Nest Home Security System Review: Who Should Get the Latest by Google?

Looking for a way to protect the home? There are many options in the market. But only one is endorsed by Google. Is the Nest home security system as good as it sounds?

Jerry Carter - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 17, 2020

Nest Review

Nest Home Security System Review: In-Depth

This system works perfectly together with the other products by the same brand. Though pricier than the competitors, like Simplisafe, at $399, this item has a lot to offer in 2021. It includes a Guard, which is a siren to put on the table. And two sensors that go in the windows, but also act as motion sensors. The Nest home security also comes with RFID tags.

Key Features: What Makes It Shine

  • No wires are required.
  • Protects against intruders.
  • It is possible to set it up by oneself.
  • Connects to Wi-Fi and 3G networks.
  • Smart-home ready.
  • Green technology.

Nest Home Security Review: Background Information

This company was founded in 2010 by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, who used to work for Apple. First, they released a smart thermostat in 2011, which was the product that launched this company into stardom. Later on, in 2013, they released new detectors for the home. By 2012, Nest already had 130 employees. In 2014, Google acquired this company. They hired more people to reach a total of 280. And shortly after, the vendor bought Dropcam. Thanks to that tech, they could create their first batch of home security cameras.

This was released in 2015. That same year, the brand expanded and employed 1100 new people. This expansion also included a new facility in Seattle. In 2018, this vendor was merged with Google’s smart home division. They were then rebranded in 2019.

Security Features: See All It Can Do

Nest Features

The system was designed aiming to guide people not to worry about safety. This is why, in 2021, they included many features that make it very simple. In this way, this vendor stands out from the competition. These are the most important ones.

Scheduled Disarm Times: Control Who Is In

It is possible to deactivate the tags at specific times. So, for example, if someone is coming, one can activate this feature to let them in without turning the system on. This also lets users disarm a tag if lost.

24/7 Recording: Keep All the Info

The system records what goes on at home at all times. Then, it keeps this info for 30 days. In this way, the user can go back on a specific moment and review if something out of place happened. The length of time during which it stores info will depend on the plan.

No Rush Arming and Disarming: Take Your Time

The majority of the other systems give only a few seconds to turn them off when one comes in. The one by this provider allows users to decide for how long they want the alarm to wait. It will count out loud how much time one has before it goes off.

Smarter Alerts: Only See What Matters

This feature is only available for those who pay for a plan. With it, the cams review who is at home.

  • First, it learns the faces of the family.
  • And sends a notification if there is a stranger. The audio works in a similar way.
  • With Artificial Intelligence, the system studies the situation and notifies the user if something is going on.

Integrated Smart Home Ecosystem: They All Work Together

This is one of the features that make the whole system stand out. It has a lot of devices of the same brand that work together to achieve better results. But users can also find products from other vendors that are compatible with this one.

Voice Alerts: Get Explicit Info

Most other systems indicate something through short sounds, like beeps. But this provider knows that it is not convenient to have to figure out what is going on in this way. That is why they included a human voice that explicitly says what is happening.

Pathlight: See the Path

This feature lights up the path one walks in. It works by using some motion detectors. When they see that someone is coming, they turn on the lightbulbs. This is useful to install in the outside in case a stranger approaches the home. Or to put in the inside, in case someone wakes up at night for a snack and needs a guide.

Quiet Open: Let the Pet out at Night

This feature was created with pets in mind. It allows users to disarm sensors one at a time. So, the dog can go out for a walk without having to turn everything off. Then, once the door is opened and closed again, the system will reactivate that part and go back to normal.

Mobile Control: Keep an Eye on the Home Anywhere

The whole system can be controlled right from any mobile device. Of course, they need to have been set up for this before. In this way, one can see what info each sensor is getting, give names to them, and turn them on and off.

Encrypted, Cloud-based Video Storage: Safety First

All the recordings and data that the system collects are stored in the cloud. This is encrypted so that no one can access that info, not even hackers. This is done through a 128-bit system and two-step verification to ensure that there are no impostors.

App: Have All the Info in One Place

This is available for Android and iOS. It has all the info in one place. One can see what the cams are seeing at the moment. And it also gives access to a collection of what happened before. One can select the kind of notifications that he wants to get too.

Equipment & Installation: What Devices Can One Get?

The whole pack includes many items. All of them aim at making the house much safer. Some of them let buyers keep an eye on what is going on. Others are great at keeping everyone out. To learn more about what they do, read on.

Protect: Keep the Fires Away

Nest Protect

This device’s main function is to spot when there is smoke in the house. The same applied to high levels of carbon monoxide.

  • To do so, it has many sensors that review what is going on at home
  • Also, it detects changes in lighting
  • In this way, it can see when there are fires

Users can choose to install only one. Or one can also put many that work together. One only needs to have a Wi-Fi connection and a device with iOS or Android systems.

Hello Video Doorbell: Keep an Eye on the Outside

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

This product applies all the features of a camera to a typical doorbell. It includes many functions, like HDR video, the ability to record in low-light settings, and live streaming at all hours, every day of the week.

It also keeps connected with the user. It sends a notification when someone is standing at the door. This happens if they ring the bell or not. As this device is going to be outdoors, it comes with protection against the weather. Its IPX 4 certificate shows that it will resist heavy storms and dust with no problem.

Thermostats: Stay Warm and Save Money

Nest Thermostats

This tool comes in handy to help users save money.

  • First, it learns what temperatures the person likes
  • It will also know at what times one uses those specific settings
  • Then, it will memorize at what time one leaves for work, and when he comes back home
  • With all this info, it will create a timetable and will set the temperature according to whether one is present or not

This means saving a lot of energy. Yet, it is also possible to control it with the knob or the mobile app.

x Yale Lock: Keep the Door Closed

Nest Yale Lock

Together with this reputed university, the team created this item. It is a smart lock. It functions with an app that unlocks it.

  • One can set up times in which it will be closed no matter what
  • This can be done from any place
  • One can also specify at which times guests can come and go at will
  • The app also includes a list of who used the key during the last ten days
  • This machine is compatible with most doors

Connect: Complement the Devices

Nest Connect

This tool has three main functions.

  • The first one is that it allows users to expand how far one can install the Google Secure alarm
  • This means that the sensors can be very far and still work
  • Another of its most important features is that it lets the smart lock to connect to the internet. This device encrypts all the data
  • In this way, no one can open the door. Because it will not be plugged directly into the Wi-Fi network

Accessories: The Best Friends for Nest Security System

There are many options for each device. All of them have an item that improves the way they work.

  • The thermostat, for example, can be used with a base. In this way, it can be put together easily and without falling.
  • It is also possible to get a sign to warn potential criminals to stay away.
  • One can also get different menial items for the Nest Security System.
  • Some of them are wires, in case the ones that are included get broken.
  • The same goes for power adapters.

Nest Security Cameras: Keep an Eye on the House

Nest Cameras

Finding the right camera to control the home takes time. One needs to find one that is appropriate for each situation and is high-quality. This is why the team came up with different options. This is what they have to offer.

Cam Outdoor Security Camera

This device comes prepared to resist all types of weather conditions. It was tested to ensure that it can resist water and dust. Also, it has a wide field of view of 130 degrees, which allows seeing clearly who is close by. It is also possible to zoom in the image to get more details.

Cam Indoor Security Camera

This one was created to make it user-friendly. The setup process is very straightforward. And controlling it can be easily done from a phone. It can be used with a stand that allows having many options in terms of the angle and point of view.

Cam Indoor and Outdoor IQ Cameras

These are the premium models. They can monitor with Artificial Intelligence assistance. So, they can better understand what they record and send smart alerts with that info. Their hardware is top-notch too. Their sensor can capture videos in 4k quality and stream in 1080p. Thanks to this, users can zoom in up to 12 times.

Fortunately, the whole process is very fast.

  • One just needs to install the app. It can be on a phone of any OS
  • Then, scan the code that comes with the device
  • The app will say what to do
  • When the digital part is done, just set up all the tags and sensors

This DIY process has to be repeated every time a new item is added. If one is preparing the whole system, the process usually takes between 12 and 15 minutes.

Nest Security Packages & Prices

One of the things this vendor boasts about is how cheap its products are in the long run. But what about the up-front price? It is a bit higher than the competition. Read on to see if it adapts to the budget.

  • Cam IQ Outdoor: $399
  • Cam Outdoor: $199
  • Cam IQ Indoor:$299
  • Cam Indoor: $199
  • Learning Thermostat: $249
  • Thermostat E: $169
  • Hello Video Doorbell: $229
  • Temperature Sensor: $39
  • Protect: $119
  • X Yale Lock: $279

Monthly Monitoring Fees

The best thing about these products is that one can monitor them by oneself. This entails that there is no fee to pay for an agency. Yet, there are some costs involved. The items will need to connect to the Internet once in a while. This will use 3G or 4G data if there is no Wi-Fi. It can spend up to $5.

If necessary, one can also pay for a monitoring team. It costs $29 per month, and one can quit at any time or $19 monthly with a 3-year commitment.

Table of Comparison of the Cameras

The Nest security system reviews want to cover as much of the house as possible to make sure that it is protected. So, they created cameras to use indoors and outdoors. Then, as many would be needed, they also built options for every budget. Here is how they fare against each other.

Person AlertsYesNoYesNo
4k SensorYesNoYesNo
Audio QualityHDStandardHDStandard
HD ZoomYesNoYesNo
Live Video 24/7YesYesYesYes
Mobile AlertsYesYesYesYes
Low-light recordingYesYesYesYes
Phone SupportYesYesYesYes

Cam IQ Indoor: Best Quality Within the House

This device belongs to the premium line. It has all the features that make it stand out. And they come at a hefty price of $299. It is ideal for placing in key spots where one knows something could happen.

Cam Indoor: Best Price Inside

This camera has the basic features that will help to keep an eye on the house at all times. At $199, it is possible to cover the whole house with these devices, thanks to its low price.

Cam IQ Outdoor: Top-Notch Image Outside

As this item waterproof and dustproof, it is perfect to see what is going on outside without worries. Also, its high-quality sensor gets every detail. At $399, this product works very well for those who can pay a bit more to get more detailed recordings.

Cam Outdoor: Resistant and Budget-Friendly

This cam was certified to show that it can withstand most weather conditions. And this comes at only $199. This device works well in almost any situation for very reasonable pricing.

Ease of Use

Using the system is very simple. Once it has been set up, the whole experience is quite user-friendly. The devices speak out loud when something happens. It has three main modes.

  • When one is at home, he will probably use the “Off” one. This means that there will be no alerts when something happens, like a door opening.
  • The other two are “Away and Guarding”, and “Home and Guarding”. Both of them will send notifications. The difference will be that the system will do so smartly based on whether one is present or not.

Customer Experience

This is a very popular brand. Since Google bought it, it has increased its catalog. And thanks to this, it has become very well-known among regular people. Read on to see how they work.

Terms and Guarantees

The warranty will depend on the type of product one has. The Learning Thermostat has one that covers it for two years, for example. Regarding their refund policy, it is quite comprehensive. If one does not open the box, he will have 30 days to send it back. And he will need to pay for the shipping costs.

But if the team sent the wrong item or one that does not work, they will pay for this fee. They also assure clients that all the info that the cameras get cannot be accessed by anyone. That is why it is encrypted. In this way, they avoid hackers.

Nest Customer Support

Nest Support

They offer several means of communication, including phone, web, email, and Twitter. Their call center works from 5 am to 9 pm in the PST timezone. They also have a site with common problems and questions that users may have. This has a specific area for each device of the system.


As these systems are backed up by Google, many users trust in them and buy it. But is it as good as it sounds? There are some mixed reports.

  • While some say that the customer service is slow, others claim that in under 10 minutes, they got a replacement for a defective unit.
  • They are also happy with the variety of cameras that the Nest has to offer. There are specific options for each environment. So, if one needs to keep an eye on indoors, there is a device for that. For outdoors, many options suit different needs.

FAQ Section

  • Is It a Good Alarm System?

    Yes, it surely is among the best. This security system is complete and easy to use. People can pay for an additional monitoring subscription. But this is not necessary. The company offers many high-tech services. The firm only needs to make automation and integration better. But, it is a highly recommendable alarm system.

  • Which Is Better: Nest Security or Ring?

    The Ring system offers high-quality technology surveillance and alarms without additional payments. Also, the products are easy and fast to install. This is great for people who like putting alarms on their own.

    The Nest security system reviews also offer a complete high-tech service. Yet, it may be a bit more expensive. Users will have to pay another subscription to have full automation. But still, it is one of the best options to secure home because it is a Google-based smart business.

  • Can Nest Security Be Monitored?

    Yes, it can. All of the packages come with professional 24/7 monitoring. Also, all of the high-tech security products such as the Guard keypad, the motion sensors, and the Detect activity sensors include professional monitoring. Users only have to keep their Detects and Guard in the app. This way, the monitoring service will be working all the time. It is practical, efficient, and effective.

  • Does Secure Call the Police?

    Homeowners can enter the emergency contact number in the app. They can use this number when there’s an emergency alarm from the Nest security system. Users will get a notification on their mobile phones in case there is any problem. For example, security products can detect smoke or carbon monoxide and notify it.

  • How Long Does the Guard Battery Last?

    All the home security products work with batteries. These can last up to two years. The app will notify homeowners when it’s time to change the batteries. People should do so as soon as possible, using either the Panasonic CR123 or the Energizer CR123A lithium ones.

  • How Do I Get Rid of Secure?

    This system’s main function is to arm doors and windows. To get rid of it, users should do the following.

    • First of all, they have to remove the alarm security system from the company’s app.
    • Then, they have to turn off the Secure with the Guard’s keypad. If they don’t do so, the alarm may sound.
    • Finally, they have to hold down the second button on Guard’s keypad.
    • This way, there will be a software version and check.

    By doing so, this feature will be deactivated.

Nest Home Security System Pros & Cons

Investing in one of these systems is not an easy decision to take. There are many aspects to bear in mind. And the competition offers some great deals too. So, here are the best and worst things about this system that all potential buyers should consider before making the purchase.


  • The devices work together very well to secure the house.
  • The cameras review what is going on and send alerts.
  • It is possible to customize alerts to be explicit.
  • They offer a good refund policy.
  • Setting it up and using it is simple, even the doorbell.


  • The support system is a hit and miss.
  • They are a bit more expensive than the competition.

So, Should I Get It?

The Nest home security system works great for those who already have products of this brand. The devices have a great design and are easy to use. People do not even need a lot of guides. It can be a bit pricey for some, though. And Alexa and Siri lovers may be disappointed because the integration between these systems is not great.

On the positive side, there is no need for a subscription. Those who are looking for a simple way to keep their home secure will probably like this system.

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