Link Interactive Home Security Review: Is It Worth the Shot?

Getting the best safety system for the house is sometimes a matter of luck. To help people make an informed decision, here is this Link Interactive home security review.

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Updated: March 31, 2020

Link Interactive Main

This is one of the DIY monitoring systems for which users do not need any guide to use thanks to its simplicity. Also, it is one of the most customizable ones in 2021. Clients can choose the plans and devices that suit them best. To learn more about it, read this Link Interactive home security review.

Key Features

  • DIY Installation
  • Home Automation Features
  • HD Cams
  • Smart Detectors
  • Remote Control Bases
  • Panic Buttons

Background Information

Link Interactive Background Information

This brand has its base in Utah, USA. It was created over sixty years ago and was known as Mountain Alarm in the 50s. Then, a few years ago, the company decided to relaunch its product as it is now with a focus on simplicity and DIY installation. This was done with the help of a partner, Costco. Nowadays, its wireless products are engineered by 2GIG, who create high-quality equipment, like a doorbell, panel, sign, or locks, that competes with even the best-known players in the field.

Key Security Features: All It Needs to Have

Every system offers different things. The one created by this brand is one of the most complete in the market as it has all the latest features available in the market. If this sounds interesting, read on to learn how they work.

Home Automation: Schedule Events

Link Interactive Review

This property is ideal for those who need to schedule certain events, like when the lights turn on and off, the temperature of the thermostats, whether the doors are locked or not, and more. As this function also uses GPS, it is possible to set it up so that the system reviews the situations starts working once the customer leaves the house.

24/7 Intrusion & Fire Monitoring: Prevent All Calamities

Keeping the house safe at all times requires efficient review systems. All types of dangers could take place throughout the day, like burglars breaking in or fires. This is why this company offers many detectors to keep the house safe. Their fire sensors detect smoke and heat, while the motion ones look for movement and sound.

Panic Pendant: Always with the User

Link Interactive Panic Pendant

Calamities could take place under any circumstance. This is why it is helpful to have help anywhere one goes. This pendant has a button that, when pressed, calls for help. So, if someone is suffering from a heart attack or is about to be kidnapped, it is possible to avoid these events by just wearing and using this item.

Environmental Sensors: Keep Nature at Bay

Sometimes people worry too much about possible break-ins and forget that there are many dangers that can come from other sources. That is why this product includes detectors that help prevent problems that come from the environment, like fire.

Video Surveillance: View Everything at All Times

Link Interactive Video Surveillance

Those who want to see that everything is going as it should appreciate this feature. It lets them see through the cameras at all times to make sure that everyone is safe. This is also useful if one has pets and leaves them alone. In this way, it is possible to make sure that they are behaving.

Hands-Free Voice: Just Speak

Checking the app and using the control base can be quite tedious, especially for busy people. This is why it is possible to give it commands by just speaking. In this way, one can schedule when the camera will turn on, dim the lights, or change the temperature of the thermometer only with the voice.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor: No False Positives

More often than not, most sensors will detect a dog as a person and will trigger an alert. This means that the user will get a notification and will worry for a few seconds to then discover that it was only their pet. But this does not happen with the Link Interactive equipment. It can tell the difference between pets and humans thanks to their size, so there are no wrong alerts.

Equipment & Installation

The company Link has invested heavily to include some of the latest devices in its catalog. They are designed to keep people safe from burglars as well as from naturals disasters. Those users who want to avoid these types of dangers should bear in mind the following info.

A Basic Link Interactive Security Package

Link Interactive Basic Link Interactive Security Package

Link Interactive security offers packages that adapt to the different needs of their users. The most basic option has all the fundamentals, like not depending on a landline connection and two-way communication through the cams.

  • Intrusion alarm
  • CO sensor
  • 100% cellular


Keeping an eye on the house is quite easy if one has the right tools. The Link Interactive alarm system includes a base that lets users use at will the cameras and devices to keep the house safe. This means that one can have access to a live stream of what is going on.

  • Base to control the devices.


The system includes some of the latest detectors in the market. Their machines can monitor movement and heat. In this way, they trigger if there is someone who isn’t supposed to be there. It is also possible to get devices like these ones for doors and windows. So, if someone breaks in, the system sends an alert.

  • Movement sensors for indoors
  • Door and window detectors

Video Cameras and Home Automation

One of the features that many users like is the possibility of integrating this service with a smart assistant. In this way, one can automate certain tasks. For example, it is possible to schedule the cameras to start recording when one leaves for work. This, coupled with HD cams, makes for safety in key moments.

  • HD Cams
  • Integration with smart homes


The setup process is quite simple and user-friendly. People can do it themselves without the help of a pro. It should not take too long to do this. Many clients reported that they had everything up and running in less than an hour. And the best part is that they did not have to pay the installation fees.

Buying one of these devices means a huge commitment, as the user will have to pay for it for many years. So, before signing up for a specific plan, check carefully all the features that each one offers for the price. All of them have a specific audience in mind. Check them out to see which one is the most suitable.

Table of Comparison of Plans

Standard Gold Elite
Cellular MonitoringYesYesYes
Intrusion and Fire AlarmYesYesYes
Smoke and Fire DetectorsYesYesYes
Remote ControlNoYesYes
Energy ManagementNoYesYes
Lights and ThermostatsNoYesYes
On-Demand HD VideoNoNoYes
Object-Activated RecordingNoNoYes
Scheduled FilmingNoNoYes


This is the basic plan, which offers all the fundamentals. It includes professional monitoring over cellular networks. This means that it is almost impossible to lose touch as it could happen with a landline connection. Also, it has an alarm to notify users of most calamities.


  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Includes CO detector
  • Smoke and Fire Sensors
  • 100% Cellular Connection


  • No automation available
  • No HD video


This is the best plan for most people. It is the best compromise between having the most feature and still paying a rather affordable price. Its major feature is the possibility to automate most of the devices in the house.


  • CO Sensor
  • Fire and Smoke Detector
  • Remote Controller
  • Mobile App
  • The thermostat and Light Automation


  • No HD Quality
  • No Recording Automation


The most expensive is the one that offers the most. It has all the smart home features of the previous plans, but together with that, it also offers HD video quality. Its cams use artificial intelligence to identify faces too.


  • Smart Cameras and Panel
  • Scheduled Recordings
  • On-Demand Viewing
  • Home Automation Available
  • Two-Way Voice


  • Rather pricey
  • No Door Sensors

Ease of Use

All the Link Interactive reviews praise its user-friendliness. This is because of the super simple do it yourself setup. Many reported that they could quickly install it just within minutes. And then there was nothing else that they had to do on their part.

They also claim that the user interface of the app and the controller base are easy to understand. So, with only some clicks, people could view what they wanted. The possibility to give commands by voice also helps in this aspect, as it makes it very straightforward to set everything up.

Customer Experience

Word of mouth is one of the most important factors that affect whether people buy a product or not. So, here is a compilation and summary of reviews of what existing users have to say about the different aspects of Link’s system.

Terms and Guarantees

This company stands out because of the super flexible money-back guarantee that they outline in their terms of use and in the contract. Every user has the possibility of returning the equipment they bought within thirty days after purchase. The team is so sure that it is not likely to happen that they even cover the cost of shipping all the devices.

Plus, in case one wants to cancel the service altogether, Link has a very flexible cancellation policy. Most contracts are 36 months long. If the customer regrets his purchase within the first month, there is no termination fee. Yet, if one wants to quit once the trial period is over, they will have to pay 75% of what is left.

Customer Support

The team is reported to helpful and efficient at solving user’s problems. It is possible to get in touch with them through several means. The most used ones are by phone or email. But it is also possible to send them a message through their own site. Their working hours are a bit limited, so make sure to bear this in mind before calling. These are from 8 am to 10 pm CT from Mondays to Fridays, and from 9 am to 6 pm CT on Saturdays. They do not work on Sundays.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

Link Interactive Reviews

All in all, most clients are happy with the service that the systems deliver. Most Link Interactive reviews praise how easy it is to use the products, like the panel. They list the DIY installation as one of the biggest pros. This, together with the super simple interface of its products, making it very straightforward to use.

The only aspect that some do not feel so comfortable with is the pricing of the equipment. They mention that the upfront cost of buying everything at once is quite high and can make more than one person think twice before closing the purchase. Yet, the affordable contract plans make up for this. Once users have finished paying for all the equipment, they can rest assured that no other high payment is due.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Link Interactive?

    It is a security system that has its simplicity as its main characteristic. Its DIY setup can be done quickly and without the help of pros. And all its products, like the doorbell, were designed to be user-friendly. Also, the brand offers several home automation services, like controlling lights, scheduling cams, or controlling the thermostat through the panel or app.

  • Is Link Interactive Any Good?

    This depends on what one is looking for, but for most users, the answer is yes. Those who need one of the simplest systems with all the latest features and an affordable contract will be happy with this brand. And if they are not satisfied, clients can cancel the service thanks to its flexible cancellation policy.

  • How Hard Is It to Install Link Interactive?

    It is not hard at all. Actually, this is one of the best aspects that the brand boasts about the most. Its do it yourself installation process can be done in only minutes and without the help of an expert. Most users review this as one of the systems’ biggest pros. In 2021, all competitors strive to be the ones to offer the most simple systems, and Link is among the best in this regard.

  • How Does Link Interactive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Work?

    The process is quite easy to follow. First, one buys the products and selects the plan they want. When everything is ready, users sign the contract and have thirty days to try the service. Within the trial period, the client can decide to return the products and cancel the contract. If any shipping costs are involved, the brand will cover them. In case the person wants to cancel after 30 days, he will have to pay an extra fee.

Link Interactive Pros & Cons

This brand has lots of properties that make it stand out from the crowd. Yet, it may not be the best for every user. To review if this is one of the best systems out there in 2021, read on.


  • Easy DIY Installation with No Guide
  • Wireless Monitoring by Link Interactive Security
  • Best Environmental Disaster Prevention in 2021
  • Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras and Panel
  • Home Automation Systems for Control


  • Up-Front Payment for Devices
  • Pro Installation Not Available

Who Should Buy It?

The Link Interactive alarm system is among the best in the market in terms of home automation and security. The rates of their plans for monitoring and using their devices are among the top ones in 2021. Though some may think it is expensive because of the high upfront cost of purchasing the system, the low fees and good support make up for that. And its simplicity of use, together with its good video quality is something to highlight too. In the end, whether it is suitable for someone or not will depend on that person’s needs.

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