Piper Home Security System Review: An All-in-One DIY

This is home surveillance that offers wireless cameras, sensors, and smart tech, among other things. The system works with clients’ smartphones to send real-time alerts and notifications to keep families as safe as possible. This Piper home security review analyzes some key metrics to guide consumers in their purchasing decision.

Emily Brooks - Editorial Staff

Updated: February 28, 2020

Piper Home Security System Review: In-Depth

Piper Home Security

This provider offers a DIY setup and an intuitive base station with customized security modes and motion/sound detection. Perhaps best of all is that clients don’t have to worry about monthly fees.

Key Features

There are lots of things that make this brand stand out from the crowd. For one, the cameras are powerful and boast night vision and 1080p HD quality. Two, there aren’t any upfront charges to expect. Below is a review of the best tech.

  • Automated device
  • Budget-friendly customizations
  • DIY setup
  • Intrusion protection
  • Mobile access/control
  • WiFi with cellular backup

Background Information

The corporation was founded in 2003 in Ottawa, Canada, by the iControl Networks crew. Focusing on automated technology, it was built to improve at-home energy usage and safety. Today, the company is garnering national attention and is available to individuals, families, businesses, and Android and iPhone users.

Key Security Features: The Simplicity of a Single Gadget

Piper Features

Unlike other residential alarm kits, this brand keeps things stunningly straightforward with a handsome base station. This hub isn’t just a camera, though. It boasts motion and sound detection, two-way audio, a 105-decibel siren, and more. The mini-reviews below cover the key services of this control panel.

Self-Monitoring: Cover a Wide Range of View

Thanks to the cam’s ability to tilt vertically and horizontally as well as pan left and right, customers get a wider field of view. This is especially important since the system is self-monitored. Fortunately, the mobile app provides a clear picture of what’s going on, day and night.

Loud Siren: The Best Deterrent Against Unwelcome Visitors

By “loud,” it’s referring to the 105-decibel siren, which is the highest sound level available to consumers. One second of this noise and burglars aren’t likely to try stepping foot on the property again.

Wide-Angle Camera: Better, Balanced Views

The 180° fisheye lens with 1080p HD video and image quality enables users to get the clearest picture of their property, even when they’re out of town. The addition of night vision means that the visuals don’t get grainy once the sun goes down.

Pan, Tilt, & Zoom: Greater Control

Not only will the device pick up on any movements or sounds in the room, but it will interact with whatever triggered it. The pan, tilt, and zoom functions grant families greater access to clear images and more peace of mind.

Two-Way Talk: Crucial Communication Capabilities

One of the most crucial elements of any high-end safety package, two-way communication, lets customers talk to their children with the push of a button. This is perfect for busy parents or those who want to check on the pets during the day.

Mobile App: Always on Call

Piper Mobile App

Download the app and enjoy a choice of three safety modes that allow for one-click arming and disarming. Pre-programmed settings like “away” and “vacation” help the system get into the right mode so it can send notifications and alerts via text, call, or email.

Lighting & Appliance Control: The Light is Right

Smart technology isn’t lost on this company. It offers automated light switches that can turn on or off, as well as go into a dim setting. This is not only convenient for setting the mood, but it can reduce energy bills.

Environmental Data Tracking: Save More Time

The sensors in the base station do a good job of tracking down the property’s specific location. This comes in handy during emergencies when the local authorities need to get to the house as quickly as possible.

Storage: Ample Space in the Cloud

Many people find it useful to keep media files and recordings in the cloud for future reference. Fortunately, this provider doesn’t charge a dime for storing short event videos. Customers can manage up to 100 snippets for their convenience.

Z-Wave Compatibility: Great for Lighting, Motion, & More

If any clients have the Z-Wave suite of automated devices, they can seamlessly sync it up to the Piper security hub station. This kind of third-party syncing makes the brand a great team player and should attract more consumers. Amazon integration would make this even better.

IFTTT Compatibility: A Once-Convenient Partnership

In the past, the plans worked with the web-based service If This Then That. However, the supplier no longer works with IFTTT. This is due to a change in the partner’s protocols, not Piper’s.

Motion Detection: And Sound, Too

The movement triggers are built into the control panel making for an efficient detection system. The result is a trustworthy sensor that can rival the best products in the industry. Users will also like that they don’t need to install it themselves because it’s already part of the hub.

Two-Way Audio Setup: For Greater Peace of Mind

While it’s great to monitor the sounds and unusual activity in a room, it’s also nice to be able to check on the kids or pets while at work. Two-way communication makes this possible, and it’s as easy as pushing a button on the app.

No Monthly Fees: Keeping Costs Low

The entire kit consists of minimal equipment and is a do-it-yourself deal. This means that buyers aren’t stuck paying extra fees for things like installation and activations. It’s a trade-off, but for the right client, it’s great.

Notification Options: Choose How to Get Messages

Individuals who hate being bombarded with push notifications or SMS alerts can instead choose to get updates via phone calls or email. Everything works with both Android and iOS, so it’s highly accessible.

Battery Backup: Just in Case

A unique touch that this brand included was the AA-powered backup that can come in handy during outages. This is an important tactic considering the products are wireless. Having a plan B means that customers are never left without protection.

Equipment & Installation: A No-Nonsense Approach

The Piper security system is like a breath of fresh air in that its product line-up is quite sparse. Even so, that doesn’t mean that the options are limited. Below is a review of the two plans, as well as how the brand accessorizes.

Door & Window Sensors: Stick Them Where They're Needed

These small accessories fit conveniently on the property’s entry points for an all-around safe perimeter. The control panel will keep an eye on these spots and send any unusual activity to the client via the mobile app.


  • Create a protected perimete
  • Sense environmental changes too
  • Third-party integrations


  • No expert monitoring
  • Wireless connection can cut out


Piper Installation

It doesn’t cost anything to set up one of these control hubs because it’s all DIY. Simply pay for the equipment and go on a month-by-month basis. It’s just a matter of taking the kit out of the box and plugging it in. Most people typically get everything squared away in less than a half-hour. The devices are smart and will intuitively sync up with each and any other compatible accessories in the house.

Piper Security Packages & Prices


The business makes it easy by offering just two packages to consumers. The deals don’t vary too much, other than the fact that one includes night vision and a higher-quality cam.

Comparison & Review for Standard & Upgraded Kits

Check out this table, which reviews what to expect from the two plans. With both of them, there aren’t any start-up fees or contracts.

Classic NV
Monthly Price$0$0
Equipment Cost$199$279
Two-Way AudioYesYes
Video MonitoringYesYes
Night VisionNoYes
Camera Quality2mp3.4mp

Classic: The Best of the Basics

At $199, this is an approachable package for individuals or families. It comes with a 2mp camera that has pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, and a 180° field of view. Also, there’s the signature 105-decibel siren as well as a two-way microphone. This kit can detect changes in the room related to humidity, temperature, lighting, and noise level.


  • Strong motion detection
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Z-Wave compatible


  • Indoor use only
  • No night vision

NV: The Next Step Up

Those who are interested in pulling out all the deals can go for this upgraded version, which costs $279. It has the same products as the basic version, but the cam is better quality at 3.4mp. There are also more immersive video recording systems along with night vision. While those tools are great, there are sometimes technical glitches when accessing them from a smartphone.


  • Better image quality
  • Custom safety modes
  • Video recording


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • The app can be a bit buggy

Ease of Use

It might be annoying that the device can only cover one room since all of the accouterments are on it. It will take multiple base stations to secure other rooms in the house. Therefore, some clients with larger properties may find the expenses add up quickly. On the other hand, the app is intuitive and user-friendly, plus there are personalized safety modes that customers can toggle on and off. This is one of those plug and plays control panels that can handle a variety of different tasks. As long as there’s a wireless connection, buyers should be good to go.

Customer Experience

All in all, customers just have to worry about the cost of the equipment when purchasing from this brand. There are a reliable support team and plenty of value for the price.

Terms & Guarantees

Most of the provider’s policies are agreeable. For instance, there is a 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty that covers any issues in workmanship and repairs or replaces any defects. There aren’t any activation charges, but clients may have to pay shipping costs, as well as a “restocking fee” if they choose to return the product. This is 10% of the equipment price.

This brand doesn’t offer professional monitoring, so the Terms of Use state that the business is “not to be relied upon for life safety.” The privacy policy explains that the company collects data and personal information via the mobile app, website usage, and payments.

Customer Support

Piper Customer Support

The staff is available via phone (1-888-629-0680) or email ([email protected]). The team representatives are quite knowledgeable and quick to respond. Also, individuals can go to the help page on the website where they’ll find a “knowledge base” of answers to frequently asked questions.

Trust Score (Trustpilot & BBB.org)

Piper home security reviews are hard to come by. The enterprise is still in its infancy, comparatively speaking. That said, it does have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. On Trustpilot, it has four out of five stars, a “great” rating. Some of the highlights for previous clients include the personalized safety modes, which they can set if they go on vacation or are going to be out all day.

There are a few mixed reviews about the WiFi connectivity, but this is more of an individualized thing. On the upside, the base station automatically reconnects when the power comes back on. Others expressed their satisfaction with the automation and integration, as well as the image quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Pipers Can One Add to Their Account?

    Since one control panel can only work for a single room, some families may have to purchase multiples. Fortunately, they can add up for five of the devices to their account (any extra, and they will need to create a separate buyer’s account). Moreover, all of the equipment can link to the smartphone application so that customers can take control of the systems from the palm of their hand.

  • Does Piper Security Work With Pets?

    Yes, the sensors are conveniently efficient enough to pick up triggers such as human movement, but pets won’t make it go off. Therefore, those who have cats or dogs running around the house won’t have to worry about false alarms.

  • What is Z-Wave?

    This is a wireless, automated network that works with the company’s product line-up. It uses low-energy radio waves (hence the name) to communicate between appliances. This technology is well-known in the security industry and is used by lots of different providers. Over the years, people can expect it to become a mainstay in the world of smart home automation and surveillance.

  • How Does Piper’s Night Vision Work?

    Only available on the NV plan, the night vision feature detects ambient light and intuitively decides when to switch over to dark mode. People might notice that when this setting is enabled, the device has an infrared glow around it. This is just an indicator that the nighttime version is currently on.

  • What Battery Types Does Piper Support?

    Three regular AA alkaline batteries are enough to power up the all-in-one equipment. These are included in every purchase of the system. Along with a wall adapter, the kit runs on an A/C current force. Keep in mind that the entire unit requires a WiFi connection to run properly. If anyone needs some extra help with this, they can visit the website’s FAQ page for more details.

Piper Home Security Pros & Cons

This supplier may be trendy, but consumers shouldn’t discount it at first glance. The all-in-one design is quite useful for a variety of clients, and the company isn’t skimping on any of the important features. That said, there could be more integration deals (it recently dropped its partnership with IFTTT), and it would be wonderful if there were an outdoor version.


  • Ability to relocate as needed
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • No contracts or monthly fees
  • One simple device manages it all
  • Smart integrations & automation


  • No environmental sensors
  • Video quality isn’t the best

A Final Peek at Piper

This young business has already been through quite a bit, what with acquisitions and user guides. The team is still offering two plans and their do-it-all, DIY security product. For those who want to be minimal yet protected, this is something worth checking out.

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