Lifestation Medical Alert System Review: Forget About Danger When Alone

Today, there are plenty of services for monitoring people’s health. These systems can be mobile or landline units that users pay for monthly or per year. To choose the most appropriate services, it’s crucial to read online reviews. So, keep on reading the Lifestation medical alert review to know what is the best monthly line for home.

Brad Smith - Editorial Staff

Updated: October 26, 2020

LifeStation Medical Alert Review: In-Depth

Lifestation Review

There are countless medical alert devices out there. And it’s not easy to choose from those many options. So, the idea behind this equipment is to help people take care of their health. To achieve this goal, LifeStation designs products with premium materials. As a result, their GPS lasts 5 days with battery, an impressive number. It is even possible to hire services for the clients’ family and loved ones. Let’s take a look at Lifestation Medical Alert review to make an informed decision about the unit.

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Excellent Wristband and Pendant
  • Tracking GPS
  • Landline or Cellular options
  • 20 seconds Response
  • Two-way Audio

Background Information

Lifestation Background Information

LifeStation is a monitoring company with offices in New Jersey. It has been active since 1977. And it has built a great reputation from that moment until today. They employ from 50-200 people in different places, such as Houston. They have 2 main products with great reviews. One is a mobile device with GPS. The other unit is a home center that keeps the place safe with a line. And the people inside as well.

Features: the Best Characteristics for Health Protection

In general, the systems are complete. The mobile unit includes many types of buttons with timings and responses. Below, readers can find info on each one of them. This can help them make an informed decision to buy them.

Personalized Emergency Action Plan: Be Always Protected

Apart from the systems, the company offers a custom service. This means that everyone will have a plan when it comes to protecting their health. These prices depend on the type of service owners are looking for and can come monthly.

20 Second Response Time: as Fast as Possible

This is the essential thing about a health service. That it works fast, if not, it could mean a threat to one’s body and even life. So, as soon as alerts sounds, the unit will call 911 for an emergency. It has a great response time.

Faulty Equipment and Battery Replacements: Great Guarantee

Nobody wants their devices to falter and die soon. But if it happens, it is nice that the company has their clients’ backs. At least, this will happen for 5 years. And this warranty includes even batteries.

Relocation Friendly: Move Anywhere

Owners who plan to move to another place can have peace of mind. With this feature, any person who wants to go and live in another house can take their medical alert with them.

Message Alert Service: Without Accidents

People can set up messages so that caregivers and families alike know when they are in danger. The only thing they have to do is to press a button, and the alert will go through to the person who will help.

Landline and Cellular Options: Nobody Keeps Out

Finally, there are two options to connect the equipment, so it works. The first one is a landline for the most traditional owners. The second one uses cellular tech to make it function.

Equipment & Work

Lifestation Equipment

LifeStation medical alert systems are leaders in the industry. Their equipment has a lot of features and specs that provide great healthcare services. Let’s describe each of these ones by one to make a good buying choice.

Medical Alarm Button: Fast Response

The traditional service includes one button. People can just press it, and emergencies will come home and try to rescue them. In short, the way of working is pretty easy. Buyers just need to decide on the type of plan they desire.

Two-Way Communication Console: Be Connected

The idea behind the system is very simple. It comes with a high-quality console that needs to plug into electric power. In turn, it connects with a care center that has a two-way voice feature. This allows the person to speak to another who will help them with their issues.

Medical Alert Pendant: Signals for Pros

The medical alert pendant is a small, waterproof device with a button worn around the neck. It integrates with larger mobile systems. Each time the client presses the button, the signal allows the caregiver to review the emergency.

Medical Alert Wall Button: Extra Protection

If the LifeStation member pushes the wall-mounted button, it sends a signal to the emergency console to contact the care center. This will allow them to speak to agents who take care of their health.

Bathroom/Hallway Help Button: All the House Looking Out

Extra help buttons can be mounted low to the ground in bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms for easy access. The price is very low, and the buttons are easy to use.

In-Home Medical Alert System: Full-Time Protection

This does not only include a pendant or a tracking device. Instead, LifeStation provides a whole system that protects the home in a mobile way and makes sure the people who own it do not come to any harm.

Mobile With GPS: Knowing Where You Are

To keep a person safe, the most important thing is to know his or her location. That is why this provider is able to track it down in a very easy manner. The company promises not to disclose this private info with other people.

Lock Box Option: Keep the House Open

In case clients cannot answer the door for medical responders and centers to enter, they can hire the lockbox option. It is the best alternative for those who live alone and are having a hard time.

How It Works

Lifestation How It Works

There are two main ways to use this device. It can be a wristband or a pendant with the button. So, let’s take a look at the main steps to take when using this product.

  1. Make sure the button is properly set up. Revise all the features and settings to make sure that, if anything happens, help will come.
  2. Just wait for doctors to come. In addition, the company also contacts friends and family. This way, they can assist the person who needs them.
  3. Press the button in case of an emergency. When doing so, the person will be in touch with the Support Center at once. The button is waterproof, so it works even inside the shower.
  4. Talk to the specialist who will give assistance to anyone in need.


The setup process is quite simple. The idea behind it is that everyone can carry it out – even those who have no tools or have never used such a product before. In case the person needs more guidance, he or she only has to call the company to get more info.

Lifestation Plans & Pricing

Now, apart from devices in general, clients will need to get a plan. This way, they will be monitored by professionals in the field. Let’s examine each service in detail. This way, buyers can choose the best one for their needs.

Price Comparison Table

Each one of LifeStation Medical alert’s packages is different. Though they share some things in common (like free shipping), the other specs have other features that make them special. Readers should see the plan below to make a decision.

Standard Select Supreme
Type of ShippingFreeFreeFree
Wireless or WiredWiredBoth Both
Paid ActivationYesNoNo
Emergency ButtonYesYesYes
Wristband and NecklaceYesYesYes
24/7 free monitoringNoYesYes
Protection PlanNoYesYes

In-Home Landline Standard

What makes this plan different from others is the way of connecting devices. As the name shows, the system works with a landline. So, this means that employees will have to come and install it. Users cannot do it on their own. On the gray side, there are two crucial elements this pack does not include. The first one is protection for the home. The other one is the lockbox to give immediate access to doctors.


  • 24/7 quick monitoring
  • Nationwide cover
  • Great battery life
  • Small and easy to set up


  • No lock box for emergencies
  • Paid activation

In-Home Cellular Select

The Select plan is similar to the other but in one aspect. It can be wired or not, depending on the person’s needs. Plus, the protection is wide. This thing will cover the health of the owner no matter where this person is. 600 feet is the range of coverage. So, the client can be inside the house or on the street, and it will receive the service.


  • Fall detector
  • No need to change the battery
  • Lightweight pendant
  • 600 feet range
  • Wired or not


  • Limited protection plan
  • The response can be slow

Mobile With GPS Supreme

This is the top emergency plan in terms of what the company can offer. For example, the feature of Lock Box is available without extra pay. Such a thing means that doctors and nurses can access the home of the patient even if this person has fainted or is asleep. The only negative point is related to the price. Though it is a bit more pricey, the package does not include a lot of perks.


  • The great detector of location
  • No cost for activation
  • Wireless and Wired Options
  • Lock Box unlocked


  • Unsafe shipping
  • Only credit cards accepted


All these plans include some add-ons that owners can add if they want. Most of them are good for keeping the patient in the best shape possible inside his or her own home.

Lock Box: Special for Caregivers

The lockbox is very useful in case of an emergency. If clients have fainted or cannot open the door, then doctors cannot get in. But for just $3.99 monthly, the lock box will give them access and review.

Bathroom & Hallway Button: Keeping Everyone Safe

For $2.49 a month, it is possible to order extra buttons to insert in different rooms. This will provide extra security in case the person falls down or has an accident. This way, they can press the button on the walls.

Additional User: for Elders With Company

In case sick people or elders live with others, this is a wise move. Getting another system is not pricey (only $3.99 monthly), and it gives extra peace of mind.

Ease of Use

LifeStation medical alert system is very easy to order and use. Clients just have to make a phone call to receive the device at home. Then, a team of pros will come to set it up. And it is easy to get started. Most of the parts of the system are ready to use as soon as they turn on. By touching the waterproof button, the alert will be ready.

Customer Experience

The provider has a good reputation online. It has been working for a lot of years, and many people know the company – especially the elders who usually hire their services. Below, let’s find each metric in detail.

Terms and Guarantees

The first thing they state is the policy is only for personal use. Buyers are not allowed to transfer this to anyone else without permission. In terms of private info, LifeStation swears not to disclose any details to third parties. And one of the most important conditions is that users are 13 years old or more. Plus, any person who buys the equipment consents to get calls from the provider. They are also able to see and access any records the company has about them as soon as they ask for this data.

Customer Support

The team is very efficient and fast when answering queries. Still, they do not work on weekends and only give support in business hours (9-5 pm). The channels of contact are two. The first one is by phone, very quick but only for US clients. The other one is by mail, which is quite slow.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

LifeStation Review

In general, most of the customers are happy with the service they get. Users claim that LifeStation medical alert reviews are fairly good as it responds quickly and without any delays. They don’t seem to fail when contacting family and friends. In terms of money, the service is accessible in its three plans. But if anyone needs a refund, then things can get a bit slow. Yet, with patience, this can be overlooked. The most important feature is that the system can be wired or wired less for more protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is LifeStation a Good Medical Alert Company?

    Yes, it provides high-quality services. If those plans or devices are truly suitable for the customers’ needs, that is up to them. It all comes down to doing good market research and understanding how all the products work before making a decision. So, reading LifeStation medical alert system reviews is a wise move.

  • Can My Lifestation Medical Alert System Be Moved If I Move?

    Yes, it can. And without any extra costs. That is a crucial feature for those who need to move houses because of their work or family. In terms of the move, owners just have to take the device with them. But to keep their plan, people have to notify LifeStation. This way, they can keep on monitoring their health.

  • How Do I Return My Lifestation When I No Longer Require It?

    This is not a hard process. Anyone who ends up not liking the service can give it back. Of course, they will not get their money back. Unless this is included in their policy, so, the only thing they have to do is keep the original box of the medical system. If they did not keep it, then it’s not possible to return it. The last step is to put the device inside the box and send it via mail.

  • Does the System Work Anywhere in the United States?

    Yes, it does. Anyone living within the US borders can hire their services and plans. It does not matter if they live in popular areas like NYC. Or in desert places like Nevada. Clients can choose plans that work in a week, a month or a whole year. The only thing that varies, then, is the price.

Lifestation Pros & Cons

As seen above, there are many companies that provide the same type of services. Yet, Lifestation has certain pros that make it unique. Of course, there are also some gray points. Let’s see them below.


  • Very convenient pricing for the cost
  • No price for shipping in any of the plans
  • Adds-on are easy to install
  • Pendants include an easy-to-press button
  • Customer service is prompt and nice


  • No DIY set up for landline options
  • No free monitoring for cheap plans

Forget about Health Hazards

LifeStation medical alert has solid services to keep a person always connected. With their top-notch features, their health will always be safe. Agents answer in a prompt and nice manner. And they have resources to speak to families and caregivers. Just read with care to choose the most suitable plan.

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