Lorex Security Cameras Review: Value for Quality?

This security camera system is known for its premium pricing. Yet, it does not lag in terms of functions, which many previous clients claim makes it worth what it costs. Some of them include high-quality 4k footage and great night vision coverage, among others. The company also provides its clients with professional products and customer service. And subscription fees are optional. Yet, the gadgets may be a bit costly. To know more, read this Lorex security cameras review with its main characteristics and pros and cons.

Kyle Nelson - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 20, 2021

Lorex Camera Review: In-Depth

This brand is among the most costly in the market. But many people claim that they are worth their cost thanks to their reliability and complete feature set. But is this so? Read this Lorex camera review to find out.

Key Features

  • Cellphone alerts: one can get notifications on the Cirrus app.
  • Security cams: there is a great variety of surveillance gadgets for the client’s property.
  • Protection against power outage: the battery and night vision recording work when there is no power.
  • Wireless products: Lorex cameras and other gadgets work with batteries. They also use Wi-Fi. So, there is no need for wires.
  • DIY set-up: the wireless devices are easy to install.
  • Smarthome functions: the device includes a two-way voice.

Background Information

Lorex About

This company is from Canada. Its offices are set in Markham, Ontario. The business started running in 1991 and has had many owners. Since 2018, the brand is part of Dahua Technology. It has, then, a long history in the home security industry. The firm offers its services for people, mainly in North America. It delivers its products both through retail and online means.

The vendor has a long list of devices. Clients can choose from a variety of options. So, they can customize their systems to fit their needs. Either for a residential house or a business property. The organization ensures high-quality technology and customer service. For example, they include an app for people to keep an eye on their house. Clients can just stream the footage on their computers to mobile phones.

Features: High-Tech Cams for DIY Lovers

Lorex cameras are, on the one hand, DIY surveillance systems. Meaning one can set them up on their own. On the other hand, they are high-tech security systems. That means that they all have the latest functions in the market.

Surveillance Cameras: Keep the House Safe

Lorex Surveillance Cameras

This is what this brand knows best. On the one hand, they offer the most basic cams for those who are not as tech-savvy. On the other hand, they sell highly technical surveillance cameras. All of them let people watch and record what is going on at home when they are not there.

Wireless Equipment: No Cables Needed

The cameras and receivers work with batteries. They send video to a DVR via Wi-Fi. That means that there are no wires needed at all. Of course, there are also hybrids. Those are cams that one can plug into a wall outlet.

Smart Home Options: Connect to Alexa or Google Home

The cams can connect to Smart Home devices. With their two-way voice feature, they can become a part of any Smart Home set up. They have a voice option that lets people speak with visitors at the door as well as with smart devices at home.

DIY Installation: Easy to Set Up

Lorex DIY Installation

These cameras and their components are wireless. That means that they are easy to install. There is no need to pay someone else to set them up at home.

Power Outage Protection: Never Stop Recording

These cams can work even if the power is out. They use batteries that last for months. No storm or intruder can stop them from recording. It is worthy to note that if the battery is down, people can get a notification on their phones.

Mobile Alerts: Get Warnings on the Go

The cams use the Cirrus App. It sends users a message when a camera starts to film. Or, when it detects any event within the home. Alerts show up on users’ phones in real-time.

Cloud Security Camera App: All Controls in One Place

The Cloud Mobile App can do many things. People can check on their house in real-time, anywhere. It is possible to see when a camera started recording. Users get alerts on their phones when the cams detect motion. Plus, with the app, one can control any PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera with a few clicks or taps.

Lorex Secure Mobile App: Stay Connected

Lorex Secure Mobile App

This app has instant live viewing, as well as motion push alerts. It offers cloud recording and many other functions. Clearly, it is the best ally to a camera set of this brand. The Privacy Switch lets users stop the camera with a single tap. And, with RapidRecap Videos, one can check hours of tape in just minutes.

Local Storage: Keep Footage Safe

Videos are saved on the DVR that comes with the camera set. It has a high-security built-in hard drive that can store up to one terabyte of footage.

Temperature Sensor: Never Too Hot or Too Cold

These cams come with a temperature sensor. That means that it has a thermometer that measures how cold or hot a room is. This is important in those bedrooms where babies sleep, for a nice climate can help infants sleep.

Two Way Audio: Talk to Visitors

Another key point of these cams is their two-way voice function. In other words, one can listen to what the camera is recording as well as talk through it. As a result, with this company, users can talk to visitors when they are not home.

Push Notifications

Users can get a message on their phone in due time if a camera senses motion. One can fully customize these alerts. It is quick and easy.

Equipment & Installation

This company has an ample catalog with a wide variety of gadgets to keep safe every home and business, be it small or big. Mostly, they include cams with high-quality resolution and extra functions that adapt to the needs of every client. But there are also some other devices that complement the cams. To know more, keep on reading.

Wireless Security Cameras: Simple and Flexible

This cam works entirely through a Wi-Fi connection. This means that, since no wires are required, the setup process is much simpler. Plus, not having to hardwire the devices into a wall gives more flexibility in terms of placement.

Indoor Security Cameras: High-Quality Footage at Home

These gadgets were engineered to maximize the conditions of the home to get superb image quality.

Many of the devices this brand offers come with 4K resolution to capture up to the last detail of every scene, for example. When coupled with the digital zoom, it is possible to get an up-close detailed image.

Many of them also work in low-light settings. In this way, even the darkest room of the house can be protected at all hours.

Outdoor Security Cameras: Prepared to Survive Everything

These cams were carefully prepared to withstand all types of weather conditions, as well as vandals who might try to steal them. They are also prepared to record high-quality footage even at night. And depending on the model, it is possible to get long-range recording capabilities. In this way, people can see what happens further away from home.

HD MPX Security Cameras: Bank-Level Security for Every Business

This device stands out for the level of security it offers. For this, it does not depend on an Internet connection, whether it is through Wi-Fi or ethernet. Instead, it uses a coaxial or a BNC cable.

In this way, it can transmit the footage more reliably, as it is less prone to being hacked. Also, these cams can be placed further away from the base than the typical ones. Yet, bear in mind that this type of system needs a pro to do it.

PTZ Security Cameras: Cover Every Angle

This camera stands out thanks to its incredibly wide viewing angle of 360°. This means that instead of having many devices to cover a large area, now it is possible to get just one.

It can also tilt or pan to follow moving objects, even if they move at high speeds. To provide more details, it has an optical zoom. This means that instead of cropping the image to get a closer look, the cam moves the lens so that it is physically nearer.

IP Cameras: Top-Notch Devices for Every Client

Lorex IP Cameras

These are the company’s main products. They come in a wide variety of models. Some of the features they offer include 4K recording, motion detection, smart deterrence, and more.

These gadgets are ideal for those who want to protect their homes or small businesses. They are usually bought in packs of six or eight to cover the whole place. And they can be customized to suit different needs.

They come with ample local storage as well as night recording to store high-quality footage, and even it was taken with low light.

Video Recorders: Keep the Footage Safe and Sound

Also known as DVRs, these gadgets are ideal for those who have a lot of cams with continuous recording at all times. All this footage needs a place to go. And these gadgets are the perfect storage option for long hours of videos.

Video Baby Monitors: Now Parents Can Relax

These cams come with some extra features that help take better care of the little ones. For example, they include two-way audio. In this way, parents can listen to what is going and talk to the baby.

These devices can also be connected to Skype so that it is easier to keep an eye on them while working.

Accessories: Complement All the Gadgets

This brand includes many different accessories that complement and boost each gadget’s original features. Some examples are extension cables, power adapters, and antennas, among others.


The wireless service is easy to set up. Users first have to download the mobile app. Here, they have to create an account and verify it with the code given by email.

On the screen of the device, they will notice a plus button. They have to click on it to scan the QR code with the app. In this way, their cellphones will identify the gadget. Then, they have to press “Next” and follow the steps to power up the camera. For this, they need to check first that the LED turns green. It usually takes a few seconds.

After users connect everything, they have to create a password. They also have to choose their home Wi-Fi to make the device work. When this is done, users can mount it where they want. For example, on the wall or any other useful place. They just have to make sure to angle the camera correctly. Verify that it all works properly, and that is it!

Lorex Price & Packages

To understand this company’s pricing, there are two main aspects to consider. The first one is the cost of the monthly plan. Basically, there is only one paid option that gives users ample access to the features. And it is even possible to get a discount. Yet, clients can also choose to get the free option. It is more limited but delivers what it promises.

The other aspect to bear in mind is the price of the equipment. They usually come in packages of many units. In this way, users can review what is happening in the whole building. Read on to see what each plan and package costs and have to offer.

Table of Comparison: More Similar than They Seem

The company offers one paid plan. Still, there is a free option that is pretty good. To get a close look at what they offer, here is a detailed comparison of what users get from each of them.

Free Basic Plan Premium Plan
Days of storage230
Gigabytes of storage10Unlimited
Number of RapidRecaps3Unlimited
Hours of RapidRecaps812
Hours of RapidRecaps812
Price per month$0$6.99
Price per year$0$69.99

FREE Lorex Cloud Basic Plan

This plan comes in handy for those who are just getting started with the platform and want to see how it works. It includes all the basic features, but in a more limited way than the premium option.

For starters, the basic plan only offers three RapidRecaps per month. This feature summarizes hours of video into a short clip. It is a very useful tool if one wants to see if anything interesting happened without losing hours looking for it. But it is rather limited in this version.

Also, with the basic plan, it is only possible to store footage for two days, and no more than 10 GB.

Lorex Cloud Premium Plan

This plan is for those who have already tried the service and liked it. And people who are fully committed can get a generous discount is they pay for the whole year upfront.

Its RapidRecaps are unlimited, as well as its amount of storage. Yet, there are some limitations. The recaps can only cover up to 12 hours, which is better than the 8 of the free plan. And while there are no size limits, one can only see up to 30 days back.

Equipment Prices

This company sells most of its cams in packs. In this way, there are some discounts and users can make sure that they have enough to cover all the important areas of their home. The bundles can contain as little as 2 cams or as many as 16. These are the prices in 2021.

  • 4K Ultra HD IP 6-Camera System – $749.99
  • 2K IP Security 4 Outdoor 5MP Dome Camera System with 8-Channel NVR – $549.99
  • 1080p Outdoor Wire-Free 6-Camera System – $549.99
  • 4K Ultra HD IP 8-Camera System – $999.99
  • 4K Ultra HD 16-Channel Security System with 16 4K (8MP) Cams – $999.99
  • 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt Security Camera (2-pack) – $169.99
  • 2K HD 8-Channel IP Security System – $748.99
  • 2K Super HD 16-Channel Security System with 16 2K (5MP) Cams – $899.99
  • 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Security System – $799.99
  • 16-Channel Security Camera System – $699.99
  • 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel IP Security System with Two 4K (8MP) Smart Deterrence and Two 4K (8MP) Motorized Varifocal Cams – $879.99
  • 4K Ultra HD 16-Channel IP Security System with 8 4K (8MP) Cams – $1,179.99
  • 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt Security Camera (4-pack) – $349.99

Ease of Use

The set up is easy and simple, thanks to the wire-free connection. Users can put the Lorex cameras in different parts of the house on their own. They need no pro help except for some wired options. It will depend on how the system works.

Clients have to download the mobile app to set their gadgets. With it, they will scan de QR code and add the device. Just a few steps to make the security system start running.

Customer Experience

Many Lorex security cameras reviews on sites like Amazon claim that the company offers great customer service both to residential and commercial users. The online portal offers an easy to read layout. This makes it simple for clients to find any kind of info.

Terms and Guarantees

Users do not have to pay for a subscription fee. Instead, they have to pay for each device they select. The products come with a 1-year warranty or a 2-year one.

It depends if they make the purchase on the official webpage or not. Within that period, they can return the gadget in case it is defective. For this, they will receive a refund.

All other additionals in the kit have a warranty for 90 days. Outside that period, the firm will only allow reparations or returns without a refund.

Customer Support

The customer support team is well prepared. They are separated in different groups to help clients with sales or technical service, among others. This division makes the process more efficient.

Users can contact them through live chat, email, or phone. Still, for simple doubts, users can watch video guides on the webpage.


Most Lorex reviews about its products are positive. The video quality proves to work great at 1080p. Colors are also neat and not saturated. Users also like the night vision function. Those in black and white offer good contrast. Its footage is clear with sharp images. Some customers on Amazon are happy with the two-way audio system, too. Its sound is clean and loud enough.

The smart home options also seem to work as expected. Users get alerts on their mobile phones and have access to good quality feed. Still, some clients share their complaints about the app on the Google Play store, which should not be an issue in 2021. Some are also dissatisfied with customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Lorex a Good Security Camera System?

    In short, yes. These security cams are good. They feature the latest tech. So, their recordings are high-quality. They have night vision with a long-range. They resist rough weather. And, they are hard to destruct as well. As a result, these cameras make users feel safe at home. If something happens on a property, they will record everything. And they are very easy to find with discounts on sites like Amazon.

  • Which Is Better Arlo or Lorex?

    Both brands offer security systems. Arlo sells high-tech cams. They work well for both homeowners and renters. Arlo is a good choice because it is easy to both install and use. But, Lorex is better for those who want a custom system. It has more options than the other brand. These cameras are more cost-effective, as well. Their technology is better than Arlo’s. As a result, their cams are a much better option.

  • What Is the Best Lorex Camera?

    The answer depends on what the cameras are needed for. There are options for all needs. For indoors or outdoors. Some have a wired connection. And others are wire-free. They can have night vision or record audio. Every house is different.

    All security cams come in two forms – single cameras or as a set. Nocturnal systems have a top-of-the-line NVR. They come with 2 to 32 devices. Wire-Free systems, on the other hand, come with a DVR and either 2, 4, 5, or 6 gadgets.

  • Is Lorex Wireless?

    Yes. In fact, it has two different types of wireless security systems. On the one hand, wire-free systems work with a DVR. They monitor the house 24/7. Users need to plug these cams in. On the other hand, Wire-Free systems have a DVR and cameras that work with no wires. They use batteries and only record when they detect something moving.

  • How Long Do Lorex Camera Batteries Last?

    This brand’s wireless cams have long-lasting batteries. They can last up to four months. If the battery is low, users get an alert on the app. Each cam includes a battery pack. What is great about them is that one can recharge these packs once the batteries run out.

  • Can I Add a Wireless Camera to My Lorex System?

    Yes. All systems by this brand let users add new devices. In fact, adding a camera is super simple. The steps to add a new add-on IP camera are easy.

    To add a camera:

    1. Click the Main Menu icon in the taskbar.
    2. Then click on Settings > Display > IP Camera.
    3. Click the Add icon next to an empty channel.
    4. Click Search.
    5. Select the checkboxes of the new gadgets.
    6. Click Add Selected.

Lorex Camera Pros & Cons

Each system has its weak and strong points. Fortunately, this one has mainly positive aspects to consider. Still, there are some technical limitations that may put some people off. To know in which areas it stands out and which ones need improvement, read on.


  • The high-quality video goes up to 4K
  • Variety of security options and personalized kits to fit needs
  • Night vision with color and ample range
  • Bullet and dome cams
  • SD card recording functions and DVR solutions


  • It depends on standard power outlets
  • Compatible only with Windows PC

Should I Trust Them?

Lorex reviews and products are mainly positive. The kit is wireless and easy to install. The system is effective and helps users to know about any suspicious activity around the house. Users can have access to videos on their mobile app, which is vital in 2021. The Lorex cameras also save footage on the microSD card. The smart home options, such as voice command, also prove to work well. All in all, users trust it for home protection.

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