MobileHelp Medical Alert Review: Stay Healthy and Away From Danger

Keeping one healthy, especially in old age, is harder than it seems. And more so for people who live alone. Fortunately, Mobilehelp is here for them. This is a company that offers high-quality home emergency services. From pendants to mobile buttons, the systems have it all. Let’s read this MobileHelp medical alert system review to understand how its classic technology works.

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 25, 2020

MobileHelp Medical Alert Review: In-Depth

Mobile Help Review

From very classic options to new smart devices, Mobilehelp medical alert system has it all. This company has been working for years, and it tries to give its clients the best they can find. And at a good price. For example, they have plenty of options that fall below $50. So, anyone can afford a plan if they need it, they don’t need to be rich. Of course, it has some faults. But the benefits are many more. Let’s see the Mobilehelp medical alert system review below.

Key Features

  • Detector for falling
  • Both indoors and outdoors protection
  • Available in the whole of the USA
  • No contracts required
  • GPS tracking for patients
  • Smartwatch included

Background Information

MobileHelp Background Information

Mobilehelp system has been working since 2016. Its CEO today has been in the field of safety for a long time. But some years ago decided to buy the company and make it better than it was. Today, this provider gives more than just health buttons. Their whole system is suitable for those who live alone.

Features: Watch Out for the Best Specs

Mobilehelp offers complete systems for anyone who wants to hire their services. They have special features for seniors who have no landline. But they are still looking for a reliable option to take care of their health.

24/7 Emergency Response: Fast and Reliable

Anyone who pays for equipment and a plan will have access to 24/7 monitoring. This means that agents will be looking at the person to alert doctors in case of an emergency. And that this will happen any day, any time of the year.

Medication Reminders: No Forgetting

Another important part of health care is thinking about meds. It could happen that elderly people forget to take their pills. In particular, if they live alone. But they don’t have to worry, because this system will alert them to do it.

Waterproof: No Accidents in the Water

Many accidents can happen in the shower. That is why both the pendant and the band are waterproof. This means that the person can use it inside the bath, and the device will keep on working anyway.

Activity Tracking: Making Daily Reports

This is very useful to track down activities that are not normal. So, the system provides a daily report of what patients usually do. In this manner, they will know if there is something wrong one day.

Automatic System Testing: to Keep Errors Away

By just pressing a button, the system will start to check itself. This happens, so it understands whether something is wrong in the way it works. Such an option is not available in the lowest plans.

Voice Response: Manage it From Afar

At times, the person might be too far away to push something physically. Or it may happen that they are almost faint or fall and need help. So, the owner can use its voice to control the system in the best way.

Free Equipment: No Money Involved

Some accessories are free in case the person decides to buy a premium plan. But there are some others that need payment. One of them is the smartwatch.

DIY Installation:

Pro set up might be nice for those who can afford it. But a DIY installation is even better for people who have no tools. Or no knowledge of how to set up this type of product. This is the case of Mobile Help.

Money-Back Guarantee: In Case They Don’t Like It

Mobilehelp medical alert’s extended warranty includes a full refund in case the product does not work as it should. The period of use is of 6 months. After that, no refund is possible unless the issue is very serious.

Extended Battery Life: For More Protection

Mobile Help medical alert depends on a battery to function well. Of course, there is a part of the system that can work with a landline. But the button and pendant have a battery that will last for more than 5 months.

Long-Range Coverage: Nobody Stays out of Sight

The range goes up to 600 feet. This is quite big and is great for houses with a lot of rooms. Clients can rest assured that their signal will never falter, for example.

Mobile GPS: Without Any Maps

Both the pendant and the wristband have a GPS detector. As long as people are inside the country, the company can locate them and give them health support. This is great for elders who suffer from dementia.

Equipment & Work

All the devices offered are related to medical and health. From buttons to pendants and watches, all the products aim at taking care of people who need monitoring. Below, readers can find details about Mobilehelp medical alert and all their plans.

In-Home Cellular Base Unit and Help Button: for Traditional Clients

The base station is the most crucial part of the system. This connects the rest of the devices to it and keeps communication with the central. It includes a two-way audio feature. Such a thing allows the patient to speak to the employee who monitors him or her.

In-Home Wired Base Unit and Help Button: More Reliable Option

This base unit is a bit more reliable than the cellular one. Because it does not depend on the internet connection but on wires. The range is quite wide. Owners will be able to be under the radar of the device even if they are in their park or yard.

Fall Detection Button: No Risks Involved

If an elderly person falls down, it can produce severe damage to their bones. Or can even cause death if nobody finds them. To prevent this from happening, this system includes a button that detects falls. As soon as they happen, the employees will call the emergency service.

Mobile Device: Safe Mobility

The same as the above but mobile. The person who buys it, for example, can move it to another room if they are there for a long time. It has a GPS, so caregivers and monitors will know the location of the person as soon as they move.

Samsung Smartwatch: For Tech Lovers

The start of this company is their watch. This product not only sets the time and shows the hour. Instead, it also tracks down the activity of the person with a heart monitor. Plus, the fitness tracker helps owners keep fit and not be overweight.

MobileHelp Touch Tablet: More Specs for Clients

Those who love tech can also order a tablet instead of a traditional base. The 8-inch display allows the owners to know what is going on. Even if they cannot see very well. The tablet even has games and a monitoring device for anyone who wants to use it.

How It Works

MobileHelp How It Works

All these devices connect with the GPS, even when owners are away from home. Plus, the integration with WiFi voice is flawless. The medical monitoring is real-time. Follow these steps for good use of the system.

  1. Press the button on the pendant, watch, or base to call for help.
  2. In case owners need info, they can find it on their manual when they bought the product.
  3. The operator will ask questions to know what is going on and will then speak to emergency providers.
  4. The family will be noticed, as well.
  5. The help is on their way.


The set-up process is fairly simple. And people have two options. In case the system needs to work with a landline, then they will have to pay a small fee. But in most cases, the installation is DIY. This means people are just able to set it up by themselves.

MobileHelp Plans & Pricing

Any client can find different options when it comes to hiring these services. And such prices will vary depending on when the person decides to pay for them. For example, those who want to pay the whole year at once will have a discount.

Classic Wired Solo Duo Touch

Again, the offers from MobileHelp are many. Especially when considering it is cheaper than the competition. For example, clients can add the feature of fall detection for a very low cost if it’s not included in their pack. Let’s review each one of these plans in detail below.

Classic Touch Solo Duo Smart
Help ButtonYesYesNoNoNo
Mobile Help ButtonNoYesYesYesNo
Price per month$19N/A$37$41N/A
Lock BoxYesYesYesYesNo
Smart WatchNoNoNoNoYes
Base StationYesNoNoNoNo
Batteries IncludedYesYesYesYesYes

MobileHelp Classic

This is, as the name shows, a classic option with a cellular system. The grounded shipping is free for those who decide to pay for a plan different than monthly. And it is the only one that comes with a 30-day trial period. In case buyers do not like the system or find it suitable, they can give it back for their money.


  • Two-way communication by phone
  • Waterproof technology
  • 600-foot range from the base station
  • Landline connection for home
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Complicated setup
  • Bulky

MobileHelp Touch

The tablet for hand is the best to monitor the whole system. It also shows that the company always tries to keep updated. As such, it replaces a normal base station. In case clients pay for it, this product gives access to video consults with doctors and nurses. It even has games to have some fun. On the negative side, clients cannot access a monthly payment or review stipends. They have to pay for the whole year if they want this type of feature.


  • 8-inch tablet
  • Bluetooth available
  • Two-way audio
  • Med reminders and alerts
  • Great response times for an emergency


  • Very expensive
  • It does not have a monthly rate

MobileHelp Solo

This is a nice option for those who have no landline at home. They will not need any wires or professional help to set it up. It is also very lightweight and easy to handle. Even elders will have no issue when installing and using the help button. Also, monitoring is in real-time. As soon as the clients have a problem, they will get the immediate help they need.


  • Fall detection sensors
  • GPS tracking
  • No landline needed
  • No price for equipment for an annual plan
  • Two-way sound


  • Just one help button
  • Pricey

MobileHelp Duo

Mobilehelp duo works in a very simple way. It has a base station and a speaker with a cellular charger. If owners are near the station, they only have to push the button in case they need help for operators to review the call. But if they are not, then they can carry the mobile speaker wherever they go home. On the plus side, the company has no hidden fees. Or even price for the equipment.


  • No activation fees
  • No medical contracts
  • AT&T coverage
  • Complete user guide on the phone
  • Fall button and emergency systems


  • Slow at times
  • Needs base station technology to work

MobileHelp Smart

The last straw is a tech device that helps with health before getting ill. It has a heart rate monitor and a fitness app for those who like to run or walk fast to take care of their health. Yet, many users report it’s not comfortable to wear. It’s quite bulky and makes their wrists hurt. But those who can do it will have all the benefits of the watch.


  • Weather app
  • Top-notch heart rate monitor
  • Fitness tracker included
  • Built-in weather app
  • Stylish and subtle


  • Cannot use Bluetooth
  • Very expensive

Ease of Use

The ease of use depends on the device. Mobilehelp medical alert system includes a lot of products that go from hard to easy. The tablet might be a bit hard for elders who have never used it before. While the base station just needs to be plugged to the electric system. The same happens with the watch. As soon as the person attaches it to their wrists, it starts working.

Customer Experience

Mobilehelp medical alert does its best to provide good quality customer experience. This means that their support channels are efficient and fast. And that employees are responsive and nice. Plus, their site is quite intuitive and easy to use for a better buying experience.

Terms and Guarantees

The provider values its clients and protects its data. That is why they have a tight privacy policy. There, the company states they would never disclose any details coming from their buyers. In terms of guarantees, their money-back plan includes 6 months of failures or discontent. Then, every product has a limited warranty of 2 years. Finally, every person that wants to hire these services can sign a contract with all the details about the policy. These people will also get this contract via email for future reference.

Customer Support

The channels for customer care are two. The first and quickest one is a phone number. Those who need help or have doubts can call their number. But it is only available in the USA. The other one is a live chat. Still, only clients can access this chat because they need a user and a password.

Trust Score (Trustpilot &

MobileHelp Review

Mobile help medical alert reviews prove that the service is of high-quality. Most of them praise their customer service and tech solutions in case of issues. They are also very satisfied with the number of plans and add-ons they can include within their systems. In terms of the range of coverage, it seems that the 600 feet it covers are a fairly good distance. Most of their customers are elderly people who also use the service to remember to take their meds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MobileHelp a Good Medical Alert Company?

    Yes, most reviews of Mobile Help medical alert system prove it gives a decent service. From a nice customer care team to long battery life, there are many perks when hiring this company. Also, the ones who are not that satisfied can get their money back.

  • Why Is a Medical Alert System Better Than a Cellphone?

    Because health is a difficult thing, and things can happen to anyone that will make it impossible to call for help. For example, an old person might have fragile health and can faint at any time. If that’s the case, he or she will not be able to use their cellphone to call the doctors or their family.

  • Does MobileHelp Work Outside the Home?

    Yes, it’s the first system of its kind to work outside a house. Of course, not all devices function if not in a radio of 600 feet. But the pendant and the wristband, for example, will cover anyone as long as they are paying for the plan they hired. Still, beware. This does not mean the service is available at any place or at any time.

  • What is MobileHelp Connect?

    Mobile help medical alert’s Connect is an array of online tools. They are useful to keep track of the GPS, for example, and to make reports of daily activities. The best part is that the company does not charge extra for this type of feature. And that they are good to keep both caregivers and family members connected alike.

MobileHelp Pros & Cons

As seen above, Mobilehelp medical alert has classic service and cellular systems to cater for every need. These medical alerts have their pros and negative points as well. Let’s take a look at all of them for readers to make a sendible buying choice.


  • Top-notch customer service
  • Very complete guarantee
  • Long-term warranty
  • Cellular or duo devices available
  • Variety of plans available


  • Some plans do not admit a monthly fee
  • Some specs in the watch can be improved

Comprehensive Health Protection for Anyone

MobileHelp medical alert system is a solid option for all patients who need assistance. In some cases, elders live alone and cannot afford to hire a nurse for 24/7 monitoring. But they can get such protection with this provider. And it will make any system stronger.

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