In-Grid. He established 20 patents. The owner created innovations. For example, DIY setups. Then he met the investor, Mike Hagan. Mike changed the name to LifeShield.

The main office is in Langhorne PA. The talented staff runs it. They look for excellence in their protection systems. The mission is to provide a complete product. Affordable, flexible, and practical.

Key Security Features: All One Will Ever Need

The LifeShield smart security kit has many tools in its repertoire. Some of them are services that are tools that are essential for the proper functioning of the system, like the mobile app. Some others are innovative are will probably become the standard in the years to come, like the four layers of protection.

Professional Monitoring: Key for Lifeshield Security System Review

Every client can choose to do the monitoring themselves, but they can also give it to professionals. Lifeshield Security System review that no one breaks into the house. Of course, this service comes with an extra monthly fee. In this way, they keep an eye on the house to avoid potential problems all day every day.

Four Layers of Protection: Be Always Online

To ensure that no one can hijack the system, the Lifeshield security system comes with four layers of protection in the form of internet, cellular, landline, and battery. In this way, there is no way in which the systems can be deactivated, as it will always have another way to communicate and have energy.

24 Hour Battery Backup: Never Be Out of Security

Some professional burglars could try to deactivate the systems by cutting out its connection to electricity. Yet, as it comes with a battery that will give it energy for a whole day, their plan will not work out as they expected.

LifeShield App: Know What Happens from Any Place

This is a key feature of the service. With it, the user will receive alerts if any sensor is triggered or if there is any problem. Also, it lets clients stream what the cameras are recording at the moment if it is included in the plan. With this app, it is also possible to set up the different configurations of the Lifeshield security system.

Video Recording: Smart Filming Available

The cameras come with an option to record based on triggers. This means that the user sets an event, like the activation of a sensor, and the cam reviews the scene looking for that trigger to start recording. It is also possible to activate the filming option manually to record something specific.

Photo Capture: Keep Proof of Everything

If necessary, users can snap a picture using the cameras. They may do so, for example, when one reviews the live stream. If something that is worth keeping records of appears, the user can just take a photo to keep it.

Night vision: See At All Times

Many cameras lack this key feature, which is a big mistake since many break-ins take place at night. It comes with eight infrared red lights to film anything that happens when there is low light. This option is available for the indoor cameras as well as for the outdoor ones.

Storage: Keep All the Info Safe

This service offers both local and cloud storage. The local one is limited, as it is restrained by the number of gigabytes that the system already has. When they are full, the cams stop keeping records. So, users can pay for a plan with cloud storage to also keep info online.

System Integration with Amazon Alexa: Just Speak

In 2019, having this feature is practically a must for any respectable provider. Though the system is not smart by itself, users can still give it orders just by using their voice thanks to its integration with Alexa, the smart assistant created by Amazon.

Equipment & Installation

When choosing how to secure their homes, people will have to think ahead of the problems they are liable to have and get the appropriate equipment. While it is not strictly necessary to have all the following gadgets as needs may vary, most users will benefit from having the whole set so that their homes are taken care of in every aspect.

Base: Control The System

The LifeShield base allows users to activate and deactivate the alarm system at will. One of its innovative features is that it is not integrated into the alarm. In this way, if burglars break the siren base, the system still works and can call for help. It can work using the broadband connection, the landline, and the cellular signal.

Security Touchpad: Be In Charge of the House

This looks like a tablet, but the difference lies in the fact that it lets users control the system. The idea is that it is placed in an area with easy access so that people can use it in case of emergency. It has a button to call emergencies immediately in case there is any problem at home.

Entry Keypad: Designed for Safety

This should be placed near the entrance of the house so that one can deactivate the alarm quickly every time they come in. This is done with the four-digit code that the user chooses beforehand. It also includes a panic button to call the police if an intruder tries to force the homeowner to let them in.

Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras: Put Them Everywhere in the House

The cameras come with a 720p resolution, which allows them to gather enough details to be able to get all the key info one may need. Their viewing angle is of 57.8 degrees, which allows users to see enough of the scene. Their most outstanding feature is their low light recording capabilities. With eight infrared lights, the cameras capture clear enough video at night.

Door and Window Sensors: Super Simple to Use

These devices detect whether the doors and windows are closed or not. They work by placing the sensor on the closed door and then a magnet next to it on the wall. Once the detector is separated from the other part, it will trigger an alarm that will notify the user through the mobile app.

Fire Safety Sensor: Avoid Calamities

This device works together with the smoke detector and the cameras. It should be placed next to the CO or smoke sensors, and once their alarm is triggered, the fire detector will notify the brand’s monitoring center. For this to work, all the devices should be compatible with each other.

Glass Break Sensor: Easy to Use and Install

These are placed next to large glass doors or bay windows. In this way, if a burglar breaks them to get into the house, the monitoring system will get an alert, and, using the cameras, they will be able to take an appropriate course of action to ensure the safety of the house.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor: Forget About False Alarms

Most motion sensors work by detecting heat and movement. So, practically any moving thing can trigger them. This detector, though, only sends a notification if the being has a size similar to a human’s. In this way, having a dog or a cat will not be a problem.

Keychain Remote: Deactivate from Afar

This is a remote control that allows those who have to turn the alarm on and off. In this way, one can deactivate as he is approaching the house. It is very handy because of its small size it can be taken anywhere.

Add-On Equipment: Helpful for Most

In case they deem it necessary, clients can also buy this extra equipment. While it may not be necessary for some homes, it will definitely save some headaches to those who wish to use them.

Freeze Sensor: Forget About Plumbing Costs

During the winter months, pipes will freeze more often than not. This means that the owner will have to pay a lot to a plumber to have the water system working again. Yet, this can be avoided with this sensor, which sends an alarm if the temperature goes below the desired levels.

Flood Sensor: Avoid Repairing the House

When a house starts to flood, one must act fast. This is key to avoid further material losses. So, having a detector to send an alarm when that happens is essential. As soon as it detects rising levels of water, it sends a notification to the user so that they can take the appropriate course of action.


Once the cameras and the other equipment arrive, the user will have to install the Lifeshield security system, unless local regulations require that this is done by a pro. If that is the case, the brand will send a technician from their team. Yet, this is not really necessary, as the whole process is simple. The user will only have to place the equipment where they desire and turn everything on. Then, follow the instructions, and it will be ready.

Lifeshield Security Packages & Prices

Lifeshield offers 3 monthly plans. The products are for free with a monitoring plan. The vendor asks for a 36 or 60-month contract. The devices will not work without a contract. The costs go from $29.99 to $49.99 a month. Users can return the gadgets to 7 days after purchase. They will get a refund.

Lifeshield Plan Options

Lifeshield home security offers 3 packages. All plans include three aspects. Cameras, and fire and carbon monoxide protection. Smash and crash protection. And 4 layers of protection. A free app comes with every plan. It allows clients to use the system from anywhere.

Security Essentials Security Advantage Security Professional
Professional Monitoring for IntrusionYesYesYes
Fire and CarbonYesYesYes
Monoxide MonitoringYesYesYes
Cloud Video StorageNo30 days60 days
Door and Window Sensors468
Motion Sensor122
Wireless ConnectionYesYesYes
Fire Safety SensorYesYesYes
Keychain RemoteYesYesYes
Indoor camerasNoNoYes
Activation Fee$99.99$99.99$99.99
Devices Leasing Fee$200.00$300.00$400.00
Monthly Monitoring Cost$29.99$39.99$49.99

Security Essentials

This plan is good for homes 950 square feet and larger. It includes 24/7 professional monitoring. It protects owners against intrusion. The package covers all the basics.


  • Lower price
  • Has all the basics
  • Cheaper products


  • No indoor monitoring
  • 36-month contract

Security Advantage

This package is best for homes 1,500 square feet and up. It has more than the basic one. Users can get security cameras. They have access to 30 days of 250 MB of cloud storage. This keeps the recorded clips and images.


  • Indoor monitoring
  • Cloud storage


  • A bit more expensive
  • 36-month contract

Security Professional

This complete package covers larger homes. It expands the cloud video storage time to 60-days. It supports up to one gig of clips and pictures.


  • Complete system
  • Big video storage
  • Indoor monitoring
  • Extra sensors and motions


  • Most expensive plan

Ease of Use

The firm designed an easy, friendly service. Users can choose DIY or Professional set up. The first one may take up to an hour. Clients have to activate the products. They also have to pair them using WiFi. The steps are simple. Some others prefer help. In this case, pro installation is better. Yet, customers will have to pay an additional fee. This is a negative aspect for those who are on a tight budget.

Customer Experience

Customer service is not so good. There are many complaints. Especially for slow response times. Still, users have access to lots of information. This can help them solve the problem.

Terms and Guarantees

LifeShield also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Users have 30 days to try out their monitoring service and products. If they don’t like it, they can return the purchase. And cancel the monitoring plan. The brand will refund everything. Yet, it leaves out the shipping fee. The firm only offers a 1-year warranty on the gadgets. Clients have to be careful with this. The vendor is not responsible for loss or damage, either. It is better to have insurance against the risk of loss. This means an extra fee. Customers can cancel at any time. They just have to make a phone call.

Customer Support

The staff is available 24/7. Users can call the monitoring center at any time. The phone contacts in (855) 894-1737. They can send an email to [email protected]. Another option is online help. Clients can send a message on the webpage. The best choice so far is by telephone.


Reviews about the company are varied. Some people had a good experience. They could install the products. They were also happy with the customer service center and trusted the vendor. Some other users have different opinions. They would like some changes in certain areas of the service. Some people did not find the setup to be that easy, while others did not get the help they wanted from support. This means the staff took longer than expected to answer emails.

Some issues depend on the location. People could not set up the devices because their WiFi did not work. Other problems are with how to contact customer service. In some cases, there were some late responses. Yet, some other clients found them very helpful. Every experience is different.

The best option is to try out the system within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LifeShield?

    It is an ADT company. It offers protection. Users buy it to feel safe at home. The firm offers many security products – for example, cameras and sensors. Clients can choose from 3 different plans. The best option depends on the people’s needs. Monitoring is effective. There is no annual contract.

  • What is LifeShield STM?

    LifeShield STM is a short-term medical plan. The firm offers two options. Flex and Advantage plans. Both protect users from unexpected sickness or injury. They are available from 30 days to three months.
    It is ideal for those who are:

    • Bridging the open enrollment gap
    • Recent graduates
    • Part-time or temporary workers
    • Without proper health insurance
    • Between or without jobs
    • Waiting for employer benefits to start

  • How Do You Install a Lifeshield Alarm System?

    The system is easy to install. It can be professional or DIY. The company designed a wireless system. There is no need for holes on the walls. Clients can put the devices wherever they want.

    First, users have to connect the base. The LED has to be solid green or blinking yellow. The service is then on. Clients have to pair the devices with the base. This is fast. It uses a WiFi connection. They can review and follow the steps on the guide online.

  • How Do I Cancel Lifeshield Security?

    Canceling is easy. Plus, there’s no annual contract. Clients simply pay the monthly plan on the go. First customers have to call the company. The number is 1-877-632-7657. It is a toll-free one. Then they will talk to a representative. Users just have to tell the reason for cancellation. The team will review them. It may take some minutes on the line.

Lifeshield Home Security Pros & Cons

LifeShield has some unique features that make it stand out. Yet, not everything is perfect. To know which are its best and worst characteristics, read on.


  • It is among the top systems
  • It has some very good reviews
  • Setup needs no guide
  • Its plans are complete
  • It has varied equipment


  • Customer service may be slow to answer
  • Some do not like the installation system

So, Who Should Buy It?

The LifeShield smart security kit is among the best security systems in 2019. Even though there are still some areas for improvement, it has very good reviews from previous users. All in all, this system is worth trying it out for those who want to have all the equipment available at an affordable price range.

Editorial Staff

Brad has worked as a sales manager in the security sector for 10 years. He is curious, attentive to details, and hard-working. He has dedicated several years to helping customers with their safety and protection. His background has helped Brad to write comprehensive security and life safety materials, which he has been writing for about 4 years. Brad has contributed work to The Washington Post, DailyJournal, Los Angeles Times, and many others.