Nest Cam Review: Innovative Design and Great Service

This is the era of Amazon, Google & smart homes. All these devices take care of every aspect of human life, including safety. And that’s when Nest, for example, appears. This is a reputable device with fame for being of high-quality. But is it so? Let’s answer the question in this Nest camera review.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: November 6, 2020

Nest Security Camera Review: In-Depth

Nest Cam Review

Google products are the most famous on the market. This giant has shown it knows how to sell its devices and make them high-quality. Still, Nest cam knows how to make a reputation on its own. Though the pricing is a bit high, it is worth the shot. Especially for those who need to protect their home indoors and outdoors in 2021. Let’s examine the Nest camera review below to find out more.

Key Features:

  • Face recognition
  • Trusted company
  • High res and night vision
  • 360° angles
  • Access to the Cloud
  • Mobile alerts

Background Information

Nest cam is part of one of the biggest companies in the world: Google. The provider has used all its power to create a system that takes care of people’s safety at all times. It is quite recent in the market, though. It started in 2015 in this field. Still, in just a few years, they knew how to earn people’s trust. Since then, it has made a lot of money in the market. And has used these amounts to improve the service even more.

Security Features: Taking Safety to the Next Level

Nest Features

As stated above, Google makes a lot of research to make its Nest cam better. This way, they achieved a good product with a lot of features. Some of them are related to the functions and some others to the equipment. Let’s examine these below.

24/7 Live Video: Never Miss an Event

Any person can access the live video the camera records. Not only the company but also the users. In this manner, they are always updated about the events that take place around their property.

Support for Up to 60 Cameras: Even for the Largest Houses

It’s true that large homes or houses with big yards need more cameras. And more effort to keep them safe. That is why Nest offers support for more than 50 devices. That is impressive, even for such a big company. So, clients make sure their home is always monitored.

Infrared Night Vision: Protection Even in the Dark

Nest cam also upped its game with its night vision. As the device has 3 mp, it can capture every moment. Even if inside or outside, it is very dark. Also, this perk comes with LED lights that make sure nothing escapes its scope.

Motion Alerts: Nothing Moves Without Detection

The sensors are connected to the app of the Nest cam. This means that, in case something moves, the product will send an alert at once. Users can set these up and decide if they want them to sound or to vibrate.

Compatible with Alexa: Comfortable Voice Commands

Security systems should come at the convenience of the user. What does this mean? That, for example, they should be able to turn the device on or off without using buttons. Well, this is all possible with Alexa, and Nest knows it.

Extensive Platform Support: Official Team Care

With the company being as big as Google, it is only natural that it has a lot of support. For example, clients can access 24/7 tech help in case anything goes wrong. Or future clients can get in touch with them via email, phone, or live chat.

Third-Party Smart Home Compatibility: Sync All of Them at Once

Some people might own smart houses. For example, fridges that activate with the sound of the owners’ voice. So, these persons can use the cameras’ display to sync all the smart things they have around the home.

Two-Way Talk: Sound Is Also Important

Last but not least, hearing what is going on is as crucial as seeing it. Owners will not only be able to listen to thieves if they break into the house. But they can also talk to their families if needed. For example, if they are at work and children are home.

Equipment & Installation

Nest Equipment & Installation

Nest focuses on cameras only. Still, it doesn’t mean that these products are limited. They will, for sure, be the eyes that keep the home safe. There are two basic options and two premium ones. Some are for use outdoors and some to use inside. Let’s see the details of each device in the section below.

Nest Cam Indoor: The House Is at Peace

Nest Cam Indoor

This is a simple version of the products the company offers. On the good side, it has very similar features than the premium version of the same camera. For example, it has a 1080p res and live stream of the footage it records. On the grey side, it does not include any batteries. It only works when plugged.

  • Recognizes faces with ease
  • Great quality of the image
  • The 4k sensor detects everything that moves around.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor: Automated Service for Security

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

This is a premium version of the device above. It also connects with the app on the phone and has the best resolution (1080p). But it differs in its perks. For example, it has a voice feature to connect with Alexa. Nest IQ, then, is another pair of eyes that take care of the home. And it can also do other things, like send the videos to one’s TV if needed.

  • 3-hour of the best snapshots
  • High-quality video sensor with night vision
  • The camera works well, even with a low light view.

Nest Cam Outdoor: Resisting Even the Coldest Weather

Nest Cam Outdoor

These are regular cameras. But this does not mean the Nest cam for outdoor has a worse quality. It still has an HD view though it does not include the smart home integrations of the other cams. A great point is its price. It’s a very affordable device for those with a tight budget.

  • No weatherproof feature
  • The 20-yard range for outdoors

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: Premium Equipment for Demanding Clients

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The last security model is the pearl of the video system. For example, it has extra protection. The model has parts that do not allow criminals to tamper with it. Also, the range is quite good. And, as soon as it detects a person, it takes the best photo. Nest cam also stores it for the future just in case.

  • 50 feet range
  • HDR recording thanks to its sensor
  • Digital zoom of great quality.
  • Includes a power adapter and outlets.


People may have heard about the easy installation processes above in this Nest camera review. And about how fast they are. But in the case of this one, it really is. In less than 5 min, the product will be up and about. Ready to use. The first thing to do is to plug the camera to the wall. Then, clients have to download the app. Link those devices, and that’s it. They can start using devices like pros.

Nest Camera Security Packages & Prices

There is an array of Nest cams available. And the company also offers a monitoring service called Aware. With this, at a very low price per month, users can access the videos that each device records all the time.

Equipment Comparison Table

Nest Indoor Nest Indoor IQ Nest Outdoor Outdoor IQ
Cloud StorageNoYesNoYes
Facial RecognitionNoYesNoYes
Time-lapse videoNoYesNoYes
Motion trackerNoYesNoYes
24/7 livestreamYesYesYesYes

Nest Cam Indoor

A very affordable option for all pockets. This device still has the quality of premium options. For example, the 1080p HD will let any client identify criminals if they appear. Also, it has a unique feature called talk and listen.


  • Very easy-mount in the wall
  • The best and simplest design
  • No tools required
  • More affordable than other security models
  • Good Amazon Cloud storage


  • No weatherproof
  • No motion track

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

The IQ version of the Nest Cam adds a voice assistant to the product. Plus, audio speakers work in a better way. For example, it includes noise canceling. So, people will only hear what they need to listen to.


  • Great voice features
  • Power outlets and batteries
  • Affordable cost for premium specs
  • Great res and angle
  • Face recognition


  • Limited warranty
  • Short batteries

Nest Cam Outdoor

The style is unique. So, no device is up to its standards, and it has a user manual. It teaches all people need to know how to use it well. Still, without the Aware pack, it is quite limited. For example, there is no 30-day storage available.


  • The best zoom (8X)
  • 3 mp for more security
  • Very light and small
  • Easy to carry to new homes
  • Waterproof works fine


  • It doesn’t blend well
  • Too futuristic design

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

This is the most powerful camera within the available options. For example, it has a 12X zoom that allows for facial recognition. No thief will walk away without being noticed. Another feature it includes is motion tracking.


  • 4k quality and facial recognition
  • No false positives
  • Compatible with smart systems
  • 30fps for quick recordings
  • 130° field of view


  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Not so easy to install

Ease of Use

Nest Cam has a design suitable for every user. This means that the camera, for example, can mount without special tools or procedures. Also, the app is very easy to use and program. Users only have to open it, and they will see everything that is going on inside or outside the house. So, the score here is very low. Anyone who wants to hire such services will be able to do it. Even without any experience in the field.

Customer Experience

As Google, Nest offers a great experience in general. That is what makes them so unique and famous. Now, let’s review each section in detail to understand their true performance.

Terms and Guarantees

The low part of the site displays the terms of service and privacy policy. And all of them are the same as when using Google. First, private data will not be shared with others. Not even third parties of the same site. Also, each password and recorded footage are encrypted. Also, the client agrees with the Nest cam terms of use as soon as they hire the Aware plan. For example, this one claims that users have to notify the company with at least a week before canceling.

Customer Support

The support center has many sections. The first one is a part of a lot of questions with common answers for clients to solve their own issues. The other one is a contact form, so these customers can fill it in and get help within 24 hours.


Most of the online reviews for this system are good. Some users praise the quality of the materials, for example. They claim that the outdoor Nest cam, for example, resists rain, dust, and snow. And that the voice commands work very well. The quality of the audio is nice, and there is no confusion. It even includes a thermosensor. This prevents a lot of false positives. Still, the price is not low. This equipment usually costs double of what others in the same field do. So, that’s one of the negative points of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Nest Cam IQ Worth It?

    Yes, but it depends on the needs and likes of the person who buys it. For example, there are other options in the market that cost less money. Instead, if what the client is looking for is high-quality, then Nest cam is worth the money it costs.

  • Is There a Monthly Fee for Nest Cam?

    Yes, the system offers clients the option to hire what they call Aware. This is a plan (not very cheap) that buyers have to pay per month. And it allows buyers to access all the footage the Nest cam saw in the past 30 days. Without it, people can only see live videos on their smart devices. Yet, if that is what they are looking for, then they can use the system without any fees.

  • Do Nest Cameras Record All the Time?

    Yes, that’s the point of these systems. Especially if clients hire Nest Aware. That they keep owners updated about what is going on at their homes or yards. The most on-point perk is access to the cloud for free. In case clients need even more space, they can hire it for a fee. But that’s not very common. Usually, the available room online is enough.

  • Can I Use Nest Camera Without Subscription?

    Yes, it is possible. It might happen that clients do not have a lot of money and cannot hire a monthly plan. So, these people can just buy the equipment and put some cash upfront. And that’s it. Their home is under protection. Yet, the Nest cam will only live stream. No footage will be available unless owners decide to pay for that service.

Nest Security Camera Pros & Cons

So, are there only good things to say about Nest Cam? Not quite. Of course, it has a lot of positive points and perks offered to clients. But there are also grey areas to consider before buying. Keep on reading to find out more about the pros and cons of the Nest camera review.


  • Very well-known company
  • Prices are quite affordable
  • The quality of the materials is top-notch
  • Specs, like angle and night vision, are efficient
  • The best materials for devices


  • Not all the cameras are easy to setup
  • Will not work to the full extent without Nest cam Aware

Plug, Go and Protect

To conclude, Nest cam is a reputable company with a lot of fame. And this goes hand in hand with the quality of the service they provide. Indeed, every Nest camera review found online is positive. So, it speaks about the decent products they sell. The only thing clients have to consider is what type of camera to buy and just start using it in 2021.

Editorial Staff

As a journalist, Emily draws on her rich experience in home safety and seeks to research more on the topic. She is truly passionate about her interests. Emily is knowledgeable about security systems due to the in-depth studies that she has conducted for Securing Home.