MyIDCare Reviews: Is Reliability Enough?

Cases of identity theft have been skyrocketing in the last decade in the US. Having reliable protection against this privacy issue is essential in 2020. This is where MyIDCare comes into play. This service has been available since 2003. Since then, it has had thousands of happy clients.

They were even hired by the government to help deal with the OPM scandal. Are they as good as they seem? This is the verdict based on the hundreds of MyIDCare reviews on the web.

Steven Lewis - Editorial Staff

Updated: April 14, 2021

MyIDCare Reviews: In-Depth

This provider stands out for providing great protection against identity theft. It offers nine different types of services for this. They protect from financial to personal info and more. For this, they use some of the latest technology available in 2021. Together with their team of experts, this results in top-notch security for most clients.

Key Features

  • Protection against social security number theft
  • Team of recovery experts
  • Generous refund policy
  • High-tech dark web protection with CyberScan
  • Identity restoration
  • Payday loan monitoring

Background Information

MyIDCare was created in 2003 to fight the rising cases of identity theft. In 2021, its headquarters are based in Portland. For this business, having the latest tech is essential to help protect its clients. This is why they are always innovating and trying to stay at the top of the market.

This provider has many values. This shows in their policies. They claim that if they are not capable of staying by their word and protecting every single aspect of their clients’ identity, they will issue a full refund of their fees.

Features: Plentiful and Advanced

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding to hire a service like this one. The different functionalities they offer are what makes this tool stand out.

Just remember that some of them vary depending on the chosen plan. Let’s see them in detail below.

Social Security Monitoring: Keep an Eye on Numbers

This is one of the pieces of information that criminals seek after the most. With it, they can commit all types of fraud. So, the team always keeps an eye on it. As soon it pops up in their registers, they alert the client on the spot.

Black Market Surveillance: The Latest Software in 2021

This provider has its own software that deals with these privacy issues. It is called the CyberScan. It searches the dark web for traces of stolen info. If they find any.

  • The client will get an alert as soon as possible.
  • Then, a case agent will get in touch to arrange how to fix the problem.
  • If necessary, the MyIDCare team will send the insurance money.

Address Change Verification: Don’t Let Them Fool You

This is a common tactic that many criminals use to commit identity theft.

  • Once they change the address, they can open new bank accounts, for example.
  • To prevent this, the team will constantly check with the United States Postal Service to see if there is any suspicious activity.

Payday Loan Monitoring: Avoid Unwanted Surprises

Thieves may find a way to ask for a short term credit on behalf of someone else. For those cases, MyIDCare reviews all the time if anyone asks for that and alerts the user on the spot. They will take action to recover that money and cancel the loan.

Court Record Monitoring: The Law is on Your Side

Some people lie about their identity to avoid getting in trouble with the law. If one is the victim, he might find out much later. And this could hinder him from having better job opportunities, for example. This is why MyIDCare reviews court and personal records all the time.

When they find one of their clients there, the team checks up with them to see what happened. Then, a case agent will follow the issue if it is related to fraud.

Credit Monitoring: Prevent Fraud at All Costs

The team is also constantly searching for cases of credit fraud. It is not uncommon to see that someone suddenly finds that someone got a loan under his name.

To help prevent this, the provider:

  • Keeps track of one’s credit score and annual report.
  • Checks that no one asks for a loan under the name of one of its clients on a national bureau.

Identity Restoration: Experts Just a Call Away

When one user suffers from identity theft, he will get a case officer to help him get it back. They are experts who will handle most of the paperwork. For this, they will need a limited power of attorney.

The team works in the following manner.

  • They call the user to his home to inform him of the situation and assign him a case officer.
  • He will ask for all the info and fill in the user in what has happened.
  • He will request the user to sign a power of attorney.
  • Then, the MyIDCare team will solve the problem and keep the user-posted about how it goes.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage: Be Financially Protected

The company knows how expensive it can be to suffer from identity theft. It is not only the amount lost due to the fraud. But also having to pay for lawyers and more. This is why MyIDCare includes a one million dollar insurance.

Users will get it if they

  • Suffer from losses
  • Have to pay for pros outside of the provider to handle the privacy issue.

Recovery Guarantee: Get Your Money Back

Those who cannot recover the total amount they lost can apply for a refund. They can give back up to one year of fees. That is only if they fail to remove up to the last detail.

Of course, for this, the client needs to have done everything right.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance: Money You Can Rely on

There are many costs involved when one suffers from identity theft. Users have to let MyIDCare review the situation. Once they calculate the total losses, the company will send the money to the user to cover the expenses.

Lost Wallet Coverage: Get Help from Pros

The company provides help for those who are robbed or lose their wallets.

They will advise the user on which are the best procedures to follow, like

  • How to cancel one’s card
  • How to avoid unauthorized purchases
  • How to get back one’s ID cards and driver licenses
  • How to prevent suffering from fraud

Child: Protect the Little Ones

Children can also be victims of these practices. Some criminals steal their identities and commit frauds with them when they become of age.

So, one of the services offered keeps track of this. In this way, it is possible to avoid something that years later could have turned out into a disaster.

Medical: Health Comes First

Others may make fraudulent health insurance claims on one’s behalf. This could affect one’s eligibility in the future for better plans.

Also, it could end up in legal problems. The team will keep an eye on this to make sure no one takes advantage of that.

Financial: Keep Cards and Accounts Safe

Criminals may clone, steal, or somehow get one’s card info. In this way, they will spend one’s credit and debit card balance.

The company will help cancel these transactions to get the money back. Or, the user will be covered by the insurance.

Employment: Don’t Let Them Use Your Reputation

Identity theft for employment purposes is not uncommon. Some people know they will not do well on background checks. Or they may even want to get business info they would not have access to otherwise.

So, they will steal one’s identity to get through these situations. The team will prevent this to keep one’s reputation safe.

Driver’s License: Keep Your Info to Yourself

Some people may steal another person’s driver’s license for many reasons.

For example,

  • They may want to get into some place they are not allowed to go
  • They may want to cash a check
  • Or get into a plane

The team of experts will stop this before it becomes serious. If someone impersonates one of the users, the team will take legal actions against them.

Synthetic: Expert Backup for Your Security

Pro criminals may put together bits and pieces of different identities. In this way, they create a totally new one. To make sure that no part of their identity suffers from this, clients will require a provider to back them up.

MyIDCare steps up in these cases and takes legal action against the criminals. If necessary, their insurance will protect the client too.

How It Works

The system is very user-friendly. The team will handle most of the process.

To utilize this tool successfully, people only have to do the following.

  1. Review all the plans and packages available carefully. They have different features. So, choose the one that suits the needs best.
  2. Make the payment. The team may get in touch to ask for information.
  3. Just relax at home and carry on. If there is any suspicious activity, the company will call or send an email with the steps to follow in that specific situation.

MyIDCare Pricing

This company has two main plans to offer. The first one covers all the essentials most people will require at a lower price. Those who want something more advanced have another option. The premier plan costs double the basic plan. But it reviews social media happenings as well as it offers a more complete credit report.

Table of Comparison: Pick the Best Plan

Knowing which type of plan is better requires a deep understanding of the subject. To make matters easier, here goes a complete chart with all the key info broken down into categories!

MyIDCare Essentials MyIDCare Premier
Price per month $9.95 $19.95
Monthly Cost of Family Plan $19.95 $39.95
Number bureaus checked $1 $3
Dark web cyber scan monitoring Yes Yes
$1 million identity theft insurance Yes Yes
Optional family coverage Yes Yes
Refund in case of failure to deliver Yes Yes
Annual credit score Yes Yes
VantageScore 3.0 credit score No Yes
Improper social content alerts No Yes
Social media fraud detection No Yes

MyIDCare Essentials

This plan is the most affordable option that this company offers. It covers all the basics to keep one’s identity safe. Tools like dark web protection and insurance will come in handy to prevent theft.


  • Clients may expand the plan by adding their home family members for $19.95.
  • All the basic credit monitoring features are available and carried out with one bureau.
  • Users can get up to one million dollars in insurance if they suffer from identity theft.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Dark web monitoring
  • $1 million insurance
  • Annual credit score
  • Option to include family members


  • Does not review all three bureaus
  • Does not include social media tools

MyIDCare Premier

This is the top option this company has to offer. It is a bit pricier, but the difference is worth it for those who want the greatest and latest. What sets it apart is that it checks on all the bureaus available. And also, it reviews social networks to keep one’s identity and reputation safe.


  • Users can get the family plan for $39.95 to protect everyone at home.
  • Clients get credit information from the three bureaus available in the country.
  • The company takes care of its users by keeping an eye on the activity on their social networks.


  • Three-bureau credit report
  • Alerts about improper social media posts
  • Social media fraud detection
  • Court record monitoring
  • Not as expensive as other premium plans


  • The difference is not that big
  • The family plan gets pricey

Ease of Use

The whole system is pretty easy to use. People pretty much have to only let the team do its job. If any information has been compromised, the team will get in touch with the steps to follow.

But in most cases, they will only need to receive a limited power of attorney. In this way, they will be able to handle everything for the client and just give him the results.

Best For

This tool can be used for many different purposes. Individuals may have it for themselves and their families, but companies also benefit a lot from it. This provider has special benefits for both types of consumers. Check out what each of them can get out of it.

Personal Usage

People may use this tool to protect their personal data. They also have the option to expand the plan and add their families for a little extra. Most of the services offered here are thought for individuals. One example would be social security number monitoring.

Business Usage

Companies can also get a lot out of this service. They may get it to protect their own reputation online, or they could also get it for their employees.

The company is quite flexible in this regard. And if some business contacts them, they will probably offer different ways to finance the service.

Customer Experience

Many things make people’s experience on a platform better or worse. Two of them are the company policies and customer support team.

They will define how safe the client feels using the services that are offered. Let’s see how this company performs in these aspects and what people have to say about it in their MyIDCare review.

Terms and Guarantees

The company offers a money-back guarantee for their services. If they fail to recover every single piece of compromised information, the client can request up to one year of fees. This ensures that the team will do its best to recover everything.

As plans are paid monthly, users can cancel at any time. They just have to let the team know beforehand so that they do not bill the following month.

Customer Support

The team services its clients through phone and email. Those who want to contact them to ask general questions should call at 800-939-4170. For more specific matters, the number of 800-750-3004 is available.

The system is similar for those who want to get in touch through email. To contact the customer care team, they should send an email to [email protected]. To get information about plans and pricing, they could shoot a message to [email protected].


Based on every MyIDCare review available, there are many different types of views regarding this company. Many of them claim to be satisfied with the service. Several clients praise how well it works to protect the info on different social networks.

On the negative side, a few have complained that the system to recover one’s account on the platform is not efficient. It usually takes a few times to get it right. And in some rare cases, they may have to get in touch with support to get this sorted.

FAQ Section

  • Does MyIDCare Give Credit?

    No, it does not. This tool monitors one’s credit status. This means that if someone tries to get a loan under someone else’s name, they will notice it and take the appropriate measures.

    They can also keep track of one’s score. But they do not give money or collect interests. They just have insurance in place for those who were victims of fraud.

  • Is MyIDCare Secure?

    Yes, it is. This provider has been operating at a national level since 2003. During this time, they have gained the loyalty of thousands of customers. This can be done only by offering a secure tool people can rely on.

    Also, they partner with the American government for many programs. This shows how safe the provider is.

  • How Long Does OPM MyIDCare Last?

    MyIDCare is the company in charge of helping solve the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) cyber incidents. This was an incident that took place in 2015. In it, the data of more than 4.2 million people were leaked.

    The company helps them keep their info safe. This program lasts for up to five years.

  • How Do I Cancel MyIDCare?

    This can be done very easily. Users just have to call support and request them to cancel the service.

    1. To deactivate one’s account, just dial 800-939-4170.
    2. The team may ask some questions regarding the decision.
    3. And shortly after, the profile will not exist anymore.

    Remember that if the plan has already been billed, there will be no money back. The cancellation will start for the following month.

MyIDCare Pros & Cons

Users have to bear in mind many aspects before deciding something as important as this. The company in charge of keeping one’s personal, financial, and social data has to be the best.

Otherwise, the risks are too great. This is why knowing the strengths and drawbacks of the provider is key. These are the most important ones. Check them out!


  • Monitors to prevent social security number theft
  • The team is made up of recovery pros
  • Money-back guarantee in case they fail to protect the data
  • Their latest tech, CyberScan, monitors the dark web
  • Top-notch insurance of up to $1 million


  • The platform has some glitches to recover one’s account
  • Expensive family plans

What Makes It Good?

This provider is one of the most reliable services in the US. Even the government trusts it. They are so sure of their performance that they claim that if they fail to do their job, they will refund all the fees of one year.

The service stands out for using the latest tech and having a great team of experts backing it up. It is also quite complete in the number of features it offers.

How has MyIDCare been working out for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Editorial Staff

Steven Lewis combined his writing talent and home security knowledge and became a journalist researching the topic. He holds a Degree in Criminal Law and has spent a significant part of his career studying security issues backed up with his legal knowledge.