Medical Care Alert Reviews: Can You Trust Them With Your Family?

This Michigan-based company has been helping Americans take care of older family members. With their high-quality equipment and trained team, the clients can feel safe and protected at all times.

Those who are not sure whether this is a great option should keep on reading. Take a peek at these Medical Care Alerts reviews and get started with health services that will make the family’s life easier.

Steven Lewis - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

Medical Care Alert Reviews: In-Depth

When deciding on what equipment to buy, there are a lot of things to consider with care. Especially when it comes to such a delicate matter as health. Luckily, the market has excellent options such as Medical Care Alerts, with a reputation that precedes them. 

Discover in this Medical Care Alert review why these home alert systems can be a great alternative for families and individuals, too, in 2021. 

Key Features

  • AT&T or landline connection. 
  • 24/7 attention
  • Waterproof wearable medical alert. 
  • Easy to install for cellular monitoring
  • Free for wives and husbands
  • GPS track and a great range

Background Information

Medical Care Alert Background Information

As the name shows, Medical Care is focused on medical alerts and emergency response systems for seniors. Founded in 2008, they have more than a decade of experience in the field. The idea is to give people the chance to self-install their own devices so a team of professionals can protect them in the field of emergency monitoring. They are based in California and New York but work all over the country, too. 

Features & Installation

What do these home alert systems offer, by the way? Why should people hire those services? Here is a short summary of the main features and other benefits that make this emergency alert equipment unique.  

Sign Up Process: Seamless Integrations

Creating an account and setting up a new service can be a hassle. In particular, for seniors who have no idea of technology or what to do in these cases. But this is not the case with Medical Care Alerts. 

On the contrary, the buyer only has to call the call center that appears on the site, and the agent will tell them all the steps to follow. From then until activation, the process is just a breeze.

Wearing the Devices: Portable Alternatives

In addition to having a base with a lot of range, the owner can choose to hire the premium option. This will enable them to just wear the pendant and not care whether they are at home or not to be protected. The process is easy. Just unbox those products and start using the centerca. All the arrangements must be made beforehand, over the phone. 

24/7 Monitoring: Essential for Such a Service

Medical Care Alert 24-7 Monitoring

No health service is complete without a great customer support center. In case the owner falls ill at night, for example, they will need immediate assistance. If not, the issue can become very dangerous. So, Medical Care excels at giving people the help they need, whether it’s the day, night, or even a weekend or a holiday. 

Installation & Setup

All these home alert systems can be installed by the client without a lot of effort. 

But let’s take a look at some steps to take in those cases: 

  1. Take the equipment out of the box, removing all the labels. 
  2. Plug everything into the electric outlet, if applicable. The pendant, for example, does not need this step. 
  3. Press the calling button to set up emergency numbers and other details. The company will provide detailed instructions. 

Equipment: Get High-Quality Materials

What are the options, then, in terms of Medical Care Alerts when needing help? The equipment is divided into 3. There is an all-in-one option to enter with a landline, another one with a cellular alternative, and wearable wristbands that require no installation. 

HOME Medical Alert System: the Classic Landline

Medical Care Alert HOME Medical Aler

As the name shows, this equipment is thought for the home. In terms of connection, owners can choose to network it using wires or an AT&T line. It includes a speaker so elders can talk to the customer support center assigned to them. 

  • Landline or cellular type of connection available.
  • The pendant or wrist-style button to install at home.
  • Waterproof but cannot be put in the shower. 

HOME & YARD Medical Alert System: a Premium Service

Medical Care Alert HOME & YARD Medical Alert

This system includes a lot more coverage, and it’s more potent for owners with a larger home. 

  • Lanyard pendant, wrist/wheelchair strap holder, or belt clip.
  • Rechargeable batteries: 4 hours response time, 4 months in standby.
  • Water-resistant, shower-safe with two-way speakers.

HOME & AWAY GPS Medical Alert System: Mobile Options

Medical Care Alert HOME & AWAY GPS

Home & Away is not only suitable for people going outside the home all the time, but it also includes a special mobile app to track down their moves. Plus, it gives people the option of connecting the device via AT&T, WiFi, and even other systems like Bluetooth. 

  • AT&T, 4G LTE, GPS.
  • Handset: 120-hour standby battery.
  • Water-resistant, shower-safe.

Add-On Features: What Else to Expect

Wondering if there’s anything else to add to the traditional medical alert systems? Yes, there is. Take a look at all the options the company has to complement this performance. 


This is an alternative for people who would like to have a full package (and have enough money to pay for it). It will include all the options mentioned below. In terms of price, it costs $45 if paid monthly, but there is an annual discount of $549 if people pay in advance. 

Fall Detection

Falls are one of the most common causes of injury and death in seniors living alone. If they don’t get help right away, the consequences can be serious. Luckily, this brand has a very efficient fall detection system that will detect these cases and call emergency services at once. 

GPS Enabled Device

This is very good for people leading an active lifestyle who still want to be independent. Maybe if the person becomes disoriented or stays quiet for a long time, it can be helpful to know where they are so they can get help. 

Award-Winning Service

This company has been awarded several prizes in terms of security, so people can be sure they use the best materials that will not break down. Plus, the batteries are quite durable and need little or no recharging for months. As a result, families should rest assured their health is taken care of.  

Free Key Lockbox

The free key lockbox is an added benefit for those who live alone and don’t want their doors broken by the police or the doctors. 

Then, Medical Care will give that code to the ambulance or the police in case they need to come. 

Medical Care Alerts Packages & Pricing

Medical Care Alert Packages & Pricing

The monthly cost is fairly similar to all the models available. The only aspect that may make a difference is the annual and quarterly discount they give clients if they pay in advance. Luckily, all the prices are very clear on the site, so the buyers can choose what to buy, knowing there are no hidden costs. 

Table of Device Comparison

Use the following table to understand all the differences and similarities between the models. It has outlined the benefits and perks of each one so people can get their conclusions and see if it’s good for the family. 

Home  Home & Yard Home & Away GPS
Price per Month $27.95 $32.95 $3975
Wristband and Pendant Available Yes Yes Yes
Two-Way Voice  Yes Yes Yes
Optional Fall Detection Yes Yes Yes
72-hour Backup Yes No Yes
Shower-Safe No Yes Yes
Range 600 ft 1,000 ft Unlimited
Compatible With AT&T No Yes Yes
Remote Care App No No Yes

HOME Medical Alert System

The basic model is the most affordable of the three. Yet, take into account that it’s not really cheap. 


  • It only costs $27.75 per month if billed annually. 
  • The wristband never needs charging
  • Monitoring for spouses is free of charge. 


  • The cellular version is a bit more expensive. 

HOME & YARD Medical Alert System

As the name shows, this device has a double function. The range and coverage are far larger than in the case of the previous model. In this way, the system covers not only the home but also the yard so people can go outside and still feel safe. The price is a bit higher, at $32 per month. 


  • 1,000-foot range and shower-help buttons. 
  • Pendants are available for an additional.
  • Sturdy design with durable materials. 


  • Customer support only works in English.

HOME & AWAY GPS Medical Alert System

This is the best-designed system for people who still live a full life. Thus, if they visit friends, go to the supermarket, and are quite active, then the Away GPS model is suitable for them. The seniors will be protected anywhere they are without having to worry about coverage or range. 


  • Only costs $27.75 per month if billed annually. 
  • Free app with 24/7 attention.
  • The battery lasts up to 3 days in case of a power cut.


  • A bit expensive per month. 

Ease of Use

Medical Care Alert Ease of Use

Almost all the home emergency devices are easy to use as per a Medical Care Alert review. For example, the pendant and the wristband require no installation. The seniors only have to unbox it, wear it, and that’s it. The family will take care of outlining all the protective measures and personal details the customer support reviews. 

The only model that can pose a challenge is the one that requires a landline, as the owner will have to connect it to the power outlet and such.

Customer Experience

The customer experience is not only necessary for any business but also an asset. It’s the perk that makes the company well-known and recommended. Keep on reading and learn more about what Medical Care has to offer to clients. 

Terms and Guarantees

The terms outline something crucial: returns. This can happen either because the client is unhappy with the service or because they don’t want it anymore. In this section, they can find detailed instructions on what to do when the time comes. Other terms include a refund policy (not available after a 14-day trial).

Plus, the privacy policy is also tight, as it should be. The owner needs to know their health data will be protected at all times. And that doctors will be the only ones who will have this information to make important decisions. 

Customer Support

Medical Care Alert Customer Support

The customer support team is available 24/7 for existing clients. They can access the service via the landline or using the base station. Otherwise, there is a phone number on the site, too. When it comes to future buyers, they are able to communicate via email to [email protected]. Another option is to use the online form. The person has to give them some personal details before getting a response. 


Most Medical Care alert reviews are positive, praising the company’s policies for people’s homes. They value their data privacy and the discounts they offer for paying in advance. The add-ons, like the shower button, are also crucial for those who are afraid of falling when they are alone. 

The only thing they complain about in a review is the lack of a mobile app for the most basic models. This one is only available for the most expensive equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Medical Care Alert System Offer a Free Trial?

    No, the company does not have this benefit. In case the buyer wants to know if the system is good, they will have to pay a whole month to try it.

    But don’t worry, the plans are not that expensive. Plus, people do not have to sign a long-term contract in those cases.

  • Can One Medical Care Alert System Protect Multiple People in a Single Household?

    Yes, that’s possible. The spouse of the main client, for example, will also be protected by the company under the same policy. The best part is that they won’t have to pay extra for this service, as long as they let Medical care know in advance.

  • What Happens if the User is Unable to Push the Button, After a Fall?

    If they cannot push the button, there is no problem. First, the user may have hired the fall detection service that shows if the person has fallen without any other action on their part. But if they didn’t, they can still communicate with the company using the speaker.

  • Can I Return the Medical Care Alert System?

    Yes, they have a return policy for those who are not happy with the service. The money-back-guarantee is for 30 days, after which the client is not able to retrieve any. But they also have cancellation terms to return the equipment without paying for the next month if unhappy.

Medical Care Alerts Pros & Cons

Take a look at the following advantages and disadvantages of owning this equipment. These can be of great help when still taking the decision and before buying.


  • It has A+ ratings by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Trained agents to speak on the phone with calm and communicate with the family.
  • SMS text alerts also work for fall detection and key lockboxes.


  • The operators are bilingual but only speak English or Spanish, no other languages.
  • The return policy can improve in terms of timing.

Taking Healthcare to the Next Level

All in all, this brand strives to provide the best health and medical emergency services for the American community. While it doesn’t have dozens of options in equipment, the alternatives are enough for families to make a decision tailored to their needs and requirements.

Just take a look at all the Medical Care Alerts reviews to understand why this is a nice option in 2021. Have you ever considered using such equipment? How much would you be willing to pay?

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