Ooma Home Security Review: Introduction to the Company

The Ooma home security system is for both businesses and home users. It extends the range of products and promises to provide a high level of security by bringing together equipment like sensors, cameras, and mobile apps.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: March 26, 2020

Ooma Home Security Review: In-Depth Block

Ooma Security Review

It is a popular internet service provider with a presence in almost all major cities. It offers VoIP, self-monitored cameras, and other services via Ooma Telo, which serves as a base that can be configured to work as a security system. One can use it as a smart hub and connect devices to it.

Users can control enjoy great monitoring thanks to reliable products that require no expensive hub or unit to work. These include motion sensors and other tools that come with a free mobile app and even great VOIP packages.

Key Features

  • VoIP System
  • Remote 911
  • Smart Home Monitoring
  • Call Forwarding
  • Mobile App
  • No Contracts
  • Mobile Alerts

Background Information

Ooma Background Information

It is a reliable name and listed on the NYSE. It has a good BBB rating (A+). It’s considered a pioneer in the field of the smart home market. The company uses cloud-based technology for most of its services and products. One of its most popular products is the DIY home security system that’s flexible and affordable.

Andrew Frame founded the company in 2004 after gaining experience at Cisco Systems. It found great initial success thanks to a reliable VoIP package that helped the company push its security system.

Key Security Features: What It Offers

Technically speaking, almost all security systems appear similar in terms of what they offer. However, it is unique since it brings different elements together to create a program that’s suitable for a variety of users.
Here are some of the highlights of the package:

Smart Home Monitoring: For Full Sense of Security

The brand introduced this feature in 2017, and it is now one of the company’s USPs. It allows remote alerts, emergency calls, and comes with a well-designed app. Premium users get to enjoy Smart Home Monitoring for free, but Basic subscribers will have to spend $5.99 per month to access it.

Tamper Proof: Life Without Worries

What’s the point of a security system if it is not foolproof? Ooma has paid special attention to possible flaws and has created that is a tamper-proof tool. The system is equipped to send notifications if someone tries to break into the house. It will also inform the user if a robber attempts to toy with the system.

Versatile: Great for Both Renters and Homeowners

The tool works well for both homeowners and renters. It is highly portable, hence moving it will not be a problem. Plus, since it is more of a DIY system, users may be able to move or install it on their own.

Includes Phone Service: More in Less

The Ooma security system does not work without the Ooma Telo, which means users will get to enjoy phone service when they opt for home security. The plan comes with unlimited local calls, call waiting, text notifications, caller-ID, voicemail, and 911 calls.

Ooma Home Security Mobile App: Always Connected

The app is very well designed and easy to use. It offers some incredible characteristics and gives users the option to control the system and keep an eye on the happenings from a distance by requesting help, going through recordings, and checking on the status.

Remote 911: For More Safety

Ooma Remote 911

This feature can be of huge help in emergencies. Since the home system is linked to the phone service, it is equipped to forward details, including addresses to the emergency department, if the user is not present at home. This ensures great protection no matter where the homeowner is calling from.

Geofencing: Offering More Ease

Geofencing allows users to set limits. The system can be set to automatically get armed when the user moves outside of the limit and gets disarmed when the user gets back in. The main benefit of this service is the ease as it removes the need to arm or disarm the system manually.

Equipment & Installation: More About the Hardware

The company offers customization options. Users can opt for the services they require. The base is known as Ooma Telo, which is mandatory for any security feature to work. With phone and home security, there is also the option to opt for Ooma Telo Air, which offers wireless internet connectivity.

In addition to this, there are several hardware options one can opt for based on budget and requirements. These include:


The company entered the security camera industry in 2017 by overtaking Butterfleye, and now reviews agree that it offers some of the best products.

All the cameras work with the system but can be used independently as well. They offer seven days of history and include some paid attributes such as geofencing and audio connections. It presently offers a wide range of surveillance cameras:


Ooma Butterfleye

It offers a 1080p resolution, battery backup, internal storage, sound detection, motion detection, and facial recognition. This wireless camera can be used both indoors and outdoors


There isn’t much difference between the Butterfleye and Nero 1. They have similar qualities, and both were acquired when Ooma purchased the Butterfleye brand.

Ooma Smart Cam

Launched in 2019, this camera is designed after Butterfleye but has better attributes, including longer battery life, a wider angle, and infrared night vision.


There is a wide range of sensors to select from. They differ in terms of features and price and can be installed in a variety of places. However, almost all sensors can link to the app giving users the option to control them remotely. They come with batteries that last for about 1.5 years.

Window/Door sensor

Door and window sensors are reliable and can be used to ensure all entrances are covered. Users have the option to change settings so that there are no fake alarms.

Water Sensor

This sensor can help detect leaks beneath water heaters and sinks to reduce the risk of flooding. The system can help save water and ensure the plants are taken care of in the best manner.

Motion Sensor

With a field of view of about 85 degrees, the motion sensor from Ooma is quite reliable and easy to use. It sends notifications and can be customized according to the changing schedule.

Garage Door Sensor

This sensor is designed to ensure the garage door remains shut. It can also be customized to send notifications whenever the door opens.


The alarm is pretty impressive and loud – up to 105 decibels. It can be plugged anywhere but is most suitable for entry points to warn burglars and keep them at bay.


The company offers a smart device, the purpose of which is to free users from expensive phone bills. Users can enjoy some great characteristics and benefits like free US calls, HD voice, encrypted calls, advanced voice compression, and adaptive redundancy.

Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo

Available for $99.99, this is a wired option, and it is installed close to the internet route.

Ooma Telo Air

Ooma Telo Air

Available for $129.99, this option offers more ease since it is wireless and uses WiFi technology to form a connection.

Ooma Telo 4G

Ooma Telo 4G

Available for $149.99, this system uses 4G technology to form a wireless connection.

Smart smoke detector

The device can detect smoke and send instant alerts to provide users with a layer of security. It comes with a reliable battery that is made to last for up to 10 years.


Ooma Install

This DIY system is easy to install and does not need the help of a professional. There are detailed video tutorials and FAQs on the official site to make the job easier. Users can also use a peer-to-peer forum to discuss installation issues with other users and find solutions.

Ooma Security Plans & Prices

Ooma Plans

It is one of the most affordable options when it comes to home security products. There are different options to choose from, making it suitable for all kinds of budgets.

Comparing The Opportunities As For 2021

Here’s a table to better understand the two plans the company offers:

Ring Protect Plan Protect Basic Protect Plus
Monthly Cost$3$10
Annual Cost$30$100
Monitor Plan This free plan comes with basic features, including instant alerts, remote siren, mobile app dashboard, push notifications, and unlimited sensors with audible Telo announcements. The activities are logged for 90 days for users to review.
Ooma Smart Security Starter Pack The pack includes 1 Ooma Telo, 2 Ooma door and window sensors, and 1 Ooma motion sensor. Users get to enjoy free shipping with the package. This package is suitable for users who do not want to keep an eye on water leaks.
Ooma Smart Security Starter Pack with Ooma Water Sensor The starter pack includes 1 Ooma Telo, 1 Ooma water sensor, 2 Ooma door and window sensors, and 1 Ooma motion sensor. Users get to enjoy free shipping with the package. This convenient package is affordable and includes pretty much everything one needs to protect a home.
Door and Window Sensor Available for $24.99, it is important to secure entry points. It sends a warning or notification whenever someone tries to open a door or window or perform other such actions.
Motion Sensor Available for $34.99, it may be required if a user has a basic package. It sends a warning or notification whenever motion is detected in the covered zone, depending on selected settings.
Garage Door Sensor Available for $29.99, one may be enough for a garage door. It sends a warning or notification whenever the garage door opens or closes.
Siren Alarm Available for $39.99, the alarm is loud and can be installed in multiple locations.
Water Sensor Available for $29.99, it can be added to prevent water loss. It will send a notification whenever it detects a leak.
Keypad Available for $59.99, this gatekeeper can be effective in securing the home. Only those with the code can enter a room or house.

Ease of Use

Ooma devices are pretty easy to use with little to no learning curve. Since all devices are smart, they can be linked to the built-in app from the manufacturer that gives control in the hand of the user. Changes can be made with just the tap of a button.

Customer Experience

It is a very well recognized name as it produces durable and reliable products. Many people know this professional firm today. But that’s not all it is known for. The company offers good customer support and provides special attention to satisfying clients.

Terms and Guarantees

The platform is safe to use as the company doesn’t share information with others.
Hardware comes with a 30-day return policy if you buy it from the official site. However, terms may differ if you purchase it from a third-party seller. There are no contracts but no refunds on packages. Hence, be careful before signing up for a long package.

Customer Support

Working Hours: Business clients can get in touch with the company 24/7 to talk to its professional staff members to know more about products, including free offers, VOIP and camera systems, a phone app, motion sensors, Telo, etc. However, residential support is only available at these hours:

  • Weekdays: 5 AM to 5 PM PST
  • Weekends: 8 AM to 5 PM PST

Support Channels: Customer service is among the company’s best-known attributes. Available options include live chat, phone, and email.

Positive & Negative Reviews

Ooma home security appears to be a great service thanks to low prices and a huge number of available add-ons. Most users appear to be satisfied with the products and performance, but some appear concerned regarding terms and conditions since the guarantee may depend on where you’ve purchased the product from.

The mobile app makes it very easy to use the system. Plus, since it is portable, moving from one end to another will not be a problem for most users. Available tutorials are pretty handy, and the agents are available in case of difficulties.
Users can choose from multiple packages, including a free package, making it a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is OOMA Secure?

    Yes, it is a secure platform, according to most reviews. First of all, there is no risk of your personal information reaching unsafe hands since it uses high security to prevent hackers from breaching the system. Moreover, there are different tools, such as motion sensors and cameras, to prevent unauthorized access. There is also an alarm that is loud and can be effective in keeping homes or offices secure.

  • Will OOMA Work With Alarm Systems?

    Yes, it comes with its own alarm that is easy to sync and use. The alarm is pretty loud and hence good at warning users in case there is a breach of privacy. Users can opt to add multiple alarms for more security.

  • What is the Ooma Premier?

    It’s a collection of calling features designed to improve the capabilities of the home phone. These include basic calling options like a backup number, conferencing, call-waiting, and caller ID, and some exclusive extras like mobile apps, free calls, and motion sensors.

  • Is There a Monthly Fee for Ooma?

    It has no monthly fee, but users have to pay taxes that run about $3.50. The company offers a free package that comes with some cool features. However, in order to enjoy all the benefits and features, one will have to opt for a paid package. Moreover, the free package is only available for users who have purchased specific plans.

  • Which is Better OOMA or Vonage?

    The two brands are similar, yet very different in terms of performance and price. Ooma offers basic services such as call return and call hold for free. It also lets users enjoy a hands-free experience, thanks to Amazon Alexa. Plus, there’s the ability to link to home security tools.
    Vonage does a similar job and comes with features such as call block and ring lists. However, its USP is the ability to help international callers save money by dialing back when you receive an international call. But, it doesn’t come close to Ooma since it doesn’t work with most alarm systems. In fact, the company doesn’t recommend using it with security tools.

  • Is OOMA Profitable?

    It is not presently a profitable company, as it has been struggling for quite some time with finances for a while. It was named one of the fastest-growing private companies in 2015 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. However, growth stalled next year, and it reported a net income of -12.95 million in 2017.

Ooma Home Security Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages one should know to understand how the system works:


  • The mobile app makes it easy to control tools
  • A free option is available for users
  • Can choose to pay per month or sign up for longer contracts
  • There are multiple packages for every user
  • The system is easy to install and portable
  • Few companies that offer specific sensors for water


  • Customer service could’ve been better
  • Most features are paid

Thinking About Type of Safety

Ooma’s hardware, such as cameras and window sensors, are of high quality and work in almost all situations, including the dark.
Most reviews agree that using the products, including the phone app, motion sensors, telo units, monitoring tools, VOIP software, and video cameras, is easy. In fact, it is pretty much a DIY system, and users will not need a professional to get it installed. It is easy, hence no worries about wasting time in 2021.

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