Protect America Security Review: Does It Still Deliver?

This security system is one of the oldest in the USA. In 2019, the company turned 27 years old. But is it still among the best with so much competition coming up all the time? Read on to find out what we think. Hopefully, this Protect America review will guide users to see if this is the best option for them.

Natalie Mitchell - Editorial Staff

Updated: January 17, 2020

Main Protect America

Key Featues

  • Monitors all day long
  • Many plans for different clients
  • Smart house features
  • An easy setup that needs no guide
  • One of the cheapest in 2021
  • Free devices

Protect America Review: Background Information

About Us Protect America

Thad Pascall created Protect America home security in 1992 in the city of Austin, Texas. Since that event, the company has not changed headquarters, though it has a different owner now. In 2010, Rockbridge Growth Equity LLC bought the brand for $100 million and had been managing it ever since.

Since its inception, the company has grown a lot. It expanded to Canada in 2012 and acquired about 400,000 new clients there. It has also been featured as one of the top 15 security brands in the USA by SDM Magazine.

Security Features: Pick the Best to Protect the House

Protect America security offers all its products at no cost. One only has to pay the monthly fee. Also, the setup is quite simple. But what are the possible devices and services one can get for their money? Read on to find out.

Simon XTi Control Panel: Control the House

24-7 Monitoring Protect America

All the recording devices made by this brand are enabled to film all day long, every day, every hour. This helps to ensure that the house is safe at all times. Its monitoring capabilities are then improved by many other features.

SMART Connect Mobile App: Keep the House Safe on the Go

SMART Connect Mobile App Protect America

This is the mobile app that helps to control the security equipment. It is free and compatible with phones and tablets. Its features will vary depending on what devices one has. It can turn on and off the alarm systems, show what is happening right at that moment, lock and unlock doors, and more.

Text Notifications: Be Always Posted

Thanks to this function, users can know instantly when something happens at their house. This comes included within the app. Every time one of the sensors, detectors, or any device that belongs to the security bundle detects anything suspicious, it will send an alert to the phone.

Home Automation: Don’t Get Stressed

With this feature, users will feel at ease. It allows them to schedule when things should happen. For example, one could preset the time in which no one is at the house to lower the thermostat. Or if they are going away for a few weeks, clients can schedule the lights to turn on and off at certain times to make it seem like there are people in the property.

Z-Wave Light and Appliance Module: Set the Ambience

Z-Wave Light and Appliance Module

This product should be integrated into the lighting systems to help control it. Thanks to the integration, people can decide which lights should be on or off across the home, as well as choosing the intensity of the light.

Amazon Echo Dot Integration: Talk to It

The Protect America Security system works with Amazons’ Alexa. In this way, it is possible to give commands to the service simply using one’s voice. This is a brand with the most compatibility in the market, as it also supports other vendors.

Equipment & Installation: Simple and Fast

Each provider offers a different set of products for their catalog. In this case, Protect America reviews its users’ interests to see what features they need. Then, with this info, the team creates functions and devices accordingly. Read on to see which they are.

Indoor Camera: Keep an Eye on the Interiors

Indoor Camera Protect America

These devices are ideal for keeping an eye on closed spaces. The best place for them is an entrance, as there there are more chances of seeing who gets into the house. It works together with the app to have a live view of what goes on.

Doorbell Camera: See Who’s Coming

Doorbell Camera Protect America

With this device, it is possible to see who is coming to the door and decide whether to let them in or not. It has a sensor to detect when someone is closeby and start recording.

Window and Door Sensors: Don’t Let Intruders In

Window and Door Sensors Protect America

The brand has many sensors in its catalog. In this case, these ones see if a door or window is open or closed. They work wirelessly, so no plugs can be seen, and are very small. This means that they are almost impossible for others to detect.

Motion Detectors: Know When Anyone Moves

Motion Detectors Protect America

These are characterized by their super simple setup process. And not only do they detect movement, but also heat. They do this only with people up to 25 feet apart. And it reviews only within 90 degrees. So, it is best to place them in corners.

IQ Panel 2 (Upgraded Control Panel): Top-Notch Monitoring Device

IQ Panel 2 Protect America

This is an improved control panel that provides a large number of features. It has a touch screen and is compatible with smart homes. Also, it has a camera and detects when glass breaks

Glassbreak Detector: Catch Them Fast

Glassbreak Detector Protect America

When this piece of equipment is in place, it will make the alarm go off if it picks up any sound of broken glass. It is wireless and works within a radius of 20 feet.

August Smart Lock Pro: Smart Bolt for Extra Safety

August Smart Lock Pro Protect America

The aim of this product to help users decide who enters the house. This is a bolt that can be controlled from the app. So, one does not need a key anymore.

Keychain Remote: Disarm the Alarm from Afar

Keychain Remote Protect America

This device is a remote that comes with a keychain so that it is easy to take it everywhere. Its main function is to be able to turn on and off the alarm inside the house within a radius of 100 feet.

Installation: Super Quick and User-Friendly

Protect America home security relies entirely on the DIY or “do it yourself” systems. This means that it is the user the one in charge of setting everything up. They claim that it should take less than an hour to do so. And, of course, unlike installations by professionals, it is totally free. Most users agree that the user-friendliness of this process is one of the brand’s pros.

Protect America Packages & Prices

Plans & Prices Protect America

This vendor knows that every single customer has different needs. That is why they have implemented plans that adapt to every type of house. Of course, they all have been priced accordingly, but their costs are among the lowest people can find.

Standard Control PanelYesYesYes
Door/Window Sensor3914
Motion detectorYesYesYes
Yard SignYesYesYes
Door/Window Sticker444
Upfront cost$0$0$0
DIY SetupYesYesYes
24/7 MonitoringYesYesYes

Copper: Cheap and Easy

This is the plan that offers the most affordable coverage. It includes a standard control panel, 3 sensors for entrances, 1 motion detector, 1 Yard sign, and 4 stickers for doors and windows. It comes at $19.99 per month if it is connected using a landline. Those who want the systems that work with broadband or through the cellular network will have to pay $41.99.


  • Super cheap
  • Includes all the basics
  • Works well with the app
  • It is monitored all day long
  • Easy to install


  • Broadband and cellular are quite pricey
  • Not the best for big houses

Silver: The One that Most People Will Prefer

This is the plan that offers the best of two worlds. On the one hand, it has most of the features a medium-sized house would need. On the other hand, its price is not too expensive. At $37.99, it includes a standard control panel, 9 sensors for doors and windows, 1 motion detector, 1 sign, and 4 stickers.


  • Many features for homes
  • Not too expensive
  • Enough sensors for medium houses
  • It has good reviews
  • Yard sign to scare away thieves


  • Large houses may need more
  • Too expensive for small properties

Platinum: The Premium Option for Those Who Can Afford It

This plan ensures total home protection. At $37.99 for the cheapest configuration, this package is the most expensive option. As with the rest, it includes a standard control panel, 1 motion detector, 1 sign, and 4 stickers. The main difference lies in the number of sensors, which is 14.


  • Coverage for large houses
  • Not much difference between configurations
  • Never-ending monitoring
  • Posters to keep burglars away
  • App compatible with iOS and Android


  • Too similar to other plans
  • No premium control panel


With these pieces of equipment, users can keep their houses safe. All of those have no upfront costs. They are included in different plans. So, users only have to worry about paying the monthly fee of the package.

Touchscreen Control Panel

Touchscreen Control Panel Protect America

This panel includes touchscreen tech for users’ convenience. Its look is stunning and designed to match any house. It offers info about the status of the systems, and it is very easy to use since it is based on icons. And it is quite affordable.

Door and Window Sensor

These devices are very small and almost undetectable. Thanks to their reduced size and wireless technology, they are hard to spot. Plus, their battery lasts for up to 5 years, and the whole setup process is very easy.

Motion Detector

These sensors can cover up to 25 feet and can be easily installed thanks to their adhesives. They work by detecting human heat when they move. They have been engineered to ignore dogs, cats, and pets in general.

HD Wireless Video Camera

HD Wireless Video Camera Protect America

This cam offers many top-notch features. Its sensor records in high definition and has 4 LEDs to help to film at night when there is not much light. They can light up to 16 feet. The device also comes with two-way audio built-in.

Monitored Smoke Detector

Monitored Smoke Detector Protect America

Fire is one of the main calamities that most houses suffer. To avoid losing all the precious belongings, installing a smoke detector is key. Take care of one’s family all day.

Home Automation

Home Automation Protect America

Control everything that goes on at home only with the voice. Turn on and off the lights, dim them, change the temperature, and more. Keep the house safe in a simple way just by speaking.

Ease of Use

The system was engineered with simplicity in mind. The installation process works with a DIY modality. Though this may scare some potential users, it should not. The setup is guided and can be done in less than an hour. Most users report that they found this very easy to do.

Regarding how to use the systems, there is not much to worry about either. Once everything is ready, the team starts doing their job and monitor the house 24/7. So, users do not have to do much more.

Customer Experience

This alarm company already has a settled reputation in the market, thanks to its years of effective service. New users who are thinking of paying for their products should bear in mind the following info before making a final decision.

Terms and Guarantees

Users have to agree to their terms before getting access to the service. The company mentions there that people agree to use the service and pay for it for at least three years. In exchange, they get the equipment for free, as the costs are already included in the monthly fee.

There, users will also find info on what the company is supposed to do and up to what point they are responsible. For example, in the case of an emergency, the team is in charge of calling the police or the firefighters to solve it, as well as notifying the client.

Customer Support

This alarm company offers several channels for its clients to communicate. It has a blog so that people can search for their questions there. They also have a live chat section in which users can talk with representatives on the spot. And those who prefer it the old way can also call and talk to them on the phone.

Reviews Protect America

Users say many things about this brand. To begin with, almost all of those are happy with their affordable pricing. They highlight how their prices are among the lowest in the market. But their products are not low quality. On the contrary, they can easily beat some of the other most established brands in the market.

Also, many people asserted that they appreciated how the company keeps its equipment updated. They constantly release new products that use the latest tech. This includes compatibility with smart house devices, like Alexa. And the fact that they implement home automation is also appreciated.

In terms of those cams, some clients mentioned that they are of very good quality for their price. Not only do they record at night, but they also film in HD resolution. This allows them to be able to see every detail of the scene.

FAQ Section

  • Is Protect America a Good Security System?

    Yes, most clients are happy with their services. Especially since they are so cheap. Protect America is known for its affordable pricing, easy setup, and quality devices. Its lowers plans work through a landline, which helps to keep the costs down while offering a good service.

  • Is Protect America Better Than ADT?

    This will depend on what each user needs and expects from the company they hire. Protect America stands out for its incredibly low pricing and easy DIY installation. ADT, on the other hand, is better for those who want a pro to set up their system, and do not mind having to pay a bit more for the service. All in all, each potential client will have to review, which is better for what they want.

  • How Long Is Protect America’s Contract?

    All of this company’s plans require users to sign up for a contract that lasts 36 months. This is the market standard. Most other brands offer deals that last from one to five years. So, three is right in the middle. Besides, one should bear in mind that the equipment is not paid upfront, and it is included in its monthly fee.

  • How Do I Cancel Protect America?

    Canceling the service is quite easy. It is recommended to do it by phone. Call to 800-951-5111, option 4. There, the team will see why one wants to cancel and if there is any way to solve problems. Bear in mind that if this process is finished, users will have to pay an extra early cancellation fee.

  • How Long Has Protect America Been in Business?

    They are a company with a long history in America. It was founded in 1992, and since it has received many recognitions for their hard work. In their more than 25 years in this market. Protect America has evolved its service to include 24/7 monitoring. They have also developed some of the latest technologies in the field. Now, their devices help avoid break-ins, natural disasters, and more. They are also compatible with smart houses.

Protect America`s Pros & Cons

When someone reviews whether they want to get into a long contract and become customers, they have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the service. We have done that, and here are the results.


  • Free equipment
  • One of the cheapest in 2021
  • Almost no guide needed for the setup
  • The alarm only goes off when necessary
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • No installation by pros available
  • Broadband and cellular are quite pricey

Who Is It Good For?

Protect America Security is a well-known company with a thirst for further improvement. It is expanding into new markets that are vital in 2021, like house automation. Yet, it still keeps its old perks and values, like offering free equipment. All in all, this vendor offers a good quality service at a low price for those who are looking for a basic safety system.

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