Northstar Alarm Review: Keep Your Family Safe

Those looking for protection from their home and premises to their health and garage should look no further than the Northstar Alarm home security system and its top-notch plans.

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Updated: April 10, 2020

Northstar Alarm Home Security Review: In-Depth

NorthStar Alarm Review

For almost 20 years, Northstar Security has been in action. And with a great reputation. Today, they cover more than 50,000 clients who hire one of those plans. As future buyers can soon discover, each of these packages has different options and perks. These will adapt to various requirements. Those interested can find each feature in detail in the Northstar alarm security system review below.

Key Features

  • Protection against intruders
  • Remote access to devices
  • Medical alerts available
  • Live-monitoring
  • Smart home integrations

Background Information

NorthStar Background Information

Northstar Alarm Services is a company that has many years in the market. The field in which they work is security for anyone who requires them. The founders’ names are Troiano and Brown and came up with the idea in the year 2000. Their license is approved in the whole country, though the main offices are in Utah. And they seem to give a pretty decent service since most of such reviews are positive instead of negative.

Features: Keep the Home Safe With These Functionalities

Northstar security has a lot of value to offer on top of those top-notch devices. For example, their team of experts is always monitoring one’s property. And the development team looks for new ways to integrate it into one’s smart apps. Let’s take a look at more options below.

24/7 Monitoring to Keep One’s Home Safe

NorthStar 24-7 Monitoring

This is a great feature for a security camera. Nobody is around home the 24 hours of the day. So, this device can keep an eye on one’s property and keep it safe at all times. Some plans even include custom alerts to the client’s mobile phone.

Surveillance Cameras

The equipment includes high-quality cameras that record with a lot of details. With this in mind, it’s possible to get footage of all the property even at night. Plus, these products have technology that allows them to record in color even when it’s dark.

Smart Home Options

Today, integrations for systems are an essential part of anyone’s lives. People carry their smartphones, for example, every place they go. So, the fact that the Northstar security system can be placed within the smart home options is very convenient, and the best feature for smart homes.

Remote Control

NorthStar Remote Control

This system also has new tech that allows anyone to control it from afar. With just some buttons and easy commands, the owner can decide on the settings of the alarm. For example, some features that can be changed are the sound, the duration of the alerts, integrations with home, and more.

Medical Alerts

NorthStar Medical Alerts

Taking care of one’s health is essential. This feature is crucial for elders to monitor their own well-being and to get help as soon as they need it. So, medical alerts take a look at the person’s heart rate, body heat, and more. If something is strange, then the device sends an alert to another person who can aid.

Voice Response

The key features of this device include the ability to answer back to voice commands. As it is compatible with smart home devices, it is possible to tell the camera what to do. For example, one could say “turn on”, and the system would do so. And thanks to the voice response, clients will be sure that what they asked happened.

Remote Garage Control

Cars are also part of a person’s property. As such, they have to be protected and monitored. Robbers can attack vehicles even when they are at the garage. So, this system keeps a close eye on what is happening at the garage. Plus, it has a remote control to manipulate doors and windows.

Lifetime Warranty

This warranty covers both new equipment and an old one when hiring a new plan. This means that it could be the case that a person bought a system many years ago and stopped using it. But they can activate their plans again, and they will get a warranty forever.

Power Outage Protection

It could happen that there is a strong storm or a power issue that leaves the device not working. But this will not compromise one’s safety. The device includes a battery that lasts 24 hours. This way, the owner will also not be hacked by burglars who cut the electric power.

Quick Mobile Access and Control

This feature is great for parents who work all day long. And who are not there when their kids come back from school. Using mobile control, then owners can disarm the system when the children enter the house. This way, they will not get false positives or alarms all the time.

Resource-Packed Online Help Center

Finally, Northstar security offers its clients a lot of resources, so they make the most out of that new purchase. The online help center answers many questions. Such as what to do if the system has a bug, how to access the battery more efficiently, and so on.

Equipment & Installation

Northstar security has a complex system of cameras, doorbells, and alarms. Such a thing means it is quite hard to set up. So, the pros in their teams have to come to the owners’ home to take care of the installation.

Essentials: Everything People Need for Safety

Northstar alarm includes different devices that ensure the correct use of the system. This includes at least 1 touch screen Lynx L5200 Control Panel 1 Motion Detector, 3 Door/Window sensors, 1 Indoor Siren, and Multiple Window Decals + 1 Yard Sign. Still, the rest of those products are within another badge of custom features. Below, readers can find a complete description of each one of them.

Home Automation

These are extra perks available in the Northstar alarm system, depending on the security points people choose. So, some home automation devices are smart door locks, indoor or outdoor cameras, and even a video doorbell. Those are especially good for those who want to monitor their own property. Other products include a thermostat and a garage door controller for people who own a car or other type of vehicle.


Buyers who know a little bit more about tech can choose other types of features. For example, a z-wave enabled door lock. This applies a different type of mechanism to keep the door closed. Plus, clients have access to the two-way video share. Such a thing can come in handy when there are more than 2 people monitoring the same place.


NorthStar Installation

Those looking for DIY installation will not find it. Northstar home security devices only have a pro set up. So, anyone who wants to hire their service will require one tech to come to their homes and install the cameras, bells, and the rest of those products included in their systems. The process is quite smooth, and employees are experienced and serious.

Northstar Alarm Packages & Prices

Northstar Alarm Plans & Prices

Though the website does not show them clearly, the service has 3 main plans. These packages adapt to different necessities and pockets. Also, the devices used for each pack are different. For example, smart door locks, thermostats, and garage controllers are within the more pricey options. Let’s examine all of the plans below, with their features and pricing per month.

Main Plans Comparison Table

Northstar security has 3 plans to offer to buyers. All of them have similar functions, though the most pricey one has a number of extra features. Below, future customers can find all the specs that can help them choose the best package for them.

Protect Connect Automate
24/7 monitoringYesYesYes
Home AutomationNoYesYes
Security Points7710
Remote control via an appYesYesYes
Food and Heat SensorNoYesYes
Glass Break SensorNoYesYes
Panic PendantNoNoYes
Smart GarageNoYesYes
Contract60 months60 months60 months


This is the most basic plan that will cater to anyone’s needs. One of the things clients look for the most is 24/7 monitoring in the hands of pros. This is possible with the Protect plan, and the pricing is affordable per month. On the grey side, there is no home automation. So, the system cannot integrate with other sections of the house.


  • Cheap pricing
  • Mobile access available
  • A long contract for the same value
  • Great customer support team
  • Good reputation for the brand


  • No pendant
  • No protection for garage
  • Messy installation


This plan includes the same as the previous one and adds more features and benefits. For example, it includes home automation for those with smart devices. It will be easier to control the system from a distance.


  • Affordable
  • Protects glass from breaking
  • Heat sensors to detect false positives
  • Convenient control
  • Automation of devices


  • Still no pendants
  • Too long a contract per month
  • Customer support is slow


Finally, the automate package adapts to the most demanding owners. The perks include options to protect indoors and outdoors. Also, there are better sensors that prevent false positives from happening. The pricing is still affordable to any pocket.


  • Excessive time of contract
  • More Security Points
  • Includes a panic pendant
  • Protects the garage
  • More smart automation


  • A bit more expensive
  • Includes fewer perks than previous plans
  • No exclusive tech support

Ease of Use

Most users report the devices are simple. Yet, the setup process requires a pro to function in the correct way. Still, after this has happened, the system runs smoothly. Very few clients claim they experienced bugs or failures. Especially because the cameras have a battery. This ensures the equipment never stops working, not even when there is a storm or an intentional power cut.

Customer Experience

As stated above, most clients seem to be satisfied with the business and its products. For more than 20 years, it has held a great reputation for their professional manners and behavior. Indeed, Northstar security reviews are mostly positive online. They claim that the tech and the customer care teams are efficient and helpful when an issue comes up.

Terms and Guarantees

Their terms of service have to do with the license the business has to operate in the USA. To keep their data protected, clients have to sign a contract with this provider. They may choose the plan they prefer, and they will be billed for it. After this operation, every info the customer gives the company is protected. Also, their money-back guarantee is a bit limited, though. It only covers 30 days after the purchase. So, anyone who decides to ask for their services has to make sure the product is good for them in a short time.

Customer Support

NorthStar Home Resource-Packed Online Help Center

The company’s support channels are many. Those who want to can go to their main offices or call by phone. The team will pick up calls from 7 am to 7 pm MST from Monday to Friday every year. The other option is to contact them by email. There are 3 options, depending on the type of issue the client has.


Reviews about these systems are overly positive. Yes, some customers complain about different issues. Some of them, for example, claim that the customer support team is a bit slow. In particular, when they had a tech problem with the camera. Some others doubt the guarantee and privacy policy, which is a bit limited.

Still, Northstar security reviews say the system is efficient. On top of that, clients claim the company keeps their homes and yards safe. Bugs, for example, do not seem to be very common. And when clients have issues with the devices, the tech team is prompt to answer and to share info. This is essential for any provider to build up their trust. And also for customers to keep their home safe at all times. Another thing every person praise is the long-life battery to prevent power cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Northstar Any Good?

    Yes, according to the customers’ reviews. Most of the scores achieve 4.8 out of 5 stars. Some of the best aspects to consider is tech support and the installation of the camera. The employees are swift and prompt to give answers and help to those who need them.

  • What Is an Area of Northstar Alarm Security?

    The term refers to the number of meters or km. That the system can cover for. Of course, the cameras and sensors included in the Northstar alarm system have a limited range. And the coverage also depends on the type of plan clients decide to pay for. So, an area means the size of the property that the system can record and protect. The wider the zone, the more money the owners will have to pay, for example.

  • How to Install the System?

    The process is quite complex. There are many elements to consider, like passwords, other accessories, live footage, and more. That is why pros in the field need to carry out the installation, and the client cannot do it on its own. Luckily, the set up is part of the plans clients hire. So, they don’t have to pay extra to get their cameras working in no time.

  • How Do I Cancel Northstar Alarm Plans?

    To cancel the service is, at times, messy. When a person signs a contract, they enter an agreement that has to be honored for at least a year in 2021. Yet, there are some terms that allow them to cancel if they want to. The first step is to call the company by phone to let them know what is happening. Then, the provider may ask clients to pay a small fee for cancellation. The process is over when there is written proof of it, and the privacy policy is canceled.

Northstar Home Security Pros & Cons


  • Different pricing options for people with varied budgets.
  • A great reputation the brand has been building for years.
  • Many devices included within the purchase. These add value to the system.
  • A great customer care and tech support team that solves every issue.
  • Good policies that take care of the client’s private info.


  • The contracts are long and difficult to get out to.
  • There is almost no info on plans and prices on the official site.

Take Safety in Your Hands Today

All in all, Northstar alarm is a comprehensive system with a lot of advantages. It offers several opportunities to those with different budgets. From garage protection to medical pendants, the company takes care of every aspect of one’s safety. This review includes all the info clients have to make a wise decision and invest in their safety in 2021.

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    June 24, 2020

    I have had them for a little over a year, everything was to be as I had with ADT and I was getting a video doorbell too. They changed their APP and my video doorbell works some of the time. I have had 3 new ones installed already and still not working. Have been going through this over a year. My fire/smoke alarm was to be included in this deal. I find out it never was. Locked into 5 yr agreement and I want out. You can never reach anyone, the tech for the doorbell says nothing else he can do. smoke alarm keeps going off because of the WIFI and I have a good signal, it is on their end. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. No one ever follows up. Can’t leave messages, takes 2 to 3 business days for them to get back to you and then another one or two for the tech and then they tell you to wait a week to see if it is working! HELP ME PLEASE.